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Tiger Lake Articles & Reviews

AMD Ryzen 7040 Series Shows Great AVX-512 Performance For Laptops / Mobile / Edge   Processors   2023-07-13
HP Dev One With Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U Competes Well Against Intel's Core i7 1280P "Alder Lake P" On Linux   Processors   2022-07-01
9-Way H2'2021 Linux OS Performance Comparison On Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake   Operating Systems   2021-10-14
Intel Tiger Lake Performance Across Five Autumn 2021 Linux Distributions   Operating Systems   2021-10-12
AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX / ASUS ROG Strix G15 Is A Nicer Experience On Ubuntu 21.10   Operating Systems   2021-10-07
Intel Tiger Lake Performance Looking Even Better With Ubuntu 21.10   Operating Systems   2021-10-04
The Importance Of Thermald On Linux For Modern Intel Tiger Lake Laptops   Computers   2021-07-19
Intel Core i7 1185G7 Linux Performance   Processors   2021-07-15
Intel Tiger Lake Performance Between Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 21.04 Linux   Operating Systems   2021-07-13
Fedora Workstation 33 Performing Very Well - Runs Past Clear Linux On Intel Tiger Lake Notebook   Operating Systems   2020-12-29
Firefox 83 vs. Chrome 87 On Intel Tiger Lake + AMD Renoir Under Linux   Software   2020-11-29
The Peculiar State Of CPU Security Mitigation Performance On Intel Tiger Lake   Software   2020-11-27
Tiger Lake + Renoir On Ubuntu Linux For Battery vs. AC Performance   Computers   2020-11-24
Optimized Compiler Builds Are Well Worth It For Intel Tiger Lake   Software   2020-11-09
Intel Xe Graphics' Incredible Performance Uplift From OpenCL To oneAPI Level Zero To Vulkan   Graphics Cards   2020-10-23
Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 20.10 Performance With Intel Tiger Lake, AMD Renoir   Operating Systems   2020-10-21
Further Exploring The Intel Tiger Lake Core i7-1165G7 Performance On Ubuntu Linux   Processors   2020-10-19
Intel Core i7 1165G7 "Tiger Lake" Linux Performance With The Dell XPS 13 9310   Computers   2020-10-16
Intel Announces Atom x6000E Series "Elkhart Lake", 11th Gen Core Tigerlake-UP3   Processors   2020-09-23
Intel 11th Gen Core "Tiger Lake" Launches   Processors   2020-09-02
The New Features Of The Linux 5.7 Kernel: Tiger Lake Graphics Stable, New exFAT, Zstd F2FS, Performance   Software   2020-04-12

Tigerlake Linux & Open-Source News

AMD Zen 5 Compiler Support Posted For GCC - Confirms New AVX Features & More   AMD   2024-02-10
Intel's New "Xe" Driver Submitted For Linux 6.8 Along With Imagination's PowerVR Driver   Linux Kernel   2024-01-11
Intel's Open-Source Contributions & Upstream Performance Optimizations Top 2023   Intel   2024-01-01
Intel's Vulkan Linux Driver Now Exposes Cooperative Matrix Support   Intel   2023-12-30
Intel Wires Up Dual-SIMD8 Dispatch For Mesa Drivers   Intel   2023-12-24
Intel's New "Xe" Kernel Graphics Driver Submitted Ahead Of Linux 6.8   Intel   2023-12-15
Intel Will Submit New Xe Kernel Graphics Driver Soon - Likely For Linux 6.8   Intel   2023-12-07
Intel Publishes "20231114" CPU Microcode For New Security Advisory & Functional Issues   Intel   2023-11-14
Intel Begins Sorting Out SR-IOV Support For The Xe Kernel Graphics Driver   Intel   2023-11-11
Intel Lunar Lake M Added To LPSS Driver In Linux 6.7   Intel   2023-11-08
Linux 6.7 Sound Code Prepares For Intel's Xe DRM Driver   Multimedia   2023-10-22
Intel i915 Driver Prepares Finishing Touches For Meteor Lake, More Lunar Lake Enabling   Intel   2023-10-15
Intel Vulkan Driver Implements A Transfer Queue For DG2/Alchemist GPUs   Intel   2023-10-05
Raspberry Pi 5, Steam Deck & New AMD CPUs Dominated Q3   Phoronix   2023-09-30
Inception & Downfall, Linux 6.6 Development Kicking Off & Other August Highlights   Phoronix   2023-09-01
GCC Compiler Adds Software Workaround To Avoid Intel Downfall Performance Hit   Intel   2023-08-16
Intel 20230808 Microcode Published For DOWNFALL, Other Security & Functional Issues   Intel   2023-08-08
Linux 6.5 Patches Merged For Intel GDS/DOWNFALL, AMD INCEPTION   Linux Security   2023-08-08
