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OpenCL 3.0 Articles & Reviews

OpenCL 3.0 Bringing Greater Flexibility, Async DMA Extensions   Software   2020-04-27

OpenCL 3.0 Linux & Open-Source News

OpenCL 3.0.16 Released With One New Extension, Semaphores & External Memory Finalized   Standards   2024-04-05
ChipStar 1.1 Released For Compiling & Running HIP/CUDA On SPIR-V   Programming   2024-01-30
Intel CR 23.39.27427.23 Delivers Latest Open-Source GPU Compute Capabilities   Intel   2024-01-11
PoCL 5.0 Released With Transparent OpenCL Over Networked Systems Capability   Standards   2023-12-19
PoCL 5.0-RC1 Released With Experimental OpenCL For Networked Systems   Hardware   2023-12-08
Intel CR 23.35.27191.9 Released As A Big Update To Their Open-Source GPU Compute Stack   Intel   2023-11-28
Mesa 23.3 Lands Support For Rusticl On Zink To Have OpenCL Atop Vulkan Drivers   Mesa   2023-10-14
Intel Compute Runtime 23.26.26690.22 Is A Big Update For Intel's OpenCL/L0 Stack   Intel   2023-09-13
Portable Computing Language 4.0 Adds Intel Level Zero API Driver   Programming   2023-06-03
Intel CR 23.13.26032.30 Further Improves Intel's Open-Source GPU Compute Stack   Intel   2023-05-17
OpenCL 3.0.14 Released With New Extension For Command Buffer Multi-Device   Standards   2023-04-18
Intel Compute Runtime 22.53.25242.13 Released With OpenCL & Level Zero Enhancements   Intel   2023-03-01
Intel Issues Big Updates To Their Compute-Runtime & IGC Compiler   Intel   2023-02-23
Mesa's Rusticl OpenCL Driver Nearly Ready With AMD Radeon GPU Support   Radeon   2023-02-22
Mesa 22.3 Released With RDNA3 Vulkan, Rusticl OpenCL, Better Intel Arc Graphics   Mesa   2022-11-30
Mesa's Rusticl Achieves Official OpenCL 3.0 Conformance   Mesa   2022-11-14
Mesa Developers Eye Removing Clover Once Rusticl OpenCL Code Hits Parity   Mesa   2022-11-08
Zink Lands Kernel Shader Support For Getting Rusticl OpenCL Running   Mesa   2022-10-28
Mesa Git Makes It Easier Activating Rusticl OpenCL Device Support   Mesa   2022-10-21
Rusticl Support For AMD RadeonSI Driver Being Worked On   Mesa   2022-09-26
Intel Gallium3D "Iris" Driver Changes Merged For Rusticl's OpenCL 3.0   Intel   2022-09-22
OpenCL 3.0.12 Published With Command Buffers Mutable Dispatch Extension   Standards   2022-09-16
Mesa 22.3 Lands New "Rusticl" OpenCL 3.0 Implementation   Mesa   2022-09-12
Mesa's Rust OpenCL Implementation Expected To Be Merged In Coming Days   Mesa   2022-09-02
PoCL 3.0 Released With Minimal OpenCL 3.0 Implementation For CPUs   Standards   2022-06-10
POCL 3.0-RC1 Released For OpenCL 3.0 Implemented On CPUs   Standards   2022-05-19
OpenCL 3.0.11 Released With Two New Extensions   Standards   2022-05-06
Mesa's "Rusticl" Implementation Now Manages To Handle Darktable OpenCL   Mesa   2022-05-05
Mesa's New OpenCL Stack "Rusticl" Nearing Formal Support For OpenCL 3.0   Mesa   2022-04-22
Khronos Makes Improvements To OpenCL SDK, Plots Roadmap   Programming   2022-04-07
Rusticl Posted For Working On OpenCL 3.0 Within Rust For Mesa Gallium3D Drivers   Mesa   2022-03-18
Intel's Compute-Runtime Adds GPU Hang Detection   Intel   2022-02-14
Intel's Former Vulkan Driver Lead Dev Lands Great Role For Improving Linux Graphics   Mesa   2022-01-17
OpenCL 3.0.10 Brings A Handful Of New Extensions   Standards   2021-11-19
