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Linux k10temp Driver For AMD CPUs Updated To Better Handle Power/Temp Analysis

As we have been eagerly talking about for the past week, the Linux kernel's k10temp driver was updated for better AMD CPU CCD temperatures and voltage/current reporting. Those improvements have been quickly evolving thanks to the work of the open-source community with AMD still sadly holding the datasheets concerning the power/temperature registers close to their vest. A new version of k10temp was sent out on Wednesday.

23 January 2020 - k10temp - 20 Comments
The AMD Ryzen Thermal / Power Linux Reporting Improvements Working Well - V2 Up For Testing

A few days ago I reported on AMD's "k10temp" Linux kernel driver finally seeing the ability to report CCD temperatures and CPU current/voltage readings as a big improvement to this hardware monitoring driver. The work hasn't yet been queued for inclusion into the mainline kernel, but initial testing is working well and a second revision to the patches has been sent out.

19 January 2020 - AMD k10temp - 25 Comments
ASUS TUF Laptops With Ryzen Are Now Patched To Stop Overheating On Linux

The AMD Ryzen Linux laptop experience continues improving albeit quite tardy on some elements of the support. In addition to the AMD Sensor Fusion Hub driver finally being released and current/voltage reporting for Zen CPUs on Linux, another step forward in Ryzen mobile support is a fix for ASUS TUF laptops with these processors.

17 January 2020 - ASUS TUF + Ryzen Mobile - 28 Comments
Benchmarks Of Arch Linux's Zen Kernel Flavor

Following the recent Linux kernel tests of Liquorix and other scheduler discussions (and more), some requests from premium supporters rolled in for seeing the performance of Arch Linux's Zen kernel package against the generic kernel. Here are those benchmark results.

17 January 2020 - Arch Linux Zen Benchmarks - 16 Comments
Ryzen CPUs On Linux Finally See CCD Temperatures, Current + Voltage Reporting

One of the few frustrations with the AMD Ryzen CPU support on Linux to date has been besides the often delayed support for CPU temperature reporting has been the mainline kernel not supporting voltage readings and other extra sensors. But that is finally changing with the "k10temp" driver being extended to include current and voltage reporting plus CCD temperature reporting on Zen 2 processors.

16 January 2020 - k10temp - 42 Comments
AMD Finally Publishes Sensor Fusion Hub Driver For Linux

One of the missing features for those with AMD Ryzen laptops has been the lack of a Sensor Fusion Hub driver that is needed for supporting the accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors for the display and related laptop sensor functionality. This week AMD finally posted patches for a Sensor Fusion Hub Linux driver.

11 January 2020 - AMD Sensor Fusion Hub - 10 Comments
AMD's Trusted Execution Environment Is Coming With Linux 5.6

Last week I wrote about the AMD Secure Processor support for Linux 5.6 being queued as part of the cryptography subsystyem work with supporting the PSP / Secure Processor of Raven Ridge APUs. That AMD Secure Processor support is now rounded out with the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) driver being queued for wiring into that subsystem.

4 January 2020 - PSP + Secure Zone - 38 Comments
Linux 5.4.7 / 4.19.92 / 4.14.161 Bringing The AMD MCE Fix For New Threadripper CPUs

With the recently launched Threadripper 3960X / 3970X processors there was a workaround needed to boot them on Linux until an AMD MCE driver issue was resolved. That patch was upstreamed last week into the Linux 5.5 development kernel while now is getting ready to make its debut into supported Linux stable release branches.

29 December 2019 - Machine Check Exception - 4 Comments
Controlling AMD Wraith Prism RGB Heatsinks On Linux Is Easy Now With CM-RGB

With the Wraith Prism heatsink fan included with many modern AMD Ryzen processors there is configurable RGB lighting, which unfortunately AMD hadn't publicly documented or offered a Linux utility for manipulating the RGBs under Linux. Fortunately, there is now a straight-forward solution for dealing with those Wraith Prism RGB LEDs thanks to the open-source and independent CM-RGB project.

29 December 2019 - Wraith Prism RGB Controls - 21 Comments
Linux 5.0 Through Linux 5.4 Benchmarks On AMD EPYC 7642 "Rome" Server

A month ago I posted benchmarks looking at the performance of Linux 4.16 through Linux 5.4 kernels using an Intel Core i9 workstation. Stemming from that was a request for an AMD EPYC kernel comparison, so I carried out said tests. Due to the Rome support being newer, this round of testing is looking at the EPYC 7642 performance on Linux 5.0 to Linux 5.4.

23 December 2019 - Linux 5.0 To 5.4 - Add A Comment
AMD Threadripper 3900 Series MCE Fix Queued In RAS/Core But Not Yet Mainlined

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X/3970X are incredibly fast and trounce the competition, but as noted on launch-day most (all?) Linux distributions have a boot issue with them over a machine check exception. There is an easy workaround to let these core-happy CPUs boot and run Linux while the proper fix was queued last week in ras/core in what looks like it will wait until Linux 5.6 for merging.

16 December 2019 - MCE Fix - 8 Comments
AMD's GPU Performance API Library 3.5 Drops ROCm/HSA Support

Released on Friday was a new version of AMD's GPU Performance API "GPUPerfAPI" project under the GPUOpen umbrella. This is the AMD library used by CodeXL, Radeon Compute Profiler, and others for tapping GPU performance counters and to help in analyzing performance/execution characteristics for Radeon hardware. But this new GPUPerfAPI 3.5 release comes with a rather surprising change.

15 December 2019 - GPUPerfAPI 3.5 - 36 Comments
AMD IOMMU Driver Reworked For Linux 5.5

With the IOMMU updates for the Linux 5.5 kernel there is a major rework to the AMD IOMMU driver to make use of more common DMA IOMMU code for implementing the DMA API but with an admitted risk of potential new regressions.

2 December 2019 - AMD IOMMU - 3 Comments
Threadripper 3970X Performing Better On Windows Relative To Linux - Thanks To Microsoft Or Zen 2?

With the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X benchmarks on Windows 10 and Linux, Ubuntu 19.10 and other common distributions were just ~2% faster than the Microsoft OS and Clear Linux was just ~10% faster, based on 80+ benchmarks carried out. Those margins are much closer than we have seen with past iterations of Threadripper, but is that due to the Zen 2 microarchitecture and the improved topology of the new Threadripper CPUs or due to Microsoft's scheduler changes and other software improvements made in Windows 10 November 2019 Update? Here are some benchmarks.

30 November 2019 - Threadripper 3970X Benchmarks - 11 Comments
The Workaround To Boot Linux On AMD Threadripper 3960X/3970X Systems

As outlined in our AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X / 3970X Linux review, these new Zen 2 Threadripper processors are phenomenal processors that offer significant uplift over earlier Threadripper CPUs and easily dominate over Intel's Core i9 HEDT competition. But there is one big issue right now with the Linux support: on Ubuntu and the like, it doesn't boot without a workaround. Here's that workaround for easy future reference.

25 November 2019 - Linux Workaround - 9 Comments

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