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Compiz Articles & Reviews

Windows 7 & Windows 8 vs. Ubuntu 13.04 & Fedora 18   Operating Systems   2013-04-05
Ubuntu 13.04 Will Improve Gaming On Open-Source GPU Drivers   Operating Systems   2013-01-26
Unity 6.6: Still Regressing On Performance?   Operating Systems   2012-09-29
Intel Linux OpenGL Driver Remains Slower Than Windows   Display Drivers   2012-09-25
Ubuntu Unity Proves Very Slow To KDE, GNOME, Xfce, LXDE   Operating Systems   2012-09-07
Ubuntu's Unity/Compiz Gets Even Slower   Operating Systems   2012-09-04
Ubuntu's Unity Decision Affects 2D Performance Too   Software   2012-08-20
Ubuntu's Unity Has Room To Improve Performance   Software   2012-08-17
Intel Ivy Bridge: Unity/Compiz Continues To Impair The Linux Desktop   Software   2012-05-28
Gaming/Graphics Performance On Unity, GNOME, KDE, Xfce   Software   2012-02-08
How Unity, Compiz, GNOME Shell & KWin Affect Performance   Software   2011-05-30
Does Compiz Still Slow Down Your System?   Software   2011-03-10
Mutter Can Cause A Gaming/OpenGL Performance Hit Too   Software   2010-06-21
KWin Can Cause A Performance Hit Too   Software   2010-05-24
The Cost Of Running Compiz   Software   2010-05-21
AMD Linux 2008 Year in Review   Display Drivers   2008-12-15
The New Compiz Fusion Settings Manager   Software   2008-03-07
AMD 2007 Year In Review   Display Drivers   2007-12-26
Foresight Linux 2.0 Alpha 1   Operating Systems   2007-11-12
ATI Open vs. Closed-Source Drivers   Display Drivers   2007-11-04
ATI Open vs. Closed AIGLX Performance   Display Drivers   2007-11-02
AMD 8.42 Driver Brings Fixes, AIGLX!   Display Drivers   2007-10-23
Ubuntu 7.10 + WINE vs. Windows XP   Operating Systems   2007-10-19
Mandriva Linux 2008.0 RC1   Operating Systems   2007-09-09
ATI R300/400 Linux Performance   Display Drivers   2007-09-05
Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3   Operating Systems   2007-07-19
NVIDIA GeForce 7050   Graphics Cards   2007-07-08
Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 2   Operating Systems   2007-06-28
GPUs & Beryl: What is Needed?   Graphics Cards   2007-05-27
BeleniX v0.6 LiveCD   Operating Systems   2007-05-25
MCNLive Virtual City   Operating Systems   2007-02-11
Sabayon Linux 3.0 RC2 Mini   Operating Systems   2006-08-31
Dapper Drake + Xgl Compiz   Display Drivers   2006-02-20

Compiz Linux & Open-Source News

Fedora Miracle Spin Approved To Ship As Part Of Fedora Linux 41   Fedora   2024-05-20
KDE Desktop Cube Effect Returns & Plasma Wayland Per-Screen Color Management   KDE   2023-10-28
Compiz Released After Two Years   Desktop   2022-08-24
Fedora's Robotics, Games & Security Spins At Risk Of Being Dropped   Fedora   2022-07-26
Wayfire 0.5 Wayland Compositor Brings Latency Optimizations, More Protocols   Wayland   2020-08-04
Compiz Sees New Update Ahead Of The Holidays - But It's Mainly Bug Fixing   Desktop   2019-11-28
Compiz 0.9.14 Released As First Update In Over Two Years   Desktop   2019-02-16
AMD Posts Latest Open-Source Linux Patches For FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync / VRR   Radeon   2018-10-11
Former Compiz Developer Creating New Window Animation Library   GNOME   2018-09-13
The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of The Past 14 Years   Phoronix   2018-06-05
