Phoronix articles, reviews and news stories covering LGP. This searches our archive since the launch of Phoronix in 2004.

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LGP Articles & Reviews

LGP's Bandits Proceeds On Linux   Linux Gaming   15 Feb 2008
LGP Introduces Linux Game Copy Protection   Linux Gaming   23 Jun 2008
Is LGP Going The Way Of Loki Software?   Linux Gaming   23 Jun 2010
Jets 'n' Guns Enters Beta On Linux   Linux Gaming   17 Oct 2008
LGP Has A New Linux Game Installer   Linux Gaming   26 Feb 2008
ATI + X2 The Threat   Linux Gaming   05 Feb 2006
LGP X2 v1.4 (BETA 1) Benchmarks   Linux Gaming   02 Jan 2006
LGP X2 The Threat (BETA)   Linux Gaming   21 Jan 2006
LGP X2 The Threat v1.4 (BETA 3)   Linux Gaming   19 Jan 2006

LGP Linux News

FSF Wastes Away Another "High Priority"...   GNU   24 Jan 2013
BUS1: A New Linux Kernel IPC Bus Being Made By Systemd...   systemd   09 Dec 2015
VLC 2.2 Has Many Features Coming, But VLC 3.0 Will Be...   Multimedia   10 Feb 2015
Samsung Sponsors The Development Of Enlightenment   Free Software   17 Nov 2009
Open-Source RPG Projects Worth Mentioning   Linux Gaming   10 Jan 2014
The Skia 2D Graphics Library From Google   Phoronix   18 Apr 2011
More Proof That Allwinner Is Violating The GPL   Hardware   25 Feb 2015
OrangeFS Lands In Linux 4.6 Kernel   Linux Kernel   26 Mar 2016
Epic Games Provides No Hope For UT3 On Linux   Linux Gaming   17 May 2010
America's Army 3.0 "May Return" To Linux   Linux Gaming   06 Jan 2009
Jolla Brings Wayland Atop Android GPU Drivers   Wayland   11 Apr 2013
Allwinner Caught Obfuscating Their Improperly Licensed...   Hardware   19 Mar 2015
Bareflank Is A New Linux Hypervisor Written In...   Virtualization   21 Jul 2016
Qualcomm's Open Kernel Driver Leads To A Dirty Mess   Hardware   01 Jul 2010
The Qt Company Is Tomorrow Moving Qt 5.15 To Its...   Qt   04 Jan 2021
GLOVE: OpenGL ES Over Vulkan As Open-Source   Vulkan   01 Aug 2018
Fedora's DNF Is Slowly Being Ported From Python To C   Fedora   24 Feb 2016
Open-Source CPU Architecture Pulled Into Linux 3.1...   Linux Kernel   25 Jul 2011
The GPLv3 GPU Is Now Available   Hardware   03 Aug 2014
Egosoft Wants To Bring Games To Steam On Linux   Valve   18 Nov 2012
Linux Game Publishing Brought Back Online For Archival...   Linux Gaming   29 Feb 2020
DisplayLink Provides USB GPU Support On Linux   X.Org   15 May 2009
SRT Video Transport Protocol Open-Sourced   Multimedia   24 Apr 2017
Upstream 7-Zip Adds Preliminary Linux Support   Programming   12 Mar 2021
EA Begins Their (Sad) Ubuntu Game Push   Linux Gaming   08 May 2012
Mir Relicensed To GPLv2 Or GPLv3   Ubuntu   09 Aug 2017
NVIDIA 396.18 Linux Driver Reaches Beta With New...   NVIDIA   10 Apr 2018
Fake Debian Developers Try To Get Free Linux Games   Linux Gaming   13 Feb 2014
VideoLAN Now Developing "libndi" For NDI...   Multimedia   18 Jun 2020
Phoronix Thread Leads To New Linux Game Ports   Linux Gaming   29 May 2009
Android vs. OpenMoko: Who Will Win?   Google   13 Nov 2007
Snowshoe: New Cross-Platform Web-Browser On Qt5,...   Free Software   11 Jan 2013
Vulkan Adds An Exception To Address Wine's Code...   Vulkan   25 May 2018
A Detailed Look At The Failed GPLGPU Open-Source GPU   Hardware   30 Jul 2016
HPC Challenge, New OpenCL Linux Benchmarks   Phoronix   08 Nov 2013
An LGPL-Licensed, Larrabee-Inspired GPGPU Processor   Hardware   09 Mar 2015
Qt 4.8 Draws In Platform Abstraction, New WebKit   Qt   15 Dec 2011
Canonical Comes Up With Its Own Multi-Touch Framework   Ubuntu   16 Aug 2010
MPV 0.25 Media Player Released With Numerous Changes   Multimedia   24 Apr 2017
Clutter Toolkit 1.0.0 Is Released   Free Software   29 Jul 2009
Clutter's Cogl Relicensed To Be More Permissive   GNOME   15 Jan 2014
Wayland Reference Code Being Re-Licensed   Wayland   20 Sep 2011
FFmpeg Experiences A New Release, Finally!   Multimedia   09 Mar 2009
Tiny C Compiler Is Still Around, But Not Quickly...   Programming   15 Nov 2012
Artanis: GNU Gets Into Web Application Frameworks,...   GNU   10 May 2017
