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LLVM Clang 14 Begins Landing Intel AVX-512 FP16 Support

Last month Intel began posting the developer documentation around AVX-512 FP16 support coming with Sapphire Rapids and initially accompanied by GCC compiler patches along with LLVM/Clang. While that GNU Compiler Collection support around AVX-512 FP16 has yet to be merged, the LLVM Clang support for this next iteration of AVX-512 has begun landing.

16 August 2021 - AVX-512 FP16 Support - 8 Comments
Clang PGO Shot Down For Now From The Linux Kernel

While Clang PGO support was sent in for Linux 5.14 as part of Clang compiler handling updates for this next kernel version, the functionality was subsequently dropped out and a new pull request issued after criticism from Linus Torvalds and others.

1 July 2021 - Profile Guided Optimizations - 29 Comments
Clang Profile Guided Optimizations Support Sent In For Linux 5.14

Compiling the Linux kernel with LLVM's Clang code compiler continues to be more featureful with plumbing now being added to handle profile-guided optimizations (PGO) to help in achieving greater performance for optimizing kernel builds for targeted workloads.

29 June 2021 - Clang PGO For The Kernel - 9 Comments
LLVM 12.0 Delays Drag On With RC5 Now Shipping

LLVM 12.0 was supposed to ship at the start of March but now more than one month later and some 6,660+ commits to LLVM 13.0 already, LLVM 12.0 has not yet shipped but on Wednesday 12.0.0-rc5 was issued.

8 April 2021 - LLVM 12.0-rc5 - 5 Comments
Following LTO, Linux Kernel Patches Updated For PGO To Yield Faster Performance

Clang LTO for the Linux kernel to provide link-time optimizations for yielding more performant kernel binaries (plus Clang CFI support) looks like it will land for Linux 5.12. With that compiler optimization feature appearing squared away, Google engineers are also working on Clang PGO support for the Linux kernel to exploit profile guided optimizations for further enhancing the kernel performance.

14 January 2021 - Clang PGO - 20 Comments
C++20 Is Still Settling While LLVM Clang Already Adds Option For Starting C++2b/C++23

It was just in September that the C++20 standards draft was approved as a major update to the programming language over C++17. While compilers like GCC and LLVM Clang are still completing all of the changes for C++20 support, Clang is already moving ahead and has added support for the "-std=c++2b" option as it begins the endeavor of staging changes likely for C++23.

3 December 2020 - C++23 - 34 Comments
LLVM Has Fleshed Out Its Plan For Replacing "Master" With "Main"

Back during the summer LLVM developers began devising plans for a new default branch name in Git for fostering the development of the open-source compiler stack. Like a growing number of open-source software projects, they have been working to move away from Git's current default of "master" as the main development branch. Beginning next month, that should now be a reality.

14 November 2020 - LLVM Main - 89 Comments
Red Hat's Tom Stellard Now Serving As LLVM Release Manager

After six years serving as the LLVM release manager and taking over the role from LLVM founder Chris Lattner followed by Bill Wendling, Google's Hans Wennborg has stepped down from his position and handed it over to Red Hat's Tom Stellard.

25 October 2020 - LLVM Release Manager - 8 Comments

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