Ubuntu 13.04 is codenamed the Raring Ringtail and was released in April of 2013.

Ubuntu 13.04 Articles & Reviews

Seven Years Of Ubuntu Performance - Benchmarking Ubuntu 13.04 Through Ubuntu 20.04 Development Builds   Operating Systems   2019-12-23
AMD Radeon R600 Gallium3D Performance Over The Past Two Years   Display Drivers   2015-09-09
Linux OpenGL: Ubuntu 13.04/13.10 vs. Fedora 19/20   Operating Systems   2013-10-05
Intel Iris Pro Linux Performance Doubles With Driver Upgrades   Display Drivers   2013-09-16
Mesa 9.2 X.Org/Mir Ubuntu 13.10 Performance Benchmarks   Display Drivers   2013-08-30
System76 Gazelle Pro: Ubuntu 13.04 vs. 13.10   Operating Systems   2013-08-17
Preview: Ubuntu's Performance Over The Past Two Years   Operating Systems   2013-07-12
Fedora vs. Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks On Intel Haswell   Operating Systems   2013-06-30
Ubuntu 13.10 Performance On Intel Core i7 "Haswell"   Operating Systems   2013-06-20
Intel Core i7 4770K "Haswell" Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux   Processors   2013-06-04
Intel Linux Driver For Ivy Bridge Still Catching Up To Windows   Display Drivers   2013-05-31
Eight-Way BSD & Linux OS Comparison   Operating Systems   2013-05-27
Intel Linux OpenGL Driver Leading Over Apple OS X   Display Drivers   2013-05-21
The Cost Of Ubuntu Disk Encryption   Operating Systems   2013-05-20
GCC vs. LLVM/Clang On AMD's FX-8350 Vishera   Software   2013-04-27
32-bit vs. 64-bit Ubuntu 13.04 Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2013-04-25
Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS vs. Ubuntu 13.04 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2013-04-10
Ubuntu 13.04 Linux Can Outperform Apple OS X 10.8.3   Operating Systems   2013-04-09
Windows 7 & Windows 8 vs. Ubuntu 13.04 & Fedora 18   Operating Systems   2013-04-05
Western Digital RE4 1TB SATA Enterprise HDD   Storage   2013-03-11
Benchmarking Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS To Ubuntu 13.04   Operating Systems   2013-02-21
AMD Radeon Gallium3D Starting To Out-Run Catalyst In Some Cases   Display Drivers   2013-02-12
Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop Gaming Performance Comparison   Operating Systems   2013-01-31
Ubuntu 13.04 Will Improve Gaming On Open-Source GPU Drivers   Operating Systems   2013-01-26
Early Ubuntu 13.04 Benchmarks On The Intel Atom   Operating Systems   2013-01-20
Checking In On Nouveau Gallium3D For Mesa 9.1   Display Drivers   2012-12-29
FreeBSD/PC-BSD 9.1 Benchmarked Against Linux, Solaris, BSD   Operating Systems   2012-12-19
Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop Comparison: 6 Desktops, 5 Driver/GPUs   Software   2012-12-13
Running Wayland: It Works, But A Lot Of Work Remains   Software   2012-08-10

Ubuntu 13.04 Linux & Open-Source News

Ubuntu 13.04 vs. Ubuntu 20.04 Development Performance Comparison Without Mitigations   Ubuntu   2019-12-29
From Botched Releases To Exciting New Features, Fedora Saw A Lot Of Changes During The 2010s   Fedora   2019-12-24
It's Been Five Years That Ubuntu Has Tried To Improve For Linux Gaming   Ubuntu   2017-10-14
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NVIDIA Makes Available CUDA 6 Release Candidate   NVIDIA   2014-03-07
Daily LLVM Clang Packages Come For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS   LLVM   2014-01-17
