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GCC 11 Articles & Reviews

An Early Look At GCC 12 Compiler Performance On The Core i9 12900K   Software   2022-02-23
GCC 12 Compiler Performance Is Looking Good For Intel Alder Lake   Software   2021-12-13
GCC 11 PGO With The AMD Ryzen 9 5950X For Faster Performance   Software   2021-08-31
AOCC 3.1 Compiler Performance Against Clang 12, GCC 11 On AMD EPYC   Software   2021-07-29
GCC 8 Through GCC 11 Stable Plus GCC 12 Compiler Benchmarks   Software   2021-07-08
LLVM Clang 12 Benchmarks At Varying Optimization Levels, LTO   Software   2021-06-25
GCC 11 Compiler Performance Benchmarks With Various Optimization Levels, LTO   Software   2021-06-14
LLVM Clang 12 Leading Over GCC 11 Compiler Performance On Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake   Software   2021-06-04
LLVM Clang 12 Compiler Is Performing Very Well For AMD Ryzen 9 5950X / Zen 3   Software   2021-05-20
GCC 11 vs. LLVM Clang 12 Performance On The Intel Core i9 11900K Is A Heated Race   Software   2021-05-18
GCC 11 vs. LLVM Clang 12 Compilers On The AMD EPYC 7763   Software   2021-05-04
GCC 10 vs. GCC 11 Compiler Performance On The Threadripper 3990X   Software   2021-03-12
GCC 10 vs. GCC 11 Compiler Performance On AMD Zen 3   Software   2021-02-24
LLVM Clang 12 Performance Benchmarks On AMD Ryzen 9 5950X   Software   2021-02-19
Two Year Ubuntu Linux Performance Comparison For Intel Xeon "Cascade Lake"   Operating Systems   2021-02-11
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X + GCC 11 Compiler Benchmarks At Varying Optimization Levels   Software   2021-01-07
AMD Zen 3 Performance With The Initial "znver3" GCC Compiler Support   Software   2020-12-09
Optimized Compiler Builds Are Well Worth It For Intel Tiger Lake   Software   2020-11-09

GCC 11 Linux & Open-Source News

Eclipse OpenJ9 0.43 Released With New Options, Updated Compilers For Release Binaries   Programming   2024-02-06
Torvalds Has It With "-Wstringop-overflow" On GCC Due To Kernel Breakage   Linux Kernel   2024-02-02
Linux 6.8 Now Enables -Wstringop-overflow To Warn About Buffer Overflows   Linux Kernel   2024-01-22
More Patches For Next-Gen AMD GPU Support Queued Ahead Of Linux 6.7   Radeon   2023-10-15
Microsoft CBL-Mariner 2.0.20230924 Rebuilds AArch64 Packages Due To That Nasty GCC Bug   Arm   2023-10-01
CentOS ISA SIG Experimenting With New x86-64 Baseline For Better Performance   Operating Systems   2023-08-28
GCC 11.4 Released With 110+ Bugs Fixed   GNU   2023-05-29
AlmaLinux 9.2 Released As Free Alternative To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.2   Operating Systems   2023-05-11
Eclipse OpenJ9 0.37 Released - But It Shouldn't Be Used In Production   Programming   2023-04-18
Fedora Workstation 38 Is Shaping Up To Be Another Fantastic Release   Fedora   2023-03-15
Intel Adds "Emerald Rapids" Support To The GCC 13 Compiler   Intel   2023-01-04
OpenWrt 22.03 Released With Updated Firewall, Support For 180+ New Devices   Operating Systems   2022-09-06
Benchmarking The Linux 5.19 Kernel Built With "-O3 -march=native"   Linux Kernel   2022-07-13
Oracle Linux 9 Reaches GA With Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R7   Oracle   2022-07-06
GCC 10.4 Released With 200+ Bug Fixes   GNU   2022-06-28
AlmaLinux 9.0 Released As Community, Free Alternative To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0   Operating Systems   2022-05-26
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 GA Now Officially Available   Red Hat   2022-05-18
More AMD RDNA3 Code Prepared For Linux 5.19, RADV Begins Landing Task Shaders   Radeon   2022-05-12
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Now Available For Download   Ubuntu   2022-04-21
