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The New Compiler Features & Changes Of GCC 8

With GCC 8 feature development over and onto bug fixing, here is a look at some of the changes to find with the GCC 8 compiler stack that will be released as stable early next year in the form of GCC 8.1.

22 November 2017 - GCC 8 Features - 2 Comments
Intel Icelake CPU Target Patch Published For GCC

While it was just days ago Intel got around to posting the patch for introducing -march=cannonlake support for GCC, this weekend they already posted the patch for its successor with the new Icelake target.

12 November 2017 - -march=icelake - Add A Comment
Glibc 2.27 Will Premiere With Many Optimizations

When glibc 2.26 was released in August it was a noteworthy release with plenty of optimizations and introduced its own per-thread cache. With the next installment of the GNU C Library there will also be many more optimizations.

25 October 2017 - glibc 2.27 - 11 Comments
The State Of GNU's GDB Conversion To C++

Last year the GNU Debugger's code-base was converted from the C programming language (C90) to now using C++11. At last month's GNU Tools Cauldron was an update on this process.

9 October 2017 - GDB C++ - 20 Comments
GCC Finishing Up C++17 Adjustments, Preparing For C++2A

While C++17 was just formally approved days ago and is now waiting for ISO publication, GCC (and Clang) developers have largely finished up their C++17 (formerly known as "C++1z") support for some time. There are just a few lingering patches for GCC and already are beginning to lay the ground work for C++2a.

15 September 2017 - C++20 - 32 Comments
GNU Linux-libre 4.13-gnu Deblobs More Drivers

Immediately following Linus Torvalds' release on Sunday of Linux 4.13, the GNU Linux-libre 4.13-gnu was outted for those wanting a fully-free system with driver binary blob support removed and eliminating other code that could depend upon non-open microcode/firmware support or the loading of binary kernel drivers.

4 September 2017 - GNU Linux-libre 4.13 - 41 Comments
GnuPG 2.2 Released

Werner Koch has announced the release of GNU Privacy Guard's GnuPG 2.2 stable series.

28 August 2017 - GNU Privacy Guard - 5 Comments

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