Linux x32 ABI Interest Faded In 2013   Free Software   2013-12-24
Valve Publishes October Steam Hardware Survey   Valve   2013-11-01
Linux 3.12, Ubuntu Spooked Users This Month   Phoronix   2013-10-31
AMD APUs Don't Appear Affected By Linux 3.12 Change   AMD   2013-10-14
Ubuntu 13.10 vs. Fedora Linux CPU Benchmarks   Fedora   2013-10-09
Intel Hardware & Linux 3.12 Dominated September   Phoronix   2013-09-30
Ubuntu 13.04 vs. Ubuntu 13.10 In A VMware VM   Virtualization   2013-09-26
VirtualBox 4.3 Beta 2 Brings In Fixes, Small Changes   Virtualization   2013-09-09
Steam Linux Usage Drops During August   Valve   2013-09-03
Pipelight, X.Org, exFAT & Wayland Topped This Month   Phoronix   2013-08-31
Linux Can Work On The 2013 MacBook Air   Hardware   2013-08-25
July Was An Incredible Month For Linux Users   Phoronix   2013-07-31
Intel Updates Its Linux Graphics Driver Installer   Intel   2013-07-31
Oz Improves Linux, Windows Guest Installation   Operating Systems   2013-07-29
June Was A Very Diverse Month For Linux Enthusiasts   Phoronix   2013-06-30
LLVM Clang 3.3, Early Clang 3.4 Benchmarks   AMD   2013-06-23
8-Way Desktop Comparison On Ubuntu 13.10 Linux   Linux Gaming   2013-06-22
Assessing The Current Intel Haswell Linux Experience   Intel   2013-06-21
Core i7 4770K - HD Graphics 4600 On New Linux Kernels   Intel   2013-06-09
OpenCL On Linux Is Still Not Too Easy, Widespread   Free Software   2013-06-02
Gaming, Linux Desktop Advances For May 2013   Phoronix   2013-05-31
Linux Mint 15 "Olivia" Released   Operating Systems   2013-05-29
AMD Catalyst 13.6 Linux Graphics Driver Beta Released   AMD   2013-05-28
Intel Ultrabook Performance Is Faster With Mesa 9.2   Mesa   2013-05-22
Using Six Monitors With AMD's Open-Source Linux Driver   AMD   2013-05-19
Benchmarking The Intel P-State, CPUfreq Changes   Intel   2013-05-19
Linux Mint 15 "Olivia" Approaches With New Tools   Operating Systems   2013-05-16
Comparing The Ubuntu And Fedora Linux Kernels   Linux Kernel   2013-05-09
The First Nouveau Benchmarks On Linux 3.10   Nouveau   2013-05-08
Ubuntu 13.10 Release Schedule Published   Ubuntu   2013-05-03
Intel Haswell To Boost Graphics Performance 2~3x   Intel   2013-05-02
What Was Striking On Phoronix Last Month   Phoronix   2013-05-01
Intel Linux Driver Gets Support For New Haswell IDs   Intel   2013-04-27
Linux x32 Is Made Easier With Ubuntu 13.04   Ubuntu   2013-04-25
Ubuntu 13.10 Is Codenamed "Saucy Salamander"   Ubuntu   2013-04-25
Ubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" Released   Ubuntu   2013-04-25
Arch-Based Manjaro Linux Runs Against Ubuntu 13.04   Arch Linux   2013-04-24
Using zRAM On Ubuntu 13.04 Linux   Ubuntu   2013-04-21
Ubuntu 13.04-Based Touch Images Now Available   Ubuntu   2013-04-19
R600g Tests Show Little Change On Mesa 9.2-devel   AMD   2013-04-17
Tuning Btrfs vs. F2FS, EXT4, XFS File-Systems   Free Software   2013-04-13
Intel OpenGL Performance On The Linux 3.9 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-04-12
Btrfs File-System Tuning Benchmarks On Linux 3.9   Linux Storage   2013-04-11
NVIDIA vs. Nouveau Drivers On Ubuntu 13.04   NVIDIA   2013-04-11
Phoronix Test Suite 4.6-Utsira Milestone 1 Released   Phoronix Test Suite   2013-04-11
Benchmarking PHP 5.5 Beta 3: Not Too Much Over 5.4   Free Software   2013-04-11
