Servo is the new, experimental layout engine designed by Mozilla Research in the Rust programming language. Servo may one day succeed the Gecko engine.

Servo Articles & Reviews

Swiftech H20-220 APEX Ultra   Peripherals   2005-12-09

Servo Linux & Open-Source News

Servo Web Engine Continues Advancing But Seeing Just $1.6k In Monthly Donations   Free Software   2024-05-30
Servo Web Engine Now Passing Acid2 Layout Engine Test   Free Software   2024-04-26
Servo Driving Modularity To Support Different JavaScript Engines   Free Software   2024-04-15
KDAB Working On Embedding Servo Web Engine Within Qt   Qt   2024-04-08
Servo Web Engine Adds WOFF2 Web Fonts, HTML Tables By Default   Free Software   2024-03-30
Servo Improves Its Experimental Support For HTML Tables, More CSS Features   Free Software   2024-02-28
Thunderbird Making Progress With Adopting Rust Code   Mozilla   2024-02-14
Servo Engine Updates Bring CSS Tables & Its Browser Gets Back/Forward Buttons   Mozilla   2024-01-26
Servo Browser Engine Making Embedded App Progress With Tauri   Free Software   2024-01-19
Servo Browser Engine Continues On Its Path To Be Embed-Friendly   Free Software   2023-12-01
Servo Browser Engine Receives Funding To Work On HTML <table> Support   Free Software   2023-11-07
Servo Web Engine Made Some Nice Progress In October   Mozilla   2023-10-26
The Servo Browser Engine Has Been Making Great Progress In 2023   Free Software   2023-09-27
Servo Browser Engine Enables New Default UI, Improves Crash Error Page, Replaces OpenSSL   Free Software   2023-09-15
Linux 6.5 Bringing Sensor Monitoring To Many More Desktop Motherboards   Hardware   2023-07-10
Linux Adding Leakshield Driver Support For Reporting Liquid Cooling System Leaks   Linux Kernel   2023-05-21
Servo Project To Focus On Their "Layout 2020" Engine   Free Software   2023-04-13
Open Source Security Foundation's Criticality Score 2.0 Debuts To Rank Important OSS Projects   Linux Security   2023-02-24
Servo Web Engine Publishes Its 2023 Roadmap   Mozilla   2023-02-04
Fwupd 1.8 Released With New Capabilities, Expanded Hardware Support   LVFS   2022-04-28
Rust Foundation Established To Steward The Rust Programming Language   Programming   2021-02-08
Chrome 87 Released With More Performance Improvements   Google   2020-11-17
Mozilla Punts Servo Web Engine Development To The Linux Foundation   Mozilla   2020-11-17
There Finally Is Work On Shipping Mozilla's WebRender For Some Linux Environments   Mozilla   2020-07-11
There Are Many Interesting Google Summer of Code 2020 Open-Source Projects   Google   2020-05-07
GNOME 3.36 Set To Be Released Today With Ongoing Wayland + Performance Improvements   GNOME   2020-03-11
Mozilla Developer Talks Up WGPU As Their WebGPU Implementation In Rust   Mozilla   2020-02-06
Librsvg Continues Rust Conquest, Pulls In CSS Parsing Code From Mozilla Servo   GNOME   2019-11-12
Microsoft Teams Is Coming To Linux   Microsoft   2019-09-09
Mozilla's Servo Beginning To Work On Linux Video Acceleration   Mozilla   2019-06-03
Adobe Customer Care: There Hasn't Been Enough Demand For Linux   Proprietary Software   2018-12-10
WebRender Reaches Beta For GPU-Accelerated Web Rendering In Firefox   Mozilla   2018-10-26
Mozilla Begins Slowly Enabling WebRender For Some Users   Mozilla   2018-09-13
Mozilla's Servo Has Been Picking Up A Number Of WebGL Improvements   Mozilla   2018-07-23
Mozilla Servo Team To Begin Focusing On VR / Mixed Reality   Mozilla   2018-03-09
Mozilla's WebRender Making Good Progress, Can Be Tested On Firefox Nightly   Mozilla   2017-11-27
Pale Moon Project Rolls Out The Basilisk Browser Project   Mozilla   2017-11-17
Quantum-ized Firefox 57 Ready For Download   Mozilla   2017-11-13
Progress Being Made On New "WebGPU" Web Graphics API   Standards   2017-10-15
Firefox 56.0 Is Ready Ahead Of The Big Quantum Update   Mozilla   2017-09-28
Mozilla's Servo Made Several Advancements This Summer   Mozilla   2017-08-25
Mozilla's Push For Super Fast CSS With Quantum/Stylo   Mozilla   2017-08-22
