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AMD CPUs Are Potentially Vulnerable To Spectre / Variant 2

Last week in light of the Spectre disclosure. AMD believed they were at "near zero risk" to Variant Two / Branch Target Injection. But now the company confirmed last night that's not the case: they are at least potentially vulnerable.

12 January 2018 - AMD Vulnerability - 30 Comments
AMD Did NOT Disable Branch Prediction With A Zen Microcode Update

With the plethora of software security updates coming out over the past few days in the wake of the Meltdown and Spectre disclosure, released by SUSE was a Family 17h "Zen" CPU microcode update that we have yet to see elsewhere... It claims to disables branch prediction, but I've confirmed with AMD that is not actually the case.

6 January 2018 - Branch Prediction - 27 Comments
AMD PSP Affected By Vulnerability

While all eyes have been on Intel this week with the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, a disclosure was publicly made this week surrounding AMD's PSP Secure Processor in an unrelated security bulletin.

5 January 2018 - Secure Processor - 78 Comments
For Now At Least AMD CPUs Are Also Reported As "Insecure"

Right now with the big mysterious security vulnerability causing the rush of the x86 Page Table Isolation work that landed in the Linux kernel days ago, it's believed to be a problem only affecting Intel CPUs. But at least for now the mainline kernel is still treating AMD CPUs as "insecure" and is too taking a performance hit.

2 January 2018 - x86 PTI On EPYC - 70 Comments
There's One Big Feature Left For The Radeon Linux Driver Left To Tackle In 2018

AMD/Radeon had a stellar 2017 for Linux most notably with delivering working Radeon RX Vega open-source driver support at launch, AMDGPU DC finally being merged to the mainline Linux kernel, and the official "AMDVLK" Vulkan driver now being open-source. Besides never-ending performance tuning, there's really just one major feature/area where the Radeon Linux graphics driver support is missing.

29 December 2017 - Radeon Software Settings - 40 Comments
Radeon GPU Profiler Updated For Better Profiling Of Vulkan Games

Following yesterday's excitement around the Radeon Software Adrenalin Driver as well as word of AMD open-sourcing their Linux driver and making other Linux driver changes, AMD's GPUOpen team has announced the release of a new version of Radeon GPU Profiler.

13 December 2017 - Radeon GPU Profiler 1.1.0 - Add A Comment
Marek Baking A "Huge Cleanup" For RadeonSI Gallium3D

Marek has volleyed onto the Mesa mailing list a set of patches providing RadeonSI with a "huge cleanup" for this Gallium3D OpenGL driver used by Radeon HD 7000 series "GCN" / "Southern Islands" graphics cards and newer.

28 November 2017 - RadeonSI Driver - 14 Comments
More AMDGPU DC Fixes Are Being Queued For Linux 4.15

A few of you within the forums have talked of regressions and other bugs when trying out the new AMDGPU DC display stack in the Linux 4.15 kernel, particularly on pre-Vega GPUs where it's disabled by default. The good news is that more fixes are on the way.

28 November 2017 - AMDGPU DC Display Code - 10 Comments
AMD EPYC Is Running Well On Linux 4.15

Of the many changes coming for Linux 4.15, as detailed this weekend Radeon GPU and AMD CPU customers have a lot to be thankful for with this new kernel update currently in development. Here are some initial benchmarks of the Linux 4.15 development kernel using an AMD EPYC 7601 32-core / 64-thread setup.

20 November 2017 - AMD EPYC - 13 Comments
AMD/RTG's Raja Koduri Joins Intel

On Monday Intel announced their upcoming CPU with integrated AMD Vega-class graphics backed by HBM2 memory, on Tuesday Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) head Raja Koduri announced he would be resigning from the company, and now today it's announced he is joining Intel.

8 November 2017 - Raja Koduri At Intel - 36 Comments
Monero/XMR Mining On Threadripper With Multi-Channel Memory

Phoronix reader Thomas Frech has shared with us another article on Monero/XMR cryptocurrency mining performance with AMD Threadripper. Thsi follows his recent guest posts of mining Ethereum with Threadrippers and AMD Vega GPUs, Ethereum and Monero mining on the same systems, and the AMDGPU-PRO 17.40 crypto mining boost.

4 November 2017 - Monero DIMM Memory Impact - 7 Comments

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