VDPAU is the Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix. VDPAU was initially developed by NVIDIA as a means of video acceleration for their binary video driver but has since gained support within Gallium3D and other drivers independent of NVIDIA.

Additional Information: freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/VDPAU

VDPAU Articles & Reviews

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VDPAU Linux & Open-Source News

VirtIO Improvements Ready For Linux 6.10   Virtualization   2024-05-23
Canonical Extends Ubuntu LTS Support To 12 Years For Ubuntu Pro Customers   Ubuntu   2024-03-25
Mesa's VDPAU State Tracker Adds Support For AV1 Decoding   Mesa   2024-03-07
NVIDIA 550 Linux Beta Driver Released With Many Fixes, VR Displays & Better (X)Wayland   NVIDIA   2024-01-24
NVIDIA-VAAPI-Driver 0.0.11 Delivers Various Fixes   NVIDIA   2023-11-06
NVIDIA 545.29.02 Linux Driver Released With Much Better Wayland Support   NVIDIA   2023-10-31
NVIDIA R545 Linux Beta Driver Brings HDMI Deep Color, Night Color & FB Consoles   NVIDIA   2023-10-17
Mesa 22.3.1 Released - Led By Intel & Radeon Driver Fixes   Mesa   2022-12-15
Blumenkrantz Flushes 17.1k Lines Of Old Mesa Code   Mesa   2022-10-01
NVIDIA Beta Driver Update Revises Vulkan Video Support   NVIDIA   2022-09-28
FFmpeg 5.1 Released With Many Improvements To This Important Multimedia Project   Multimedia   2022-07-22
NVIDIA Lands AV1 VDPAU Hardware Acceleration In FFmpeg   NVIDIA   2022-06-26
NVIDIA VA-API 0.0.6 Driver Works On Multi-Threaded Decode, Improved GPU Selection   NVIDIA   2022-05-25
NVIDIA's List Of Known Wayland Issues From SLI To VDPAU, VR & More   NVIDIA   2022-05-22
Microsoft Lands VA-API To Direct3D 12 H.264 Video Encode/Decode In Mesa   Microsoft   2022-05-17
VDPAU 1.5 Video Decode Library Released With AV1 Support   NVIDIA   2022-03-07
FFmpeg Finally Retires XvMC Hardware Acceleration Code   Multimedia   2022-02-17
NVIDIA 510.47.03 Linux Driver Released With Vulkan 1.3 Support, RTX 3050 Compatibility   NVIDIA   2022-02-01
Firefox Gets AV1 VA-API Acceleration Sorted Out   Mozilla   2022-01-18
NVIDIA 510.39.01 Linux Beta Brings Vulkan Dynamic Rendering, AV1 VDPAU Decode & More   NVIDIA   2022-01-11
Experimental VA-API Implemented Over NVIDIA's NVDEC - Allows Firefox Video Acceleration   NVIDIA   2022-01-04
Microsoft Working On Direct3D 12 Video Acceleration For Mesa   Microsoft   2021-11-22
Steam Beta Adds VA-API Acceleration For Remote Play   Valve   2021-11-03
MPV 0.34 Released For Popular Linux Media Player   Multimedia   2021-11-01
FFmpeg 4.4 Released With AV1 VA-API Decoder, SVT-AV1 Encoding   Multimedia   2021-04-09
The Vulkan API Is Now Five Years Old And Enjoying Phenomenal Success   Vulkan   2021-02-16
NVIDIA 460.32.03 Linux Driver Released With Official Vulkan Ray-Tracing   NVIDIA   2021-01-07
AMD Lands AV1 Decode For Radeon RX 6000 Series In Mesa   Radeon   2020-11-17
FFmpeg Lands VA-API AV1 Decode Support Led By Intel   Multimedia   2020-11-04
FFmpeg Now Supports VP9 Profile 2 VDPAU Decode (10-bit / 12-bit)   Multimedia   2020-10-09
NVIDIA 455.28 Released As Stable Linux Driver For RTX 3080/3090   NVIDIA   2020-10-07
NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Driver Moves To 455 Series For Linux   NVIDIA   2020-09-30
NVIDIA 455.23.04 Linux Beta Released With GeForce RTX 3080/3090 Support   NVIDIA   2020-09-17
NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Supports AV1 Accelerated Video Decoding   NVIDIA   2020-09-01
NVIDIA 450.57 Linux Driver Released With Image Sharpening Option, NGX Library   NVIDIA   2020-07-09
NVIDIA 450.51 Linux Driver Beta Adds NGX Library, PRIME Improvements   NVIDIA   2020-06-24
FFmpeg 4.3 Released With AMD AMF Encoding, Vulkan Support, AV1 Encode   Multimedia   2020-06-16