Wayfire Is A New Wayland Compositor That Supports Desktop Cube, Expo & Other Plugins   Wayland   2018-03-22
Arcan 0.5.4 Display Server Released With Durden 0.4 Desktop   Desktop   2017-12-31
Ubuntu's Reformulated Desktop Was The Talk Of 2017   Ubuntu   2017-12-30
NixOS 17.09 Released With GNOME 3.24, Various Low-Level Improvements   Operating Systems   2017-10-02
Knoppix 8.1 Now Available For A Retro Linux Experience In 2017   Operating Systems   2017-09-27
The Most Popular Linux News Of The Past 13 Years   Phoronix   2017-05-29
Unity 8 Abandonment, Windows 10 vs. Linux Tests Dominated April   Phoronix   2017-04-30
Former Compiz Developer: Free Software Desktop Might Enter A Dark Age   Ubuntu   2017-04-07
Microsoft Continued With Many Linux/Open-Source Announcements In 2016   Microsoft   2016-12-28
The Wayland Highlights Of 2016   Wayland   2016-12-28
The Android Runtime On Chrome OS Makes Use Of Wayland   Google   2016-09-07
Linux Graphics, RX 480 & Other July Excitement; Did You Notice Something Different?   Phoronix   2016-07-31
Ubuntu's Unity Desktop Can Now Run Natively On Windows   Microsoft   2016-07-10
The Most Popular Linux Hardware Reviews & Articles Over The Past 12 Years   Phoronix   2016-06-06
The Most Popular Linux News Over The Past 12 Years   Phoronix   2016-06-04
Wobbly Windows Support & Other Post-Processing Effects For Wayland   Wayland   2016-04-02
Linux Mint 17.3 Now In Beta For Xfce/KDE Editions   Operating Systems   2015-12-26
Ubuntu 15.10 Just Hit Its Final Beta   Ubuntu   2015-09-24
Ubuntu Needs Help Fixing Thousands Of Unity/Compiz Bugs For 16.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2015-09-15
The Most Popular Linux & Open-Source News Over The Past 11 Years   Phoronix   2015-06-05
Ubuntu 15.04 Released, Now Available For Download   Ubuntu   2015-04-23
Wine Developers Are Still Working On Direct3D 10/11 Support   WINE   2015-02-05
Xfce Spin Of Linux Mint 17.1 Released With Out-Of-The-Box Compiz Support   Operating Systems   2015-01-11
Compiz 0.8.10 Released   Desktop   2015-01-09
Linux Mint 17.1 RCs Out For Xfce & KDE   Operating Systems   2014-12-17
Linux Mint 17.1 Released In MATE & Cinnamon Flavors   Operating Systems   2014-11-29
There's New In-Fighting Over The Future Of Compiz   Desktop   2014-11-24
Linux Mint 17.1 Release Candidate Out   Operating Systems   2014-11-15
Compiz 0.9.12 Released, Starts Porting GTK Window Decorator To GTK+ 3   Ubuntu   2014-11-06
Cairo-Dock 3.4 Shows A Lot Of Progress, Works Toward EGL/Wayland Support   Desktop   2014-10-22
Unity 8 Desktop Still Planned In Time For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2014-10-14
Knoppix 7.4 Plays With Systemd & Compiz   Operating Systems   2014-08-08
The DDE 2.0 Desktop Is Looking Nice   Desktop   2014-07-06
Deepin 2014 Linux Distribution Released   Operating Systems   2014-07-06
The Most Popular Linux Stories Of The Past 10 Years   Phoronix   2014-06-05
Unity To Have Anti-Aliased Corners, Full GTK3 Theming   Ubuntu   2014-01-24
Using KWin To Power Other Non-KDE Linux Desktops   KDE   2013-11-27
Freedreno ARM GPU Driver Keeps Hitting Milestones   Arm   2013-11-24
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Won't Be Powered By Mir   Ubuntu   2013-11-19
Wayland Support Merged Into XBMC   Wayland   2013-10-12
Fedora 20 Alpha RC1 Can Now Be Tested   Fedora   2013-09-11
