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PHP Lands Preload Feature, Boosting Performance In Some Cases 30~50%

PHP developers unanimously approved and already merged support for the new "preloading" concept for this web server language. PHP preloading basically allows loading PHP code that persists as long as the web server is running and that code will always be ready for each subsequent web request, which in some cases will dramatically speed-up the PHP performance on web servers.

15 November 2018 - PHP Preload - 5 Comments
Phoronix Apparel Is Now Available From HELLOTUX

If you are looking for some Phoronix shirts this holiday season, there are some new options available from HELLOTUX, the clothing vendor where everything is "Made on Linux, powered by Linux, for us, Linux fans."

10 November 2018 - HELLOTUX Clothing - 14 Comments
Samsung Comments On Open-Source Restructuring

Over the weekend we reported on the Samsung Open-Source Group reportedly shutting down with many of the former OSG staffers in the US no longer employed by Samsung. We've now received comments both from Samsung in the US and Korea on the matter.

31 October 2018 - Samsung Open-Source Rework - 10 Comments
VC4 & V3D Open-Source Drivers Continue Maturing At Broadcom

Eric Anholt of Broadcom has provided a status update on his efforts around the VC4 open-source driver stack that most notably works with Raspberry Pi devices and also his efforts on the V3D driver as the next-generation Broadcom graphics driver stack for VideoCore V and later.

31 October 2018 - VC4 + V3D - 8 Comments
Samsung Open-Source Group Reportedly Shuts Down

If you are looking for new open-source talent for your organization, check out LinkedIn but it's under unfortunate circumstances for the availability of a sudden surplus in skilled Linux/FLOSS developers... Samsung has apparently shut down the Samsung Open-Source Group (Samsung OSG) as a blow to the wider free software ecosystem considering the group's prolific contributions over the years from low-level open-source projects to desktop/user-facing code-bases.

27 October 2018 - Samsung OSG - 38 Comments
More Than 80 Kernel Patches Were Made This Summer By Outreachy Developers

At this week's Open-Source Summit in Edinburgh there was a kernel internship panel discussion focused on the work done by Outreachy participants, the program paying women and other under-represented groups $5,500 USD for contributing to various open-source projects over a three month period.

24 October 2018 - Outreachy Kernel Code - 21 Comments
Cairo 1.16 Released With OpenGL ES 3.0 Support, Colored Emojis

It's been four years since the debut of the Cairo 1.14 stable series and today that has been succeeded by Cairo 1.16. Cairo, as a reminder, is the vector graphics library for 2D drawing and supports back-ends ranging from OpenGL to PDF, PostScript, DirectFB, and SVG outputs. Cairo is used by the likes of the GTK+ tool-kit, Mozilla's Gecko engine, Gnuplot, Poppler, and many other open-source projects.

19 October 2018 - Cairo 1.16 - 3 Comments
Some Initial PostgreSQL 11.0 Database Benchmarks

Among other software releases, yesterday brought the debut of the PostgreSQL 11.0 database server. Given it has possible performance enhancements and the new (non-default) LLVM-based just-in-time compilation ability, I decided to run some benchmarks on the powerful Dell PowerEdge EPYC 2P server.

19 October 2018 - PostgreSQL 11.0 Benchmarks - 5 Comments
Raptor Computing Systems Is Working On Bringing Up Chrome's POWER Support

With Raptor Computing Systems' Talos II Lite and especially the forthcoming Blackbird positioning the POWER architecture in a prime spot for use by libre Linux users who want a system that's open-source down to the firmware, they've been trying to make sure the Linux desktop stack is in order. The latest area they've been working on is browser coverage.

17 October 2018 - Raptor + Chrome - 22 Comments
Why Facebook Loves Open-Source Firmware

With the Open-Source Firmware Conference 2018 videos having been uploaded this week, another one of the interesting videos to watch from this conference was about Facebook's preference for open-source firmware.

6 October 2018 - Facebook Loves Open-Source Firmware - 11 Comments
Collabora Had Another Stellar Year For Open-Source Consulting

The Collabora open-source consulting firm whose expertise spans from the Linux kernel to LibreOffice and X.Org had another successful year. The UK-based company last week reported their 2017 financial position last week providing a glimpse at the viability of open-source / free software consulting.

25 September 2018 - Open-Source Success - 1 Comment

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