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OpenGL 4.6 Articles & Reviews

Mesa 20.0 Is Imminent With New Intel OpenGL Default, Intel + RADV Vulkan 1.2, OpenGL 4.6 For RadeonSI   Display Drivers   2020-02-19
RadeonSI NIR Benchmarks Show Great Progress With Mesa 20.0   Display Drivers   2019-12-06
Running The RadeonSI NIR Back-End With Mesa 19.1 Git   Display Drivers   2019-02-10
OpenGL 4.6 Released With Vulkan/SPIR-V Ingestion, Parallel Shader Compiles & Finally AF   Software   2017-07-31

OpenGL 4.6 Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa 24.1 Released With Explicit Sync Vulkan Drivers, More Mature NVK Driver   Mesa   2024-05-22
Fedora Asahi Remix 40 Now Available For Apple Silicon Devices, KDE Plasma 6 By Default   Fedora   2024-05-08
Mesa 24.1-rc2 Released With More Graphics Driver Fixes   Mesa   2024-05-02
Mesa 24.1-rc1 Released With Many OpenGL & Vulkan Driver Improvements   Mesa   2024-04-24
Mesa 24.0.1 Released With Various Graphics Driver Fixes   Mesa   2024-02-15
OpenGL 4.6 + OpenGL ES 3.2 Achieved On Apple M1 With Linux Driver   Apple   2024-02-14
Mesa 24.0 Released With Faster Radeon RADV Ray-Tracing & Initial PowerVR Vulkan Driver   Mesa   2024-01-31
Mesa 24.0-rc2 Released With This Quarter's Release Looking Good   Mesa   2024-01-17
Mesa 24.0 Feature Development Ends With Many OpenGL & Vulkan Driver Features   Mesa   2024-01-11
Microsoft Continued Advancing WSL2, Mesa & Its In-House Linux Distro In 2023   Microsoft   2024-01-03
Microsoft Looking To Add Windows Media Foundation Transforms "MFTs" To Mesa   Microsoft   2023-11-21
Microsoft Enables OpenGL 4.6 Support Over Direct3D 12   Mesa   2023-11-19
Mesa 24.0 Gets Asahi AGX Gallium3D To OpenGL 3.3 For Apple Silicon Hardware   Mesa   2023-11-07
Asahi Linux's Apple M1/M2 Gallium3D Driver Now OpenGL ES 3.1 Conformant   Apple   2023-08-22
Imagination GPUs With PVR Vulkan + Zink Working Well For OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2023-07-06
Qualcomm Adreno 600 Series Graphics Get OpenGL 4.6 On Open-Source Driver   Mesa   2023-06-02
Mesa 23.2 Virgl Lands Support For OpenGL 4.6 Inside Virtual Machines   Virtualization   2023-05-27
The Old Radeon "R600" Open-Source Gallium3D Driver Now Enables SPIR-V   Radeon   2023-01-02
Asahi Linux Enables Early Apple GPU Driver Support - WIP OpenGL 2.1 + GLES 2.0   Apple   2022-12-07
Asahi Linux May Have OpenGL 2.1 For Apple M1/M2 By Year's End   Mesa   2022-08-22
Turnip Vulkan Driver Now Works With Zink For OpenGL 4.6, Approaching Vulkan 1.3   Mesa   2022-07-26
Mesa 22.1-rc5 Released With Dozens Of Fixes For Zink, RADV & Intel Vulkan Drivers   Mesa   2022-05-11
Mesa 22.1-rc3 Released With Backports For Intel Raptor Lake P, Zink/Kopper On Windows   Mesa   2022-04-27
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Making Progress On Windows, X-Plane Looking To Use It   Mesa   2022-04-20
Intel "Crocus" Driver For Old iGPUs Bumps OpenGL Compatibility Profile Support   Intel   2022-02-09
Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan Now Offers Broader OpenGL Coverage Than RadeonSI, Intel   Mesa   2022-01-20
Zink Working On Sparse Textures, Other Improvements To Kick Off 2022   Mesa   2022-01-05
Mesa 22.0 Zink Lands macOS Build Fix For OpenGL On Vulkan Via MoltenVK On Metal   Mesa   2021-12-29
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Can Finally Render glxgears With Great Speed   Mesa   2021-11-12
Mesa 21.3-rc4 Release Led By Many Zink Fixes   Mesa   2021-11-04
Zink OpenGL On Vulkan Inches Closer To OpenGL 4.6 Conformance, More Games Working   Linux Gaming   2021-10-29
Vendors Including NVIDIA Talk Up New OpenCL Extensions For Vulkan Interop, NN Inference   Standards   2021-10-19
