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Written by Michael Larabel in Phoronix on 28 February 2015 at 09:26 AM EST. Add A Comment
With having turned four years old a few days ago earlier this week I provided a look at the most popular/used benchmarks/tests on our open cloud service while in this article is a look at the most viewed test results.

The listing below are the top thirty most viewed result files hosted on over the past four years. They were uploaded via results from the Phoronix Test Suite and represent not only results from articles here at but as you can see there's a wide-range of very popular results from the community too. has seen hundreds of thousands of results uploaded over the past four years from over one hundred thousand different Linux/BSD/Solaris/OSX/Windows systems running the Phoronix Test Suite and metrics on over two million benchmark runs.

With that said, here's the most viewed result files:

cray_bulldozer [1103225-IV-CRAYBULLD67]
Running pts/c-ray-1.0.0.

virtualbox-mint [1109082-DAIT-VIRTUAL59]

mint-vmware [1109086-DAIT-MINTVMW79]
Linux Mint 2CPU 2GB VMWare

bulldozer [1110131-LI-BULLDOZER29]
AMD FX -8150 Eight-Core testing with a ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX and NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB on Gentoo Base release 2.1 via the Phoronix Test Suite.

Intel Core i3 2100 Testing [1103164-IV-NEWINTELC72]
A collection of tests for Phoronix testing of the Sandy Bridge powered Intel Core i3 2100 CPU.

Linux 2.6.38 File-Systems [1102238-IV-1102232IV10]
A collection of file-system tests under the Linux 2.6.38 development kernel. Testing from a System76 Serval Professional notebook with a Sandy Bridge CPU and Intel solid-state

R910 with broken tests [1103022-IV-R910WITHB14]
Running pts/encode-mp3-1.3.1, pts/encode-ogg-1.2.0, pts/encode-flac-1.2.0, pts/encode-ape-1.3.0, pts/encode-wavpack-1.2.0, pts/mencoder-1.3.0, pts/ffmpeg-1.5.0, pts/x264-1.2.0, pts/build-apache-1.4.0, pts/build-php-1.3.0, pts/build-mplayer-1.3.0, pts/build-linux-kernel-1.2.0, pts/build-imagemagick-1.5.1, pts/compress-7zip-1.5.0, pts/compress-gzip-1.1.0, pts/compress-pbzip2-1.3.0, pts/compress-lzma-1.2.0, pts/sqlite-1.8.0, pts/apache-1.3.0, pts/pgbench-1.2.0, pts/compilebench-1.0.0, pts/iozone-1.7.0, pts/dbench-1.0.0, pts/fs-mark-1.0.0, pts/fio-1.1.0, pts/tiobench-1.1.0, pts/postmark-1.0.0, pts/aio-stress-1.1.0, pts/unpack-linux-1.0.0, pts/gnupg-1.3.1, pts/openssl-1.5.0, pts/gcrypt-1.0.0, pts/john-the-ripper-1.0.1, pts/byte-1.1.0, pts/scimark2-1.1.1, pts/fhourstones-1.1.0, pts/gmpbench-1.0.1, pts/crafty-1.2.0, pts/tscp-1.0.0, pts/dcraw-1.0.0, pts/sudokut-1.0.0, pts/nero2d-1.0.0, pts/hmmer-1.1.0, pts/mafft-1.2.0, pts/mrbayes-1.2.0, pts/minion-1.2.0, pts/ramspeed-1.4.0, pts/stream-1.1.0, pts/cachebench-1.0.0, pts/nginx-1.0.0, pts/c-ray-1.0.0, pts/povray-1.0.0, pts/phpbench-1.0.0, pts/graphics-magick-1.4.1, pts/himeno-1.0.0, pts/bullet-1.0.0, pts/npb-1.0.0, pts/sunflow-1.1.0, pts/bork-1.0.0, pts/java-scimark2-1.1.1, pts/espeak-1.3.0, pts/network-loopback-1.0.0.

Linux 2.6.37 File-Systems [1102242-IV-1102232IV77]
A collection of file-system tests under the Linux 2.6.37 stable kernel. Testing from a System76 Serval Professional notebook with a Sandy Bridge CPU and Intel solid-state drive.

Linux 2.6.35 File-Systems [1102232-IV-LINUX263547]
Running pts/sqlite-1.8.0, pts/pgbench-1.2.0, pts/compilebench-1.0.0, pts/iozone-1.7.0, pts/dbench-1.0.0, pts/fs-mark-1.0.0, pts/fio-1.1.0, pts/tiobench-1.1.0, pts/postmark-1.0.0, pts/aio-stress-1.1.0, pts/unpack-linux-1.0.0.

