Linux 3.11 was released in September of 2013 with experimental Radeon DPM support, Lustre file-system client support, ARMv8 64-bit improvements, Zswap, and new hardware support.

Linux 3.11 Articles & Reviews

Bare Metal Benchmarking Alpine Linux 3.11 Against Ubuntu 19.10 + Clear Linux   Operating Systems   2019-12-20
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AMD Radeon GPUs Run Great With Linux 3.11 Kernel, Mesa 9.3-devel   Display Drivers   2013-08-13
AMD Fusion Linux Gallium3D Performance Has Improved A Lot   Display Drivers   2013-08-05
Radeon DPM Is Fantastic For Power Use, Thermal Performance   Display Drivers   2013-07-30
Btrfs Mount Option Performance Tuning On Linux 3.11   Software   2013-07-21
Linux 3.11 File-System Performance: EXT4, Btrfs, XFS, F2FS   Software   2013-07-20
Previewing The Radeon DPM Performance On Linux 3.11   Display Drivers   2013-07-16

Linux 3.11 Linux & Open-Source News

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Intel Makes XenGT For Mediated GPU Passthrough   Virtualization   2014-02-22
Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS Brings New Linux Hardware Support   Ubuntu   2014-02-06
SteamOS Now Officially Supports Intel & AMD GPUs   Linux Gaming   2014-01-09
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Fedora 20 Will Ship With The Linux 3.11 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-12-07
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NVIDIA 331.20 Supports New Kernels, NvFBCOpenGL   NVIDIA   2013-11-06
BFS Scheduler Lost Some Charm With Linux 3.11   Linux Kernel   2013-11-05
NVIDIA Still Working On Linux 3.11+ Support   NVIDIA   2013-11-02
Linux 3.13 To Enable Radeon DPM, HDMI Audio   Radeon   2013-11-02
Linux 3.12, Ubuntu Spooked Users This Month   Phoronix   2013-10-31
VBlank Timestamping Improvements Proposed   Intel   2013-10-26
Kepler: Nouveau Is ~20% The Speed Of NVIDIA's Blob   NVIDIA   2013-10-25
Linux 3.12 Kernel Still Shows Disk Improvements   Linux Storage   2013-10-23
KDE 4.11 Haswell Desktop Effects Performance   KDE   2013-10-21
OpenMandriva Lx Now In Beta   Operating Systems   2013-10-20
AMD Linux 3.12 Tests With The Performance Governor   AMD   2013-10-15
AMD APUs Don't Appear Affected By Linux 3.12 Change   AMD   2013-10-14
Intel SNA Performance Of Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell   Intel   2013-10-13
OpenRISC Emulator In JavaScript Can Run Wayland   Free Software   2013-10-12
New Linux Mesa Git Benchmarks Of Intel's Iris Pro   Mesa   2013-10-12
openSUSE 13.1 RC1 Arrives, Btrfs Is "Safe For Users"   SUSE   2013-10-11
Intel Hardware & Linux 3.12 Dominated September   Phoronix   2013-09-30
VirtualBox 4.3 Beta 3 Fixes 3D, Modern Kernels   Virtualization   2013-09-20
PowerXpress Runtime Power Management Added   AMD   2013-09-20
OpenSUSE 13.1 Goes Into Beta With Linux 3.11   SUSE   2013-09-19
An Overview Of Linux 3.12 Kernel Features   Linux Kernel   2013-09-15
Intel Bay Trail / Silvermont Linux Hardware Support   Intel   2013-09-12
RadeonSI / GLAMOR Support Still M.I.A. From Ubuntu 13.10   Radeon   2013-09-12
Linux 3.12 Codenamed "Suicidal Squirrel"   Linux Kernel   2013-09-12
EXT4, F2FS File-System Performance On Linux 3.12   Linux Storage   2013-09-11
2D Performance Is Improving For Ubuntu 13.10 XMir   Ubuntu   2013-09-10
Good Features For The Linux 3.12 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-09-08
Mesa 9.3 Git Tests From Intel Haswell HD Graphics   Intel   2013-09-08
Lemote's Playing With Loongson Radeon UVD   Hardware   2013-09-05