Microsoft's "CLOn12" Mesa Code Adds SPIR/SPIR-V Support   Mesa   2021-09-23
Zink Now Achieves OpenGL ES 3.2 Atop Vulkan   Mesa   2021-08-31
Zink Now Supports OpenGL Compatibility Contexts - Allowing More Games/Apps To Work   Linux Gaming   2021-08-18
Mesa 21.3 LLVMpipe Enables OpenGL 4.5 Compatibility Profile Support   Mesa   2021-08-17
LLVMpipe Effectively At OpenGL 4.6 With Anistropic Filtering Now Supported   Mesa   2021-07-21
Zink Now Supports OpenGL ES 3.2 Over Vulkan   Mesa   2021-07-09
Mesa 21.1 Released With RADV Variable Rate Shading, More Intel Vulkan Improvements   Mesa   2021-05-05
Mesa 21.1-rc1 Released With RADV Optimizations, Faster Zink, Many Other New Features   Mesa   2021-04-14
With OpenGL 4.6 Achieved, Zink Working CTS Fixes, Substantial Performance Gains   Mesa   2021-02-19
Zink With Mesa 21.1 Now Advertises OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2021-02-16
Zink Now Supports OpenGL 4.5 Over Vulkan With Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-02-11
Mesa's LLVMpipe Flips On ARB_gl_spirv, Help Sought For Lavapipe Windows Port   Mesa   2021-02-11
Zink On Mesa 21.1-devel Now Achieves OpenGL 4.3 Over Vulkan   Mesa   2021-02-10
Zink OpenGL On Vulkan Now Supports OpenGL 4.2 With Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-01-21
Zink With Mesa 21.0 Now Exposes OpenGL 4.1   Mesa   2021-01-05
The Most Popular NVIDIA Linux News + Milestones Of 2020   NVIDIA   2020-12-30
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Lands Tessellation Shader Support In Mesa 21.0   Mesa   2020-12-23
Classic OSMesa Retires In Mesa 21.0 As The Worst Of The Software Rendering Paths   Mesa   2020-12-11
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Development Now Being Done On RADV With Navi GPU   Radeon   2020-11-28
Valve Now Funding Blumenkrantz - Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan To Continue   Mesa   2020-11-23
Zink Seeing macOS Support For OpenGL Over Vulkan Then MoltenVK On Top Of Metal   Vulkan   2020-11-02
LLVMpipe Is Now Officially Conformant With OpenGL 4.5   Mesa   2020-10-30
Zink In Mesa 20.3 Now Hits OpenGL 3.3, Can Run Blender With This OpenGL-on-Vulkan   Mesa   2020-10-17
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Now Nearly At ~69% Of Intel's Native OpenGL Driver   Mesa   2020-10-16
After ~70% FPS Boost For Zink, The OpenGL-on-Vulkan Code Is ~50% The GL Native Speed   Mesa   2020-09-27
Zink OpenGL-Over-Vulkan With Unigine Heaven Seeing Improved Performance   Vulkan   2020-09-25
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Seeing Some 50~100% FPS Gains   Mesa   2020-09-19
Zink OpenGL-Over-Vulkan Driver - Performance Is Turning Out Better Than Expected   Vulkan   2020-09-08
Experimental Zink Patches Get OpenGL 4.6 Running Atop Vulkan   Vulkan   2020-08-24
OpenGL 4.5 Now Enabled For LLVMpipe With Mesa 20.3, To Be Back-Ported For 20.2   Mesa   2020-08-17
LLVMpipe Has Patches Bringing It To OpenGL 4.5 Support   Mesa   2020-08-17
LLVMpipe Gallium3D Driver Now Exposes OpenGL 4.3   Mesa   2020-07-22
Radeon R600 Gallium3D Lands NIR Support In Mesa 20.1   Mesa   2020-02-10
Mesa 20.0-RC2 Brings Many Intel Vulkan + OpenGL Gallium3D Driver Fixes   Mesa   2020-02-07
Mesa 20.0-rc1 Released With Intel Gallium3D Default, OpenGL 4.6 for RadeonSI, Vulkan 1.2   Mesa   2020-01-30
Nsight Graphics 2020.1 Released With Profiling For Vulkan+OpenGL Interop   NVIDIA   2020-01-24
Mesa 20.0 Now Defaults To The New Intel Gallium3D Driver For Faster OpenGL   Intel   2020-01-24
Mesa 20.0 Feature Development Is Ending Next Week   Mesa   2020-01-23
AMD Drops TGSI Support From Their RadeonSI OpenGL Driver   Radeon   2020-01-07
