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Some AMD CPUs Might Lose RdRand Randomness Following Suspend/Resume

Systemd developers are sounding the alarms that some AMD processors might lose randomness (yielding non-random data) via the RdRand instruction following a suspend/resume alarm. However, initial indications don't appear for this to be some glaring widespread issue and might be limited to the older AMD CPUs and/or BIOS/motherboard combination.

7 May 2019 - RdRand - 22 Comments
AMD EPYC Is Running Well On Linux 5.1 Too - Performance Wins

Last week I passed along some initial benchmark results after finding Intel Cascade Lake offering up some performance improvements when using the in-development Linux 5.1 kernel. The exciting news is this doesn't appear to be Cascadelake-specific or even Intel specific as with the Dell PowerEdge EPYC 2P server I am also seeing some nice performance improvements in the same benchmarks.

12 April 2019 - AMD EPYC + Linux 5.1 Performance - 3 Comments
AMD Announces 2nd Gen Ryzen PRO Mobile Processors

While we are quite looking forward to Ryzen 3000 (Zen 2) desktop processors this summer, for those in the market for AMD mobile processors in business notebooks/laptops, AMD today announced the 2nd Gen Ryzen PRO mobile processors.

8 April 2019 - 2nd Gen Ryzen PRO Mobile - 16 Comments
AMD SEV Firmware Added To Linux-Firmware Tree For Easier Updating

For those making use of Secure Encrypted Virtualization for secure VMs running on AMD EPYC platforms, the firmware bits required for supporting SEV have now been added to the linux-firmware.git tree to allow for easier updating to this virtualization security feature.

26 February 2019 - Secure Encrypted Virtualization - 2 Comments
Improved AMD CPU Microcode Handling On Deck For Linux 4.21

With CPU microcode updates having become increasingly important over the past year in light of the Spectre vulnerabilities and other security updates, the Linux 4.21 kernel is bringing several improvements to the AMD CPU microcode update handling.

24 December 2018 - AMD Microcode Loading - Add A Comment
AMD Platform QoS Support For Next-Gen EPYC Processors Landing In Linux 4.21

The AMD Platform QoS support talked about a few months ago on Phoronix is landing for the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel. While not officially confirmed, this Quality of Service system resource work appears almost surely for the next-generation 7nm EPYC processors coming out in the months ahead.

23 December 2018 - Platform Quality Of Service - 2 Comments
AMD Files Trademark For Vega II

It looks like AMD could be announcing Vega II as new 7nm Vega GPUs soon complementing the recently announced Vega 20 Radeon Instinct MI50 / MI60 accelerators.

10 December 2018 - AMD Vega II - 6 Comments
AMD Optimizing C/C++ Compiler 1.3 Brings More Zen Tuning

Earlier this month AMD quietly released a new version of their Optimizing C/C++ compiler in the form of AOCC 1.3. This new compiler release has more Zen tuning to try to squeeze even more performance out of Ryzen/EPYC systems when using their LLVM-based compiler.

17 November 2018 - AOCC 1.3 - 2 Comments

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