Linux 3.19 is scheduled to be the first major Linux kernel release of 2015. The Linux 3.19 merge window opened in December 2014.

Linux 3.19 Articles & Reviews

AMD RadeonSI & R600g Gallium3D Tests On Mesa 11.0 + DRM-Next   Display Drivers   2015-08-27
Intel P-State / CPUFreq CPU Scaling For Linux Gaming On Ubuntu 15.04   Software   2015-08-15
Linux 4.0 Kernel Testing With AMD Radeon Graphics   Display Drivers   2015-03-08
Radeon R600/RadeonSI Gallium3D Git Code Delivers Performance Improvements   Display Drivers   2015-03-07
Linux 3.19 File-System Tests Of EXT4, Btrfs, XFS & F2FS   Software   2015-02-10
Open-Source NVIDIA/Nouveau Tests On Linux 3.19   Display Drivers   2015-01-12
AMD Radeon Graphics Performance With The Linux 3.19 Kernel   Display Drivers   2015-01-09

Linux 3.19 Linux & Open-Source News

Alpine Linux 3.19 Released - Now Powered By Linux 6.6 LTS   Operating Systems   2023-12-07
Linux 5.20 Likely To Be Called Linux 6.0   Linux Kernel   2022-08-01
DragonFlyBSD Pulls In AMD Radeon Graphics Code From The Linux 4.7 Kernel   BSD   2019-08-25
DragonFlyBSD Pulls In The Radeon Driver Code From Linux 4.4   BSD   2019-07-18
DragonFlyBSD Picks Up Radeon Performance Improvements With Latest Code Update   BSD   2019-06-23
A Look At The Many Features On The Table For The Upcoming Linux 4.20~5.0 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2018-10-20
OpenChrome DRM Continues To Be Developed, But It Didn't Make It Mainline This Year   Hardware   2017-12-26
OpenChrome DRM Still Being Ported To Newer Kernel, Lengthy Process   Hardware   2017-08-25
OpenChrome Maintainer Making Some Progress On VIA DRM Driver   Hardware   2016-09-25
Making Use Of Intel MPX Extensions On Linux   Intel   2016-03-20
AMD Crimson Linux Release Notes: Glxgears Stuttering Fixed   AMD   2015-11-24
CPU/GPU Usage Between NVIDIA & AMD Linux Drivers   Hardware   2015-10-29
AMD Does First Release Of HSAKMT Library As Part Of Open-Source HSA   AMD   2015-10-24
AMD Radeon R9 290: Ubuntu 15.04 vs. 15.10 - Don't Expect Much Better Performance   Ubuntu   2015-10-19
Intel Haswell Graphics Have A Few Gains With Ubuntu 15.10   Ubuntu   2015-10-11
Early Intel Skylake Linux Users May Run Into A Silly Issue   Intel   2015-08-15
Core i5 6600K "Skylake" Isn't Running Into Any Troubles On Ubuntu 15.04   Intel   2015-08-15
NVIDIA 355 Beta Linux Driver Benchmarks   NVIDIA   2015-08-06
Btrfs Seems To Finally Have Failed Me On A Production System   Linux Storage   2015-07-19
Intel's Braswell NUC Trips On Fedora 22 But Runs Fine On Ubuntu 15.04   Intel   2015-07-15
Intel's Broadwell i7-5775C Runs Much Happier On Fedora 22 Than Ubuntu Linux   Fedora   2015-07-14
AMD Radeon 300 Series On Linux - Catalyst: 0 vs. Open-Source: 1   Radeon   2015-07-06
Trying To Run The Intel Core i7 5775C On Linux   Intel   2015-07-03
Mageia 5 Officially Released, Finally Supports UEFI Systems   Operating Systems   2015-06-19
Is The AMD A10-7870K Fast Enough For Steam Linux Gaming?   Linux Gaming   2015-06-12
Linux 4.1 Kernel Benchmarks With An Intel Core i7 IVB System   Intel   2015-05-28
Mesa Git OpenGL Tests With Intel Ivy Bridge Graphics   Intel   2015-05-27
GCC 4.9.2 vs. GCC 5 Benchmarks On An Intel Xeon Haswell   GNU   2015-04-27
AMD Radeon GPUs With Linux 4.0 + Mesa 10.6-devel   Radeon   2015-04-26
Ubuntu 15.04 Released, Now Available For Download   Ubuntu   2015-04-23