GCC 11.3 Released With Nearly 200 Bug Fixes   GNU   2022-04-21
AlmaLinux 9 Beta Released For Testing As No-Cost RHEL9 Alternative   Operating Systems   2022-04-19
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Release Candidate Images For Last Minute Testing   Ubuntu   2022-04-19
GCC 12 Compiler Lands A Last Minute AMD Zen 3 Tuning Tweak   GNU   2022-04-01
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Beta Released With Many Improvements   Ubuntu   2022-03-31
Last Minute Sapphire Rapids Change Lands In GCC 12   Intel   2022-03-18
AmigaOS-Like MorphOS 3.16 Released With Better Performance   Operating Systems   2022-03-10
Steam Deck, GNOME 42 Advancements & AMD Linux Updates Excited Readers In February   Phoronix   2022-03-01
Arch Linux Could Use Some Help With Toolchain Maintenance   Arch Linux   2022-02-07
x86 Straight Line Speculation Mitigation Being Back-Ported To GCC 11   GNU   2022-01-31
LLVM Clang Now Defaulting To The DWARFv5 Debug Format   LLVM   2022-01-24
GCC 12 Shifting To Stage 4 Development - No Sign Of AMD Zen 4 Support   GNU   2022-01-12
Gentoo Linux Packages Up AMD ROCm, Makes Progress On RISC-V, LTO+PGO Python   Operating Systems   2022-01-08
The Most Exciting AMD Linux / Open-Source News Of 2021   AMD   2021-12-29
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS To Shift Its PPC64EL Baseline To POWER9 CPUs, Dropping POWER8   Ubuntu   2021-12-11
GCC 12 Moves On To Fixing Bugs - Now In "Stage 3" Development   GNU   2021-11-16
Intel Updates Alder Lake Tuning For GCC, Reaffirms No Official AVX-512   Intel   2021-11-10
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 Beta Released   Red Hat   2021-11-03
Linux I/O Optimizations, AMD Improvements, NVIDIA GBM Excited Linux Users Last Month   Phoronix   2021-11-01
The 15 Most Interesting Linux 5.15 Kernel Features From NTFS3 To KSMBD & DAMON   Linux Kernel   2021-10-31
An Early Look At The GCC 12 Compiler Performance On AMD Zen 3   GNU   2021-10-22
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS "Jammy Jellyfish" Begins Development   Ubuntu   2021-10-18
Ubuntu 21.10 Released With GNOME 40 Desktop, Many Underlying Improvements   Ubuntu   2021-10-14
GCC 12 Enables Auto-Vectorization For -O2 Optimization Level   GNU   2021-10-08
Ubuntu 21.10 Beta Released   Ubuntu   2021-09-24
GCC 12 Adds Stack Variable Auto-Initialization, Other Security Improvements Forthcoming   GNU   2021-09-23
Ubuntu 21.10 Delivering Some Performance Gains On The Intel Core i9 11900K   Ubuntu   2021-09-08
Linux 5.15 Adds Another Knob To Harden Against Side Channel Attacks   Linux Security   2021-08-31
Intel AMX Patches For The Kernel Posted A 10th Time, But To Miss Out On Linux 5.15   Intel   2021-08-26
Arm Posts New GCC Compiler Patches Due To New Vulnerability Affecting ARMv8-M TrustZone   Arm   2021-08-24
Proposed: Allow Building The Linux Kernel With x86-64 Microarchitecture Feature Levels   Linux Kernel   2021-08-18
Fedora 35 Cleared For Golang 1.17, LLVM 13   Fedora   2021-08-17
Slackware 15.0 Coming Soon With RC1 Released   Operating Systems   2021-08-16
Intel Fully Embracing LLVM For Their C/C++ Compilers   Intel   2021-08-09
GCC 12's Static Analyzer Gaining Initial Assembly Support   GNU   2021-08-05
LE9, Canonical's Profits, Steam Deck, & Loongson 3A5000 Made For An Exciting July   Phoronix   2021-08-01
GCC 11.2 Compiler Released With 95+ Bug Fixes   GNU   2021-07-28
GCC 11.2 RC1 Compiler Punted For Testing   GNU   2021-07-21
Fedora 35 Approved For Third-Party Repo Changes, More Optimal Encryption Default   Fedora   2021-07-19
The Most Popular Intel Linux/Open-Source News From H1'2021   Intel   2021-07-08
AMD's Linux Strides In H1'21 From FreeSync HDMI To PyTorch ROCm   AMD   2021-07-04