Intel Media Driver 2023Q2 Preps More For Meteor Lake, More Arc Graphics Fixes   Intel   2023-08-02
Intel's Experimental Xe Driver For Linux Lacking HuC Media Support For DG2/Alchenist   Intel   2023-05-09
Intel oneVPL GPU Runtime 2023Q1 Adds AV1 Error Resilient Mode   Intel   2023-04-13
Upstream Mesa Close To Supporting The Experimental Xe DRM Kernel Driver   Intel   2023-04-12
Intel Back To Working On Key Locker For Linux After Tackling Big Performance Issue   Intel   2023-04-11
Intel Prepares More Meteor Lake Graphics Code For Linux 6.4   Intel   2023-03-24
Intel Compute Runtime Updated With Initial Xe Kernel Driver Support   Intel   2023-03-20
AMD's Suballocator Helper Gets Ready To Help Intel's New Xe Linux Graphics Driver   Linux Kernel   2023-03-07
Plans Being Drafted To Upstream Intel's New "Xe" Linux Graphics Driver   Intel   2023-02-20
Intel Publishes Blazing Fast AVX-512 Sorting Library, Numpy Switching To It For 10~17x Faster Sorts   Intel   2023-02-15
Intel's Mesa Drivers Begin Preparing For The New Xe Kernel Driver   Intel   2023-02-09
Intel Timed I/O Driver Being Worked On For The Linux Kernel   Intel   2023-01-31
Intel oneVPL GPU Runtime 22.6.5 Brings AV1 & VP9 Encode Improvements   Intel   2023-01-26
helloSystem 0.8 Released As macOS Inspired FreeBSD Desktop OS   BSD   2023-01-21
Intel Preparing New "Xe" Linux Kernel Graphics Driver For Modern iGPUs & dGPUs   Intel   2022-12-22
Linux 6.0.11, 5.15.81 & 5.10.157 Released With Intel Gen12 Graphics Security Fix   Linux Kernel   2022-12-02
Intel Publishes Latest FFmpeg Patches For Better GPU Video Encode/Decode   Intel   2022-12-01
Intel Linux Kernel Graphics Driver Patched For New Security Sensitive Bug   Intel   2022-11-30
oneVPL 2023.1 Released For Intel's Open-Source Video Processing Library   Intel   2022-11-22
Linux Moving Ahead With Enabling Kernel IBT By Default   Linux Security   2022-11-05
FineIBT Looks Like It Could Be Ready For Linux 6.2   Linux Kernel   2022-11-02
Linux Still Eyes Better Security By Default Enabling Indirect Branch Tracking (IBT)   Linux Security   2022-11-01
FineIBT Updated For Linux As Alternative Control Flow Integrity (CFI) Approach   Linux Security   2022-10-20
Linux May Flip On Indirect Branch Tracking By Default (IBT)   Intel   2022-09-05
Intel Sends In More GPU Driver Patches For Linux 6.1: More Arc Graphics, Early MTL   Intel   2022-08-29
AMD Raphael & Jadeite + Intel Meteor Lake Audio Driver Support Playing On Linux 6.0   Multimedia   2022-08-06
Alchemist/DG2 Compute, Tigerlake+ Security Fix Head To Intel's Linux 5.19 Graphics Code   Intel   2022-05-05
The State Of Open-Source Firmware / Coreboot On Intel Tiger Lake   Intel   2022-04-14
Intel CET Indirect Branch Tracking Submitted For Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-03-26
Intel IBT Patches For Linux Back On Track   Intel   2022-02-20
Linux 5.17 Intel Graphics Driver Update Fixes Hangs, More Discrete vRAM Preparations   Intel   2021-12-10
Squeezing More Performance Out Of Intel Tiger Lake Xe Graphics By Using Mesa Git   Intel   2021-07-18
Intel's Linux Compute Stack Now Boasts Production-Ready OpenCL 3.0, Integrates IGSC FU   Intel   2021-07-09
OnLogic Launches Elkhart Lake Powered Fanless Computers   Hardware   2021-01-30
Intel ISPC 1.15 Released With Support For Sapphire Rapids, Alder Lake   Intel   2020-12-19
Intel "IGEN6" Driver Comes To Linux 5.11 For In-Band ECC (IBECC)   Intel   2020-12-15
A Look At Linux 5.10 + Mesa 21.0-dev On Intel "Tiger Lake" Xe Graphics   Intel   2020-12-07
Running Intel Tiger Lake On The Linux 5.10 Kernel   Intel   2020-11-03
Intel Compute-Runtime 20.43.18277 Brings Alder Lake Support   Intel   2020-10-30
Intel Core i7 1165G7 Tiger Lake vs. AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U Linux Performance   AMD   2020-10-24
Intel Begins Adding Alder Lake Graphics Support To Their Linux Driver   Intel   2020-10-21
Intel Compute Runtime 20.41.18123 Flips On OpenCL 3.0 For All Hardware Back To Broadwell   Intel   2020-10-16
Intel Rewrites Old Haswell-Era Audio Driver Due To Bugs, Plus DG1 Audio For Linux 5.10   Hardware   2020-10-15
