Mesa 9.2 was released in August of 2013 with new OpenGL 3/4 extensions, a Gallium3D Heads-Up Display, the Freedreno Gallium3D driver for Qualcomm Adreno graphics processors, and support for AMD UVD video decoding with R600g/RadeonSI using the VDPAU state tracker.

Mesa 9.2 Articles & Reviews

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Mesa 9.2 Linux & Open-Source News

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Intel Bay Trail / Silvermont Linux Hardware Support   Intel   2013-09-12
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Mesa 9.1.6 Provides Stable Driver Bug-Fixes   Mesa   2013-08-02
Intel Updates Its Linux Graphics Driver Installer   Intel   2013-07-31
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DRM/KMS Driver Published For Snapdragon Graphics   Hardware   2013-07-06
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FreeBSD Radeon Support Might Be Good In Mesa 9.2   BSD   2013-07-04
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