Mir Display Server Lands API Changes, Relicenses...   Ubuntu   02 Feb 2017
Libde265: Another Open-Source H.265   Free Software   05 Sep 2013
Apple Buys Out CUPS Printing   Free Software   12 Jul 2007
Libav Lands Kvazaar HEVC/H.265 Encoder   Multimedia   23 Oct 2015
ALSA's TinyCompress Audio Library Gets A Release   Free Software   24 Feb 2013
Humble Bundle #2 Breaches $900k, On Way To $1M USD   Linux Gaming   17 Dec 2010
The Most Popular Licenses On GitHub & SourceForge   Free Software   10 Jan 2015
Clang PGO Shot Down For Now From The Linux Kernel   LLVM   01 Jul 2021
That Was Quick: Nokia Sells Qt Commercial To Digia   Free Software   07 Mar 2011
DirectFB 1.6 Release Is Imminent With New Features   Free Software   14 Jan 2012
Fedora 35 Aims For Better Experience Running Vintage...   Fedora   17 May 2021
QEMU 0.10.0 Release To Bring Many Features   Virtualization   06 Mar 2009
Wayland License Changing To LGPLv2   Wayland   22 Nov 2010
VSXu 0.6 Audio Visualizer & Visual Programming...   Desktop   30 Apr 2017
Kickstarter-Based Open-Source GPU Launches   Hardware   09 Oct 2013
LM_Sensors 3.2.0 Has Been Released   Hardware   10 Oct 2010
One Million Dollars For A Shader-Based LGPLv3 GPU   Hardware   08 Oct 2013
Qt Does Some Licensing Changes   Qt   13 Jan 2016
Fedora Can Now Ship MPEG2 Support, But What They Will...   Fedora   24 Apr 2019
Orange Publishes An In-Kernel eBPF-Powered Cache - Can...   Free Software   15 Sep 2021
LGP Porting Jets 'n' Guns To Linux   Linux Gaming   10 Oct 2008
Qt Publishes Roadmap, Opens Up Git Repository   Free Software   11 May 2009
Open-Source Blu-Ray Library Advances (libbluray)   Free Software   04 Oct 2013
With Valve On Linux, Has LGP Lost All Relevance?   Valve   18 Jul 2012
X3: Reunion Finally Goes Gold On Linux   Linux Gaming   10 Nov 2008
LGP Has Been Down For A Month And A Half   Linux Gaming   18 Nov 2010
Qt 5.4 Officially Released   Qt   10 Dec 2014
Linux Game Publishing Is Working On A New Port   Linux Gaming   05 May 2011
Another Humble Indie Bundle Is Coming   Linux Gaming   09 Dec 2010
PulseAudio Gains Greater FreeBSD Compatibility   BSD   22 Dec 2013
Mir Had A Wild Year From Nearly Being Killed Alongside...   Ubuntu   17 Dec 2017
LGP Is Now Porting Shadowgrounds: Survivor   Linux Gaming   29 Jan 2009
Linux Game Publishing: "We Are Very Much...   Linux Gaming   23 Jun 2010
Linux Game Publishing Is Hitting A Bumpy Road Again   Linux Gaming   06 Aug 2011
Linux Game Publishing Remains Down For The Count   Linux Gaming   05 May 2015
X Rebirth Linux Alpha Now Available   Linux Gaming   14 Mar 2015
CodeRefactor: Turning Microsoft's MSIL/CIL Into C++   Microsoft   10 Feb 2014
Qt Updates Its Online Installer To Clarify Open-Source...   Qt   27 May 2020
Qt 4.5 Released, Qt Extended Discontinued   Free Software   03 Mar 2009
VMware Provides Open-Source Virtualization Viewer   Virtualization   03 Feb 2009
It Looks Like The Open-Source GPU Will Fail Again   Hardware   02 Nov 2013
A Year Later, Linux Game Publishing Is Still...   Linux Gaming   27 Jan 2013
Clutter 1.0 Reaches RC1 Milestone   Free Software   20 Jun 2009
Bandits: Phoenix Rising Finally Gets A New Beta   Linux Gaming   07 Mar 2009
Mir 0.1.3 Is Now Available With Few Changes   Ubuntu   20 Dec 2013
What The New Linux Game Publishing Will Look Like   Linux Gaming   04 Feb 2012
Nokia To Stop Developing Qt Jambi   Free Software   20 Feb 2009
Linux Game Publishing Shake-Up: CEO Steps Down   Linux Gaming   31 Jan 2012
GNOME 3.34 RC2 Available For Final Testing Of This Big...   GNOME   07 Sep 2019
GNU C Library Looking To Drop FSF Copyright Assignment...   GNU   15 Jun 2021
LPGPU2 Tools Aiming For Better Power Efficiency On...   Free Software   12 Sep 2018
X3: Reunion For Linux Enters Beta   Linux Gaming   29 Oct 2007
Allwinner Continues Violating The LGPL   Hardware   04 Mar 2015
Allwinner Plays Around With Licenses On Its Media...   Hardware   21 Mar 2015
Qt Purchasing Module Might Come To Qt 5.6 For Offering...   Qt   05 Aug 2015