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GCC 12 Branched, Possible GCC 12.1 Stable Release Next Week

The GCC 12 compiler code-base has reached zero P1 regressions (the highest priority) and thus the GCC 12 compiler code has been branched from mainline, a release candidate is imminent, and if all goes well GCC 12.1.0 as the stable release could be out as soon as the end of next week.

28 April 2022 - GCC 12 Status Report - Add A Comment
GCC 12 Compiler Gains Official Support For IBM z16

Over a year ago IBM sent out GCC compiler support for "arch14" that at the time we imagined was for IBM z16. Indeed with IBM having announced their z16 last week, the GCC compiler is now being updated to officially recognize z16 and offer that as an option over the "arch14" naming.

12 April 2022 - IBM z16 - 16 Comments
GCC 12 Still Has More Regressions To Stomp Before Release

GNU Compiler Collection developers are working towards the stable release of GCC 12 in the next month or so as GCC 12.1. A GCC status report was issued today and there still is just under two dozen regressions of the highest priority (P1) to address or otherwise demote those regressions to lower priority.

4 April 2022 - GCC 12 Release Preparations - 6 Comments
LoongArch Port Merged For GCC 12

In continuation of last week's article that the GCC steering committee approved landing of LoongArch as a new port to this MIPS-derived Chinese CPU architecture, the code was merged on Tuesday.

30 March 2022 - Chinese MIPS-Derived CPU - 4 Comments
Zhaoxin Finally Adding "Lujiazui" x86_64 CPU Tuning To GCC

Introduced back in 2019 by the VIA + Shanghai owned Zhaoxin was the ZX-E / KX-6000 series x86_64 processors. Finally in 2022 the proper GCC compiler tuning support has been published for these processors that are part of the "Lujiazui" microarchitecture.

25 March 2022 - Zhaoxin lujiazui - 8 Comments
GNU Linux-Libre 5.17 Released For Free Software Purists

GNU Linux-Libre 5.17 is out as the downstream flavor of Linux 5.17 that strips out code/support depending upon closed-source microcode or other non-free fragments as well as removing the ability to load proprietary kernel modules.

22 March 2022 - GNU Linux-Libre 5.17 - 22 Comments
GNU/Hurd Continues Effort To Use NetBSD's Drivers For Better Hardware Support

Besides all of the Linux-focused talks at the annual FOSDEM conference, another favorite track of mine is that on micro-kernels and other operating systems. While there wasn't the GNU/Hurd status update in 2022 as there has been in some recent years, there was a talk over GNU/Hurd using NetBSD kernel drivers in order to expand its hardware coverage.

6 February 2022 - Borrowing Drivers - 22 Comments
x86 Straight Line Speculation Mitigation Being Back-Ported To GCC 11

There sure has been a lot of x86 straight-line speculation happenings in recent months with the compiler-based mitigation being merged for GCC 12 and then beginning with Linux 5.17 the kernel can make use of that new knob for fending off this potential vulnerability. Now the compiler support is even being back-ported to GCC 11.

31 January 2022 - x86 SLS - 5 Comments
GCC 12 Ready To Help Fend Off Trojan Source Attacks

Disclosed a few months back were "Trojan Source" attacks against compilers where specially crafted code could be rogue but not appear so due to exploiting Unicode issues. Unicode control characters could be used to reorder tokens in source code that could alter the behavior when compiled. With the upcoming GCC 12 compiler release there is a new warning to help point out possible Trojan Source attacks.

16 January 2022 - -Wbidi-chars - 13 Comments
GCC 12 Shifting To Stage 4 Development - No Sign Of AMD Zen 4 Support

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) that serves as the default system compiler on most Linux distributions is nearing its annual update with GCC 12. GCC 12 has been in a general bug fixing period since November while beginning next week will be onto its final phase of focusing just on regression and documentation fixes to the compiler.

12 January 2022 - GCC 12 Stage 4, No Znver4 - 7 Comments
GNU Linux-libre 5.16 Brings More Firmware Cleansing, Deblobbing

Following yesterday's release of Linux 5.16, the GNU folks have released GNU Linux-libre 5.16-gnu as their downstream that removes/disables any code depending upon non-open-source firmware/microcode binaries, the ability to load proprietary kernel modules, and other cleaning in the name of free software.

10 January 2022 - GNU Linux-libre 5.16 - 14 Comments

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