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Tizen Linux & Open-Source News

JetBrains Enabling Wayland Support For IntelliJ-Based IDEs   Wayland   2023-08-30
AlmaLinux No Longer Aims For 1:1 Compatibility With RHEL   Red Hat   2023-07-13
Wine 7.16 Released With WoW64 X11 Driver Support, 20 Bug Fixes   WINE   2022-08-28
Wine 7.12 Released With Theming For Qt5 Apps, VKD3D v1.4   WINE   2022-07-01
Fedora's Java Packages Have Fallen Into Rough Shape   Fedora   2021-09-28
Wine 6.14 Implements More 32-bit To 64-bit Thunks, Updated Mono   WINE   2021-07-30
Wine 6.8 Released With Support For Loading Libraries From Arch-Specific Subdirectories   WINE   2021-05-07
Canonical Continues To Talk Up Google's Flutter UI Toolkit   Ubuntu   2021-03-19
Wine-Staging 6.0-RC5 Is Testing A Patch That May Hurt The Performance Of Some Games   WINE   2021-01-03
AMD Is Making Progress On Open-Source Firmware - Initially With OpenBMC   AMD   2020-12-03
Wayland's Wild Decade From v1.0 Release To Usable GNOME/KDE Desktop Support   Wayland   2019-12-29
DXVK 1.5 Released With The Newly-Added Direct3D 9 Support   Linux Gaming   2019-12-16
Ten Years Past GNOME's 10x10 Goal, The Linux Desktop Is Still Far From Having A 10% Marketshare   GNOME   2019-12-14
Wine-Staging 4.17 Brings Raw Input For Overwatch, StarCitizen & Other Games   WINE   2019-09-28
Wine 4.8 Pops Open With Unicode 12.0, Better Joystick Support   WINE   2019-05-10
DXVK 1.0.3 Released Following The Recalled DXVK 1.1   Vulkan   2019-04-15
Wine 4.5 Released With Support For Vulkan 1.1, More Media Foundation APIs   WINE   2019-03-29
Lubuntu Will Stop Providing 32-Bit Releases - Starting With 19.04   Ubuntu   2018-12-20
Samsung Open-Source Group Reportedly Shuts Down   Free Software   2018-10-27
Apple, Ryzen, Valve & The Evolving Linux Kernel Dominated Conversations In Q2   Free Software   2018-07-04
Wine-Staging 3.8 Gets Fixes For Star Citizen, Direct3D 11   WINE   2018-05-12
The Most Interesting Google GSoC 2018 Projects: QEMU Vulkan, Virtual KMS, Nautilus GTK4   Google   2018-04-24
Samsung Improving Cairo's OpenGL ES 3.x Support, May Eye Vulkan In Future   X.Org   2017-12-06
Unity 2017.2 Released With WebGL 2.0 Improvements, Better VR/XR Support   Linux Gaming   2017-10-12
Former Compiz Developer: Free Software Desktop Might Enter A Dark Age   Ubuntu   2017-04-07
Some In The Ubuntu Community Want To Fork, Maintain Unity 8   Ubuntu   2017-04-06
Star Citizen Plans To Go Vulkan-Only   Linux Gaming   2017-03-19
X.Org Weighed Moving Their Annual XDC Conference Out Of The US   X.Org   2017-02-22
The Wayland Highlights Of 2016   Wayland   2016-12-28
Unity 5.6 Beta Rolls Out With Vulkan, Early "Unity 2017" Plans   Linux Gaming   2016-12-13
Enlightenment's EFL Continues Dominating In The Embedded Space   Desktop   2016-10-10
XDC2016 Day 1: GLVND, Tizen Wayland/Vulkan, PRIME Sync   X.Org   2016-09-21
Ada Gets Promoted To Being A First-Class Language In Coreboot   Coreboot   2016-09-19
The Interesting Wayland/Vulkan/Graphics Talks Happening This Month At XDC2016   X.Org   2016-09-08
Microsoft Open-Sources PowerShell & Brings It To Linux   Microsoft   2016-08-18
So Far Ubuntu Phone Hasn't Tempted Me, But Would Highly Consider A Tizen Device   Hardware   2016-08-01
Bcachefs Still Being Developed As A Next-Gen Linux File-System   Linux Storage   2016-07-04
Enlightenment 0.21 Released With Its Much Better Wayland Support   Desktop   2016-06-30
Reports Are Circulating That Samsung Wants To Switch More Devices Over To Tizen   Hardware   2016-06-13
GNU Taler 0.0.0 Released: GNU Tries To Get Into Electronic Payments   GNU   2016-06-03
Why Enlightenment & Tizen Love Wayland   Wayland   2016-02-03
