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GCC 8 Will Let You -march=native Correctly On ARM/AArch64

Linux developers and enthusiasts on x86_64 have long enjoyed the ability to use the -march=native option for having the GCC compiler attempt to auto-detect the CPU and set the appropriate microarchitecture flags. That support is finally being offered up for ARM with GCC 8.

24 February 2018 - Native Tuning - 14 Comments
GNU Hurd Hardware Support Remains In Very Rough Shape For 2018

Yesterday at FOSDEM 2018 Hurd developer Samuel Thibault talked about the work done on this GNU kernel for a PCI arbiter to allow different user-land drivers to access PCI devices concurrently. During this PCI arbiter talk he also went over the current state of the hardware support and recent achievements for GNU Hurd.

4 February 2018 - GNU Hurd - 29 Comments
Intel Icelake Support Lands In GCC 8

Back in November I wrote about a GCC patch for the Intel Icelake CPU target and now that code has finally been merged for the GNU Compiler Collection ahead of the upcoming GCC 8.1 release.

3 February 2018 - Icelake - 1 Comment
GNU Binutils 2.30 Released

Released this weekend is Binutils 2.30 as the latest collection of these GNU utilities important to the open-source ecosystem.

27 January 2018 - Binutils 2.30 - 1 Comment
Retpoline Support Backport Lands In GCC 7

The backporting of -mindirect-branch, -mindirect-return and -mindirect-branch-register, a.k.a. the GCC "Retpoline" patches, have been back-ported and merged into the GCC 7 branch.

16 January 2018 - Retpoline GCC 7 - 1 Comment

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