Benchmarks Of NVIDIA's New Linux GPU Driver   NVIDIA   2013-04-11
New AMD Catalyst Beta Supports Linux 3.8, TF2 Fixes   AMD   2013-04-10
Early Mesa 9.2 Benchmarks With Nouveau   Mesa   2013-04-10
Ubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" Beta Released   Ubuntu   2013-04-05
Intel Ultrabook: Fedora 18 vs. Ubuntu 13.04 Tests   Hardware   2013-04-04
Is Assembly Still Relevant To Most Linux Software?   Programming   2013-04-02
Ubuntu 13.04 To Axe The Wubi Windows Installer   Ubuntu   2013-04-01
Ivy Bridge Doesn't Change Much With Modern Kernels   Intel   2013-03-30
Smart Scopes Get Removed From Ubuntu 13.04   Ubuntu   2013-03-29
LLVM/Clang 3.3 Offers Performance Improvements   LLVM   2013-03-26
Intel Ivy Bridge Benchmarks On The GCC 4.8 Compiler   GNU   2013-03-25
Intel Core i7 Benchmarks On GCC 4.8.0   GNU   2013-03-23
Ubuntu Cuts Down Non-LTS Support   Ubuntu   2013-03-19
Nouveau vs. NVIDIA Drivers On Quadro Laptop   Nouveau   2013-03-15
Five Years Later, Intel Poulsbo Is Still A Linux Mess   Intel   2013-03-15
Unity 7.0 Desktop Coming To Ubuntu 13.04   Ubuntu   2013-03-13
Ubuntu GNOME Is Now An Official Ubuntu Flavor   Ubuntu   2013-03-11
Three Proposals To Consider For Ubuntu Releases   Ubuntu   2013-03-08
Canonical Loses Work From Top Compiz Contributor   Ubuntu   2013-03-08
Ubuntu 13.04 Won't Get X.Org Server 1.14   X.Org   2013-03-06
Ubuntu 13.04 Will Be Released, Rolling Fate Unknown   Ubuntu   2013-03-05
Running Modern Linux On The CompuLab Trim-Slice   Hardware   2013-03-05
Building & Running The Ubuntu Mir Display Server   Ubuntu   2013-03-04
Windows, Wine, Intel, Compilers Top February   Phoronix   2013-02-28
Intel Mesa 9.1 Benchmarks On Unity, KDE, Xfce, Etc   Mesa   2013-02-28
SNA Sandy Bridge Is Quick To Beat UXA Too   Intel   2013-02-27
64-bit ARM Version Of Ubuntu/Debian Is Booting   Debian   2013-02-27
Intel Ironlake OpenGL Performance On Mesa 9.1   Mesa   2013-02-26
AMD 760G (Radeon 3000) May Be Worrisome On Linux   Radeon   2013-02-25
GCC 4.8 Compiler Performance On ARM Cortex-A15   GNU   2013-02-25
Benchmarking Ubuntu Touch Yields Mixed Results   Ubuntu   2013-02-25
Benchmarking The Google Nexus With Ubuntu   Google   2013-02-23
Ubuntu Phone, Tablet Developer Preview Released   Ubuntu   2013-02-21
Initial Benchmarks Of The LLVM/Clang 3.3 Compiler   LLVM   2013-02-19
Revised Stack Space Patch For R600 Gallium3D Driver   Mesa   2013-02-18
AMD Radeon 2D Performance On Linux Remains Mixed   Radeon   2013-02-13
Unigine Engine Is Back To Slamming GPUs, Drivers   Linux Gaming   2013-02-11
Ubuntu 13.04 Will Have Better Exynos 5 Chromebook Support   Hardware   2013-02-05
AMD Has Open-Source Driver For HD 8000 Series   AMD   2013-02-04
239 News Stories & 20 Articles About Linux This Month   Phoronix   2013-01-31
Fedora 18 vs. Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 13.04 Benchmarks   Fedora   2013-01-29
Optimizing Mesa Performance With Compiler Flags   Mesa   2013-01-27
Ubuntu 13.04 Enables The Wayland Support For GTK+   Wayland   2013-01-27
Intel Still Tidying Up Linux Support For Haswell   Intel   2013-01-26
Intel SNA Continues To Be Tweaked   Intel   2013-01-24
Ubuntu Decides To Turn On Intel SNA   Ubuntu   2013-01-18
Ubuntu Still Deciding About Intel Acceleration Support   Intel   2013-01-09
Ubuntu 13.04 Will Enable Wayland Support In GTK+   Wayland   2013-01-09