Mesa Development Activity Was Up By ~20% In 2019, Just Under 3 Million Lines Of Code   Mesa   2020-01-03
Intel Gallium3D Driver Performance Is Looking Good With The Core i9 9900KS   Intel   2019-12-26
Mesa 20.0-devel Intel Gallium3D Performance Benchmarks Are Looking Good For Ice Lake   Intel   2019-12-14
Mesa 19.3 Released With Big Updates For Intel's Open-Source Drivers, Valve ACO Option   Mesa   2019-12-12
RadeonSI Driver Switches To NIR, Thereby Enabling OpenGL 4.6 By Default For AMD GPUs   Mesa   2019-12-10
Khronos + W3C Collaborating On SPIR-V Potentially Being The Shading Language For The Web   Desktop   2019-11-28
AMD's RadeonSI Driver Finally Enables OpenGL 4.6 But You Need To First Enable NIR   Radeon   2019-11-27
Intel's Open-Source Gallium3D Driver Achieves OpenGL 4.6 Conformance   Intel   2019-11-21
Mesa 19.3-RC1 Released With OpenGL 4.6 For Intel, Many Vulkan Driver Improvements   Mesa   2019-10-30
Khronos Rolls Out OpenVX 1.3 While Updating OpenGL 4.6 + OpenGL ES 3.2   Standards   2019-10-22
RLSL Allows Running A Subset Of Rust On Vulkan/SPIR-V Enabled GPUs   Vulkan   2019-10-21
Gallium3D's Mesa State Tracker Sees "Mega Cleanup" For NIR In Mesa 19.3   Mesa   2019-10-18
Mesa 19.2 Released With Navi Support, Much Improved Intel Gallium3D   Mesa   2019-09-25
Intel's Gallium3D Linux Driver Now Exposes OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2019-09-11
Intel Iris Gallium3D Is Close With SPIR-V Support For OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2019-08-24
Intel's OpenGL Linux Driver Now Has OpenGL 4.6 Support For Mesa 19.2   Intel   2019-08-21
Mesa 19.2-RC1 Released But Intel Still Looking To Add OpenGL 4.6 Support   Mesa   2019-08-20
Mesa 19.2's Feature Freeze / Release Candidate Process Beginning Tomorrow   Mesa   2019-08-19
TGSI To NIR Improvements Hit Mesa 19.2 For RadeonSI   Mesa   2019-08-12
Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.2-11 While Still Waiting For OpenCL-Next   Standards   2019-08-07
Intel's Iris Gallium3D Driver Now Has Better OpenGL Compatibility Profile Support   Intel   2019-08-04
Mesa 19.2 Is Just Six Patches Away From Seeing OpenGL 4.6 Support   Mesa   2019-07-17
LLVMpipe Software OpenGL Implementation Picks Up More GL4 Extensions   Mesa   2019-07-08
OpenGL 4.6 / SPIR-V Support Might Be Inching Closer For Mesa Drivers   Mesa   2019-05-24
Mesa 19.1 To Expose EXT_gpu_shader4 Support   Mesa   2019-04-25
Mesa's Vulkan Drivers See More Extension Work Ahead Of The 19.1 Branching   Mesa   2019-04-19
A Bunch Of New Code Merged Into Mesa 19.1: Intel ANV, Iris, Softpipe, Virgl   Mesa   2019-04-09
RadeonSI Gallium3D In Mesa 19.1 Enables Parallel Shader Compile Support   Radeon   2019-04-01
GLX_ARB_create_context_no_error Support Lands In Mesa 19.1   Mesa   2019-03-13
Khronos Continues Working On Better OpenCL + LLVM Integration   LLVM   2019-03-08
RadeonSI Gets Patches To Finally Tap The Parallel Shader Compile Extensions   Radeon   2019-02-25
RadeonSI Gets NIR Improvements, Enabled By Default For Civilization VI   Radeon   2019-02-19
Gallium3D's Mesa State Tracker Sees Shaders Ported From TGSI To NIR For Capable Drivers   Mesa   2019-02-01
Intel's Mesa Driver Nearing OpenGL 4.6 With Final SPIR-V Additions Under Review   Intel   2019-01-30
The New Features On Deck For Mesa 19.0: Vulkan Additions, FreeSync, Soft FP64 & More   Mesa   2019-01-28
From The Linux Perspective: What I Am Most Looking Forward To In 2019   Linux Kernel   2019-01-02
Nouveau Picks Up NV_shader_atomic_float For Fermi/Kepler GPUs   Nouveau   2018-12-27
Mesa Made Massive Progress In 2018 On Open-Source Vulkan / OpenGL Drivers   Mesa   2018-12-26