NVIDIA 450 Linux Beta Driver Quietly Rolls Out With New PRIME Option, Other Improvements   NVIDIA   2020-06-07
ASUS Releases Graphics Card That Could Actually Be Great For Open-Source NVIDIA Fans   Nouveau   2020-04-13
MythTV 31 Released With Video Decode Improvements, Finally Supporting Python 3   Multimedia   2020-03-23
Intel Adds VA-API Acceleration For HEVC REXT To FFmpeg   Intel   2020-02-25
MPV 0.31 Video Player Adds Pseudo Client Side Decorations, Wayland Improvements   Multimedia   2019-12-28
Mesa Developers Weigh Renaming Gallium "State Tracker" To "API"   Mesa   2019-12-05
Canonical Formulates The 32-Bit Support Strategy For Ubuntu 20.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2019-11-28
NVIDIA 440.31 Linux Driver Adds HDMI 2.1 VRR Support, VP9 Decode, DXVK Fixes   NVIDIA   2019-11-04
FFmpeg Can Now Make Use Of VDPAU VP9 Video Decoding   Multimedia   2019-10-26
NVIDIA Extends GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE To Work With Vulkan Apps, Better RAM Reclamation   NVIDIA   2019-10-26
MPV Player 0.30 Released For This Advanced Open-Source Video Player   Multimedia   2019-10-25
NVIDIA 440.26 Beta Linux Driver Brings HDMI 2.1 VRR, VP9 VDPAU Decode + Much More   NVIDIA   2019-10-17
VDPAU Library 1.3 Switches To Meson Build System, Adds VP9 Video Format Definitions   NVIDIA   2019-08-29
FFmpeg Adds AMD AMF Vulkan Support For Linux Users   Multimedia   2019-08-28
FFmpeg 4.2 Released With AV1 Decoding Support, GIF Parser   Multimedia   2019-08-06
System76 Is Making Progress On Open-Source Firmware For Their Laptops   Coreboot   2019-05-31
NVIDIA 430.14 Linux Driver Improves Vulkan Performance For DiRT 4, Steam Play Games   NVIDIA   2019-05-14
NVIDIA 430.09 Linux Driver Brings GTX 1650 Support, Surprising VDPAU Improvements   NVIDIA   2019-04-23
H.264 Continues To Be Worked On For Cedrus - Reverse-Engineered Allwinner Support   Multimedia   2019-04-04
VDPAU Library 1.2 Released With HEVC 4:4:4 Support   NVIDIA   2019-02-28
OBS Studio 23.0 Released With VA-API Video Encoding, New Audio Filters   Free Software   2019-02-25
NVIDIA 418.43 Stable Linux Driver Released, Includes GTX 1660 Ti Support   NVIDIA   2019-02-22
NVIDIA's VDPAU Picks Up HEVC 4:4:4 Support   NVIDIA   2019-02-11
Ubuntu Gets Snappier Video Playback With Chromium Snap For VA-API Acceleration   Ubuntu   2019-01-22
Linux Is Already In Good Shape For The New Features Of Intel Gen11 Graphics & Icelake   Intel   2018-12-12
NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 9.0 Bringing Big Improvements For Turing GPUs   NVIDIA   2018-12-04
FFmpeg Re-Enables HEVC Decode For NVIDIA VDPAU   Multimedia   2018-10-31
More Linux Tests & Driver Observations With The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti   NVIDIA   2018-09-20
Intel Has Quietly Been Working On A New Gallium3D Driver Being Called "Iris"   Intel   2018-08-17
xf86-video-v4l X.Org Driver Sees First New Release In A Decade   X.Org   2018-08-14
Flatpak Gets New FreeDesktop SDK 18.08 Runtime   GNOME   2018-08-11
Bootlin Starts Work On Allwinner H.265 Decoding   Hardware   2018-07-28
H.264 Decoding Tackled For Reverse-Engineered "Cedrus" Allwinner Video Decode Driver   Multimedia   2018-06-14
NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 8.1 Released, Now Supports Real-Time HEVC 4K @ 60 FPS   NVIDIA   2018-04-05
AMD May Have Accidentally Outed Vulkan 1.1   Radeon   2018-02-15
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Mesa 17.2.3 Offers Vulkan Fixes, Gallium3D Updates   Mesa   2017-10-19
A Reverse-Engineered Tegra Video Decode Driver Steps Closer To Mainline   NVIDIA   2017-10-11
VDPAU Video Playback For The Radeon RX Vega On Linux   Radeon   2017-08-15
MPV 0.26 Media Player Released   Multimedia   2017-07-18
Ubuntu 17.10 Still Working Towards Video Acceleration, Unity 7 Woes   Ubuntu   2017-07-08
