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Google Engineer Shows "SESES" For Mitigating LVI + Side-Channel Attacks - Code Runs ~7% Original Speed

Disclosed last week was the Load Value Injection attack affecting Intel CPUs and requiring new mitigations. While the GNU Assembler mitigation options were quickly added, on the LLVM toolchain side the developers there continue evaluating the proposed LVI mitigation along with another option that looks to mitigate more than just LVI. The "SESES" proposal looks more broadly at mitigating CPU side-channel vulnerabilities but with shattering performance hits.

21 March 2020 - LLVM SESES - 41 Comments
LLVM 10.0 RC4 Released Due To Last Minute Fixes

LLVM 10.0-RC3 was released last week as what was supposed to be the last release candidate of the cycle after being challenged by delays already. However, last minute issues with RC3 has led to LLVM 10.0-RC4 coming out today.

13 March 2020 - LLVM 10.0-RC4 - Add A Comment
The New Compiler Features Of LLVM 10.0 / Clang 10.0

After running behind schedule from the planned release last month and an extra release candidate being warranted, LLVM 10.0 should be releasing this coming weeks along with its sub-projects -- most notably, the Clang 10.0 C/C++ compiler. Here is a look at the big ticket items of LLVM/Clang 10.0.

8 March 2020 - LLVM Clang 10 - 4 Comments
LLVM's MLIR Will Allow More Multi-Threading Within Compilers

One of the developers involved with the GCC efforts around more parallelization / multi-threading within the compiler itself has offered his skills to the LLVM team. Though as part of LLVM's growing embrace of the MLIR intermediate representation will also be better multi-threading within compilers like Clang.

4 March 2020 - LLVM Multi-Threading - 5 Comments
LLVM Clang 11 Adds -std=c++20 Support

With C++20 now being deemed complete from the recent ISO C++ meeting in Prague, the GNU Compiler Collection went ahead and added the -std=c++20 flag where as up until that change this weekend relied upon the -std=c++2a switch. LLVM's Clang compiler now has similar treatment on its codebase.

19 February 2020 - Clang Cpp20 - 3 Comments
LLVM Finally Buttoning Up Its Stack-Clash Protection For x86 CPUs

It's been nearly three years since the Stack Clash vulnerability was really tossed into the spotlight while such vulnerabilities have existed longer. Now finally in 2020, the LLVM compiler stack -- and years after GCC's mitigation -- is preparing its stack clash protection.

8 February 2020 - LLVM Stack Clash Protection - Add A Comment
LLVM 10.0 RC1 Is Available For Testing

LLVM 10.0 was branched in mid-January but it took until Thursday to get the first release candidate out the door. That first step towards the release of LLVM 10.0 and sub-projects like Clang 10.0 is now moving along and you can enjoy testing the compiler stack this weekend.

2 February 2020 - LLVM 10.0 - 2 Comments
LLVM Developers Discuss Improved Decision Making Process

LLVM project founder Chris Lattner has proposed a new decision making process for the LLVM compiler stack around new sub-project proposals, new social policies, changes to core infrastructure, and other key changes.

16 January 2020 - LLVM New Project Process - 5 Comments
Google's IREE To Demonstrate Machine Learning Via Vulkan With MLIR

One of the new open-source compiler IR advancements of 2019 has been the Google/Tensorflow MLIR as the Multi-Level Intermediate Representation designed for machine learning models/frameworks. With Google's "IREE" project, MLIR can be accelerated by Vulkan and thus allowing machine learning via this high-performance graphics/compute API.

26 December 2019 - Machine Learning With Vulkan - 6 Comments
LLVM Began Its Dominance Of The Compiler Landscape This Decade

Not only has LLVM's Clang compiler proven to become a viable alternative to C/C++ and is now widely used by many different vendors for building production software and nearly at parity for performance to GCC, but the LLVM compiler infrastructure has proven to be a huge success. Beyond Apple as one of the original stakeholders, LLVM is also used by multiple software projects within Intel, AMD is making extensive use of it for their graphics compiler and other purposes, and many other companies leveraging the LLVM projects for various often innovative purposes -- Microsoft is even using it within select projects.

25 December 2019 - LLVM In The 2010s - 29 Comments
LLVM Developers Have Been Reviewing Work To Offset The Performance Hit From Intel JCC

With the Jump Conditional Code (JCC) Erratum that was made public earlier this month and ushered in new Intel microcode to mitigate this Skylake to Cascade Lake design defect, compiler/toolchain patches have been in the works to help offset the performance cost incurred from the updated microcode. Besides the GNU Assembler work we've talked about several times since JCC came to light, the LLVM folks have also been reviewing their comparable changes.

23 November 2019 - Jump Conditional Code Erratum - 3 Comments

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