Intel Posts Big Set of Patches For AVX-512 FP16 Compiler Support For Sapphire Rapids   Intel   2021-07-01
Intel Crocus, Linux 5.13, Other Vendor Happenings Made For An Exciting June   Phoronix   2021-06-30
OpenZFS 2.1-rc8 Brings Linux 5.13 Compatibility, More Fixes   Linux Storage   2021-06-30
GRUB 2.06 Released With BootHole Fixes, LUKS2 Encrypted Volume Support   GNU   2021-06-08
GCC 9.4 Compiler Released With 190+ Bug Fixes   GNU   2021-06-01
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement   Free Software   2021-06-01
GCC 8.5 Released As The Last GCC 8 Compiler   GNU   2021-05-14
Red Hat Is Hiring More LLVM Compiler Engineers   Red Hat   2021-05-06
AMD Zen 3 Scheduler Model Finally Added To LLVM/Clang   AMD   2021-05-03
Ubuntu 21.10 "Impish Indri" Development Begins   Ubuntu   2021-04-28
Fedora 34 Released As A Hugely Exciting Update For This Linux Distribution   Fedora   2021-04-27
GCC 11.1 Released With Initial Work For Intel AMX / Sapphire Rapids, More C++20/C++23   GNU   2021-04-27
GCC 11 Releasing Next Week With Intel AMX, New CPU Support, More C++20/C++23   GNU   2021-04-25
Fedora 34 To Release Next Week As A Very Exciting Update   Fedora   2021-04-24
GCC 11.1 RC Released, GCC 12 In Development On Trunk   GNU   2021-04-20
LLVM 12.0 Released With Alder Lake + Sapphire Rapids Support, More C++20   LLVM   2021-04-15
Intel Rocket Lake Target Added To GCC 11   Intel   2021-04-12
GCC 10.3 Compiler Released With AMD Zen 3 Tuning Backported, Nearly 200 Bug Fixes   GNU   2021-04-08
LLVM 12.0 Delays Drag On With RC5 Now Shipping   LLVM   2021-04-08
GCC 11 Lands A Last Minute Optimization For Intel Skylake   Intel   2021-04-06
GCC 10.3 Release Candidate Arrives For Testing   GNU   2021-04-02
AMD Zen 3 Tuning Backported To The GCC 10 Compiler   AMD   2021-04-01
LLVM 12.0-rc4 Released For Squaring Up This Open-Source Compiler   LLVM   2021-04-01
Linux 5.12 Corruption, GNOME 40, AMD Milan, Rust In Linux-Next Made For An Exciting March   Phoronix   2021-04-01
Arm Neoverse V1 Tuning Lands In GCC 11 Compiler   Arm   2021-03-27
New AMD Zen 3 Fixes Published For The GCC 11 Compiler   AMD   2021-03-25
IBM Lands Last Minute POWER10 Updates Into GCC 11 Compiler   GNU   2021-03-22
Zen 3 GCC Tuning Continues With More Correct Latencies Rather Than "Random Numbers"   AMD   2021-03-18
GCC 11 Squeezes In Another Zen 3 Optimization   GNU   2021-03-18
Arch Linux Developers Discuss Idea Of Providing An x86-64-v3 Port   Arch Linux   2021-03-16
GCC Compiler Sees New Patch With Tuning For AMD Zen 3 (Znver3)   AMD   2021-03-15
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Might See Micro-Architecture Packages For Better Performance   SUSE   2021-03-08
helloSystem, System76 Keyboard + Linux 5.11/5.12 Captivated Users In February   Phoronix   2021-03-01
Linux 5.11, Pyston, Wayland & Other January Excitement   Phoronix   2021-02-01
GCC 11 Beefs Up Its Static Analyzer Capabilities   GNU   2021-01-30
GNU C Library 2.33 Should Be Out Soon - And It's Very Exciting Due To "HWCAPS"   GNU   2021-01-29
GCC 11 Will Let You Use -std=c++23 But Without Turning On Any New Features   GNU   2021-01-27
GCC's JIT Library Is No Longer Considered "Alpha" Quality   GNU   2021-01-24
GCC 11 Is On The Final Stage Of Development With 60+ High Priority Regressions   GNU   2021-01-18
GCC's Profile Guided Optimization Performance With The Ryzen 9 5950X   GNU   2021-01-17
Better Fujitsu A64FX Support Arrives For GCC, LLVM Clang Compilers   Programming   2021-01-16
GCC 11 Is Moving Closer But Still Challenged By Many Regressions   GNU   2021-01-14
GNU Had A Busy 2020 With The GCC Toolchain Still Rocking, Finally Converted To Git   GNU   2020-12-31
Fedora Shifting Their Git Repositories To "Main", Some To "Rawhide"   Fedora   2020-12-21
