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Intel + Microsoft Continue Work On Replacing More SMM "Black Boxes" With PRM

Given all the headaches and concerns from the early days of UEFI SecureBoot, for longtime Linux users hearing Microsoft is working on another firmware-level standard in the name of security may raise concerns... Microsoft in conjunction with Intel has been spearheading the Platform Runtime Mechanism (PRM) that is about moving more code out of the System Management Mode (SMM) and executing it within the OS/VMM context. PRM remains a work-in-progress but the Windows support is already ready within Windows Insiders builds while the Linux support will come after the ACPI specification around it has been finalized.

6 December 2020 - Platform Runtime Mechanism - 46 Comments
Thank The NSA For Their Ghidra Software Now Helping Firmware Reverse Engineering

Ghidra is the open-source reverse engineering tool published by the US National Security Agency as an alternative to existing decompilers/disassemblers and other reverse engineering utilities. As noted earlier this summer, a Google Summer of Code project has been creating Ghidra plug-ins for helping with firmware reverse engineering.

1 September 2019 - Ghidra - 23 Comments
A Modern Supermicro Kabylake Xeon Motherboard Now Supports Coreboot

While the tide may be eventually turning, as it stands today for those wanting to run Coreboot on x86 desktop/server hardware you are largely limited to generations-old platforms. But now there is a new option and that is a Coreboot port having been completed to a modern Supermicro motherboard for use with Intel Xeon "Kabylake" processors.

9 August 2019 - Coreboot Xeon Motherboard - 4 Comments
Purism Now Providing Pre-Built Binaries Of Coreboot For Their Laptops

Purism's Coreboot support for their laptops has evolved nicely over the past two years after initially not having support. While their devices have been shipping with Coreboot for some time now, Coreboot updates up until now have involved having to build them from source, but now they are offering pre-built binaries.

11 April 2019 - Pre-Built Coreboot - Add A Comment

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