Ubuntu Desktop To Drop PowerPC Support   Hardware   2013-07-30
What Linux Distribution Should Be Benchmarked The Most?   Phoronix   2013-07-26
XBMC Ported To Run On Mir Display Server   Multimedia   2013-07-23
XBMC Now Runs Well On Wayland   Wayland   2013-07-17
Mark Shuttleworth Declares Mir A Performance Win   Ubuntu   2013-07-09
AMD Catalyst 13.6 Linux Graphics Driver Beta Released   AMD   2013-05-28
Using Six Monitors With AMD's Open-Source Linux Driver   AMD   2013-05-19
Unity 7, Compiz To Be Polished For Ubuntu 13.10   Ubuntu   2013-05-16
What Was Striking On Phoronix Last Month   Phoronix   2013-05-01
Arch-Based Manjaro Linux Runs Against Ubuntu 13.04   Arch Linux   2013-04-24
Experimental Compiz, Unity Work Continues   Ubuntu   2013-03-29
Wayland/Weston Fork Now Called Northfield/Norwood   Wayland   2013-03-25
Wayland/Weston Gets Forked As "GH-Next"   Wayland   2013-03-24
Nouveau vs. NVIDIA Drivers On Quadro Laptop   Nouveau   2013-03-15
KWin On Mir: A Solution To Non-Existent Problem   KDE   2013-03-08
XBMC Ported To Wayland   Wayland   2013-03-08
Canonical Loses Work From Top Compiz Contributor   Ubuntu   2013-03-08
The Developers Behind The Mir Display Server   Ubuntu   2013-03-04
Ubuntu's Unity Written In Qt/QML For "Unity Next"   Ubuntu   2013-03-04
Qt/GTK Speed On Unity/KDE/Xfce/LXDE/GNOME/Razor   Desktop   2013-02-28
Intel Mesa 9.1 Benchmarks On Unity, KDE, Xfce, Etc   Mesa   2013-02-28
Ubuntu Touch/Tablet Is Using SurfaceFlinger   Ubuntu   2013-02-22
Freedreno Gallium3D Driver Might Be Merged Soon   Hardware   2013-02-03
239 News Stories & 20 Articles About Linux This Month   Phoronix   2013-01-31
CrossOver 12.1 Ditches Wine-Mono   WINE   2013-01-23
NVIDIA 313.18 Driver Update Packs A Ton Of Changes   NVIDIA   2013-01-16
Compiz Will Not Be Ported To Wayland   Ubuntu   2013-01-07
Ubuntu 12.10 Now Unredirects Fullscreen Windows   Linux Gaming   2012-12-26
The Most Popular Linux Stories Over Eight Years   Free Software   2012-12-21
Mesa, EGL Support For The Buffer-Age Extension   Mesa   2012-12-20
NVIDIA 313.09 Linux GPU Driver Benchmarks   NVIDIA   2012-12-16
A Slew Of Performance Improvements To Hit Compiz   Desktop   2012-12-13
Why KDE Is Great For Gaming On The Linux Desktop   KDE   2012-11-30
Ubuntu Prepares To Kill Off Metacity, Ups Compiz   Ubuntu   2012-11-29
Compiz To Unredirect Fullscreen Windows By Default   Ubuntu   2012-11-28
Ubuntu Developers Realize Need For Non-3D Desktop   Ubuntu   2012-10-29
Ubuntu Sees Need To Improve Unity's Performance   Linux Gaming   2012-10-29
Ubuntu 13.04 Is Codenamed The "Raring Ringtail"   Ubuntu   2012-10-18
Ubuntu TV Still Being Ported To Unity 3D   Ubuntu   2012-10-16
KDE Desktop Won't Force You To Use LLVMpipe   KDE   2012-10-09
Ubuntu Unity 6.8 Aims To Fix Performance Problems   Ubuntu   2012-10-05
Compiz Being Re-Retired From Fedora   Fedora   2012-10-05
September Brought Good Valve, ARM, Linux News   Valve   2012-10-02
Nouveau Benchmarks On Ubuntu 12.10   Nouveau   2012-09-17
Compiz Working On Unredirected Fullscreen Windows   Ubuntu   2012-09-13
Unity Debacle Sets Back Ubuntu On The ARM Desktop   Ubuntu   2012-09-11
Ten Suggestions For The GNOME Camp   GNOME   2012-09-10
AMD Catalyst For Linux On The "Blacklist Of Junk"   AMD   2012-09-06
Ubuntu's Unity Is Also Painful For 2D Performance   Ubuntu   2012-09-05
