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AVIF Linux & Open-Source News

FFmpeg 7.0 Released With Native VVC Decoding & Multi-Threaded CLI   Multimedia   2024-04-05
AOMedia Announces Royalty-Free IAMF Audio Container Specification   Standards   2023-11-10
Google Releases libaom 3.7 AV1 Encoder With More Optimizations   Multimedia   2023-09-01
libavif 1.0 Released With Stable ABI, Experimental AV2 Support   Free Software   2023-08-28
Google May Reconsider JPEG-XL Image Support Within Chrome   Google   2023-08-07
Linux Mint 21.2 Released With Cinnamon Enhancements, Other Desktop Polishing   Operating Systems   2023-07-16
OpenCV 4.8 Released With TensorFlow Lite Model Support, AVIF Image Handling   Programming   2023-06-29
Linux Mint 21.2 Promoted To Beta With Desktop Improvements, HEIF & AVIF Support   Operating Systems   2023-06-21
Dav1d 1.2.1 Released With More Performance Optimizations   Multimedia   2023-06-06
Firefox 113 Available With Animated AV1 Image Support (AVIS)   Mozilla   2023-05-09
Experimental AV2 Support Added To AVIF Image Encoder   Free Software   2023-05-05
FSF Slams Google Over Dropping JPEG-XL In Chrome   Free Software   2023-04-16
digiKam 8.0 Released With Expanded File Format Support, New OCR Tool   KDE   2023-04-16
Firefox 113 Beta Adds Animated AV1 Image Support   Mozilla   2023-04-11
AOM AV1 3.6 Brings More Performance & Efficiency Optimizations   Multimedia   2023-02-08
Mozilla Comes Out Neutral On JPEG-XL Image Format Support   Mozilla   2023-01-31
KDE Kicks Off 2023 With UI Refinements, More Fixes   KDE   2023-01-07
Haiku R1 Beta 4 Released With Improved HiDPI, WiFi Updates, Wayland Compatibility Layer   Operating Systems   2022-12-23
Google Chrome/Chromium Goes Ahead In Removing JPEG-XL Support   Google   2022-12-11
GIMP 2.99.14 Released As Another Step Toward GIMP 3.0   Free Software   2022-11-19
Google Outlines Why They Are Removing JPEG-XL Support From Chrome   Google   2022-10-31
Google Chrome Is Already Preparing To Deprecate JPEG-XL   Google   2022-10-29
KDE Starts More Feature Work On Plasma 5.27, Fixes For Plasma 5.26   KDE   2022-10-22
Kdenlive 22.08 Video Editor Brings UI Improvements, Experimental Parallel Processing   KDE   2022-08-22
FFmpeg 5.1 Released With Many Improvements To This Important Multimedia Project   Multimedia   2022-07-22
Google Chrome 102 Released With Capture Handle, File Handling For Given MIME Types   Google   2022-05-24
FFmpeg Lands AVIF Muxer For This Image Format Based On AV1   Multimedia   2022-05-13
LibreOffice Finally Adding Support For The WebP Image Format   LibreOffice   2022-02-04
Clear Linux Container Performance Continues Showing Sizable Gains   Clear Linux   2022-01-30
GIMP 2.10.30 Released With Better Adobe PSD Support, Improved Portals Integration   Free Software   2021-12-21
Firefox 93 Primed For Release With AVIF Image Support, Canonical Managing Official Snap   Mozilla   2021-10-05
Android 12 Now Available From The Android Open-Source Project   Google   2021-10-04
Krita 5.0 Beta Released With Better Performance, UI Polishing   KDE   2021-08-18
Firefox 92 Beta Takes Flight With AVIF Image Support   Mozilla   2021-08-12
Firefox 91 Released As New ESR Base, HTTPS First Policy For Private Mode   Mozilla   2021-08-10
Firefox 92 To Try Again With AVIF Image Support By Default   Mozilla   2021-08-06
Libaom, SVT-AV1 Mark New Open-Source AV1 Encoder Releases This Week   Multimedia   2021-05-09
Firefox 87 Released With Privacy Improvements But Backs Out AVIF   Mozilla   2021-03-23
Vulkan Ray-Tracing Along With Other New/Updated Benchmarks For February   Phoronix Test Suite   2021-02-28
Android 12 Developer Preview Released   Google   2021-02-18
Plasma 5.21 Continues Seeing Lots Of Fixes Ahead Of Next Week's Release   KDE   2021-02-13
Chrome 89 Beta Enables WebHID By Default, Other New Web APIs   Google   2021-01-29
Mozilla Firefox Flips On AVIF Image Decoding By Default   Mozilla   2021-01-08
Mozilla Firefox Appears Ready To Enable AVIF Image Handling Support By Default   Mozilla   2020-12-20
KDE Sees New Features, Bug Fixes Ahead Of Christmas   KDE   2020-12-19
Google Is Already Experimenting With WebP2 As Successor To WebP Image Format   Google   2020-11-15
GIMP 2.10.22 Released With AVIF Image Support   Free Software   2020-10-07
Intel Media Driver 2020.3 Released With Gen12 AV1 Decode, Other Improvements   Intel   2020-09-30
AV2 Is In R&D As The Eventual Successor To The AV1 Video Codec   Multimedia   2020-09-07
Chrome 85 Is Clang PGO'ing Binaries For Better Performance But Linux Left Out   Google   2020-08-25
AOMedia Forms AV1 Software Working Group Using Intel's SVT-AV1   Multimedia   2020-08-20
Chrome 85 Beta Brings WebHID API For Better Gamepad Support, AVIF Image Decode   Google   2020-07-23
Firefox 77 Released With Security Fixes, AV1 Image File Support   Mozilla   2020-06-02
Firefox 77 Nightly Adds Initial AV1 Image File Support (AVIF)   Mozilla   2020-05-04
Netflix Now Exploring AVIF For Image Compression   Free Software   2020-02-15
AV1 Image File Format v1.0 Finalized   Standards   2019-02-28