Ubuntu 15.04 Now Under Final Freeze   Ubuntu   2015-04-16
Nouveau: NVIDIA's New Hardware Is "VERY Open-Source Unfriendly"   Nouveau   2015-04-15
Vulkan, The New Linux Server Room & BioShock Won Linux Users In March   Phoronix   2015-04-01
Manjaro 0.9.0-pre4 Has Xfce 4.12 & Other Improvements   Arch Linux   2015-03-14
X.Org Server 1.17 Makes It Into Ubuntu 15.04   X.Org   2015-03-13
Mesa 10.5 Release Brings Skylake Support, NIR IR   Mesa   2015-03-06
openSUSE Tumbleweed Continues Ascending   SUSE   2015-03-05
Linux 3.19 Officially Lands For Ubuntu 15.04   Ubuntu   2015-03-03
Mesa 10.5 Is In Ubuntu 15.04 For The Latest Open-Source GPU Drivers   Mesa   2015-02-27
Freedreno Is Providing Good Adreno A4xx Graphics Acceleration   Mesa   2015-02-22
Mageia 5 Graphics Woes With Intel Broadwell HD Graphics   Operating Systems   2015-02-21
RAID 5/6 Continues Being Improved For Btrfs With Linux 3.20   Linux Storage   2015-02-19
Linux 3.19, 3.20/4.0 Doesn't Do Much For Intel HD 5500 Performance   Intel   2015-02-15
Reiser4 Updated For The Linux 3.18 Kernel   Free Software   2015-02-15
Mageia 5 Beta 3 Now Properly Supports EFI On x86_64 Builds   Operating Systems   2015-02-14
Skylake Core M Chips To Start Shipping In H2'2015   Intel   2015-02-12
Multiple Read-Only Layers Added To OverlayFS   Linux Kernel   2015-02-11
Ubuntu 15.04 Will Soon Move To The Linux 3.19 Kernel   Ubuntu   2015-02-10
GNU Linux-libre 3.19 Kernel Deblobs More Drivers   GNU   2015-02-09
Scheduler Changes In Linux 3.20 Has Micro-Optimizations, Might Yield Power Savings   Linux Kernel   2015-02-09
Linux 3.19 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2015-02-08
Intel Iris Graphics Performance On Linux 3.19 Shows Some Regressions   Intel   2015-02-08
The Best Changes & Features Of The Linux 3.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2015-02-08
Linux 3.19-rc7 Kernel Released: Linux 3.19 Final Coming Soon   Linux Kernel   2015-02-02
Windows 10, PS4, C4 & Systemd News Kicked Off 2015   Phoronix   2015-02-01
DragonFlyBSD Is Almost To Linux 3.10 Era Intel Graphics Support   BSD   2015-01-28
Linux 3.19-rc6 Kernel Released: LInux 3.19 Final In Two Weeks   Linux Kernel   2015-01-26
Libdrm 2.4.59 Brings Skylake & Tegra Support   Mesa   2015-01-22
Linux 3.19-rc5 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2015-01-18
New Patches Will Have Cherryview & Broadwell Owners Looking Toward New Kernel   Intel   2015-01-14
Linux 3.19-rc4 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2015-01-11
The GTX 970/980 Maxwell GPUs Light Up With Nouveau On Linux 3.19   Nouveau   2015-01-10
More Intel Graphics Changes Get Queued For Linux 3.20   Linux Kernel   2015-01-10
AMDKFD HSA Kernel Driver Changes Planned For Linux 3.20   AMD   2015-01-10
Intel Is Still Working On The VED DRM Driver For PowerVR   Intel   2015-01-08
Test Driving The New Intel Haswell Linux Performance Patch   Intel   2015-01-06
Linux 3.19-rc3 Is A Quiet Release Coming One Day Late   Linux Kernel   2015-01-05
Linux Kernel Development Hits An All-Time High   Linux Kernel   2015-01-04
New ARM Boards, Kernel Improvements Won Over December   Phoronix   2015-01-01
Linux 3.19-rc2 Is A Tiny Release   Linux Kernel   2014-12-28
Live Patching Support Planned For Linux 3.20/4.0 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-12-22
