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Plasma 5.26 Linux & Open-Source News

Debian 12 "Bookworm" Enters Its Soft Freeze   Debian   2023-02-18
OpenMandriva ROME 23.01 Rolling Release Arrives   Operating Systems   2023-01-07
Arch-Powered Manjaro 22.0 Released With Xfce 4.18 Desktop, Linux 6.1 Kernel   Arch Linux   2022-12-24
OpenMandriva ROME 22.12 Platinum Candidate Released For This Clang-Built Rolling Distro   Operating Systems   2022-12-12
NixOS 22.11 Released With Better AArch64 Support, NVIDIA Open GPU Kernel Driver Option   Operating Systems   2022-12-01
Alpine Linux 3.17 Released With OpenSSL 3.0, Better Rust Support   Operating Systems   2022-11-22
Mageia 9 Alpha 1 Released With A Smaller Footprint, Many Updates   Operating Systems   2022-11-12
KDE Starts More Feature Work On Plasma 5.27, Fixes For Plasma 5.26   KDE   2022-10-22
KDE Plasma Wayland Now Supports High Resolution Scrolling   KDE   2022-10-15
KDE Plasma 5.26 Released With Many Great Desktop Improvements   KDE   2022-10-11
KDE Plasma 5.27 Planning To Be The Last Plasma 5 Feature Release   KDE   2022-10-08
KDE Welcomes Ghostwriter To Its Collection Of Apps   KDE   2022-10-08
OpenMandriva's Rolling Release Reaches "Gold", Continues With AMD Zen Optimized Version   Operating Systems   2022-10-03
A Lot Of Bug Fixing - Including For Wayland - Heading Into KDE Plasma 5.26   KDE   2022-09-24
KDE Plasma 5.26 Beta Week Saw More Fixes To The Plasma Wayland Session   KDE   2022-09-17
KDE Plasma 5.26 Beta Released With New "Plasma Bigscreen" Interface For TVs   KDE   2022-09-15
KDE Developers Prepare For Plasma 5.26, More Plasma Wayland Fixes Readied   KDE   2022-09-10
KDE Plasma 5.26 Sees More Features & Fixes Ahead Of Beta   KDE   2022-09-03
KDE Makes It Easy To Now Remap Extra Mouse Buttons, Discover Keeps Getting Better   KDE   2022-08-26
Plasma 5.26 Improving Widget Accessibility, Kickoff Gets Compact Mode + Wayland Fixes   KDE   2022-08-13
KDE Ends July With More Bug Fixes, Discover Improvements   KDE   2022-07-30
KDE Plasma 5.26 Will Start Faster, Many Other KDE Improvements Abound   KDE   2022-07-23
KDE Plasma 5.26 Continues Preparing More Features, More Plasma Wayland Fixes Too   KDE   2022-07-16
KDE Developers Already Making Great Strides On Plasma 5.26   KDE   2022-07-10
KDE Plasma 5.26 Eyes Using C++20 Features   KDE   2022-07-09
KDE Fixed Many Bugs With Plasma 5.25.1, More Fixes On The Way   KDE   2022-06-25
KDE Plasma 5.26 To Allow Crisper XWayland Apps With New Scaling Option   KDE   2022-06-18
KDE Developers Prepare More Fixes Ahead Of Plasma 5.25, Early Feature Work On 5.26   KDE   2022-06-11
KDE Fixes Many Plasma 5.25 Bugs This Week But Still Needs More Developer Help   KDE   2022-06-04