Intel DRM-Next Haswell Performance Benchmarks   Intel   2013-09-05
Staging Driver Offers Great Stuff In Linux 3.12   Linux Kernel   2013-09-03
Linux 3.11 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2013-09-03
Btrfs On Ubuntu Is Running Well   Free Software   2013-09-02
Linux 3.12 Enables Haswell's Iris eLLC Cache Support   Intel   2013-09-02
Pipelight, X.Org, exFAT & Wayland Topped This Month   Phoronix   2013-08-31
Exciting Features That Will Come To Linux 3.12   Linux Kernel   2013-08-31
Recapping The Linux 3.11 Kernel Features   Linux Kernel   2013-08-31
Linux 3.12 To Support AMD "Berlin" HSA APU   AMD   2013-08-30
TOSHIBA 128GB Q-Series SATA 3.0 SSD Linux Tests   Hardware   2013-08-30
Intel 520 Series SSD Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux   Intel   2013-08-29
Ubuntu Working Towards Intel Rapid Start Support   Ubuntu   2013-08-28
Linux 3.11-rc7 Celebrates 22 Years Of Linux   Linux Kernel   2013-08-25
ZFSOnLinux 0.6.2 Is Faster, Supports Newer Kernels   Free Software   2013-08-24
Intel DRM Nightly Benchmarks On A Core i7 Haswell   Intel   2013-08-24
Intel Already Begins Thinking About Linux 3.13 Kernel   Intel   2013-08-24
Performance Overview Of Mesa 9.2   Mesa   2013-08-21
The Most Exciting Linux 3.11 Kernel Features   Linux Kernel   2013-08-20
Linux 3.11-rc7 Planned To Celebrate 22 Years Of Linux   Linux Kernel   2013-08-18
Features Still Being Sought By Open-Source AMD Users   AMD   2013-08-14
AMD's Initial Radeon Driver Changes For Linux 3.12   Radeon   2013-08-13
Linux 3.11-rc5 Celebrates 20 Years Since Windows 3.11   Linux Kernel   2013-08-11
Nouveau Receives Video Improvements   Nouveau   2013-08-11
The Top Features Of Phoronix Test Suite 4.8   Phoronix Test Suite   2013-08-11
Linux 3.11 Power Consumption Results Are Mixed   Linux Kernel   2013-08-09
Radeon DPM Power Management Gets Fixed Up Again   Radeon   2013-08-08
Linux 3.11 Benchmarks For Nouveau Graphics   Nouveau   2013-08-07
Linux 3.11-rc4 Kernel Brings More Changes   Linux Kernel   2013-08-04
July Was An Incredible Month For Linux Users   Phoronix   2013-07-31
Linux Is Still A Lemon On The 2013 MacBook Air   Hardware   2013-07-31
How To Setup Radeon DPM On Ubuntu Linux   Radeon   2013-07-30
Radeon DPM Support Should Now Be In Good Shape   Radeon   2013-07-29
Linux 3.11-rc3 Kernel Brings In Many More Patches   Linux Kernel   2013-07-29
Linux 3.11 Kernel Power Use Still Being Investigated   Linux Kernel   2013-07-28
Linux 3.11 May Lower Intel Power Consumption   Linux Kernel   2013-07-26
It's A Bit Easier Using Nouveau Video Acceleration   Nouveau   2013-07-25
Windows 8 vs. Linux Graphics, Source Benchmarks Coming   Phoronix   2013-07-23
LZ4 Compression Proposed For SquashFS   Linux Kernel   2013-07-23
Linux 3.11-rc2 Kernel Packs In Mostly Normal Changes   Linux Kernel   2013-07-21
Haswell Perf Doesn't Change Much On Linux 3.11   Intel   2013-07-20
Intel Already Begins Lining Up Changes For Linux 3.12   Intel   2013-07-19
Nouveau VP2 H.264/MPEG2 Decoding Now In Gallium3D   Nouveau   2013-07-18
Radeon Power Management Gets More Fixes For 3.11   Radeon   2013-07-17
Radeon DRM Gets More Fixes For Linux 3.11 Kernel   Radeon   2013-07-15
Intel Ivy Bridge Graphics On The Linux 3.11 Kernel   Intel   2013-07-15
Linux 3.11-rc1 Kernel Released With Glorious Features   Linux Kernel   2013-07-14
Nouveau Fermi Performance On Ubuntu 13.10   Nouveau   2013-07-12
The New & Best Features Of The Linux 3.11 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-07-12
