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SDL2 Introducing Sensors API

The SDL2 library that offers a cross-platform hardware abstraction layer primarily and primarily used by Linux/Windows/macOS/iOS/Android games now has a sensor API.

22 August 2018 - SDL Sensors - 1 Comment
Browsh: A Modern, Text-Based Web Browser

If the Lynx open-source text-based browser isn't satisfying your needs with viewing modern web sites via the terminal, Browsh is a new entrant into the text-based web-browser space that seeks to support modern web standards.

10 July 2018 - Browsh - 22 Comments
Apple, Ryzen, Valve & The Evolving Linux Kernel Dominated Conversations In Q2

First of all, Happy Independence Day to the Phoronix readers in the United States. On this rather light day, here is a look back at the most popular Phoronix articles during the second quarter of the year. During Q2-2018 were 924 original news articles published with new content each and everyday and that's in addition to another 68 featured Linux hardware reviews / multi-page benchmark articles.

4 July 2018 - Q2-2018 - 1 Comment
Version 14 Of The D-Bus Message Broker Released

With the BUS1 in-kernel IPC mechanism continuing to be off in the distance as a potential successor to the current form of D-Bus, the BUS1 developers continue working on Dbus-Broker as the "Linux D-Bus Message Broker" that retains compatibility with the D-Bus specification while offering higher performance and greater scalability.

3 July 2018 - dbus-broker 14 - Add A Comment
HarfBuzz Now Supports Dfonts

HarfBuzz is the open-source text shaping library that supports various font technologies and is used by a variety of toolkits and more. The latest addition for HarfBuzz is supporting Dfonts, as is common to macOS systems.

1 July 2018 - Harfbuzz + dfont - Add A Comment

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