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China's Alternative To GSoC Is Seeing Some Interesting Summer Open-Source Projects

Back in May we wrote about China launching an alternative to Google Summer of Code and Outreachy. This global open-source program hosted by the Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences is running "Summer 2021" for encouraging university-aged students regardless of gender or nationality to get involved in open-source development.

11 July 2021 - China Coding Challenge - 45 Comments
Blender 3.0 Likely Delayed 2 Months For Post-Lockdown Breather, Cycles X Might Land

The wildly successful Blender 3D open-source modeling software has been working hard towards its Blender 3.0 release but will likely now be proactively delayed to allow developers more time to relax with COVID-19 lockdowns/restrictions loosening, the possibility of developer meetups pre-3.0, and letting more changes flow into this big feature release.

16 June 2021 - Blender 3.0 - Add A Comment
Git 2.32 Released With Numerous Improvements

Version 2.32 of the Git distributed revision control system is now available with a variety of improvements from performance optimizations to usability enhancements and a whole lot of bug fixes.

6 June 2021 - Git 2.32 - 7 Comments
Blender 2.93 LTS Released With Big Changes

Blender has introduced the Blender 2.93 LTS 3D creation suite as their last major milestone of the Blender 2.x series before moving to the next-generation 3D creation pipeline with Blender 3.0.

2 June 2021 - Blender 2.93 - 13 Comments
Fosshost Enters Into Long-Term Partnership With Freenode

Along with various open-source projects leaving the Freenode IRC network following infighting/managerial changes at Freenode, Fosshost that provides web hosting services for many open-source projects also shifted from Freenode to Libera.Chat. But now this week, Fosshost announced they have entered into a long-term partnership with Freenode.

2 June 2021 - Fosshost + Freenode - 13 Comments
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement

Over the past month on Phoronix there was a lot of excitement by readers around the in-development Linux 5.13 kernel, Mesa advancements, notable new software releases like dav1d and Zstd 1.5, new hardware benchmarking around Xeon Scalable Ice Lake and AMD's latest wares, and more.

1 June 2021 - May 2021 - Add A Comment
OpenPrinting Now Developing Upstream CUPS, Apple Bows Out

Back in 2007 Apple effectively acquired the open-source CUPS project and in 2017 then decided to no longer develop CUPS under the GPL but instead the Apache 2.0 license for this widely-used Unix/macOS/Linux print server. But then at the end of 2019 the CUPS lead developer left Apple and following that public development of CUPS seemingly halted. Fortunately, now there is a happy next chapter to the CUPS printing story.

17 May 2021 - OpenPrinting CUPS - 28 Comments
China Is Launching A New Alternative To Google Summer of Code, Outreachy

The Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) in cooperation with the Chinese openEuler Linux distribution have been working on their own project akin to Google Summer of Code and Outreachy for paying university-aged students to become involved in open-source software development.

9 May 2021 - Student Funding - 73 Comments

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