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SiFive Articles & Reviews

StarFive VisionFive 2 Quad-Core RISC-V Performance Benchmarks   Computers   2023-08-16
SiFive RISC-V Sees Some Performance Improvements On Ubuntu 22.04   Operating Systems   2022-06-03
SiFive HiFive Unmatched Hands-On, Initial RISC-V Performance Benchmarks   Computers   2021-09-24
SiFive Helping To Teach Kids Programming With RISC-V HiFive Inventor Coding Kit   Computers   2021-01-18
SiFive Is Launching The Most Compelling RISC-V Development Board Yet   Motherboards   2020-10-29

SiFive Linux & Open-Source News

Coreboot 24.05 Released With 25 More Platforms - Including The Framework 13 AMD   Coreboot   2024-05-23
Newer AMD Radeon Graphics Cards Now Work On RISC-V With Linux 6.10   Linux Kernel   2024-05-23
SiFive HiFive Premier P550 Announced As New RISC-V Developer Board   RISC-V   2024-04-09
RISC-V Adding Kernel-Mode FPU For Linux 6.10 To Enable Recent AMD Display Support   RISC-V   2024-04-08
LLVM/Clang 18.1 Released With Intel AVX10.1 Work, Adds Clearwater Forest & Panther Lake   LLVM   2024-03-06
Hangover Aiming For RISC-V Support This Year, x86_64 Emulation   WINE   2024-01-18
Sophgo SG2380 RISC-V SoC To Now Support Up To 96GB RAM, Additional PCIe & 25 GbE   Hardware   2023-12-17
SiFive Gets Newer AMD Radeon GPUs Working On RISC-V   Radeon   2023-11-22
Linux Patches Speed-Up Kernel Crypto Functions With RISC-V Vector Extensions   RISC-V   2023-10-28
Milk-V Oasis Sounds Like An Interesting RISC-V Board With 16 Cores, Up To 64GB LPDDR5   Hardware   2023-10-22
Raspberry Pi 5, Steam Deck & New AMD CPUs Dominated Q3   Phoronix   2023-09-30
Inception & Downfall, Linux 6.6 Development Kicking Off & Other August Highlights   Phoronix   2023-09-01
Building Debian For RISC-V Currently Relies Upon Nine HiFive Unmatched Boards   Debian   2023-07-31
RISC-V Vector ISA Support Slated For Linux 6.5   RISC-V   2023-06-12
Linux Foundation Launches RISC-V Software Ecosystem Project   RISC-V   2023-05-31
Initial Apple M2 Support & Other 64-bit ARM Changes For Linux 6.4   Arm   2023-04-25
LLVM 17 Lands Initial Support For RISC-V Vector Crypto Extension ISA   LLVM   2023-03-26
Ubuntu Announces Official Support For The PolarFire SoC FPGA Icicle Kit RISC-V Board   Ubuntu   2023-03-08
Ubuntu Bring-Up Happening For The StarFive VisionFive 2 RISC-V Board   Ubuntu   2022-11-21
MotorComm YT8521 Gigabit Ethernet Support Coming For Linux 6.2   Linux Networking   2022-11-01
Ubuntu 22.10 Up And Running On The LicheeRV ~$19 RISC-V Board   Ubuntu   2022-10-25
OpenBSD 7.2 Released With Support For Ampere Altra, Apple M2   BSD   2022-10-20
Official Ubuntu RISC-V Images Released For StarFive's VisionFive Board   Ubuntu   2022-08-17
Ubuntu Working To Provide Good Support For The VisionFive Low-Cost RISC-V Board   Ubuntu   2022-06-10
RISC-V Gets Sv57-Based Virtual Memory, Other Improvements For Linux 5.18   RISC-V   2022-03-27
LLVM / Clang 14.0 Prepared For Release With With Armv9, BOLT, More C++20 & C23   LLVM   2022-03-23
Intel Joins RISC-V International, Will Help With RISC-V Open-Source Software   RISC-V   2022-02-07
LLVM/Clang 14 Ends Feature Development With Better C++20 Support, Armv9 Added   LLVM   2022-02-02
