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GCC's Test Suite To Begin Testing C++17 By Default

GCC's test suite will soon begin testing the C++17 standard as part of its C++98/11/14 standard tests by default... This doesn't affect the default C++ standard used by the GCC G++ compiler at this point, but at least will help eliminate any lingering C++17 bugs as well as helping to stop regressions in the future.

17 October 2018 - GCC Testing New CPP - 1 Comment
GCC Is Preparing To End Support For Solaris 10

Solaris 10, what may will argue as the last "good" Solaris operating system release before Sun Microsystems fell under control of Oracle, may soon see its support deprecated by the GCC compiler stack.

16 October 2018 - Fond Solaris 10 Memories - 10 Comments
GNU Tools Cauldron 2018 Videos Are Now Available

Taking place a month ago in Manchester was the annual GNU Tools Cauldron conference where developers and other key stakeholders to the GNU toolchain presented their latest research and development activities. The videos from that developer event are now available.

6 October 2018 - GNU Compiler Toolchain - 1 Comment
GNU Shepherd 0.5 Init System Released

Shepherd, the init/service manager of the GNU system with GNU Hurd and can be used as an alternative to systemd on Linux systems as well, is up to version 0.5.

26 September 2018 - GNU Shepherd - 24 Comments
The D Language Front-End Is Trying Now To Get Into GCC 9

Going on for a while now have been D language front-end patches for GCC to allow this programming language to be supported by the GNU Compiler Collection. It's been a long battle getting to this state but it looks like it soon might be mainlined.

17 September 2018 - D Language - 37 Comments
GNU Linux-libre 4.18-gnu Released As The Latest Deblobbed Kernel

Hot off the release of the upstream Linux 4.18 kernel, the GNU folks have released GNU Linux-libre 4.18-gnu that is their deblobbed version that strips out any "non-free" device driver support, removes the ability to load binary-only kernel modules and not being able to load firmware blobs either.

13 August 2018 - Say No To Blobs - 6 Comments
Ring-KDE 3.0 Released To Use The GNU's Distributed Communication Platform

One of the interesting GNU projects that doesn't receive as much attention as others is GNU Ring that is a decentralized communication platform vying to be like Skype and WhatsApp but for open-source and privacy-minded users. The related Ring-KDE project put out their version 3.0 release that is a significant rewrite to this KDE/Qt interface to Ring.

9 August 2018 - Ring-KDE 3.0 - 16 Comments
GCC 8/9 Land Fix For "-march=native" Tuning On Modern Intel CPUs

The other day we reported on a GCC 8 regression where Skylake and newer CPUs with "-march=native" haven't been performance as optimally as they should be. Fortunately, that patch was quickly landed into the GCC SVN/Git code for GCC 9 as well as back-ported to GCC 8.

14 July 2018 - Better Performance - 3 Comments

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