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GNOME 47 Linux & Open-Source News

GNOME 47 Alpha Released With Accent Color Support & Wayland-Only Build Option   GNOME   2024-07-13
GNOME's Wild Week From Leadership Change To More STF-Driven Improvements   GNOME   2024-07-13
GNOME Mutter Lands Support To Transform sRGB To HDR Outputs   GNOME   2024-07-09
Fedora Workstation 41 Install Media Will Ship With Wayland-Only GNOME   Fedora   2024-07-08
GNOME Shell & Mutter See "47.alpha" Releases With Many Big Changes   GNOME   2024-06-30
GNOME 47 Can Now Be Built With X11 Support Disabled   GNOME   2024-06-27
Ubuntu 24.10 Now Defaults To Wayland On NVIDIA   Ubuntu   2024-06-24
GNOME Seeing Much Work On Their "Setup" OEM Style Installer, Key Rack & oo7   GNOME   2024-06-22
GNOME Shell Accent Color Support Merged For GNOME 47   GNOME   2024-06-20
GNOME Merges Wayland DRM Lease Protocol For Better VR Handling   GNOME   2024-06-20
NVIDIA Open Kernel Driver News, AMD EPYC 4004 & Linux 6.10 Made For A Fun May   Phoronix   2024-06-01
GNOME OS Working On A New Installer & Other Enhancements To Make It More Practical   GNOME   2024-05-18
Ubuntu 24.10 To See More Polishing, NVIDIA Wayland By Default & New Welcome Wizard   Ubuntu   2024-05-17
GNOME 47 Aims For Release On 18 September   GNOME   2024-05-16
GNOME Shell's Layout Being Improved For Smaller Displays   GNOME   2024-05-04
Ubuntu Isn't Yet Recommending GNOME's VRR Option   Ubuntu   2024-04-29
Ubuntu 24.10 Is The "Oracular Oriole"   Ubuntu   2024-04-29
GNOME Mutter Lands NVIDIA Hybrid GPU Copy Acceleration   GNOME   2024-04-17
Experimental VRR Support Might Still Land For GNOME 46   GNOME   2024-03-01
New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland   GNOME   2024-02-16
Variable Refresh Rate "VRR" Support Comes Down To The Wire For GNOME 46   GNOME   2024-02-10