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FSF Certifies Refurbished Lenovo X200 Convertible Notebook/Tablet For RYF

If you want a laptop or convertible tablet that "respects your freedoms" at all costs with the hardware freed down to the BIOS and don't mind running on outdated hardware to accomplish that goal, the Free Software Foundation has now certified the Minifree X200 that is a refurbished model of the decade-old Lenovo X200 as being "RYF" compliant.

30 May 2018 - Decade Old Hardware - 13 Comments
CodeSourcery Has Ported OpenMP / OpenACC To AMD GCN GPUs With GCC

While we have seen AMD GCN and HSA support in the past for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) we have unfortunately not heard of it being used much, but now CodeSourcery / Mentor Graphics has been working on a new/updated AMD GCN port for execution on Radeon GPUs that allows for OpenMP and OpenACC offloading.

10 May 2018 - OpenMP + OpenACC Offloading - 3 Comments
GCC 9.0 Sees A Number Of BRIG Improvements For HSA

Being very early in the GCC 9.0 development cycle following the GCC 8 stable release earlier this week, a number of BRIG front-end improvements have landed. BRIG as a reminder is the binary form for HSA IL.

5 May 2018 - GCC 9.0 BRIG-ing - 1 Comment
GNU Guix Wrangled To Run On Android

The GNU Guix transactional package manager can be made to run on Android smartphones/tablets, but not without lots of hoops to jump through first.

24 April 2018 - Guix + Android - 3 Comments

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