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LLVM 11.0-RC1 Now Available For Testing

While LLVM 11.0 was branched almost two weeks ago with many new/improved features for this open-source compiler stack, it has taken until today to get into shape for issuing the first release candidate.

28 July 2020 - LLVM 11.0-RC1 - 2 Comments
LLVM 10.0.1 Finally Ready As Latest Stable Compiler Version

LLVM 10.0 released back in March and today marks the first point release finally shipping. Normally they try to be a bit more punctual in shipping the seldom point releases to LLVM but today marks LLVM 10.0.1 finally being available, just over one month out from the planned LLVM 11.0 debut.

21 July 2020 - LLVM 10.0.1 - 7 Comments
Cling C++ Interpreter Looking To Upstream More Code Into LLVM

Not to be confused with Clang as the well known C/C++ compiler front-end for the LLVM compiler, Cling is a separate project as an interactive, JIT-based C++ interpreter. Cling has been in development for years and at least partially is looking to upstream where possible back into LLVM.

11 July 2020 - CLING - 6 Comments
Apple's Compiler Team Starts Upstreaming Changes For macOS 11

It wasn't even twenty four hours ago that Apple disclosed their plans for transitioning to in-house chips for future laptops and desktops and with that macOS 11. Already we are seeing the first of the LLVM compiler patches being upstreamed in preparing for the wild new Apple future.

23 June 2020 - macOS 11 + LLVM Clang - 25 Comments
LLVM Developers Plotting Path Forward For Moving To A New Git Branch Name

LLVM is the latest open-source project working to shift their Git development terminology away from the "master" branch naming and to something more inclusive. Nearly everyone who voiced their opinion so far were in favor of this change, but there still are open matters such as what to call their new main development branch, the involved technical costs, and how quickly such a transition should happen.

19 June 2020 - Git Terminology - 63 Comments
LLVM Moves Forward With A Security Group For Dealing With Security-Related Issues

Given the increasing number of security issues requiring compiler-based security mitigations with the likes of the Intel LVI attack to Arm Straight Line Speculation just being the two latest examples, Apple's LLVM team has been spearheading a new security group for the upstream LLVM developer community to better manage security-related matters.

13 June 2020 - LLVM Security Group - 4 Comments
If Mitigations Weren't Already Bad Enough: Slow Build Times Now Lead To An Unoptimized Intel LVI Pass

Disclosed back in March was the LVI attack (Load Value Injection) affecting Intel CPUs. Mitigating LVI requires compiler toolchain changes and LLVM 11 merged its LVI mitigation last month that adds a load fence after each instruction that may be vulnerable to this attack, similar to the GNU Assembler changes. Now though LLVM is adding an unoptimized version of their LVI pass.

11 June 2020 - UNOPTIMIZED - 32 Comments
LLVM Lands Support For The Marvell ThunderX3

Announced back in March were the Marvell ThunderX3 Arm server processors with up to 96 cores per SoC and support for 4-way SMT to yield up to 384 threads per socket. These 7nm Arm server processors also support eight channels of DDR4-3200 memory, 64 lanes of PCIe 4.0, and other competitive features for a 2020 server CPU. While we await to see how the ThunderX3 processors perform, the compiler support and other Linux software features are getting all buttoned up.

14 May 2020 - ThunderX3 + LLVM Clang - 3 Comments
LLVM's Flang/F18 Fortran Compiler Might Be Back On Track For Merging Soon

Since the "f18" open-source Fortran compiler front-end was approved last year for merging as the newest LLVM sub-project and using the Flang name, there have been a number of false starts in getting the code merged. This year alone Flang had multiple delays and cancelled merge plans as the developers worked to get the code ready for upstream. Now though it looks like it could be ready to cross that long sought after milestone for having an in-tree Fortran front-end.

6 April 2020 - LLVM Fortran - 1 Comment
LLVM Plumbs Support For Intel Golden Cove's New SERIALIZE Instruction

Yesterday we noted Intel's programming reference manual being updated with new Golden Cove instructions for Sapphire Rapids and Alder Lake and with that Intel's open-source developers have begun pushing their changes to the compilers. The latest updates add TSXLDTRK, a new HYBRID bit for Core+Atom hybrid CPUs, and a new SERIALIZE instruction. After GCC was receiving the patch attention yesterday, LLVM is getting its attention today.

2 April 2020 - Intel SERIALIZE - 1 Comment
Google Engineer Shows "SESES" For Mitigating LVI + Side-Channel Attacks - Code Runs ~7% Original Speed

Disclosed last week was the Load Value Injection attack affecting Intel CPUs and requiring new mitigations. While the GNU Assembler mitigation options were quickly added, on the LLVM toolchain side the developers there continue evaluating the proposed LVI mitigation along with another option that looks to mitigate more than just LVI. The "SESES" proposal looks more broadly at mitigating CPU side-channel vulnerabilities but with shattering performance hits.

21 March 2020 - LLVM SESES - 41 Comments
LLVM 10.0 RC4 Released Due To Last Minute Fixes

LLVM 10.0-RC3 was released last week as what was supposed to be the last release candidate of the cycle after being challenged by delays already. However, last minute issues with RC3 has led to LLVM 10.0-RC4 coming out today.

13 March 2020 - LLVM 10.0-RC4 - Add A Comment

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