LLVM Clang 3.1 GCC 4.7 Intel Core i7 Benchmarks [1204215-SU-LLVMCLANG23]
Benchmarking of GCC 4.6.3, GCC 4.7.0, LLVM Clang 3.0, and LLVM Clang 3.1 SVN compilers for a future article on Compilers built all test binaries with CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS of -O3 -march=native from this Intel Core i7 Clarksfield notebook. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x86_64 was used with the Linux 3.2 kernel.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion [1103018-IV-MACOSX10748]
Benchmarks of Apple's Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview of build 11A390

FreeBSD 9.0 vs. Oracle Linux Server 6.1 [1112113-AR-ORACLELIN37]
FreeBSD 9.0 versus Oracle Linux Server 6.1 benchmarking with Intel Core i7 870 CPU that's quad-core with Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz. Open-source performance of Oracle Linux Server 6.1, which is based upon Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1. Using 64-bit builds of each operating system with stock settings aside from FreeBSD ZFS file-system.

AMD FX-4100 vs. Fusion vs. Sandy Bridge [1110171-AR-BULLDOZER86]
AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core Bulldozer CPU benchmarking for on a remote system for a future article. Thanks to Daniel Newkirk for the SSH access to this AMD Bulldozer system due to lack of AMD FX CPUs at Phoronix. Comparison against AMD Llano Fusion A8-3850 and Intel Sandy Bridge processors.

UFS, ZFS On FreeBSD 9.0 [1112101-AR-ZFSFREEBS06]
Some file-system testing under PC-BSD/FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 on an AMD Fusion Llano setup. In a stock FreeBSD 9.0 configuration, comparing UFS and ZFS file-systems for future article on

Mac OS X 10.6.6 Mac Mini [1103017-IV-1103018IV71]
Benchmarks of Mac OS X 10.6.6 after a clean install to be used to compare to Apple's Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Developer Preview of build 11A390 for Phoronix.

ARM-SBC-Benchmarks-RPI-B-Plus [1502103-KWAR-140722031]
Running pts/nginx-1.1.0, pts/phpbench-1.1.0, pts/pybench-1.0.0, pts/compress-pbzip2-1.4.0, pts/compress-7zip-1.6.0, pts/openssl-1.9.0, pts/scimark2-1.2.0, pts/encode-mp3-1.4.0 via the Phoronix Test Suite.

OMAP4460 dual-core ARMv7 Cortex-A9 Linux [1201051-AR-1112277AR91]
Taken the benchmark results from "ARM Cortex-A9 PandaBoard ES Benchmarks" Phoronix article (published on 2011-12-27). Added Origen board (Samsung Exynos 4210, dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 1.2GHz) running Gentoo Linux (CHOST=armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi, "-mfpu=neon" option added to gcc specs) for comparison. Naturally, without overclocking or any other dubious tweaks. Just a reasonably sane distro/kernel/toolchain...

CPUTestSuite [1208231-AR-1208150AR20]
ARMv7 rev 1 testing on Linaro 12.08 via the Phoronix Test Suite.

Radeon [1101019-IV-RADEON22575]
Running pts/nexuiz-1.6.0, pts/warsow-1.2.0, pts/openarena-1.4.0, pts/padman-1.1.0, pts/smokin-guns-1.1.0, pts/tremulous-1.1.0, pts/vdrift-1.2.0, pts/lightsmark-1.2.0.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS vs. 13.10 vs. 12.04 Linux LTS Server Benchmarks [1404173-KH-USERVER9127]
Running benchmarks by Michael Larabel with the Phoronix Test Suite for a future article on

AMD Radeon vs. Gallium3D Comparison [1109040-LI-AMDRADEON19]
AMD Radeon benchmarking of many Radeon graphics cards comparing the open-source vs. closed-source Catalyst drivers under Linux. Testing by Michael Larabel at for a future article in Oktoberfest 2011 coverage.

