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The Disturbing Results With Automated Fuzzing Of OpenGL Shaders

Last winter we covered work being done out of the Imperial College in London on the wild results when fuzzing OpenGL shaders in uncovering issues in multiple OpenGL drivers, including the Mesa drivers. The scholarly results were recently published of this testing within Automated Testing of Graphics Shader Compilers.

3 October 2017 - Shader Testing - 39 Comments
IPv10 Draft Specification Published

It has been about one year since last hearing anything about the Internet Protocol v10 (IPv10) proposal while this week it's now available in draft form.

7 September 2017 - Internet Protocol v10 - 66 Comments
SPIR-V Support For LLVM Is Moving Forward

While the original SPIR intermediate representation from the Khronos Group was derived from LLVM IR, SPIR-V that's used by OpenCL 2.1+ and Vulkan is not. But there is still work underway on being able to translate from LLVM IR into SPIR-V via a new back-end.

1 May 2017 - SPIR-V - Add A Comment
Apple Proposing A New, Lower-Level Graphics API For The Web

On the desktop there's now Vulkan for Linux/Android systems, Direct3D 12 for Windows, and Metal for macOS systems as the latest-generation, performance-focused graphics APIs. On the web front, WebGL is the current dominant API that's derived from OpenGL ES but Apple is pushing an initiative for a new graphics API.

7 February 2017 - New Web Graphics - 86 Comments

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