Ubuntu 12.10 Now Unredirects Fullscreen Windows   Linux Gaming   2012-12-26
Happy Holidays & What's Popular So Far This Month   Phoronix   2012-12-25
A Slew Of Performance Improvements To Hit Compiz   Desktop   2012-12-13
Ubuntu Linux Considers Greater Usage Of zRAM   Ubuntu   2012-12-08
Ubuntu Continues Focusing On The Nexus 7 Tablet   Ubuntu   2012-12-08
Ubuntu 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" Alpha 1 Released   Ubuntu   2012-12-06
Radeon HD 7000 Series Open-Source Still A Mess   Radeon   2012-11-23
Fedora Begins Bootstrapping ARMv8   AMD   2012-11-22
Ubuntu 13.04 Is About 13% Complete   Ubuntu   2012-11-19
Two Years Later, Ubuntu Isn't Running On Wayland   Ubuntu   2012-11-09
Ubuntu Tries To Attract New Developers   Ubuntu   2012-11-03
Ubuntu TV Gets Some Plans For Ubuntu 13.04   Ubuntu   2012-11-02
X.Org, Wayland Plans For Ubuntu 13.04 Are Drawn   Wayland   2012-11-01
Ubuntu Still Unsure On Using XZ Packages   Ubuntu   2012-11-01
Hybrid Graphics In Ubuntu Are Still Lackluster   Ubuntu   2012-11-01
Ubuntu 13.04 Aims For 64-bit ARM Support (AArch64)   Ubuntu   2012-10-31
Ubuntu 13.04 To Target The Linux 3.8 Kernel   Ubuntu   2012-10-31
Ubuntu Plans To Stick To "Stable GNOME"   Ubuntu   2012-10-30
Widgets Are Coming To The Unity Desktop   Ubuntu   2012-10-30
Ubuntu Looks To Improve Its Windows Installer   Ubuntu   2012-10-30
Ubuntu To Eventually Have Its Own SDK   Ubuntu   2012-10-29
Ubuntu Sees Need To Improve Unity's Performance   Linux Gaming   2012-10-29
Ubuntu Looks To An SDK, Improved App Development   Ubuntu   2012-10-27
Ubuntu To Work On Rapid Hardware Enablement   Ubuntu   2012-10-25
Intel Keeps Pushing Haswell Code For Linux   Intel   2012-10-23
Wayland 1.0 Officially Released   Wayland   2012-10-22
Ubuntu Ported To Google Nexus 7   Ubuntu   2012-10-20
Canonical To Develop Some Ubuntu Features In Private   Ubuntu   2012-10-19
Intel On Haswell Under Linux: "We've Screwed Up"   Intel   2012-10-18
Ubuntu 13.04 Is Codenamed The "Raring Ringtail"   Ubuntu   2012-10-18
Ubuntu 13.04 To Look At XZ-Compressed Packages   Ubuntu   2012-10-13
Ubuntu TV To Get More Objectives In Ubuntu 13.04   Ubuntu   2012-10-12
An Attempt To Push Ubuntu As A Gaming Platform   Linux Gaming   2012-10-12
Ubuntu To Consider Ridding GNOME Fallback Code   GNOME   2012-10-12
Compiz Working On Unredirected Fullscreen Windows   Ubuntu   2012-09-13
What Excited Linux Enthusiasts In August: Apple, Valve   Valve   2012-08-31
Canonical Plans To Drop Alternate Ubuntu CDs   Ubuntu   2012-08-27
Canonical Comments On The Unity 2D Defenestration   Ubuntu   2012-08-17
Intel Works On Haswell HDMI/DP Audio Linux Support   Intel   2012-08-06
Ubuntu 13.04 Planning To Happen In Copenhagen   Ubuntu   2012-07-30
Ubuntu Still Aims For Wayland System Compositor   Ubuntu   2012-07-06
Btrfs File-System Plans For Ubuntu 12.10   Linux Storage   2012-05-10
Ubuntu 12.10 Grows Ambitious Wayland Plans   Wayland   2012-05-09
The X.Org Plans For Ubuntu 12.10   Ubuntu   2012-05-09
Qt 5.0 Is Going To Like LLVMpipe, Wayland   Free Software   2012-05-08
How To Begin Using OpenCL With Radeon Gallium3D   Radeon   2012-03-17
Wayland Is Not For End-Users In Ubuntu 12.04   Ubuntu   2012-03-15
Wayland's Weston Lands In Ubuntu 12.04 LTS   Wayland   2012-03-13
Error-Fixing Btrfs FSCK Tool Is Imminent   Linux Storage   2012-01-23