Rust-Written "Stylo" Servo Style System Now Available Via Firefox Nightly   Mozilla   2017-07-25
Mozilla's Servo Still Striving For WebGL Support   Mozilla   2017-05-19
Mozilla Proposes "Obsidian" Low-Level Graphics API For The Web, Based On Vulkan   Mozilla   2017-03-21
Hammering The AMD Ryzen 7 1800X With An Intense, Threaded Workload   AMD   2017-03-16
Mozilla Had A Crazy Week Landing Servo, WebRender & More Into Firefox Repo   Mozilla   2017-02-12
Mozilla's Servo Begins Firming Up 2017 Goals   Mozilla   2017-01-09
Open-Source Radeon, Vulkan & Linux 4.8~4.9 Were October Hits   Phoronix   2016-11-01
Should GNOME Begin Replacing More C Code With Rust?   GNOME   2016-10-31
Mozilla Quantum: New Browser Engine Based On Servo/Rust For Firefox   Mozilla   2016-10-28
Servo Web Engine Now Supports Promises, Continues Churning Along   Mozilla   2016-09-28
2D Rendering On X11 Remains Barely Faster Than CPU Rendering   X.Org   2016-09-23
WebRender2 Lands In The Servo Browser Engine   Mozilla   2016-08-03
Servo Is Planning For More GPU-Accelerated WebRender Improvements   Mozilla   2016-07-25
Firefox 48 Will Take The First Rust Code Into Production   Mozilla   2016-07-12
Servo Night Builds Begin, Linux Packages Coming   Mozilla   2016-07-01
Vulkan, Raspberry Pi 3, AMDGPU & Other Exciting Linux Milestones So Far This Year   Phoronix   2016-06-28
The Tech Preview Of Servo/Browser.html Is Imminent!   Mozilla   2016-06-27
Servo Continues Making Progress For Shipping Components In Gecko, Browser.html   Mozilla   2016-05-09
GCC 4.8 To GCC 6.1 Benchmarks For A Complex Program   GNU   2016-05-05
Google Summer of Code 2016 Projects Announced   Google   2016-04-23
Some Of What You Can Find On Mozilla's Servo Roadmap   Mozilla   2016-04-18
Raspberry Pi 3, Linux 4.6 & AMDGPU Were Popular Among Our 300+ Articles This Month   Premium   2016-03-31
Initial Servo+Browser.html Release Planned For June   Mozilla   2016-03-14
Embedding Gecko Into Other Apps Isn't Pretty   Mozilla   2016-03-08
Mozilla's Servo Is Whooping The Other Browsers In Performance   Mozilla   2016-03-08
There's Interest Again In Embeddable Gecko To Better Compete With Chromium CEF   Mozilla   2016-02-24
Servo Lands Its New GPU-Accelerated Rendering Backend   Mozilla   2016-02-18
The Most Popular Linux News So Far This Year   Phoronix   2015-12-13
Mozilla's Servo Can Now Run On Wayland's Weston Compositor   Mozilla   2015-12-10
Firefox To Ship Rust & Servo Components Next Year   Mozilla   2015-12-08
Mozilla's Servo Gets A Experimental Renderer To Draw On The GPU   Mozilla   2015-09-29
RadeonSI, Windows 10, KDBUS & Other Exciting Linux News This Quarter   Free Software   2015-09-27
Servo, Skylake & Even Windows 10 Have Been Very Appealing To Linux Users   Phoronix   2015-08-31
Mozilla's Servo Is Now Rendering Phoronix, Except For One Big Bug   Mozilla   2015-08-19
Mozilla's Servo Engine Now Capable Of Rendering GitHub Near Flawlessly   Mozilla   2015-08-19
Mozilla Planning Invasive Changes To The Fundamentals Of Firefox   Mozilla   2015-07-06
There's Many Exciting Possible GSoC 2015 Coding Projects   Google   2015-03-21
Mozilla's Servo Still On Track For 2015 Alpha Release   Mozilla   2015-01-19
Linux.Conf.Au 2015 Kicks Off In Auckland   Linux Events   2015-01-12
Mozilla Developer Experimenting With Firefox UI In HTML   Mozilla   2014-12-10
November Was Great For Linux Users, But December Will Be Especially Interesting   Phoronix   2014-11-30
Mozilla's Servo Engine Is Crazy Fast Compared To Gecko   Mozilla   2014-11-09
Mozilla Is Launching A New Web Browser Targeting Developers   Mozilla   2014-11-03
LinuxCon Is This Week In Chicago   Linux Events   2014-08-18
Mozilla's Servo Still Going Forth To Parallelize The Web   Mozilla   2014-02-18
Opera Will Switch To Blink Engine Too   Free Software   2013-04-03
Google Forks WebKit As Blink Rendering Engine   Google   2013-04-03
Mozilla & Samsung Develop "Servo" Browser Engine   Mozilla   2013-04-03
Intel Core 2 Duo PC & Laptops   Intel   2006-05-08