Intel Patches To Make It Easier To Run Their Discrete Graphics On Arm, Other Architectures   Intel   2022-02-01
SiFive Shifting Production Focus To Next-Gen HiFive Development Board   RISC-V   2022-01-21
Linux 5.17 RISC-V Allows Rebooting Without Needing Special Driver, HiFive Unmatched Improvements   RISC-V   2022-01-19
Linux 5.17 Adds Support For "The First Usable, Low-Cost RISC-V Platform"   Linux Kernel   2022-01-12
QEMU 6.2 Released With Intel SGX VM Support, Apple Silicon Compatible For macOS Hosts   Virtualization   2021-12-15
More Apple M1 Bring-Up For Linux Continues: SPI, SimpleDRM, PMU   Linux Kernel   2021-12-12
RISC-V Summit 2021 - High Performance Processors, Other Interesting Talks   Linux Events   2021-12-09
SiFive Details New Performance P650 RISC-V Core   RISC-V   2021-12-02
QEMU 6.2 On The Way With SGX For VMs, Apple Silicon, More RISC-V   Virtualization   2021-11-14
RISC-V With Linux 5.16 Enabling Open-Source NVIDIA Driver As Part Of Default Kernel   RISC-V   2021-11-13
Linux I/O Optimizations, AMD Improvements, NVIDIA GBM Excited Linux Users Last Month   Phoronix   2021-11-01
SiFive Has A New RISC-V Core To Improve Performance By 50%, Outperform Cortex-A78   RISC-V   2021-10-21
Linux 5.15, AMD / Radeon Advancements, Intel SDSi Dominated Discussions This Month   Phoronix   2021-10-01
Picolibc Continues Maturing As Very Lightweight C Library For The Embedded World   Programming   2021-09-28
Intel Reported To Be Looking At Acquiring GlobalFoundries   Intel   2021-07-15
SiFive Announces The Performance P550 As The Fastest RISC-V Processor Yet   RISC-V   2021-06-22
Transparent Hugepages Are Coming To RISC-V On Linux   RISC-V   2021-06-12
Intel Reportedly Interested In Acquiring RISC-V Firm SiFive   RISC-V   2021-06-10
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement   Free Software   2021-06-01
SiFive HiFive Unmatched RISC-V Developer Boards Begin Shipping   RISC-V   2021-05-21
A Number Of Exciting RISC-V Improvements For Linux 5.13   RISC-V   2021-05-06
Features Expected For Linux 5.13 From Apple M1 To FreeSync HDMI To AMD Aldebaran   Linux Kernel   2021-04-17
The 12 Most Interesting Changes Of Linux 5.12 - PS5, N64, Intel VRR, RDNA2 OverDrive   Linux Kernel   2021-04-15
SiFive Tapes Out Their First 5nm RISC-V Processor Core   RISC-V   2021-04-13
SiFive FU740 PCIe Support Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.13   RISC-V   2021-04-11
RISC-V With Linux 5.12 Begins Mainlining SiFive's FU740 Support, NUMA   RISC-V   2021-02-26
SiFive's RISC-V HiFive Unmatched Upgraded To Ship With 16GB Of RAM   Hardware   2020-12-08
U-Boot 2020.10 Released With Many Improvements   Free Software   2020-10-06
SiFive Begins Adding RISC-V "Bullet" Microarchitecture Code To LLVM   LLVM   2020-09-26
SiFive Launches OpenFive As Custom Silicon Business Unit For RISC-V, ARM, Other ISAs   Hardware   2020-08-17
QEMU 5.1 Release Brings Many Improvements To This Open-Source Virtualization Component   Virtualization   2020-08-12
RISC-V Software Support Adds More Features With Linux 5.9   RISC-V   2020-08-07
QEMU 5.1 Bringing Many CPU Improvements From Loongson To RISC-V To s390   Virtualization   2020-07-16
X.Org Board Elections Wrap Up For 2020   X.Org   2020-04-30
Imagination Working On A New Open-Source Linux Graphics Driver Project   Mesa   2020-02-14
