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AMD Files Trademark For Vega II

It looks like AMD could be announcing Vega II as new 7nm Vega GPUs soon complementing the recently announced Vega 20 Radeon Instinct MI50 / MI60 accelerators.

10 December 2018 - AMD Vega II - 5 Comments
AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler 1.3 Brings More Zen Tuning

Earlier this month AMD quietly released a new version of their Optimizing C/C++ compiler in the form of AOCC 1.3. This new compiler release has more Zen tuning to try to squeeze even more performance out of Ryzen/EPYC systems when using their LLVM-based compiler.

17 November 2018 - AOCC 1.3 - 2 Comments
AMD Zen 2 CPU Support Merged To GCC 9 (-march=znver2)

It was just days ago that AMD published their Zen 2 compiler patch for the GCC compiler but with the race on to merge new feature code before the feature freeze happening later this month, that "znver2" tuning patch has now been merged to mainline.

4 November 2018 - znver2 - Add A Comment
Noctua Air Cooling With The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX

With this week's launch of the Ryzen Threadripper 2920X and 2970WX, the new 24-core / 48-thread 2970WX has a 250 Watt TDP like the 2990WX. Fortunately, with Noctua's high-end TR4/SP3 heatsinks, it's still possible to get by with air cooling.

3 November 2018 - Heatsink Benchmarks - 2 Comments
AMD Sends Out Linux Temperature Driver Patches For Zen 2 CPUs

It looks like my report on AMD kicking off Zen 2 Linux enablement from last month is panning out. Earlier this week they posted the initial AMD Zen 2 "znver2" support for the GCC compiler and they are ending the week back in kernel space with an updated hardware monitoring driver for being able to report the CPU core temperatures of these CPUs shipping in 2019.

2 November 2018 - Zen 2 Temperature Monitoring - 2 Comments
The AMD Threadripper ECC DDR4-2666 Testing That Wasn't

Recently in our forums there has been a lot of interest in Threadripper 2 builds using ECC DDR4 memory and the impact on performance, especially now with the Threadripper 2 family being rounded out by the 2920X and 2970WX. So I set out to do some DDR4-2666 ECC UDIMM testing with Threadripper 2, but that hasn't turned out well.

31 October 2018 - Threadripper 2 + DDR4-2666 ECC UDIMMs - 22 Comments
AMD EPYC Sees Some Performance Improvements With Linux 4.19

I am still finishing up work on my Linux 4.19 kernel stable benchmarks given it's been (and continues to be) a very busy month for Linux hardware testing, but of interest so far has been seeing a few EPYC performance improvements in some of the real-world workloads.

24 October 2018 - Linux 4.19 - Add A Comment
AMD Picasso APUs To Support VCN Dynamic Power Gating

Earlier this month AMD sent out the initial Linux graphics driver patches for "Picasso" APUs and now a new patch series today sheds some light on a new capability for these new APUs reported to be similar to current Raven Ridge hardware.

25 September 2018 - VCN DPG - 1 Comment
The "Chinese EPYC" Hygon Dhyana CPU Support Still Getting Squared Away For Linux

Back in June is when the Linux kernel patches appeared for the Hygon Dhyana, the new x86 processors based on AMD Zen/EPYC technology licensed by Chengdu Haiguang IC Design Co for use in Chinese data-centers. While the patches have been out for months, they haven't reached the mainline kernel quite yet but that might change next cycle.

23 September 2018 - Hygon Dhyana + Linux Kernel - 3 Comments
More Details On The AMD GCN Back-End For GCC That's Expected To Merge For GCC 9

Last week I reported on Code Sourcery / Mentor Graphics posting their new AMD GCN port to the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). This GPU back-end for the widely-used GCC compiler is hoped for merging ahead of the GCC 9 stable release expected in early 2019. At this past weekend's GNU Tools Cauldron 2018 conference was a briefing by Mentor Graphics on undertaking funded by AMD.

11 September 2018 - GCC Code For Radeon GPUs - 16 Comments
AMD's GPUOpen Vulkan Memory Allocator 2.1 Released

AMD's GPUOpen group has announced a new version of their open-source Vulkan Memory Allocator project that seeks to make it easier to deal with memory allocation and management when using this graphics API.

10 September 2018 - Vulkan Memory Allocator - 2 Comments

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