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CLVK Is Piping OpenCL On Top Of Vulkan

The concept has been talked about before and there has been some previous work in this direction while "CLVK" is a newly-established effort for getting OpenCL running on top of Vulkan drivers.

23 September 2018 - CLVK - 11 Comments
OpenMP 5.0 Public Draft Released

The public draft of the OpenMP 5.0 SMP programming standard is now available for review ahead of the specification's expected stable release before the end of 2018.

17 July 2018 - OpenMP 5.0 - 1 Comment
Khronos Adds Draco Geometry Compression To glTF 2.0

Khronos' glTF transmission format for 3D scenes and models continues getting better. This 3D format has seen adoption by countless applications and engines and even usage within Microsoft products. Khronos' latest advancement to glTF 2.0 is a compression extension.

16 February 2018 - glTF 2.0 - 7 Comments
Khronos Announces NNEF 1.0 Standard For Neural Networks

Last year The Khronos Group announced NNEF as a open-source, royalty-free neural network format to combat the proprietary formats used today. In their last standards update of 2017, NNEF 1.0 is now available.

20 December 2017 - Neural Network Exchange Format - 2 Comments
Unity Continues Crunching More Out Of Crunch Texture Compression

Unity is one of the big public users of the open-source Crunch DXT texture compression library. While it's no longer maintained by Rich Geldreich / Binomial, Unity has continued advancing this open-source code to further improve the compression ratio and speed.

16 December 2017 - Crunch Compression - 13 Comments
The Disturbing Results With Automated Fuzzing Of OpenGL Shaders

Last winter we covered work being done out of the Imperial College in London on the wild results when fuzzing OpenGL shaders in uncovering issues in multiple OpenGL drivers, including the Mesa drivers. The scholarly results were recently published of this testing within Automated Testing of Graphics Shader Compilers.

3 October 2017 - Shader Testing - 39 Comments
IPv10 Draft Specification Published

It has been about one year since last hearing anything about the Internet Protocol v10 (IPv10) proposal while this week it's now available in draft form.

7 September 2017 - Internet Protocol v10 - 66 Comments

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