RLSL Continues Maturing For Compiling Rust To SPIR-V For Use With Vulkan Drivers   Vulkan   2018-11-26
More NIR Optimizations En Route, "Soft FP64" Still Being Worked On   Mesa   2018-11-22
The Shiny New Features Of Mesa 18.3 For Open-Source Intel / Radeon Graphics Drivers   Mesa   2018-11-13
Mesa 18.3-RC1 Released As The Final 2018 Update Approaches   Mesa   2018-11-06
Mesa 18.3 Feature Development Wraps Up While Mesa 19.0 Opens Up On Master   Mesa   2018-11-01
Mesa 18.3 Gets A Release Date Towards The End Of November   Mesa   2018-10-23
More Linux Tests & Driver Observations With The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti   NVIDIA   2018-09-20
Igalia Sends Out Another 26 Patches Chipping Away On Intel ARB_gl_spirv Support   Intel   2018-09-15
Mesa 18.2 Released With Vega 20 Support, OpenGL 4.4 Compat Profile & A Lot More   Mesa   2018-09-07
RadeonSI Compatibility Profile Now Supports OpenGL 4.5 On Mesa 18.3   Mesa   2018-08-29
RadeonSI Gets Patches For OpenGL 4.5 Compat, Workaround For No Man's Sky On Steam Play   Radeon   2018-08-24
Mesa 18.2 Is Releasing Soon With Many OpenGL / Vulkan Driver Improvements   Mesa   2018-08-21
XDC2018 Will Have Many Interesting Talks On Vulkan, AR/VR, Wayland & More   X.Org   2018-08-12
Marek Tackles EXT_gpu_shader4 Support In Gallium3D For Old Games/Apps   Mesa   2018-08-08
Mesa 18.2 Branched, Mesa 18.3 Enters Development   Mesa   2018-08-02
ASTC Gallium Bits Land, VirGL Already Hits OpenGL 4.3 + GLES 3.2   Mesa   2018-08-01
Mesa 18.2 Is On The Final Days Of Development With Many New Features Coming   Mesa   2018-07-26
Mesa 18.2 Gets Extra Two Weeks Of Development Time   Mesa   2018-07-18
Igalia Aligns Latest Patches For Giving Intel's Mesa Driver OpenGL 4.6   Intel   2018-07-16
Marek Squeezes More Performance Out Of RadeonSI In CPU-Bound Scenarios   Radeon   2018-07-14
More Intel ARB_gl_spirv Code Lands In Mesa, But Still Not Ready To Finish Up OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2018-07-03
RadeonSI GL 4.4 Compat Patches Make Wolfenstein & Doom With OpenGL Happy In Wine   Mesa   2018-06-28
Google Gets DirectX Shader Compiler Working On Linux   Google   2018-06-26
RadeonSI Compatibility Profile Is Close To OpenGL 4.4 Support   Radeon   2018-06-22
RadeonSI Lands OpenGL 3.3 Compatibility Profile Support   Mesa   2018-06-18
Intel Develops A SPIR-V Translator To Run On The CPU   Intel   2018-06-06
Latest Intel ARB_gl_spirv Patches Published By Igalia   Mesa   2018-05-12
The New Features Coming In Mesa 18.1: Intel Cache By Default, Many Vulkan Strides   Mesa   2018-05-04
LLVM Is Playing A Big Role With Vulkan/SPIR-V Compilers   LLVM   2018-04-19
RadeonSI Now Supports KHR_blend_equation_advanced, Needed For OpenGL ES 3.2   Mesa   2018-04-03
Valve & RADV Developers Are Topping Contributions To Mesa This Year   Mesa   2018-04-01
More Intel OpenGL 4.6 SPIR-V Code Lands In Mesa 18.1 Git   Mesa   2018-03-30
Mesa 18.0 Should Arrive Today With Many Vulkan/OpenGL Driver Improvements   Mesa   2018-03-23
Uniform Packing For RadeonSI NIR, Helps Reduce CPU Overhead   Mesa   2018-03-14
Vulkan 1.1 Support Lands In Mesa Git For RADV, ANV   Mesa   2018-03-07
Intel Publishes 56 Patches For Conformant Vulkan 1.1 Support With ANV Driver   Intel   2018-03-07
Glxinfo Gets Updated With OpenGL 4.6 Support, More vRAM Reporting   Mesa   2018-02-23
RadeonSI Now Offers NIR Shader Cache Support   Radeon   2018-02-20
~80 Patches Are Left For Having Intel i965 SPIR-V Support   Mesa   2018-02-05
Intel's Mesa Driver Is OpenGL 4.6 Compliant, But Won't Be Mainline For A While   Intel   2018-02-01
Khronos Announces OpenGL 4.6 Adopters Program, Improved CTS   Standards   2018-01-31