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Nouveau DRM Tree Sees Updates Ahead Of Linux 4.20

While there has been lots of Intel updates and tons of AMDGPU activity in DRM-Next for the upcoming Linux 4.20~5.0 cycle, there hadn't been any changes to the open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver while at least today the Nouveau DRM tree has seen some new updates.

5 October 2018 - Open-Source NVIDIA - 6 Comments
NVIDIA Firmware Blobs Get Switched Up For Helping Pascal-Powered Laptops With Nouveau

There was some NVIDIA signed firmware activity today in the linux-firmware.git tree for Pascal GPUs... Sadly, it's not the long sought after PMU firmware or any breakthrough in allowing the open-source Nouveau driver to properly support re-clocking or other long missing functionality from this open-source NVIDIA driver. Rather, it's just to help out newer laptops with Pascal discrete graphics.

6 September 2018 - Signed Binary Blobs - 18 Comments
Nouveau Changes Queue Ahead Of Linux 4.19

Linux 4.19 is going to be another exciting kernel on the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) front with a lot of good stuff included while hours ago we finally got a look at what's in store for the open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver.

19 July 2018 - Open-Source NVIDIA - 3 Comments
NIR Continues To Be Prepped For OpenCL Support

Longtime Nouveau contributor Karol Herbst who joined Red Hat several months ago has been working on Nouveau NIR support as stepping towards SPIR-V/compute support and this summer the work very much remains an active target.

15 July 2018 - NIR OpenCL - 2 Comments
Recent Nouveau Improvements Thanks To A New Contributor

The open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver continues to be largely a community affair aside from occasional code/documentation dumps (and hardware supplies) from NVIDIA and then Red Hat also employing a few of the key contributors to the Nouveau DRM kernel driver and Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D within Mesa. When it comes to Red Hat's Nouveau developers like Ben Skeggs and Karol Herbst, they started out as community contributors over the years to this driver. Fortunately, this year has brought another new contributor to the Mesa driver stack.

8 July 2018 - Nouveau Gallium3D - 22 Comments
Nouveau NIR Support Nears The Mesa Merging Milestone

It has been a while since last having anything to report on the Nouveau Gallium3D driver's effort to support the NIR intermediate representation as part of their effort to re-use existing code-paths for helping to bring-up SPIR-V compute support for this open-source NVIDIA Linux driver and ultimately working towards Vulkan support. But the latest version of these Nouveau NIR patches are now available and almost ready to be mainlined.

29 June 2018 - Nouveau NIR - 4 Comments
Nouveau Is On The Verge Of Having Basic Compute Support

Karol Herbst, who is a long-time Nouveau contributor who joined Red Hat at the end of last year, along with other hat-wearing Linux developers continue working on Nouveau compute support for this open-source NVIDIA driver.

24 March 2018 - Nouveau Compute - 8 Comments
Shared Virtual Memory Support For Nouveau With HMM

It's been a while since we last have seen any new Heterogeneous Memory Management patches even after its mainline introduction in Linux 4.14. But Jerome Glisse who masterminded HMM at Red Hat is now out with some Shared Virtual Memory (SVM) patches for Nouveau.

10 March 2018 - Heterogeneous Memory Management - 3 Comments
Compute Support Is Moving Along For Nouveau

Longtime Nouveau contributor Karol Herbst who joined Red Hat at the end of 2017 continues working on Nouveau compute support along with fellow hat-wearing open-source graphics driver developer Rob Clark.

8 March 2018 - Nouveau Compute - 9 Comments
Nouveau's NIR Support Inches Closer To TGSI Quality

Longtime Nouveau contributor Karol Herbst joined Red Hat at the end of last year where his current task is on NIR intermediate representation support for Nouveau as part of bringing SPIR-V compute support to this open-source NVIDIA Linux driver.

21 February 2018 - Nouveau NIR V5 - 3 Comments
Nouveau Updates Submitted For Linux 4.16, Bringing GP108 & Kepler Clock Gating

Last week the big DRM feature update for Linux 4.16 was sent in that included many AMDGPU updates, AMDKFD HSA updates, better Intel Cannonlake graphics support, Jetson TX2 display support, MSM DEVFREQ handling, and much more. But missing were any open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver changes. There is now a secondary DRM pull request with Nouveau updates.

9 February 2018 - Nouveau DRM - Add A Comment

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