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GNU Linux-libre 5.9-gnu Released After The Usual Deblobbing

Within hours of Linus Torvalds releasing the Linux 5.9 kernel, the GNU folks maintaining the GNU Linux-libre downstream released their version of the kernel that prevents the loading of binary-only modules as well as the loading of binary-only firmware/microcode blobs.

12 October 2020 - GNU Linux-Libre 5.9 - 15 Comments
GCC Automatic Parallel Compilation Viability Results Help Up To 3.3x

One of the most interesting projects out of Google Summer of Code 2020 has been the ongoing work for allowing individual code files to be compiled in parallel, building off work last year in addressing GCC parallelization bottlenecks. The final report for GSoC 2020 on this work has been issued.

3 September 2020 - Automatic Parallel Compilation Viability - 5 Comments
GCC Is Currently Faster Than LLVM's Clang At Compiling The Linux Kernel

While LLVM's Clang C/C++ compiler was traditionally known for its faster build speeds than GCC, in recent releases of GCC the build speeds have improved and in some areas LLVM/Clang has slowed down with further optimization passes and other work added to its growing code-base. As it stands right now, GCC is faster than Clang at compiling the Linux kernel.

2 September 2020 - Speedy Builds Of The Kernel - 28 Comments
Is It Time To Overhaul The GNU Dynamic Linker?

At the GNU Tools Track during this week's Linux Plumbers Conference was an interesting talk by Red Hat's Ben Woodard. He shares his perspective on how the GNU dynamic linker ( could be ripe for an overhaul in the 2020's.

30 August 2020 - GNU - 40 Comments
GCC "-fparallel-jobs" Sent Out For Compiling Individual Files In Parallel - Up To ~1.9x Speedup

For the past two summers student developer Giuliano Belinassi has been working under Google Summer of Code in working to address GCC parallelization bottlenecks and ultimately a goal of allowing single source files to be split up for compilation in parallel by GCC. In particular, being able to split the compilation of large source files across multiple CPU cores. The latest patches on this "-fparallel-jobs=" was sent out today as we approach the end of GSoC 2020.

21 August 2020 - GCC -fparallel-jobs - 21 Comments
GNU C Library 2.32 Released

GNU C Library 2.32 (glibc 2.32) is now available as this important library for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.

6 August 2020 - Glibc 2.32 - 6 Comments
GCC's New Ranger Infrastructure Aims To Be In Good Shape For GCC 11

Making waves just over a year ago in the GNU Compiler Collection community was the "Ranger" project for on-demand range generator that's been worked on for several years at Red Hat. While their goals for GCC 10 didn't pan out, it's looking like in the next few months more of the Ranger infrastructure will land and thus putting it in the window for GCC 11.

26 July 2020 - Ranger - 5 Comments
GNU Guix Begins Publishing System Images Based On Hurd

Earlier this year was news of GNU Guix wanting to replace their Linux kernel usage with the Hurd microkernel. For those interested, the project recently began producing system images with indeed Hurd wired up for this software distribution.

7 July 2020 - GNU Guix + Hurd - 33 Comments
Glibc-HWCAPS To Help With AMD Zen Optimizations, Other Per-CPU Performance Bits

Experimental patches under discussion for the GNU C Library (glibc) would make it easier to dynamically load optimized libraries (shared objects) on systems depending upon the CPU in use and its hardware capabilities. This glibc-hwcaps work stems from the desired work on being able to better leverage Linux performance optimizations on AMD Zen-based systems but the hardware capabilities patches themselves can help any CPU microarchitecture family in more easily shipping optimized support.

7 July 2020 - Loading Optimized Libraries - 3 Comments
GCC's JIT Library Sees Experimental Port To Windows

For several years now GCC has offered a embeddable JIT compiler that for GPL applications can serve as a bytecode interpreter, an experimental Python compiler, and other possible use-cases with this libgccjit library. There now are patches pending for bringing libgccjit to Windows.

25 May 2020 - libgccjit On Windows - Add A Comment
GCC 11 Proposal Would Default To C++17 Level Features

Since last year's GCC 9 release the C++17 support has been considered stable and with the changeover to it as the default C++ dialect having not happened for the recent GCC 10 release, developers are now looking at increasing the default C++ version to 17 for next year's GCC 11 release.

17 May 2020 - GCC 11 + CPP17 - 10 Comments

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