Linux 5.10 Graphics Driver Changes From AMDGPU DC For GCN 1.0 To Continuing RDNA 2 Push   Linux Kernel   2020-10-15
Intel's Latest Compute Code Is Enabling OpenCL 3.0 For All Hardware Since Broadwell   Intel   2020-10-10
Intel Releases OpenVINO 2021.1 With Tigerlake Support, Expanded Capabilities   Intel   2020-10-07
Dell XPS With Intel Tiger Lake + Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Goes On Sale - Benchmarks Coming   Ubuntu   2020-10-01
Intel Key Locker Support Added To LLVM - Confirms Presence With Tiger Lake   Intel   2020-09-30
DP-HDMI2.1 Protocol Converter Support Being Tackled For Intel Linux Graphics   Intel   2020-09-27
AMD Announces Ryzen/Athlon 3000 C-Series For Chromebooks   AMD   2020-09-22
Intel Platform Monitoring Telemetry Appears Destined For Linux 5.10   Intel   2020-09-21
Intel Submits More Graphics Driver Updates For Linux 5.10   Intel   2020-09-18
AMD Radeon Navi 2 / VCN 3.0 Supports AV1 Video Decoding   Radeon   2020-09-15
Intel Working On VA-API AV1 Acceleration For FFmpeg   Intel   2020-09-10
You Probably Won't See Intel Evo "Project Athena" Linux Laptops In The Near Term   Intel   2020-09-02
Intel's Early Linux 5.10 Graphics Driver Changes Include Tiger Lake HOBL   Intel   2020-08-27
Intel Media Driver 20.2.pre4 Brings DG1 Graphics Card Support   Intel   2020-06-28
Intel Squaring Away "Hours of Battery Life" Feature For New Notebooks On Linux   Intel   2020-06-25
Intel Exposes OpenCL 3.0 For Tiger Lake Graphics   Intel   2020-06-05
GCC 11 Adds CPU Detection For Newer Intel Families   Intel   2020-05-18
GCC 10 Compiler Released With Radeon OpenMP/OpenACC Offload, Intel Tigerlake/Cooperlake   GNU   2020-05-07
Intel Sends Out Rocket Lake Linux Graphics Driver Patches - Confirms Gen12 Platform   Intel   2020-05-01
Mesa 20.1 So Far Contains Two PCI IDs So Far For Intel Xe Graphics Plus 9 Other Tiger Lake IDs   Intel   2020-03-22
Intel's Linux Media Driver Preparing For 20.1 Release, Game Streaming Optimizations   Intel   2020-03-02
Intel Gen12/Xe Graphics To Support 12-Bit HEVC/VP9 Decode   Intel   2020-02-20
Intel Compute Runtime 20.06.15619 Enables E2E Compression   Intel   2020-02-15
Coreboot Seeing Tigerlake + Jasperlake Activity, Experimental Razer Icelake Laptop Support   Coreboot   2020-01-02
Intel Sends Out A Big Christmas Update Of Graphics Driver Changes Aiming For Linux 5.6   Intel   2019-12-23
Mesa 19.3-RC1 Released With OpenGL 4.6 For Intel, Many Vulkan Driver Improvements   Mesa   2019-10-30
Mesa 19.3 Has The Very Preliminary OpenGL + Vulkan Driver Support Ready For Intel Gen12   Mesa   2019-10-30
Clear Linux Working On A New Software Store, User Bundles Arriving Before End Of Year   Clear Linux   2019-10-21
Intel Linux Graphics Driver Adds Bits For Jasper Lake PCH   Intel   2019-10-14
Tons Of The Intel Tiger Lake "Gen 12" Graphics Compiler Code Just Landed In Mesa 19.3   Intel   2019-10-11
Intel Compute Runtime 19.40.14409 Adds "Early Support" Tiger Lake Support   Intel   2019-10-11
Intel Readies Another Big Graphics Driver Push With Linux 5.5 - Lots For Tigerlake/Gen12   Intel   2019-10-07
Intel Tiger Lake Support Lands In Their NEO OpenCL/Compute Stack   Intel   2019-10-06
Linux 5.4 DRM Pull Submitted With AMD Navi 12/14, Arcturus & Renoir Plus Intel Tigerlake   Linux Kernel   2019-09-19
Linux 5.4 Preps For Intel Tiger Lake, Elkhart Lake & Lightning Mountain + Killing MPX   Intel   2019-09-18
Linux 5.4 Cycle To Begin With exFAT Driver, EPYC Improvements & New GPU Support   Linux Kernel   2019-09-15
Intel Graphics Compiler Changes For Gen12 - Biggest Changes To The ISA Since i965   Intel   2019-09-06
Arm Talks Up Their BFloat16 / BF16 Support For Upcoming Processors   Arm   2019-08-30
Intel Iris Gallium3D Is Close With SPIR-V Support For OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2019-08-24
Intel Submits Final Batch Of Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 5.4 - Growing Tiger Lake   Intel   2019-08-23
GCC 10 Lands Support For -march=tigerlake & -march=cooperlake   GNU   2019-08-20
Intel Tiger Lake Support Added To The LLVM Clang 10 Compiler   Intel   2019-08-12
Compiler Support Getting Wired Up For AVX-512 VP2INTERSECT   LLVM   2019-05-31