VLC 3.0 Continues To Be Developed With Many Changes   Multimedia   2016-01-03
It Was Five Years Ago Since Ubuntu Thought They Would Switch To Wayland   Wayland   2015-11-06
Years After Wayland 1.0, Will 2016 Be The Year Of The Wayland Desktop?   Wayland   2015-10-25
Why Samsung's Open-Source Group Likes The LLVM Clang Compiler   LLVM   2015-10-13
KDE / Qt Fiber Web Browser To Take The Reasonable Approach To Dealing With Ads   KDE   2015-09-20
Tizen 3.0 Milestone Released, Finishes Replacing X.Org With Wayland   Operating Systems   2015-09-19
Experimental Unity Editor Now Available For Linux   Linux Gaming   2015-08-26
The Platforms Initially Supporting Vulkan   Vulkan   2015-08-12
More Details On KDE Plasma Mobile, Reference Images   KDE   2015-07-25
Fedora 23: Python 3 Default Approved; Netizen Spin Rejected   Fedora   2015-07-02
Russia Picks ReactOS As Second OS For Software Freedom   Free Software   2015-06-19
Fedora 23 Will Get System Firmware Updates & Default Local DNS Resolver   Fedora   2015-06-10
BPF Proposed To Become A First-Class Backend In LLVM   LLVM   2015-06-08
Fedora 23 May Feature Cinnamon Desktop Spin & "Netizen" Version   Fedora   2015-06-01
Enlightenment's Evas GL Now Supports OpenGL ES 3.0   Desktop   2015-03-16
Wayland Security Module Gets Prototyped By Tizen   Wayland   2015-03-09
Windows 10 To Be A Free Upgrade: What Linux Users Need To Know   Proprietary Software   2015-01-21
All Of Samsung's 2015 Smart TVs To Be Powered By Tizen   Hardware   2015-01-01
X.Org & Wayland Can Both Co-Exist & Continue Marching Forward   Wayland   2014-12-28
IVI Shell Merged Into Wayland's Weston   Wayland   2014-12-04
Ubuntu For Cars? It's A Possibility   Ubuntu   2014-11-14
GStreamer 2014 Conference Videos Posted: Wayland, HTML5, 3D   GNOME   2014-10-22
NVIDIA Presents Its Driver Plans To Support Mir/Wayland & KMS On Linux   NVIDIA   2014-10-10
X.Org's XDC Is This Week In Bordeaux: Wayland, BSD & Wine   X.Org   2014-10-06
Tizen Smartphones Reported To Launch In November   Hardware   2014-09-19
Samsung Reportedly Designing Its Own GPU   Hardware   2014-09-14
Enlightenment's EFL Gains A Wayland IVI Shell Support   Wayland   2014-08-25
EFL Sees A Ton Of Work Following Recent v1.11 Release   Desktop   2014-08-23
GStreamer 1.4.0 Released; OpenGL Improvements, New Features   GNOME   2014-07-21
Crytek Is Still In Need Of Linux Engine Help   Linux Gaming   2014-06-12
Crytek Announces A New FPS Game With Linux Support   Linux Gaming   2014-06-02
Samsung Finally Launches Its First Tizen Smartphone   Hardware   2014-06-02
Star Citizen Will Be Coming To Linux   Linux Gaming   2014-04-15
GStreamer 1.4 Will Make OpenGL A First-Class Citizen   GNOME   2014-04-13
Xen Automotive: Bringing Virtualization To Cars   Virtualization   2014-03-29
Intel Keeps Using Tizen IVI To Push Linux, Wayland Into Cars   Intel   2014-03-28
Ozone-Wayland Release Adds Virtual Keyboard, Touch Support   Wayland   2014-03-26
One Week Left To The 2014 Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit   Linux Kernel   2014-03-19
Weston Gets Tailored For Tizen IVI, Car Makers Fond Of Wayland   Wayland   2014-03-17
Debian Works Towards Upstream Qt4 ARM 64-bit Support   Qt   2014-03-15
Enlightenment's Ecore Now Has DRM Support   Desktop   2014-03-06
Chromium Ported To Mir Display Server, Based On Wayland Code   Ubuntu   2014-03-04
Qt For Tizen Alpha 6 Arrives   Qt   2014-02-28
Chromium On Wayland Keeps Advancing, Works On Tizen IVI   Google   2014-02-22
Digia Officially Releases Qt 5.2   Qt   2013-12-12
Qt For Tizen Keeps Pushing Ahead   Qt   2013-12-10
Tizen 3.0 To Go 64-Bit, Powered By Wayland   Operating Systems   2013-11-11
