The Most Popular Linux News So Far This Year

Written by Michael Larabel in Phoronix on 13 December 2015 at 08:53 AM EST. Add A Comment
As another year comes to a close, it's getting time for all of our annual recaps. For those curious what the most popular Linux stories so far have been in 2015, here's a look.

Year to date there's been 3,104 original news articles on Phoronix to complement our 245 original Linux reviews / featured articles so far. Of all the news articles, below is a look at the top 20 most viewed Phoronix articles so far this year.

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Eric S. Raymond Calls LLVM The "Superior Compiler" To GCC
Joining in on the heated discussion that originated over Richard Stallman voicing concerns over adding LLVM's LLDB debugger support to Emacs, Eric S Raymond has come out to once again voice his support in favor of LLVM/Clang and express his feelings that GCC's leading days are over.

RadeonSI Gets OpenGL 4.5 Derivative Control Support
The latest OpenGL 4+ activity in Mesa this week is a Saturday commit landing another OpenGL 4.5 extension for AMD's RadeonSI Gallium3D driver for GCN graphics processors.

BQ Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Phone Being Released Next Week
Beginning next week the BQ Aquaris E5 pre-loaded with Ubuntu Phone will become available in Europe.

Linux 4.0-RC1 Tagged, Linux 4.0 Will Bring Many Notable Improvements
Linus Torvalds has decided to go ahead and rename the Linux 3.20 kernel to Linux 4.0 per his polling last week. Torvalds released Linux 4.0-rc1 on Sunday night and this release comes with many significant updates.

Does VirtualBox VM Have Much A Future Left?
It's been a long time since last hearing of any major innovations or improvements to VirtualBox, the VM software managed by Oracle since their acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Is there any hope left for a revitalized VirtualBox?

PlayStation 4 System Compiler Support Landing In LLVM
Support for Sony's PlayStation 4 game console code generation is landing within LLVM's open-source compiler infrastructure.

Valve Developed An Intel Linux Vulkan GPU Driver
For helping out ISVs and game developers test out their initial Vulkan code, they developed their own Intel Vulkan GPU graphics driver for Linux that they intend to open-source.

Raspberry Pi 2 Linux Benchmarks: Arch, Raspbian & Overclocking
Thanks to the open-source Phoronix Test Suite and, there's already many benchmarks of the new quad-core Raspberry Pi 2.

I No Longer Have Any Trust In The Nest Protect
Earlier this year I wrote about protecting our Linux test farm with the Nest Protect. While I own ten of these "high tech smoke detectors" and initially recommended, I no longer trust them after a long night.

The Big Features Of The Linux 4.0 Kernel
Linux 4.0 should be officially released within the next few weeks. In anticipation of its April debut, here's a look at some of the big features for this next version of the Linux kernel.

GL_AMD_pinned_memory Lands In Mesa
Support for the GL_AMD_pinned_memory OpenGL extension has landed within Mesa and is implemented for the R600g and RadeonSI Gallium3D drivers. This patch series also lands the Userptr support for the open-source AMD graphics drivers on the user-space side.

The Many Features Of The Linux 4.1 Kernel
The Linux 4.1 kernel merge window has been open now for two weeks and will most likely be closed by Linus Torvalds this evening. For those curious about the Linux 4.1 features, here's a look at the newest additions to the mainline Linux kernel!

Mozilla's Servo Engine Now Capable Of Rendering GitHub Near Flawlessly
Mozilla's Servo next-generation layout engine is now nearly spot-on with its rendering of the web-site.

Chrome OS Switches To "Freon" Graphics Stack To Replace X11
Released this past week was Chrome OS 41 and besides having improved WiFi stability, updates to the guest mode wallpaper, and other changes, some Chrome OS devices have been updated to Google's new "Freon" graphics stack. Freon further removes X11 dependencies from Google's world and will yield performance improvements in the future. Freon isn't based directly on Wayland nor Mir.

Nouveau: NVIDIA's New Hardware Is "VERY Open-Source Unfriendly"
While NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 900 series is dominating for Linux gamers with excellent performance with their $1000+ GPU as well as great Linux OpenGL/OpenCL performance out of their lower-cost GPUs with excellent power efficiency, that's only when using the proprietary driver... NVIDIA's newer GTX 900 / Maxwell hardware is less open-source friendly than their previous generations of hardware.

VLC 2.2 Has Many Features Coming, But VLC 3.0 Will Be Even More Exciting
For those not closely following the development of the VLC open-source, cross-platform media player, the VLC 2.2.0 release is coming soon while further out is VLC 3.0 and it will be even more magical.

Windows 10 To Be A Free Upgrade: What Linux Users Need To Know
I watched Microsoft's Windows 10 press event today not for looking toward switching and using the Windows 8 successor but rather to see what's coming down their consumer pipeline for competition to Linux and Android.

AMD Releases New "AMDGPU" Linux Kernel Driver & Mesa Support
At long last the source code to the new AMDGPU driver has been released! This is the new driver needed to support the Radeon R9 285 graphics card along with future GPUs/APUs like Carrizo. Compared to the existing Radeon DRM driver, the new AMDGPU code is needed for AMD's new unified Linux driver strategy whereby the new Catalyst driver will be isolated to being a user-space binary blob with both the full open-source driver and the Catalyst driver using this common AMDGPU kernel driver.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Supports Targeting Linux
Microsoft announced their Visual Studio 2015 line-up this week, but why is it important for Linux users/developers?

RMS Feels There's "A Systematic Effort To Attack GNU Packages"
Richard Stallman has come out against support for basic LLVM debugger (LLDB) support within Emacs' Gud.el as he equates it to an attack on GNU packages.
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