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LLVM Clang RISC-V Now Supports LTO

With the recent release of LLVM 9.0 the RISC-V back-end was promoted from an experimental CPU back-end to being made "official" for this royalty-free CPU ISA. Work though isn't over on the LLVM RISC-V support with new features continuing to land, like link-time optimizations (LTO) most recently being enabled within the Clang 10 code.

16 October 2019 - RISC-V LLVM - Add A Comment
LLVM Plans To Switch From Its SVN To Git Workflow Next Week

LLVM developers had been planning to transition to the Git revision control system in place of SVN by the time of their developer meeting in October. It looks like that goal will be realized on the same-day as kicking off that annual developer meeting.

15 October 2019 - LLVM Git! - 24 Comments
OpenMandriva Can Now Clang Its Linux Kernel Build For This LLVM Focused Distribution

OpenMandriva is one of the few Linux distributions (and arguably the only prominent one) that uses LLVM Clang as its default compiler toolchain over GCC for building its packages and the preferred C/C++ compiler exposed to its users. One of the last hold outs for this Clang'ed Linux distribution has been the kernel build but that is now no longer a blocker.

30 September 2019 - OpenMandriva Clang Kernel - 9 Comments
Sony Continues Tuning AMD Jaguar Support Within The LLVM Clang Compiler

Thanks to Sony using LLVM Clang as their default compiler toolchain for their PlayStation game console, they continue making improvements to the AMD Btver2/Jaguar code for optimized performance. The Jaguar APU is what's in the current PlayStation 4 while we've already seen contributions from Sony to improve the Zen CPU support ahead of their next-generation console.

21 August 2019 - PlayStation Compiler - 18 Comments
LLVM 9.0-RC1 Arrives For Testing

While LLVM 9.0 was branched nearly two weeks ago and it was anticipated that the release candidate would immediately follow, only yesterday did 9.0-RC1 materialize.

30 July 2019 - LLVM 9.0 - 4 Comments
Intel Continues Working On Their SYCL Compiler For Upstreaming To LLVM

Back in January Intel made available their new open-source, LLVM-based SYCL compiler that they are looking to contribute to upstream LLVM. Their SYCL compiler will be used for single-source programming to target the company's growing diverse range of devices and is part of their new "oneAPI" initiative. The SYCL support isn't yet in upstream LLVM, but they are making progress while continuing to evolve the code.

29 April 2019 - Intel + LLVM + SYCL - 7 Comments
JITLink Lands In LLVM 9.0

Being merged into the LLVM code-base this Saturday is JITLink, a just-in-time linker for parsing object files and letting their contents run in a target process.

20 April 2019 - LLVM JITLink - Add A Comment

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