Linux 5.10 As An LTS Kernel Comes Just In Time For AMD EPYC "Milan"   Hardware   2020-12-18
AMD Zen 3 Support Published For The LLVM Clang Compiler   LLVM   2020-12-08
Initial AMD Zen 3 Support Successfully Lands In GCC 11   AMD   2020-12-05
Fedora 34 To Feature Updated MariaDB, Other Changes   Fedora   2020-12-04
AMD Sends Out Zen 3 Compiler Support For GCC + AOCC 2.3 Compiler Released   AMD   2020-12-03
AMD's Zen 3 + RDNA2 Products Dominated November Along With The Apple M1   Phoronix   2020-12-01
Arm Neoverse N2 Support Added To The LLVM Clang 12 Compiler   LLVM   2020-11-27
GCC 11 Ends Feature Development While Still Waiting For AMD Znver3 Support   GNU   2020-11-16
GCC 11 Lands Support For Intel AVX-VNNI   GNU   2020-11-11
C++20 Modules Compiler Code Under Review, Could Still Land For GCC 11   GNU   2020-11-04
GCC 11's x86-64 Microarchitecture Feature Levels Are Ready To Roll   GNU   2020-11-03
LLVM Lands Very Basic Support For AMD Zen 3 CPUs   AMD   2020-10-25
LLVM Clang 12 Merges Support For x86_64 Microarchitecture Levels   LLVM   2020-10-22
GCC's Ada Frontend Seeing More Work On NVIDIA CUDA Support   Programming   2020-10-19
AMD Sends Out Patches Adding "Znver3" Support To GNU Binutils With New Instructions   AMD   2020-10-19
GCC 11 Ending Feature Development In One Month   GNU   2020-10-16
GCC Getting Wired Up For Intel's Key Locker, UINTR, HRESET, AVX-VNNI   Intel   2020-10-14
LLVM 11.0 Finally Available With Flang Fortran Compiler, Continued C++20 Work   LLVM   2020-10-12
AMD Ryzen 5000 Series (Zen 3) Linux Expectations - Should Be Good But No "Znver3" Compiler Yet   AMD   2020-10-08
Developers Try Again To Upstream Motorola 68000 Series Support In LLVM   LLVM   2020-09-29
Intel Sapphire Rapids Target Added To LLVM/Clang 12.0   LLVM   2020-09-01
AMD Radeon GPU Offloading For GCC Still Maturing In 2020   Radeon   2020-08-27
GCC 11 Compiler Might Finally Enable DWARF 5 Debugging By Default   GNU   2020-08-24
Fujitsu Begins Adding A64FX Support To GCC Compiler   GNU   2020-08-09
AMD HSA Offloading Support Dropped From The GCC Compiler   AMD   2020-08-03
GCC's New Ranger Infrastructure Aims To Be In Good Shape For GCC 11   GNU   2020-07-26
GCC 10.2 Compiler Released With Nearly 100 Bug Fixes   GNU   2020-07-23
Arm Backporting SLS Vulnerability Mitigation To Existing GCC Releases   Arm   2020-07-21
Intel AMX Support Lands In The GNU Assembler   Intel   2020-07-12
GCC 11 Compiler Lands Intel Sapphire Rapids + Alder Lake Support   Intel   2020-07-10
GCC Compiler Support Posted For Intel AMX   Intel   2020-07-06
GCC 11 Now Defaults To C++17 Dialect By Default   GNU   2020-06-27
Intel Confirms CET Security Support For Tiger Lake   Intel   2020-06-15
GCC's JIT Library Sees Experimental Port To Windows   GNU   2020-05-25
GCC 11 Adds CPU Detection For Newer Intel Families   Intel   2020-05-18
GCC 11 Picks Up A New Option For Large Source Files   GNU   2020-05-18
Intel CET Support Still Getting Squared Away For Linux In 2020   Intel   2020-05-17
GCC 11 Proposal Would Default To C++17 Level Features   GNU   2020-05-17
GCC 11 Enables Co-Routines Support In C++20 Mode   GNU   2020-05-16
GCC 10 Has Been Branched, GCC 10.1 Stable Looking To Release In Early May   GNU   2020-04-30
GCC 11 Will Likely Support Using LLVM's libc++   GNU   2020-04-01
Intel GCC Patches + PRM Update Adds SERIALIZE Instruction, Confirm Atom+Core Hybrid CPUs   Intel   2020-04-01
Experimental Support For C++20 Coroutines Has Landed In GCC 10   GNU   2020-01-18
GCC 10 Introduces A Static Analyzer - Static Analysis On C Code With "-fanalyzer" Option   GNU   2020-01-14
Motorola m68k Support Improved Upon In GCC - Saved From Being Removed In GCC 11   GNU   2019-11-26
Initial Patches Wire In C++20 Coroutines For The GCC Compiler   GNU   2019-11-18