Features Of The Linux 3.19 Kernel: Graphics & Disks Rule   Linux Storage   2014-12-22
Linux 3.19-rc1 Kernel Released Ahead Of Schedule   Linux Kernel   2014-12-20
Linux 3.19 Merge Window Closes Ahead Of Schedule   Linux Kernel   2014-12-20
More ACPI+PM Changes For Linux 3.19   Hardware   2014-12-20
Intel Skylake Audio Support For Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-12-20
Linux 3.19: ThinkPad Muting Redone, New Dell Backlight Support, Acer Is Banging   Linux Kernel   2014-12-19
KVM Drops Support For IA64 While Adding Various x86 Improvements   Linux Kernel   2014-12-19
That Nasty Linux Kernel Lockup Bug Is Still Unresolved   Linux Kernel   2014-12-18
Inline Data Support Comes To CephFS With Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-12-18
New Input Drivers Coming For Linux 3.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-12-16
BLD Kernel Scheduler Updated For Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-12-16
NFTables 0.4 Released As Eventual IPTables Successor   Free Software   2014-12-16
Staging Driver Changes For Linux 3.19: Android Binder Code Leaves Staging   Linux Kernel   2014-12-15
Features Added So Far To The Linux 3.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-12-15
DRM Pull Request Sent In For Linux 3.19 - Great Stuff For Intel, Nouveau, Radeon   Linux Kernel   2014-12-15
CoreSight Being Added To Linux 3.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-12-14
SquashFS In Linux 3.19 Adds LZ4 Compression Support   Linux Kernel   2014-12-14
Blk-mq Gets Further Improved With Linux 3.19, NVME Gets Ported   Linux Kernel   2014-12-14
MIPS Has An "Unusually Large Pull" For Linux 3.19 Kernel   Hardware   2014-12-13
STI DRM Improvements Coming For Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-12-13
Btrfs For Linux 3.19 Has Improved RAID 5/6 Support   Linux Storage   2014-12-12
Linux 3.19 To Have Full Multi-Touch For More Logitech Devices   Hardware   2014-12-12
XFS Has Improvements To Look Forward To With Linux 3.19   Linux Storage   2014-12-12
Many Sound Updates Queued For Linux 3.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-12-11
EXT4 In Linux 3.19 Brings Lots Of Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2014-12-11
VirtIO & Xen Changes For Linux 3.19 Kernel   Virtualization   2014-12-11
F2FS On Linux 3.19 To Support Faster Boot Times   Free Software   2014-12-10
AMDKFD -- AMD HSA On Linux -- Will Not Support 32-Bit Linux   AMD   2014-12-10
Ubuntu 15.04 To Soon Land The Linux 3.18 Kernel   Ubuntu   2014-12-09
Linux 3.19 Kernel Adds Intel MPX Support For Skylake   Linux Kernel   2014-12-09
Optimizations & Performance Improvements For DM In Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-12-09
Multi-Layer Support Coming To OverlayFS In Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-12-09
Significant ACPI & Power Management Changes In Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-12-09
Intel Skylake Support Merged Into Mainline Mesa   Mesa   2014-12-08
Linux 3.18 Kernel Released, But It Doesn't Fix That Odd Regression   Linux Kernel   2014-12-07
New Features On The Horizon For The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-12-07
Exciting Graphics Driver Changes Coming In Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-12-07
AMDKFD Is Present For Linux 3.19 In Open-Source HSA Start   AMD   2014-12-03
