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MetaInfo Creator - Easily Creating AppStream Metadata For Software

While the cross-distribution AppStream specification standardizes the software component metadata for use by Linux software centers/stores, it turns out many open-source developers aren't interested in or time limited by learning the spec and maintaining the metadata. As such, Matthias Klumpp has now developed the MetaInfo Creator for easily creating this important cross-distro metadata for packages.

8 March 2020 - MetaInfo Creator - 1 Comment
Khronos Next Pursuing An Analytic Rendering API

The Khronos Group has been expanding into a lot of new areas in recent times from OpenXR to 3D Commerce to NNEF and now forming an exploratory group for creating an analytic rendering API.

13 November 2019 - Analytic Rendering API - 5 Comments

Based off AMD's GPUOpen HIP as part of their ROCm stack, researchers at Tampere University in Finland have created HIPCL as leveraging HIP as well as POCL for routing CUDA codes to run on any hardware supporting OpenCL+SPIR-V.

17 September 2019 - HIPCL - 12 Comments
USB 4.0 "USB4" Specification Published

As expected after Intel provided Thunderbolt 3 to the USB Promoter Group royalty-free earlier this year, the USB 4.0 "USB4" specification was published today and indeed based on the Thunderbolt protocol specification.

3 September 2019 - USB 4.0 Published - 54 Comments
Khronos Officially Releases OpenXR 1.0

Back during the Game Developers Conference was the release of the OpenXR provisional specification by The Khronos Group while today for SIGGRAPH they have formally announced OpenXR 1.0.

29 July 2019 - OpenXR 1.0 - 41 Comments
OpenXR 0.90 Released For AR/VR Standard - Monado Is An Open-Source Implementation

Last year we were expecting The Khronos Group to introduce OpenXR 1.0 for this standard to address fragmentation and provide interoperability in the VR space followed by AR. That debut last year didn't happen although they did show off the first demonstration at SIGGRAPH. This week though at GDC they are announcing the OpenXR 0.90 provisional specification release.

18 March 2019 - OpenXR 0.90 - 9 Comments
Coroutines & Modules Added For C++20

The ISO C++ committee has wrapped up its winter meeting in Hawaii that also served as the last meeting for approving new features for the upcoming C++20 revision to the C++ programming language.

23 February 2019 - New Language Features - 45 Comments
OpenCL 2.2-10 Released With Fixes

While "OpenCL-Next" will hopefully be on track for releasing later this year as the next big update to OpenCL, OpenCL 2.2-10 was released today by The Khronos Group as the latest maintenance update to the nearly two year old OpenCL 2.2 specification.

19 February 2019 - OpenCL 2.2-10 - 11 Comments
Khronos Gears Up For A Busy GDC 2019 With Vulkan, OpenXR

There still is two months to go until the annual Game Developers Conference kicks off in San Francisco while on Wednesday, The Khronos Group published their initial sessions for their developer day during the highly anticipated event.

24 January 2019 - Khronos + GDC 19 - 14 Comments

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