KDE 3.5 Continues To Live Through The Trinity Desktop   KDE   2012-09-03
Fedora 17 Doesn't Change The Apple MacBook Pro   Apple   2012-08-24
OpenGL ES 2.0 Support Merged Into Compiz   Desktop   2012-08-22
Canonical Comments On The Unity 2D Defenestration   Ubuntu   2012-08-17
Ubuntu 12.10 Drops Unity 2D Desktop   Ubuntu   2012-08-16
Ubuntu's Unity Desktop Comes To Fedora 17   Fedora   2012-07-18
The Most Popular Linux News Of Eight Years   Hardware   2012-06-06
Compiz, Merging, Forking - Other UDS-Q Notes   Ubuntu   2012-05-10
Unity 2D To Go Away In Ubuntu 12.10   GNOME   2012-05-08
The Most Popular Linux Stories Of Q1'2012   Phoronix   2012-04-18
Is Compiz On Its Deathbed?   Ubuntu   2012-02-04
Unity: Very Intrusive & A Nightmare To Maintain   Fedora   2012-02-03
Compiz Is Likely To Get The Boot From Fedora 17   Fedora   2012-02-03
Wayland Preparing For 1.0 Stable Release   Wayland   2012-01-31
Unity Desktop, Nux Get Upstream OpenGL ES 2.0   Ubuntu   2012-01-27
AMD Releases Catalyst 12.1 Driver For Linux   AMD   2012-01-25
The Most Popular Phoronix Stories Of 2011   Linux Kernel   2011-12-31
GNOME Shell Works Without GPU Driver Support   GNOME   2011-11-06
Ubuntu Acknowledges Boot Speed Problem   Ubuntu   2011-11-04
GNOME Shell Now Works With Software Rendering!   Fedora   2011-11-03
GLX TFP Now Works For LLVMpipe Driver   Google   2011-10-25
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Opens Up, UDS Is Coming Soon   Ubuntu   2011-10-14
Caveats In The Ubuntu 11.10 Graphics Stack   Ubuntu   2011-10-13
GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap In Software   Mesa   2011-09-08
Google Brings GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap To Software   Google   2011-08-30
Important GNOME Shell, Mutter Updates   GNOME   2011-08-29
AMD Catalyst 11.8 Linux Driver Released   AMD   2011-08-17
Compiz 0.9.5 Has Arrived   Desktop   2011-07-13
The Different Gallium3D Drivers Available   Mesa   2011-06-30
The GNOME View On Compositor Benchmarking   GNOME   2011-06-13
Problems With The GNOME Shell   GNOME   2011-05-31
When Open-Source Graphics Drivers Break   Intel   2011-05-18
VMware's Gallium3D Driver For Virtualization   Virtualization   2011-05-14
OpenGL ES 2.0 Support For Compiz, KWin, Cairo   Free Software   2011-05-12
Wayland, X.Org For Ubuntu's Future   Wayland   2011-05-10
What To Expect Of Unity 2D In Ubuntu 11.10   Ubuntu   2011-05-09
The Good Stuff At The Ubuntu Budapest Summit   Ubuntu   2011-05-08
Client Side Decorations For Wayland   Wayland   2011-05-07
What's Coming Up For Ubuntu 11.10 & The Summit   Ubuntu   2011-04-29
Exciting GSoC Projects For 2011   Google   2011-04-25
Ubuntu 11.04 Doesn't Play With Nouveau Gallium3D   Ubuntu   2011-04-21
AMD's Turks GPUs Work On Open-Source, Sort Of   AMD   2011-04-21
Martin Takes His Mesa Issues To The List   Mesa   2011-04-20
Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 2 "Natty Narwhal" Released   Ubuntu   2011-04-14
The KWin View On Mutter In GNOME 3.0   KDE   2011-04-08
What Would Be Disastrous For Linux, Open-Source   Free Software   2011-04-01
AMD Fusion Falters With Linux 2.6.38 Final   AMD   2011-03-15
Will The Linux 2.6.39 Kernel Bring Graphics Magic?   Linux Kernel   2011-03-14
LLVMpipe Gallium3D Is Used In Fedora 15   Fedora   2011-03-10
Why Software Defaults Are Important & Benchmarked   Phoronix   2011-03-08