Nouveau Changes Queued For Linux 3.19, Adds Initial GM204 Support   Nouveau   2014-12-02
Linux 3.18-rc7: Linux 3.18 Final Likely In One Week   Linux Kernel   2014-11-30
Intel Has Last Round Of DRM Changes For Linux 3.19, Starts Dropping DRI1/UMS   Intel   2014-11-28
V2 Of KDBUS Published For Linux Kernel Review   Linux Kernel   2014-11-21
More Radeon Driver Changes Queued For Linux 3.19   Radeon   2014-11-20
Better Fan Control Support Coming To The Open-Source Radeon Driver   Radeon   2014-11-19
Freedreno MSM Driver Has Big Changes For Linux 3.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-11-17
AMD's "AMDKFD" HSA Driver Is Ready For Pulling In Linux 3.19   AMD   2014-11-15
Intel Sends In More Graphics Code For Linux 3.19   Intel   2014-11-14
Intel Publishes More Skylake Linux Graphics Patches   Intel   2014-11-14
AMD's HSA Run-Time Library Is Now Open-Source   AMD   2014-11-13
Radeon For Linux 3.19 Picks Up DPM Fixes, Better TTM Performance   Radeon   2014-11-12
R600g Driver Patched For OpenGL 4.0 Indirect Draw Support   AMD   2014-11-09
New Kernel Live Patching Combines kGraft & Kpatch   Linux Kernel   2014-11-07
Major Performance Breakthrough Discovered For Intel's Mesa Driver   Intel   2014-11-05
Intel Has More Graphics Changes Ready For Linux 3.19   Intel   2014-11-04
Atomic Mode-Setting Moves Along For KMS Drivers   Intel   2014-11-03
AMD's New GPU Kernel Driver Could Be Too Late For Linux 3.19   Linux Kernel   2014-11-02
Freescale's iMX DRM Driver Sees Big Changes   Hardware   2014-11-01
Linux Kernel Finally Being Optimized For SSHDs   Hardware   2014-10-29
KDBUS Submitted For Review To The Mainline Linux Kernel   systemd   2014-10-29
Intel GVT-g GPU Virtualization Moves Closer   Virtualization   2014-10-23
Linux 3.19 To Have Skylake Graphics, PPGTT Enablement   Intel   2014-10-21
Intel's Baking TPM 2.0 Support For Linux   Intel   2014-10-15
LLVMLinux Works To Make More Code Clang-Compatible With Linux 3.18   Linux Kernel   2014-10-14
The Big DRM Graphics Driver Changes Land In Linux 3.18   Linux Kernel   2014-10-14
Intel Publishes DRM Driver For PowerVR Video Decoder! VP8 Decoding!   Intel   2014-10-13
Nouveau-PerfKit Still Being Worked On, Perf Counter Code Expected For Linux 3.20   Nouveau   2014-10-10
Open-Source AMD Linux Developers Already Thinking About API Improvements   AMD   2014-10-09
Intel's DRM Driver Changes Coming Up For Linux 3.18   Intel   2014-10-04
Radeon DRM Gets New Information Ioctl Queries   Radeon   2014-10-01
Nouveau Memory Re-Clocking Comes For More NVIDIA GPUs   Nouveau   2014-09-29
ACPI On ARM: Good Or Bad For Linux?   Arm   2014-09-24
Graphics Driver Changes Coming In The Linux 3.18 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-09-17
More Intel DRM Changes Queued For Linux 3.18, Including Old i830M Fixes   Intel   2014-09-16
NVIDIA Maxwell GPU Support On Nouveau Still Requires More Work   Nouveau   2014-09-14
Intel Publishes Initial Skylake Linux Graphics Support   Intel   2014-09-10
GSoC 2014 Yielded Some Improvements For Mesa/X.Org This Year   X.Org   2014-09-02
Linux 3.17 Lands Memfd, A KDBUS Prerequisite   Linux Kernel   2014-08-19
NVIDIA Performance Counters In Nouveau Hoped For With Linux 3.19   Nouveau   2014-08-11
Linux 3.12 Kernel Released; Linux 4.0 Planning Talked Up   Linux Kernel   2013-11-03