Linux Kernels Can Now Be Compressed With LZ4   Linux Kernel   2013-07-11
Zswap Merged Into The Linux 3.11 Kernel   Free Software   2013-07-11
XFS Changes Merged Into Linux 3.11 Kernel   Linux Storage   2013-07-09
Btrfs In Linux 3.11 Has More Fixes, Performance Tuning   Free Software   2013-07-09
The Extraordinary DRM Pull Request For Linux 3.11   Linux Kernel   2013-07-09
AMD Radeon DRM Gets More Early DPM Fixes   Radeon   2013-07-08
Testing Radeon DPM Using Sysfs/Debugfs   Radeon   2013-07-06
Radeon KMS HDMI Audio Might Be Re-Enabled Soon   Radeon   2013-07-06
Radeon DRM: Dynamic Power Management Updates   Radeon   2013-07-05
More AVX2 Crypto Optimizations For Linux 3.11   Free Software   2013-07-05
Nouveau Advances NVIDIA NVF0/GK110 Support   Nouveau   2013-07-05
QXL DRM Driver Gets Dynamic Resizing, Multi CRTCs   Red Hat   2013-07-05
Intel Rapid Start Being Toyed With For Linux   Hardware   2013-07-05
Input Device Support Gets Better For Linux 3.11   Hardware   2013-07-04
IBM Continues Advancing PowerPC For Linux   Hardware   2013-07-04
More ARM Changes For The Linux 3.11 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-07-04
Linux 3.11 Will Allow For Windows RT Wine Support   WINE   2013-07-04
F2FS File-System In Linux 3.11 Gets Updated   Linux Storage   2013-07-03
Linux 3.11: Bay Trail Audio, 32+ Sound Cards   Linux Kernel   2013-07-03
EXT4 File-System Updated For Linux 3.11 Kernel   Linux Storage   2013-07-02
Lustre File-System Client Heads To Linux 3.11   Linux Kernel   2013-07-01
Xen & KVM Come To 64-bit ARM On Linux   Linux Kernel   2013-07-01
Armada, VIA DRM Not For The Linux 3.11 Kernel   Free Software   2013-07-01
Nouveau Changes Pulled For Linux 3.11 Kernel   Nouveau   2013-07-01
June Was A Very Diverse Month For Linux Enthusiasts   Phoronix   2013-06-30
Feature-Rich Linux 3.10 Kernel Officially Released   Linux Kernel   2013-06-30
Kernel Patches Start Coming For 2013 MacBook Air   Linux Kernel   2013-06-30
DRM Changes In Linux 3.11 Might Be The Biggest Ever   Linux Kernel   2013-06-30
Samsung Continues Advancing Its Exynos DRM   Hardware   2013-06-28
AMD Sea Islands Support Comes To Radeon Gallium3D   Radeon   2013-06-28
Nouveau Gets H.264/MPEG2 Decoding From VP2   Nouveau   2013-06-28
Radeon In Linux 3.11 Is Fantastic With PM, Sea Islands   Radeon   2013-06-28
Intel Readies Its Last Graphics Changes For Linux 3.11   Linux Kernel   2013-06-28
A New DRM Driver Is Coming To Linux 3.11 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-06-27
AMD Has Massive Radeon Patch Set - Power Management!   Radeon   2013-06-26
Thunderbolt Still Has Problems For Linux   Hardware   2013-06-20
Looking Forward To The Linux 3.11 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2013-06-10
VIA DRM Driver Finally Proposed For Mainline Linux   Linux Kernel   2013-06-08
Intel Graphics Get Ready For Linux 3.11 Kernel   Intel   2013-06-08
Qualcomm Publishes New ath10k 802.11ac Driver   Hardware   2013-06-03
Intel Works On Intermediate Pixel Storage   Intel   2013-05-31
Intel Begins Lining Up Graphics Changes For Linux 3.11   Linux Kernel   2013-05-29
VIA OpenChrome KMS Driver Finally Goes For Mainline   Hardware   2013-05-26
Hot Relocation HDD To SSD Support For Btrfs   Free Software   2013-05-22
KVM Virtualization Still Being Ported To 64-bit ARM   Virtualization   2013-05-16
Ubuntu Still Figuring Out How To Handle Hybrid Graphics   Ubuntu   2013-05-15
X.Org, Mir Plans Are Made Up For Ubuntu 13.10   X.Org   2013-05-14
Intel's Valley View Should Be In Shape For Linux 3.11   Linux Kernel   2013-04-20