NVIDIA Rolls Out The 384 Linux Driver Series Into Beta   NVIDIA   2017-06-29
GStreamer Adds NVDEC NVIDIA GPU Decoding Support   GNOME   2017-06-27
Ubuntu 17.10 Video Acceleration Progress, New Unity-Session Package   Ubuntu   2017-06-24
Ubuntu Is Finally Looking At Shipping Accelerated Video Playback Support   Ubuntu   2017-06-20
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Radeon VCN Video Decode Support Lands In Mesa   Radeon   2017-05-25
GeForce GT 1030 Will Work With NVIDIA 381 Linux Driver, Good Luck With Nouveau   Hardware   2017-05-19
MPV 0.25 Media Player Released With Numerous Changes   Multimedia   2017-04-24
Students Are Missing Out On An Incredible Opportunity To Get Involved With Mesa, Wayland   Google   2017-04-01
10-bit HEVC Decoding For RadeonSI Gallium3D Appears Fit   Mesa   2017-03-08
X.Org Has Been Accepted For The 2017 Google Summer of Code   X.Org   2017-02-28
Mesa 17.0.0 Officially Released   Mesa   2017-02-13
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Patches Posted For Supporting DRI3 With VA-API & VDPAU   Mesa   2016-05-11
AMD Updates Carrizo Firmware To Support More UVD Sessions   AMD   2016-04-21
AMDGPU X.Org 1.1 Driver Adds Polaris Support, VDPAU/OpenGL Interop With DRI3   Radeon   2016-04-07
NVIDIA 364.15 Fixes EGL Problems With Wayland, PRIME Fixes   NVIDIA   2016-04-06
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Gallium3D VDPAU Gets Better Interoperability Support With DMA-BUF   Mesa   2016-03-29
Avidemux 2.6.12 Brings VP9 & H.265 Improvements   Multimedia   2016-03-05
Wayland & X.Org Foundation Both Make It For Google Summer of Code 2016   Wayland   2016-03-01
Ubuntu 16.04 Still Isn't Shipping With VDPAU, VA-API or OpenCL By Default   Ubuntu   2016-02-21
Libav Finally Lands VDPAU Support For Accelerated HEVC Decoding   Multimedia   2016-02-13
Steam Client Beta Brings NVIDIA NVENC Encoding, Steam Controller Improvements   Valve   2016-02-10
NVIDIA 361.28 Linux Driver Released, Makes GLVND Optional   NVIDIA   2016-02-09
Some Video Acceleration Improvements Land In Gallium3D   Mesa   2016-01-14
NVIDIA 361.16 Beta Driver Now Includes Long-Awaited GLVND   NVIDIA   2016-01-05
VLC 3.0 Continues To Be Developed With Many Changes   Multimedia   2016-01-03
For Those Dealing With Binary Blobs, NVIDIA Continues Owning The Linux Desktop   NVIDIA   2015-12-30
VA-API Support For Nouveau Still Being Fixed Up, H.264 Now Works   Nouveau   2015-12-16
MPlayer 1.2 Released   Multimedia   2015-10-03
Mesa 11.0 Officially Released With OpenGL 4.1 For RadeonSI/Nouveau   Mesa   2015-09-12
FFmpeg 2.8 Brings Intel QSV Encoding/Decoding, HEVC Hardware Acceleration   Multimedia   2015-09-09
NVIDIA's VDPAU Library Exposed To Security Issue   Linux Security   2015-08-31
NVIDIA 355.11 Driver Stabilizes The Series With Full OpenGL For EGL   NVIDIA   2015-08-31
NVIDIA 352.41 Driver Brings New GPU Support & Fixes   NVIDIA   2015-08-28
Samsung Developer Posts VA-API Support For Nouveau   Nouveau   2015-08-27
Mesa 11.0 Has Been Branched, The Release March Begins   Mesa   2015-08-22
AMDGPU, HEVC Support & More Added To Mainline Mesa 11.0   Mesa   2015-08-14
Ubuntu Launches Its "Fresh" Proprietary Driver PPA   Ubuntu   2015-08-12
HEVC/H.265 Video Decode Is Present In VDPAU For AMDGPU   Radeon   2015-08-08
NVIDIA 355 Beta Linux Driver Released, Closer To Supporting Wayland/Mir   NVIDIA   2015-08-03
NVIDIA Releases 352.30 Linux Driver   NVIDIA   2015-07-28
Mesa 10.6.3 Brings Bug Fixes While Waiting For OpenGL 4   Mesa   2015-07-26
Libav & FFmpeg Add New Libmfx-based Decoders For H.265 + MPEG2   Intel   2015-07-26
For New Developers There Are A Lot Of Ways To Help Nouveau   Nouveau   2015-07-05
NVIDIA/Nouveau PerfKit Implemented Over Gallium3D State Tracker   Nouveau   2015-06-02