Oreboot Continues Advancing For Open-Source, Rust-Based Booting On RISC-V   Coreboot   2020-02-05
LLVM Founder Chris Lattner Joins SiFive To Lead Platform Engineering   Hardware   2020-01-27
Picolibc 1.1 Released With POSIX File I/O Support   Programming   2019-11-15
SiFive U8-Series To Offer Much Greater RISC-V Performance   RISC-V   2019-10-25
Vulkan To Better Handle Variable Rate Displays / Adaptive-Sync In The Future   Vulkan   2019-10-13
Picolibc 1.0 Released - A New C Library For Embedded Systems   Programming   2019-09-24
Red Hat Joins The RISC-V Foundation   Red Hat   2019-08-08
RISC-V's Kernel Support Continues Maturing With Linux 5.3   RISC-V   2019-07-19
Linux 5.3 Is Another Busy Kernel Merge Window Even For The Summer Months   Linux Kernel   2019-07-11
Longtime X11/Linux Developer Joins SiFive To Work On RISC-V Processors   RISC-V   2019-07-01
SiFive RISC-V SoCs Can Now Be Paired With A GPU... Imagination's PowerVR   RISC-V   2019-05-21
SiFive Rolls Out RISC-V HiFive1 Rev B Development Platform, $49 USD With FE310-G002 SoC   RISC-V   2019-03-19
RISC-V's Linux Kernel Support Is Getting In Better Shape, Maturing On HiFive Unleashed   RISC-V   2019-03-08
Amazon Adds RISC-V Support To FreeRTOS   RISC-V   2019-02-26
The State Of Debian & Fedora On The RISC-V Architecture   RISC-V   2019-02-09
The Many Phoronix Test Suite Improvements In 2018 For Open-Source Benchmarking   Phoronix Test Suite   2019-01-02
The EOMA68 Libre Computer Developer Wants To Tackle A Quad-Core RISC-V Libre SoC Design   RISC-V   2018-11-29
SiFive Unleashes New 7-Series RISC-V Cores With Better Performance   RISC-V   2018-11-03
There's A New Libre GPU Effort Building On RISC-V, Rust, LLVM & Vulkan   RISC-V   2018-09-28
Coreboot Improvements For FU540 Land Following SiFive's Open-Source Boot Code   Coreboot   2018-09-14
SiFive Releases HiFive Unleashed RISC-V Open-Source Boot Loader With DDR Initialization   RISC-V   2018-09-07
OpenRISC Continues Puttering Along With Linux 4.19 Improvements, New GCC Port   Hardware   2018-08-23
Linux 4.19 Had A Very Exciting First Week Of New Features   Linux Kernel   2018-08-19
RISC-V's Linux Kernel Support Is Getting Into Good Shape, Userspace Starting To Work   RISC-V   2018-08-19
Ada Language Support For RISC-V With Latest GCC Patches   GNU   2018-07-06
SiFive To Release Code As Open-Source For Fully Initializing The RISC-V Board   RISC-V   2018-07-01
It Turns Out RISC-V Hardware So Far Isn't Entirely Open-Source   RISC-V   2018-06-24
Coreboot 4.8 Released With 17 New Motherboards Supported   Coreboot   2018-05-16
Phoronix Test Suite 8.0 Milestone 4 Released With RISC-V CPU Detection, Test Creator   Phoronix Test Suite   2018-05-16
RISC-V Benchmarks Of SiFive's HiFive Unleashed Begin Appearing   RISC-V   2018-05-14
RISC-V SiFive Freedom Unleahsed 540 SoC / HiFive Unleashed Board Added To Coreboot   Coreboot   2018-04-26
RISC-V Support Continues Maturing Within The Mainline Linux Kernel   RISC-V   2018-04-04
The State of RISC-V Hardware & Software In Early 2018   RISC-V   2018-02-05
Fedora Now Has Bootable RISC-V Disk Images Available   Fedora   2016-09-25
RISC-V Backend Proposed For LLVM   LLVM   2016-08-17
Fedora Progresses In Bringing Up RISC-V Architecture Support   Hardware   2016-08-12