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Sound Open Firmware Linux News

Linux 5.8 To Add Auto-Detection For Using SoundWire On...   Hardware   13 Apr 2020
Plenty Of New Sound Hardware Support, Continued Sound...   Hardware   03 Apr 2020
Two Weeks Are Left To Apply For An Outreachy Summer...   Free Software   10 Feb 2020
Many Linux 5.6 Sound Driver Updates Especially On The...   Hardware   28 Jan 2020
Linux 5.5 Adding Wake-On-Voice Support - Capable On...   Hardware   26 Nov 2019
Linux 5.4 Continues Sound Open Firmware, Improvements...   Hardware   17 Sep 2019
Linux 5.3 Continues Advancing Intel's Sound Open...   Hardware   10 Jul 2019
Linux 5.3 Ready To Support Linux Guests On ACRN   Virtualization   09 Jul 2019
GNU Linux-libre 5.2-gnu Blesses Sound Open Firmware,...   GNU   08 Jul 2019
The Best Features Of Linux 5.2: Intel Bits, RTW88,...   Linux Kernel   08 Jul 2019
ModernFW Was An Exciting Announcement This Week That...   Intel   17 May 2019
Linux 5.2 Kernel Introducing Support For Intel's Sound...   Intel   09 May 2019
Intel Is Having Great Success With Their Open-Source...   Intel   04 Oct 2018
Embedded Linux Conference 2018 Wraps Up In Portland   Linux Events   15 Mar 2018
Intel Open-Sources Sound Firmware, Pushing For More...   Intel   14 Mar 2018