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GCC 10 Lands Support For -march=tigerlake & -march=cooperlake

The GNU toolchain has already been preparing for Cooperlake CPUs as the successor to Cascadelake as well as supporting the new instruction set extensions, but finally today the support for -march=cooperlake was merged to GCC 10 for conveniently exposing the new CPU target in the GNU Compiler Collection. At the same time, -march=tigerlake was also added.

20 August 2019 - GCC 10 Tigerlake / Compilerlake - Add A Comment
GCC 10's LTO Will Make Use Of Available CPU Cores By Default

Currently when passing "-flto" for enabling Link-Time Optimizations with the GCC compiler, it defaults to using a single core/thread for carrying out the optimizations and code generation. There has been support for specifying a number of threads to use for carrying out this link-time work in parallel while finally in GCC 10 that is being enabled by default.

4 August 2019 - GCC 10 Link-Time Optimizations - 31 Comments
AMD Radeon GCN Offloading Support For OpenMP/OpenACC On The Way For GCC 10

Merged for the GCC 9 compiler release that launched earlier this year was the preliminary AMD Radeon "GCN" GPU compiler back-end. In that initial release it wasn't particularly useful as the GPU offloading bits for the popular programming APIs/models wasn't supported so for now could just run some basic single-threaded programs. But now those interesting GPU offloading bits are pending for GCC 10.

3 August 2019 - GCC 10 GPU Offloading - 13 Comments
AMD Zen 2 "Znver2" Compiler Optimizations Back-Ported For GCC 9.2 Compiler

Last week I wrote about the GCC 10 compiler picking up a new scheduler model and cost tables for AMD Zen 2 CPUs to build off the initial "znver2" microarchitecture target from last year. Fortunately, those Znver2-specific improvements have now been back-ported to the GCC 9 compiler branch so it will see user systems with not as long of a wait until GCC 10 stable.

30 July 2019 - Znver2 + GCC 9.2 - 2 Comments
GCC 10 Lands OpenRISC Support For Floating Point Instructions

When it comes to open-source processor ISAs, RISC-V currently captures much of the spotlight but OpenRISC continues chugging along as another open-source CPU architecture. The OpenRISC GCC compiler back-end and other software tooling also continues to move along for this architecture that's been in the works since 2000.

22 July 2019 - GCC 10 OpenRISC - Add A Comment
Glibc's Slow Turnaround For Y2038 Fixes Is Frustrating

While there is another nineteen years to go until the Year 2038 problem manifests, the GNU C Library "glibc" is one of the key software components still needing some fixes for this issue where this problem where storing the Unix time as a 32-bit signed integer will wrap around and become a negative number.

13 July 2019 - Glibc Slow Review - 45 Comments
GNU Rush 2.0 Released For Restricted User Shell

GNU Rush 2.0 is out today as the latest major update to this restricted user shell that allows administrators greater control over the command line support exposed to users as well as system resource control and running remote programs within a chroot.

1 July 2019 - GNU Rush 2.0 - 11 Comments
The Effort To Parallelize GCC With Threads Is Starting To Take Shape

Back in April we wrote about a proposal for providing better parallelization within GCC itself to address use-cases such as very large source files. That effort was accepted as part of this year's Google Summer of Code and the student developer pursing this parallelization with threads has issued his first progress report.

26 June 2019 - Parallelize GCC Using Threads - 19 Comments
New "Ranger" Infrastructure On Tap For The GCC 10 Compiler

Ranger is the on-demand ranger generator being worked on for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) by Red Hat's compiler experts for the past several years. Following a recent update on the effort, it looks like Ranger might land for next year's GCC 10 release after failing to make it in time for GCC 9.

28 May 2019 - GCC Ranger - 8 Comments
GNU Binutils Begins Landing eBPF Support

The GNU Binutils is finally getting wired up around the Extended BPF (eBPF) as the modern, in-kernel virtual machine that stretches the Berkeley Packet Filter beyond the networking subsystem.

24 May 2019 - Binutils + eBPF - 10 Comments
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Eyeing LTO By Default; GCC 9 Optimization Work Thanks To Firefox

Longtime GCC developer Honza Hubička of SUSE has posted a lengthy and quite interesting blog post concerning some of the optimization work that went into the now-released GCC 9 compiler. It turns out some of the GCC 9 optimization work was motivated by the Firefox developers and their desire to switch to LLVM Clang in the name of performance. Separately, openSUSE Tumbleweed has been looking at using link-time optimizations (LTO) by default for their packages and that has also motivated developers and help ensured the LTO support was in good shape for this annual compiler release.

4 May 2019 - GCC 9 Activity - 10 Comments

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