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GCC's JIT Library Sees Experimental Port To Windows

For several years now GCC has offered a embeddable JIT compiler that for GPL applications can serve as a bytecode interpreter, an experimental Python compiler, and other possible use-cases with this libgccjit library. There now are patches pending for bringing libgccjit to Windows.

25 May 2020 - libgccjit On Windows - Add A Comment
GCC 11 Proposal Would Default To C++17 Level Features

Since last year's GCC 9 release the C++17 support has been considered stable and with the changeover to it as the default C++ dialect having not happened for the recent GCC 10 release, developers are now looking at increasing the default C++ version to 17 for next year's GCC 11 release.

17 May 2020 - GCC 11 + CPP17 - 8 Comments
Marvell ThunderX3 Machine Model Pending For The GCC Compiler

Last month Marvell announced the ThunderX3 server processors with up to 96 ARM cores per SoC and with 4-way SMT means up to 384 threads per socket. This 7nm Arm server processor also supports eight DDR4-3200 memory channels, 64 lanes of PCIe 4.0, and other advancements to provide more competitiveness in the Arm server space. Marvell is now working on getting the ThunderX3 software support ironed out, including for the GCC compiler.

24 April 2020 - ThunderX3 GCC - 4 Comments
GNU Linux-libre 5.6-gnu Released After Deblobbing AMD Trusted Execution, Ath11k WiFi

Following last night's release of Linux 5.6, the GNU FSFLA folks have put out the Linux-libre 5.6-gnu kernel as their fully-free-software kernel that disallows loading binary kernel modules, disables functionality requiring closed-source firmware/microcode, and other aspects to ensure only free software code is running on the system.

30 March 2020 - GNU Linux-libre 5.6-gnu - 22 Comments
GCC's New Static Analysis Capabilities Are Getting Into Shape For GCC 10

One of many new features in the GCC 10 code compiler releasing in about one month's time is finally having a built-in static analyzer. This static analyzer can be enabled with the -fanalyzer switch and has been maturing nicely for its initial capabilities in the GNU Compiler Collection 10.

27 March 2020 - GCC 10 Static Analyzer - 12 Comments
GNU Automake 1.16.2 Released With Zstd Support

GNU Automake 1.16.2 is out this weekend as the first update to this important piece of the GNU build system in two years. While such length of time has passed, Automake 1.16.2 is only made up of just over three dozen commits.

22 March 2020 - Automake 1.16.2 - 2 Comments
GNU Assembler Adds New Options For Mitigating Load Value Injection Attack

Yesterday the Load Value Injection (LVI) vulnerability was disclosed by Intel and researchers and affecting newer Intel CPUs with SGX and requiring mitigations outside of all the speculative execution mitigations the past two years. The GNU Assembler patches adding new options for mitigation have now been merged to Git master.

11 March 2020 - GNU Assembler - Options For LVI - 14 Comments
GDB Debugger Adds Support For Debuginfod Web Server

Debuginfod is the Red Hat led debug information HTTP web server distributed as part of elfutils and able to supply on-demand source code and ELF/DWARF debug files to debuggers / IDEs / other compiler tooling. The GDB debugger can now tap debuginfod for on-demand source files and debug information that isn't present on the local system.

27 February 2020 - GDB + debuginfod - 2 Comments

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