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It's 2020 And GCC Has Finally Converted From SVN To Git

I reported a few days ago GCC was hoping to transition to Git this weekend from their large SVN repository. Going into this weekend I wasn't going to be the least bit surprised if this transition got delayed again given all of the months of delays already, but actually, they went ahead and migrated to Git!

12 January 2020 - GCC Git - 32 Comments
GNU Maintainers Seeking Greater Transparency, Clear Procedures From The FSF

Following Richard Stallman being ousted from the Free Software Foundation, the FSF was said to be re-evaluating its relationship with the GNU while R.M.S. said no radical changes are expected. Now a group of GNU maintainers have laid out some of their desires for improving the interactions between the GNU and FSF.

27 December 2019 - GNU + FSF - 23 Comments
Huawei Contributes Some Glibc AArch64 Performance Optimizations

Huawei isn't known as much of an upstream contributor to the GNU toolchain and as far as GNU C Library (glibc) commits go prior to Thursday had just authored three patches from a Huawei emailing address. But that count more than doubled thanks to some optimizations they have successfully landed upstream.

20 December 2019 - Huawei - 21 Comments
The Debate Continues Over How To Transition GCC's SVN Repository To Git

Under the planned time-line for transitioning to a Git workflow for the GNU Compiler Collection that was established back at the GNU Tools cauldron conference, 16 December was to be the cut-off for deciding which Git conversion program to use for translating their massive SVN repository into Git. That puts today as the deadline in order to meet their goal of switching over to Git at the start of 2020, but it looks like it could take several more days to decide their SVN-to-Git approach.

16 December 2019 - GCC SVN To Git - 31 Comments
The GCC Git Conversion Heats Up With Hopes Of Converting Over The Holidays

Decided back at the GNU Tools Cauldron was a timeline to aim converting from Subversion as their default revision control system to Git over the New Year's holiday. For that to happen, by the middle of December they wanted to decide what conversion system to use for bringing all their SVN commits to Git. As such, now it's heating up ahead of that decision.

8 December 2019 - GCC Git - 39 Comments
GCC 10's C++20 "Spaceship Operator" Support Appears To Be In Good Shape

One of the prominent additions coming with the C++20 programming language is the consistent comparison operator, or "spaceship operator" as it's commonly referred to. The support was merged for GCC 10 last month ahead of entering stage three development while this week some more improvements were made to the implementation.

6 December 2019 - Spaceship Operator - 27 Comments
The GCC 10 Compiler Lands OpenMP / OpenACC Offloading To AMD Radeon GPUs

A few days ago I wrote about the OpenMP / OpenACC offloading patches for Radeon "GCN" GPUs being posted and seeking inclusion in the GCC 10 compiler that will be released in a few months. Those patches were successfully merged meaning this next annual update to the GNU Compiler Collection will feature initial OpenMP/OpenACC code offloading support to supported AMD GPU targets.

17 November 2019 - GCC 10 GCN Offloading Merged - 1 Comment

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