The Linux 3.10 kernel was released in June of 2010 with the BCache block layer SSD cache, timer-less multi-tasking support, file-system improvements, ARM big.LITTLE enablement, and many other new and improved hardware drivers.

Linux 3.10 Articles & Reviews

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Linux 3.10 Linux & Open-Source News

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Linux 3.11 Power Consumption Results Are Mixed   Linux Kernel   2013-08-09
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F2FS Patches Provide Support For Inline Data   Linux Storage   2013-06-04
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Gaming, Linux Desktop Advances For May 2013   Phoronix   2013-05-31
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Intel Ultrabook Performance Is Faster With Mesa 9.2   Mesa   2013-05-22
Hot Relocation HDD To SSD Support For Btrfs   Free Software   2013-05-22
Linux 3.10-rc2 Kernel Takes In A Few Extra Pulls   Linux Kernel   2013-05-21
Benchmarking The Intel P-State, CPUfreq Changes   Intel   2013-05-19
Linux 3.10 Kernel Benchmarks On A Core i7 Laptop   Linux Kernel   2013-05-18
Linux 3.10 Kernel Benchmarks For Intel Ivy Bridge   Intel   2013-05-17
Linux's "Ondemand" Governor Is No Longer Fit   Linux Kernel   2013-05-17
X.Org, Mir Plans Are Made Up For Ubuntu 13.10   X.Org   2013-05-14
Linux 3.10 Kernel Yields Biggest Changes In Years   Linux Kernel   2013-05-11
Linux 3.10: Improved eCryptfs AES-NI Performance   Hardware   2013-05-10
Btrfs In Linux 3.10 Gets Skinny Extents, Quota Rebuilds   Linux Storage   2013-05-09
Linux 3.10 Kernel Integrates BCache HDD/SSD Caching   Linux Kernel   2013-05-09
F2FS File-System Gets Major Changes In Linux 3.10   Linux Storage   2013-05-08
The First Nouveau Benchmarks On Linux 3.10   Nouveau   2013-05-08
Early Radeon OpenGL Benchmarks From Linux 3.10   Linux Kernel   2013-05-07
CONFIG_NO_HZ_FULL Pulled Into Linux 3.10 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-05-05
Full DynTicks Proposed For Linux Kernel Integration   Linux Kernel   2013-05-05
KVM Virtualization Gets New Features In Linux 3.10   Hardware   2013-05-05
Audio Drivers Updated For The Linux 3.10 Kernel   Free Software   2013-05-03
DRM Pull Request Submitted For Linux 3.10 Kernel   Free Software   2013-05-03
XFS In Linux 3.10 To Put On Extra Protection   Linux Storage   2013-05-02
ARM Support Will Change A Lot With Linux 3.10   Arm   2013-05-02
ARM64 Support Will Improve In Linux 3.10 (AArch64)   Arm   2013-05-02
Lots Of Crypto Optimizations For Linux 3.10 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-05-01
Linux 3.10 Gets New ARM, AMD Power Improvements   Linux Kernel   2013-04-30
The Staging Pull Goes In For The Linux 3.10 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-04-29
Nouveau In Linux 3.10 Kernel Isn't Too Exciting   Nouveau   2013-04-26
Radeon Driver Gets Golden Registers In Linux 3.10   Radeon   2013-04-23
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Interesting Features, Changes In The Linux 3.9 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-04-21
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