The Wayland Highlights Of 2016

Written by Michael Larabel in Wayland on 28 December 2016 at 10:30 AM EST. 4 Comments
Wayland much progress in 2016 and arguably the biggest milestone of it shipping by default in Fedora 25 Workstation with the GNOME 3.22 desktop.

Aside from the GNOME Wayland session premiering as the default on the Fedora desktop this year, many other milestones were achieved. This includes a lot of progress by KDE on their native Wayland support, toolkit support for Wayland continuing to improve, Vulkan working on Wayland, various other compositors advancing their Wayland support, NVIDIA publishing their EGLStreams support for Wayland, new Wayland protocol and Weston features, more Linux desktop programs losing their hard dependencies on X11, and various other efforts.

In 2016 on Phoronix we have written 171 original articles about Wayland (so far, there's still a few days left in the year!) so for those wishing to relive the most popular Wayland moments of the year, here are the 20 most viewed Wayland articles:

Fedora 25 To Run Wayland By Default
The Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee has decided that Fedora 25 will indeed ship the Wayland display server by default in place of the X.Org Server.

2016 Wayland Experiences: GNOME: Perfect, KDE: Bad, Enlightenment: Good
Developer Pavlo Rudyi has written a blog post about his experiences with the different desktop environments currently supporting Wayland. The results aren't a big surprise, but nevertheless it's great to see the continued interest in Wayland and the ongoing work by many different parties in ensuring Wayland will be able to dominate the Linux desktop.

Google Chrome 50 Released With Wayland Support
The exciting day has continued of open-source/Linux news with Google now releasing Chrome 50.

NVIDIA 364.12 Arrives With Wayland & Mir Support
NVIDIA's 364 Linux driver series is now available and it's pretty darn exciting!

NVIDIA Continues Discussing Their Controversial Wayland Plans With Developers
Two weeks ago NVIDIA released their 364 Linux driver with initial support for Wayland and Mir. Some have asked why there aren't benchmarks yet or if GNOME 3.20 on Wayland supports the NVIDIA driver, but the short answer is the NVIDIA developers are still debating their implementation preferences with upstream Wayland developers.

How Close Fedora Is To Switching To Wayland By Default
Kevin Martin of the Fedora Project has written a status update and plan around the "Wayland-by-default" effort for Fedora 24.

Wayland Will Not Be The Default Of Fedora 24
While many developers worked very hard in trying to make GNOME 3.20 default to using Wayland rather than an X.Org Server for Fedora 24, this isn't going to happen.

The State Of Popular Open-Source Programs On Wayland
For those interested in the state of various open-source desktop programs on Wayland, there is a nice read about the compatibility with these modern Linux programs.

Wayland Founder Kristian Høgsberg Is The Latest Open-Source Developer Leaving Intel
Sadly, another blow to report on with regard to Intel's open-source efforts... Just days after reporting on Intel losing its chief Linux/open-source technologist, Dirk Hohndel, there's another high profile departure in the open-source world. Today marks the last day at Intel for Wayland founder Kristian Høgsberg.

NVIDIA 364.19 Linux Driver Stabilizes The Wayland & Mir Support
The NVIDIA 364.19 Linux graphics driver was released today as the first stable release in the NVIDIA 364 driver series.

Wobbly Windows Support & Other Post-Processing Effects For Wayland
Samsung developers have been working on implementing client-side post processing effects for Wayland. This is to achieve similar effects like "wobbly windows" as were common to the Linux desktop going back many years with AIGLX / Compiz / Beryl.

Trying Out Ubuntu GNOME 16.10, Wayland Session Not So Great
With today's Ubuntu 16.10 release one of the exciting spins we've been looking forward to is Ubuntu GNOME 16.10, which has an experimental Wayland session available but is not the default. I spent a few minutes trying out Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 this morning.

Remote Wayland Preview, GNOME 3.20 / Fedora 24 Is Shaping Up Well For Wayland
Matthias Clasen has written a status update concerning the state of GNOME 3.20 on Wayland.

The Wayland Issues Still Ahead Of Fedora 24
Back in January was a look at How Close Fedora Is To Switching To Wayland By Default while this week is an update about the issues still blocking Wayland from becoming the default for the next Fedora Linux release.

Fedora 25 Wayland Tests A Success, On Track For Stable
Fedora 25 has been on track for using Wayland by default and that was better firmed up this week. It's looking almost definitive next month's Fedora 25 release will be the first tier-one desktop Linux distribution using Wayland by default on supported systems in place of the X.Org Server.

NVIDIA Publishes Patches For Its Driver To Work With Wayland's Weston
Following NVIDIA publishing a new Linux driver that supports Wayland and Mir alongside X11, a NVIDIA engineer followed through and posted patches of the EGL support changes needed by Wayland's Weston compositor to support the new driver.

VLC 3.0 Remains Under Development While VLC 4.0 Will Have Better Wayland Support & A New UI
For more than a year we've been looking forward to VLC 3.0, but it's not quite baked yet. Once VLC 3.0 does finally ship, there are already early plans for VLC 4.0.

GNOME Lands Mainline NVIDIA Wayland Support Using EGLStreams
While waiting for a new API that can succeed GBM and is agreed upon by both NVIDIA and the open-source community, GNOME developers have gone ahead and merged support for using EGLStreams into their Mutter compositor so that the current proprietary NVIDIA Linux driver will work with GNOME on Wayland.

SDL 2.0.4 Was Quietly Released Last Week With Wayland & Mir By Default
Released last weekend to not much fanfare was SDL 2.0.4, a significant update to the Simple DirectMedia Library, which is commonly used by cross-platform games.

Why Enlightenment & Tizen Love Wayland
Longtime free software developer Carsten Haitzler, better known as Rasterman, presented at last weekend's FOSDEM conference about Enlightenment on Wayland. As part of that, with Samsung's Tizen environment using Enlightenment, they too are after Wayland as being the superior solution to X11.
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