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Intel Tremont CPU Support Added To LLVM's Clang Compiler

Earlier this month Intel ISA documentation pointed to a new CPU micro-architecture codenamed "Tremont", we've seen a few kernel patches also referencing Intel Tremont, and now there is Tremont microarchitecture support for LLVM's Clang compiler.

16 April 2018 - Intel Tremont - Add A Comment
LLVM 5.0.2-RC1 Released With Spectre Patches

While LLVM 6.0 is available as the latest and greatest stable Mesa release, LLVM 5.0.2 is in the works for releasing in the days ahead. Besides normal bug fixes, LLVM 5.0.2 also carries the compiler-side Retpoline patches for Spectre.

28 March 2018 - LLVM 5.0.2 - Add A Comment
LLVM 6.0-RC1 Makes Its Belated Debut

While LLVM/Clang 6.0 was branched earlier this month and under a feature freeze with master/trunk moving to LLVM 7.0, two weeks later the first release candidate is now available.

17 January 2018 - LLVM 6.0 - 1 Comment

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