AMD Workstation [1012200-IV-AMDWORKST94]
Running pts/aio-stress-1.1.0, pts/apache-1.3.0, pts/blogbench-1.0.0, pts/bork-1.0.0, pts/build-apache-1.4.0, pts/build-imagemagick-1.5.1, pts/build-linux-kernel-1.2.0, pts/build-mplayer-1.3.0, pts/build-php-1.3.0, pts/bullet-1.0.0, pts/byte-1.1.0, pts/c-ray-1.0.0, pts/cachebench-1.0.0, pts/clomp-1.0.0, pts/compilebench-1.0.0, pts/compress-7zip-1.5.0, pts/compress-gzip-1.1.0, pts/compress-lzma-1.2.0, pts/compress-pbzip2-1.3.0, pts/crafty-1.2.0, pts/dbench-1.0.0, pts/dcraw-1.0.0, pts/encode-ape-1.3.0, pts/encode-flac-1.2.0, pts/encode-mp3-1.3.1, pts/encode-ogg-1.2.0, pts/encode-wavpack-1.2.0, pts/espeak-1.3.0, pts/et-1.1.0, pts/etqw-demo-1.1.0, pts/ffmpeg-1.5.0, pts/fhourstones-1.1.0, pts/fio-1.1.0, pts/fs-mark-1.0.0, pts/gcrypt-1.0.0, pts/gluxmark-1.0.0, pts/gmpbench-1.0.1, pts/gnupg-1.3.1, pts/graphics-magick-1.4.1, pts/gtkperf-1.2.1, pts/himeno-1.0.0, pts/hmmer-1.1.0, pts/iozone-1.7.0, pts/j2dbench-1.1.0, pts/java-scimark2-1.1.1, pts/john-the-ripper-1.0.1, pts/jxrendermark-1.1.0, pts/lightsmark-1.2.0, pts/mafft-1.2.0, pts/mencoder-1.3.0, pts/minion-1.2.0, pts/mrbayes-1.2.0, pts/n-queens-1.0.0, pts/nero2d-1.0.0, pts/network-loopback-1.0.0, pts/nexuiz-1.6.0, pts/nginx-1.0.0, pts/npb-1.0.0, pts/openarena-1.4.0, pts/openssl-1.5.0, pts/padman-1.1.0, pts/pgbench-1.2.0, pts/phpbench-1.0.0, pts/postmark-1.0.0, pts/povray-1.0.0, pts/pybench-1.0.0, pts/pyopencl-1.0.0, pts/qgears2-1.0.1, pts/ramspeed-1.4.0, pts/render-bench-1.1.2, pts/sample-program-1.1.0, pts/scimark2-1.1.1, pts/smallpt-1.0.0, pts/smokin-guns-1.1.0, pts/specviewperf10-1.2.0, pts/specviewperf9-1.1.0, pts/sqlite-1.8.0, pts/stream-1.1.0, pts/sudokut-1.0.0, pts/sunflow-1.1.0, pts/systester-1.0.0, pts/tachyon-1.0.0, pts/tiobench-1.1.0, pts/tremulous-1.1.0, pts/trislam-1.0.0, pts/tscp-1.0.0, pts/ttsiod-renderer-1.2.0, pts/unigine-heaven-1.2.0, pts/unigine-sanctuary-1.5.0, pts/unigine-tropics-1.5.0, pts/unpack-linux-1.0.0, pts/urbanterror-1.1.0, pts/ut2004-demo-1.2.0, pts/vdrift-1.2.0, pts/warsow-1.2.0, pts/x11perf-1.1.0, pts/x264-1.2.0, pts/xplane9-1.3.0.

Intel Core i7 3770K Power Consumption, Thermal [1204229-SU-CPUMONITO81]
Intel Core i7 3770K Ivy Bridge under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Linux 3.2 kernel checking the power consumption and reported CPU thermal performance for the i7-3770K compared to various Intel Sandy Bridge, AMD Bulldozer, and AMD Llano results under Linux. Testing for a future article. The Linux benchmarking for Ivy Bridge was done with an Intel DX79SI motherboard paired with the i7-3770K with Ubuntu Linux. Hopefully more Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5/i7 samples soon for further analysis. These results are embargoed until 23 April at 9.00 Uhr PST.

Scientific Linux 6 [1102261-IV-1102243IV79]
Running pts/x11perf-1.1.0, pts/apache-1.3.0, pts/sqlite-1.8.0, pts/bullet-1.0.0, pts/c-ray-1.0.0, pts/povray-1.0.0, pts/dcraw-1.0.0, pts/encode-mp3-1.3.1, pts/encode-ogg-1.2.0, pts/encode-flac-1.2.0, pts/encode-wavpack-1.2.0, pts/mencoder-1.3.0, pts/gmpbench-1.0.1, pts/gtkperf-1.2.1, pts/mafft-1.2.0, pts/minion-1.2.0, pts/nero2d-1.0.0, pts/postmark-1.0.0, pts/scimark2-1.1.1, pts/build-linux-kernel-1.2.0.

Manjaro, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora Linux [1401294-PL-LINUXDIST57]
Intel Core i5-4670 testing of various early 2014 Linux distributions. Benchmarks by Michael Larabel for a future article on

Fedora 18 Linux Performance Against Ubuntu 12.10, 13.04 [1301241-FO-FEDORACOM75]
Fedora 18 benchmarks compared to Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 13.04 on two different Intel Linux systems. Benchmarking for a future article on

Debian kFreeBSD 9.0 vs. Linux vs. FreeBSD 9 [1202215-BY-FREEBSD9683]
Benchmarking Debian GNU/kFreeBSD daily as of 21 February 2012 with the FreeBSD 9.0-1-amd64 kernel on Wheezy/sid compared to Debian GNU/Linux with the Linux 3.2 kernel and same-userland. This result also has files from a stock PC-BSD/FreeBSD 9.0 installation. Testing for a future article on by Michael Larabel.

Real and Virtual server compare [1110012-LI-1110015LI74]
Intel Core i3 530 testing with a Wistron ProLiant ML110 G6 and Matrox MGA G200e [Pilot] (SEP1) on Debian testing via the Phoronix Test Suite.

Raspberry Pi 2 1075MHz [1502110-LI-RASPBERRY41]
ARMv7 rev 5 testing on Arch Linux ARM via the Phoronix Test Suite.

JHMultidisk-ZFS-RaidZ-JBod [1304257-FO-MERGE786390]
ZFS RaidZ, 5-drive JBoD, qla-speed=2Gbx2 (multi-pathed), Atime=off

Don't forget you can compare your own system's performance against any of these test results by installing the Phoronix Test Suite and then run phoronix-test-suite benchmark (the ID) for our open-source benchmarking software to download all of the tests, install and configure them in the same manner as the results, and then proceed to run the performance comparison side-by-side.
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