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GNU Nano 4.0 Text Editor Released

For fans of GNU's Nano text editor, version 4.0 was released this Sunday where overlong lines are no longer automatically hard-wrapped, smooth scrolling has been enabled by default, and other improvements made.

24 March 2019 - GNU Nano 4.0 - 40 Comments
GCC 9 Offering Up Better Error Messages, JSON Output Support

Besides new/improved CPU targets, C++20 additions, and a lot of other additions to the code-base for GCC 9, there is also continued work on usability improvements for developers to make their lives easier and helping out with more precise error/warning details.

8 March 2019 - GCC9 - 13 Comments
GCC 8.3 Released With 153 Bug Fixes

While the GCC 9 stable compiler release is a few weeks away in the form of GCC 9.1, the GNU Compiler Collection is up to version 8.3.0 today as their newest point release to last year's GCC 8 series.

22 February 2019 - GCC 8.3 - 7 Comments
GCC's Potential GSoC Projects Include Better Parallelizing The Compiler

While in some areas it's still an extremely cold winter, many open-source projects are already preparing for their participation in Google's annual Summer of Code initiative. The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) crew that always tends to see at least a few slots for interested student developers has begun formulating some potential project ideas.

5 February 2019 - Google Summer of Code - 21 Comments
GNU Hurd Can Build Around 75% Of The Debian Packages, But No 64-bit Or SMP Yet

One of the sessions we look forward to each year at FOSDEM is in regards to the GNU Hurd status update... It's one of the few times per year where we hear anything new presented on the Hurd. GNU Hurd is nearly three decades old and has yet to see its v1.0 milestone reached, but Samuel Thibault and a small group of other free software developers continue working on this GNU micro-kernel.

3 February 2019 - GNU Hurd 2019 - 11 Comments
Clear Linux's make-fmv-patch Eases The Creation Of GCC FMV-Enabled Code Paths

One of the GCC compiler features unfortunately not taken advantage of by most Linux distributions is FMV - Function Multi-Versioning. FMV is what allows for the compilation of different tuned code paths depending upon the processor and for the particular code-path to be chosen at run-time, i.e. optimizing to your heart's content with AVX, SSE4, and other instruction set extensions and compiling all of that into a single binary and for the preferred code path to be taken depending upon the CPU running the binary so it will still run on older CPUs as well as today's most powerful processors.

18 January 2019 - GCC Function Multi-Versioning - 13 Comments
The State Of C++20 Features In GCC's libstdc++

With GCC 9 being released in just a short time and being now onto the final stage of development, besides fixing regressions the developers are also getting the documentation in order.

12 January 2019 - Cpp Standard Library - 5 Comments
ARM Tacks On Ares Server CPU Support To The GNU Assembler

Back in November is when ARM Holdings posted their GCC compiler support for "Ares", their forthcoming new ARMv8 core design intended for HPC/server SoCs. Ares continues inching closer to launch while now the GNU Assembler has picked up support for recognizing Ares.

7 January 2019 - GAS-ing Up Ares - 1 Comment

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