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AMD + Valve Focusing On P-State / CPPC Driver With Schedutil For Better Linux Efficiency

As reported at the start of August, AMD and Valve have been working on Linux CPU performance/frequency scaling improvements with the Steam Deck being one of the leading motivators. As speculated at that time, their work would likely revolve around use of ACPI CPPC found with Zen 2 CPUs and newer. Published last week was that AMD P-State driver for Linux systems indeed now leveraging CPPC information. AMD formally presented this new driver yesterday at XDC2021.

18 September 2021 - AMD P-State - 29 Comments
Still-Pending AMD PSF Control Patch To Be Retailored For KVM

Of all the great stuff for AMD in Linux 5.15, one of the patches still not having yet been mainlined is the control support around Predictive Store Forwarding (PSF) with Zen 3 processors. It's been six months since AMD published their security whitepaper around PSF while the Linux patch has yet to be mainlined while now it seems will be updated for a reduced focus on KVM usage.

13 September 2021 - Predictive Store Forwarding - Add A Comment
Linux 5.15 Is A Very Exciting Kernel For AMD

While working on my usual Linux kernel feature overview that summarizes the many articles over the past two weeks outlining all of the new features and changes merged, one area that particularly stands out for Linux 5.15 are all of AMD's upstream contributions that happened to make it in this kernel. There is a lot of new enablement on the AMD side -- both for CPUs and Radeon graphics -- but also improving existing hardware support.

12 September 2021 - Lots Of AMD Enablement - 40 Comments
AMD PTDMA Driver Landing For Linux 5.15 After Two Years In The Works

Going back to September 2019 was work on the AMD PTDMA driver for supporting this controller found on modern AMD processors for high bandwidth memory-to-memory and I/O copy operations. With the Linux 5.15 cycle the AMD PTDMA driver is finally being merged to the mainline kernel.

9 September 2021 - Pass Through DMA - 4 Comments
AMD Has An Important Suspend/Resume Fix With Linux 5.15

Since last year AMD has been working to get its s2idle / suspend-to-idle S0ix sleep state code in order for supporting this lowest power platform idle state on newer AMD laptops and there has also been other AMD suspend/resume improvements in recent times. Now with the Linux 5.15 kernel cycle is an important fix for the AMD s2idle code.

8 September 2021 - Fixing - 24 Comments
AMD SB-RMI Driver Coming For Linux 5.15

AMD continues pushing new code out for Linux in better exposing their platform's capabilities in the open-source world. The latest AMD driver work now queued via "-next" branches for introduction this autumn in Linux 5.15 is SB-RMI sensor support.

2 August 2021 - AMD SB-RMI - 12 Comments
AMD VanGogh APUs Get New Audio Driver For Linux

Since last year AMD has been working on VanGogh APU support for Linux initially with their graphics driver support and that has spread to other areas. It also turns out now that with VanGogh APUs will be a new Linux audio driver.

9 July 2021 - VanGogh Sound - 7 Comments
Linux Formerly Affected By A KVM SVM Guest-To-Host Breakout Code Vulnerability

Linux's KVM virtualization component previously could allow a virtual machine guest relying on AMD SVM virtualization to breakout into the host. This bug persisted in the Linux kernel from late 2020 to March 2021 before being addressed and is the first known issue of such a guest-to-host breakout that didn't also depend upon bugs within user-space components.

29 June 2021 - EPYC Breakout - 2 Comments

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