LWJGL 3.3 Released For This Popular Java Library - OpenCL 3.0 Added, New Bindings   Programming   2021-11-15
Vendors Including NVIDIA Talk Up New OpenCL Extensions For Vulkan Interop, NN Inference   Standards   2021-10-19
Mesa 22.0 Lands Some Patches Toward OpenCL Image Support   Mesa   2021-10-18
OpenCL 3.0.9 Specification Released   Standards   2021-10-15
Intel Compute-Runtime Prepares oneAPI Level Zero 1.2 Support   Intel   2021-09-06
Arm Working On Clang C++ For OpenCL 2021 (OpenCL 3.0 Compatible)   LLVM   2021-08-13
OpenCL 3.0.8 Released With New Extension To Help AI Inferencing   Standards   2021-07-12
Intel's Linux Compute Stack Now Boasts Production-Ready OpenCL 3.0, Integrates IGSC FU   Intel   2021-07-09
Intel Open-Source Stack Enables oneAPI Level Zero For Rocket Lake, Alder Lake S   Intel   2021-05-24
OpenCL 3.0.7 Released With New Extensions   Standards   2021-04-26
POCL 1.7-RC1 Up For Testing, Now Exposes OpenCL 3.0   Programming   2021-04-19
Linux 5.12 Corruption, GNOME 40, AMD Milan, Rust In Linux-Next Made For An Exciting March   Phoronix   2021-04-01
NVIDIA 460.67 Linux Driver Brings A Few Fixes, 5.11 Kernel Compatibility   NVIDIA   2021-03-18
NVIDIA 470 Series Driver Looks Like It Will Bring OpenCL 3.0 Support   NVIDIA   2021-03-09
oneAPI Level Zero 1.2.3 Released For Intel's Low-Level Interface   Intel   2021-03-06
There's Finally An Easy Way To Track Mesa's OpenCL Support   Mesa   2021-03-01
Mesa's Clover OpenCL Adds Support For Loading SPIR-V IL Programs   Mesa   2021-01-02
More OpenCL 3.0 Bits Merged For Mesa 20.1   Mesa   2020-11-16
TTM Multihop Code Revised For Improving Linux GPU Buffer Management   Linux Kernel   2020-11-09
Mesa Moves Closer To Having OpenCL 3.0 Support In Clover Gallium3D   Mesa   2020-11-06
LLVMpipe Is Now Officially Conformant With OpenGL 4.5   Mesa   2020-10-30
Intel Compute-Runtime 20.43.18277 Brings Alder Lake Support   Intel   2020-10-30
Nouveau + LLVMpipe Drivers Enable OpenCL Image Support   Mesa   2020-10-21
Intel Compute Runtime 20.41.18123 Flips On OpenCL 3.0 For All Hardware Back To Broadwell   Intel   2020-10-16
Intel's Latest Compute Code Is Enabling OpenCL 3.0 For All Hardware Since Broadwell   Intel   2020-10-10
OpenCL 1.2 Support Merged For Mesa's Gallium3D Clover While OpenCL 3.0 Is Being Tackled   Mesa   2020-10-08
Intel Releases OpenCL Intercept Layer 3.0   Intel   2020-10-01
OpenCL 3.0 Specification Released With New Khronos Open-Source OpenCL SDK   Standards   2020-09-30
Intel Has Been Working On OpenCL C 3.0 Support For Clang   Intel   2020-09-29
Intel Compute Runtime 20.32.17625 Prepares For oneAPI Level Zero 1.0   Intel   2020-08-19
Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Adds Compute Kernel Support In Mesa 20.3   Intel   2020-08-12
Intel Tiger Lake OpenCL Support On Linux Now Considered Production Ready   Intel   2020-08-05
Mesa 20.2's Nouveau Enables HMM, OpenCL SVM Now Supported   Mesa   2020-07-14
Intel Compute Runtime Update Adds OpenCL + oneAPI Level Zero For DG1   Intel   2020-07-03
Intel Exposes OpenCL 3.0 For Tiger Lake Graphics   Intel   2020-06-05
Intel's OpenCL Intercept Layer Sees First Release In Two Years   Intel   2020-05-02
New Heterogeneous Memory Management For Linux, Will Be Supported By NVIDIA/Nouveau   Linux Kernel   2016-11-19