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FSF Now Offering Video Conferencing Service To Its Members

In aiming to promote freedom-respecting video conferencing at a time when other platforms like Facebook and Zoom are exploding in popularity as a result of the coronavirus crisis, the Free Software Foundation is offering a video conferencing system for its associate members.

28 May 2020 - FSF Videoconferencing - 12 Comments
Blender 2.83 To Be An LTS Release, Blender 3.0 Next Summer

Given the explosive growth of the Blender 3D modeling software in recent times and with receiving more sponsors/supporters and more organizations beginning to make use of this cross-platform, open-source software, the Blender release team has put out their plans for the next few years.

2 March 2020 - Blender Release Plans - 2 Comments
Jcat: A New Alternative To Microsoft Catalog Files

Prolific open-source developer Richard Hughes of Red Hat who has been responsible for the creation of PackageKit, the ColorHug colorimeter hardware, GNOME Software, and for the past number of years focused on the Fwupd firmware updating utility and Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) has a new open-source project.

28 February 2020 - Jcat - 7 Comments
A Quick Look At The Blender 2.82 Performance On Intel + AMD CPUs

With Blender 2.82 having released on Friday, this weekend we've begun our benchmarking of this new Blender release as the leading open-source 3D modeling solution currently available. Here are some preliminary v2.81 vs. v2.82 figures on different higher-end Intel and AMD processors.

16 February 2020 - Quick Blender 2.82 Benchmarks - 5 Comments
Netflix Now Exploring AVIF For Image Compression

Following Netflix's AV1 adoption with collaborating with Intel on the SVT-AV1 encoder, now using AV1 streaming for Android users, and others around this advanced royalty-free video codec, Netflix is now exploring AVIF as their next-gen image format.

15 February 2020 - AVIF - 25 Comments
OpenSSH 8.2 Released With FIDO/U2F Support

OpenSSH 8.2 is out this Valentine's Day as the leading SSH suite. Besides working to disable the SSH-RSA public key signature algorithm due to SHA1 collision attacks, OpenSSH 8.2 also comes with new features.

14 February 2020 - OpenSSH 8.2 - 3 Comments

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