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D-Bus Broker Updated To Version 5

Earlier this year was word of BUS1 working on a D-Bus Broker while announced in late August was this D-Bus Broker project as a high performance message bus.

10 October 2017 - D-Bus Broker v5 - 4 Comments
Borg Backup 1.1 Released

Borg Backup for those that haven't heard is a deduplicating backup program that also builds in compression and encryption abilities.

8 October 2017 - Borg 1.1 - 5 Comments
SCons 3.0 Released

For those that haven't jumped fully on the Meson build system bandwagon, the SCons 3.0 software construction utility is now available.

19 September 2017 - Scons 3.0 - 1 Comment
IBM's Eclipse OpenJ9 Is A Promising Open-Source JVM

For those that missed the news over the weekend, IBM has open-sourced its in-house JVM and contributed it to the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse OpenJ9 is this new, full-featured, enterprise-ready open-source Java Virtual Machine.

18 September 2017 - OpenJ9 - 19 Comments
FSF To Look At RYF Certification For The POWER9 Talos II

Last month Raptor Engineering announced the Talos II POWER9-powered workstation that is cheaper than the original Talos Workstation while still aiming to be very free software friendly. The Free Software Foundation will be exploring the possibility of "Respect Your Freedom" certification on this hardware when it's ready to ship.

10 September 2017 - Talos 2 - 21 Comments
PostgreSQL 10 Beta 3 Arrives

Those wishing to do some database testing this weekend can try out PostgreSQL 10's third beta update, which was released earlier this week.

13 August 2017 - PostgreSQL 10 Beta 3 - 6 Comments
PHP 7.2 Beta 2 Released

The second beta is now available for the upcoming PHP 7.2, which will be officially released at the end of November.

6 August 2017 - PHP 7.2 - 1 Comment
Git 2.14 Released

Git 2.14 is now available as the latest feature update to this widely-used, open-source revision control system.

4 August 2017 - Git 2.14 - 4 Comments
Boost Is Planning A Move To CMake

The Boost C++ libraries is planning for a new build system, but they aren't going for Meson that's been the recent trend among open-source projects.

24 July 2017 - Boost C++ Libraries - 22 Comments

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