Wireshark Is Being Ported From GTK+ To Qt   Qt   2013-10-17
Qt For Tizen Update Does Qt 5.2 Alpha, Wayland Happy   Qt   2013-10-10
Valgrind Finds Thousands Of Potential Issues With Mesa   Linux Gaming   2013-08-14
Qt For Tizen Alpha 3 Brings New Features   Qt   2013-08-13
Samsung Ramps Up Linux Hiring, Development Efforts   Linux Kernel   2013-07-22
Qt For Tizen Adds In More Features, Functionality   Qt   2013-06-29
The Best Features Of Fedora 19, Schrödinger's Cat   Fedora   2013-06-25
Intel Shows Off GNOME3-Based Tizen Shell   Intel   2013-05-24
Qt For Tizen Launches, Based On Qt 5.1   Qt   2013-05-21
Qt5 Port For Tizen Is Underway   Qt   2013-05-10
Tizen 2.0 "Magnolia" SDK + Source-Code Released   Intel   2013-02-19
Liberated Pixel Cup Winners Announced   Linux Gaming   2013-02-18
Ubuntu Allegedly To Have Its Own X, Wayland Alternative   Ubuntu   2013-02-04
Tizen's Dawati Shell Has Gone Dormant   Free Software   2012-11-03
Intel: Samsung Clobbering Others With Tizen   Intel   2012-10-06
Tizen 2.0 Alpha SDK With Source-Code Released   Intel   2012-09-28
Intel Shafting Linux Users With Clover Trail: No Support   Intel   2012-09-13
Linux Multi-Monitor Support Could Be Improved   Linux Gaming   2012-09-08
Genode OS 12.08 Gains ARM Support, NOVA Work   Operating Systems   2012-08-23
One Week To GStreamer Conf, LinuxCon San Diego   Free Software   2012-08-21
GNOME 4.0, GNOME OS Coming In 2014 & Other Crazy Plans   GNOME   2012-07-28
Debian Wants To Play In The Mobile Space Too   Debian   2012-07-14
Enlightenment's EFL Gets Its Own Physics Library   Free Software   2012-06-26
Samsung Goes Platinum For Linux Foundation   Hardware   2012-06-06
Tizen 1.0 Larkspur SDK, Source Code Is Out   Intel   2012-05-01
LF Collab 2012: Killing Blobs, Wayland, DTrace, Etc   Linux Events   2012-04-07
An Experimental GNOME Shell Running On Wayland   Wayland   2012-04-05
X/Wayland Is Coming Along Nicely, But Work Is Left   Wayland   2012-04-04
Android As A First Class Citizen To Linux Kernel   Google   2012-04-03
Topics For Next Week's Linux Foundation Summit   Linux Events   2012-03-29
OMAP, Radeon, Valley View Linux DRM Updates   Linux Kernel   2012-03-28
Fedora 18 Picks Up New Features, Rejects Systemd-Journal   Fedora   2012-03-20
Wayland Is Not For End-Users In Ubuntu 12.04   Ubuntu   2012-03-15
Tizen SDK Beta, Source Code Available   Intel   2012-03-01
FOSDEM 2012 Summary, Videos To Watch   Free Software   2012-02-18
Intel Ships A MeeGo Update For Cedar Trail   Intel   2012-02-17
Tizen's Dawati Is Using A Hybrid X-Wayland   Wayland   2012-02-08
Intel Is Planning To Drop PowerVR Graphics   Intel   2012-02-07
Wayland Preparing For 1.0 Stable Release   Wayland   2012-01-31
Enlightenment Is Enlightening Wayland   Wayland   2012-01-13
MeeGo-Successor Tizen Is Not On Wayland Yet   Operating Systems   2012-01-11
Tizen Puts Out Some Code, SDK Preview   Intel   2012-01-10
Intel's Medfield Still A Botched Binary Mess Under Linux?   Intel   2012-01-08
MeeGo-Successor Tizen Is Still Vaporware   Intel   2012-01-03
GIMP 2.7.4 Has UI Fixes, Readies For 2.8 Release   Free Software   2011-12-14
KDE On Wayland For KDE SC 4.8, 4.9?   KDE   2011-11-23
The Wayland Engineering Team At Intel   Intel   2011-11-09
MeeGo Community Investigates Tizen Alternatives   Intel   2011-10-19
It's Not All Roses For The Latest Humble Bundle   Linux Gaming   2011-10-06
Tizen Is Announced; MeeGo Will Transition To It   Intel   2011-09-28
The Fight Over Merging Drivers Back Into X Server   X.Org   2011-09-16
Just Announced: Qt 5 To Be Released Next Year   Qt   2011-05-09
Kernel Mode-Setting, GEM, DRI Progresses On FreeBSD   Free Software   2011-02-25
The Wallbuntu Linux Distribution   Ubuntu   2009-04-01