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libinput 1.24 Brings Changes For Apple Touchpads, Drawing Tablets   Wayland   2023-08-25
libei 1.0 Released For Better Supporting Emulated Input On Wayland   Wayland   2023-06-08
libei 1.0 Nears For Emulated Input On Wayland   Wayland   2023-05-17
xf86-input-libinput 1.3 Brings Custom Pointer Acceleration Profile Support   X.Org   2023-04-04
VMware & QXL X.Org Video Drivers See New Updates After Several Years   X.Org   2023-01-24
X.Org Server No Longer Allowing Byte-Swapped Clients By Default   X.Org   2023-01-06
X11 Server Development Pace Hits A Two Decade Low   X.Org   2022-12-30
Fedora Linux Looks To Close Another "Large Attack Surface" With The X.Org Server   Fedora   2022-12-22
Libinput 1.22 Brings More Input Hardware Quirks, New Flat Acceleration Profile   Free Software   2022-11-20
Libinput 1.20 Being Prepared With Improved High Resolution Scrolling   X.Org   2022-02-04
xf86-input-libinput 1.2 Brings Touchpad Gestures, High Resolution Scrolling   X.Org   2021-09-20
Libinput 1.19 Released With Hold Gestures & High Resolution Wheel Scrolling   Wayland   2021-09-14
High Resolution Scrolling On Linux Progressing, Apple Magic Mouse Support In Linux 5.15   Hardware   2021-09-05
Libinput X.Org Driver 1.0 Released Following A License Mixup   X.Org   2021-04-06
LIBEI Yields New Effort For Emulating Input Devices In Wayland   Wayland   2020-07-31
High Resolution Wheel Scrolling Back To Being Finished Up For The Linux Desktop   Desktop   2020-04-04
X.Org Saw A Lot Of Work In The 2010s Even With Wayland Taking Off   X.Org   2019-12-28
Libinput 1.15 Is On Approach With Various Improvements/Fixes For Linux Input Handling   X.Org   2019-12-05
A Vast Majority Of Linux's Input Improvements Are Developed By One Individual   X.Org   2019-10-16
Libinput 1.14 Released With Dell Canvas Totem Support, Touchpad Improvements   X.Org   2019-08-08
Libinput 1.14 RC Arrives With Better Thumb Detection & Dell Canvas Totem Support   X.Org   2019-07-19
Libinput 1.14 Will Support Dell's Totem Input Device   Hardware   2019-06-19
High Resolution Scroll Wheel Support Being Worked On For Wayland   Wayland   2019-04-03
Libinput 1.13 Released With Improved Touch Arbitration, Better Triple Tap Detection   Free Software   2019-03-29
Libinput 1.13 RC2 Better Detects Triple Taps   Wayland   2019-03-22
Libinput 1.13 Is Coming But High-Resolution Scrolling & Dell Totem Support Delayed   Hardware   2019-03-14
Libinput Working On User-Space Support For High Resolution Scroll Wheels   X.Org   2019-01-25
Revised High Resolution Scroll Wheel Support For Logitech/Microsoft Mice On Linux   Hardware   2018-12-06
Linux Input Expert Peter Hutterer Shows Off "GGKBDD" As Linux Gaming Keyboard Daemon   Linux Gaming   2018-12-03
Logitech High Resolution Scrolling Support Dropped From Linux 4.20   Hardware   2018-11-24
Libinput 1.12 Released With New Quirks System, Touchpad Improvements   Wayland   2018-09-11
Libinput 1.12 RC3 Adds New Pointer Jump Detection For Dell XPS i2c-Based Touchpads   Wayland   2018-09-04
Libinput 1.12 Is Going To Be A Big Release For Bettering Linux Input   Wayland   2018-07-30
Libinput Gets Reworked Trackpoint Acceleration   Wayland   2018-07-13
Libinput 1.11 Released With Record & Replay Capabilities, New Acceleration Code   Wayland   2018-06-05
Evdev Driver Updated, Libinput 1.11 Prepares For Rollout With Record & Replay Support   X.Org   2018-05-29
Libinput 1.11 Is Bringing With It Many Linux Input Improvements   Wayland   2018-05-22
Understanding The X.Org Server's Complex Pointer Acceleration Code   X.Org   2018-05-10
Libinput Getting Support For Custom Acceleration Profiles   Wayland   2018-04-12
xf86-input-libinput 0.27.0 Released   X.Org   2018-03-20
Libinput 1.10 Released With Better Palm Detection, Drops Touchpad Hysteresis   Wayland   2018-02-13
Tuhi Is A New Project To Support Wacom SmartPads On Linux   Hardware   2018-01-30
Libinput 1.10 Is On The Way To Remove Touchpad Hysteresis   Wayland   2018-01-22
Libinput Picking up Record & Replay Abilities For Input   Wayland   2017-11-28
Libinput 1.9 Released With Input Improvements, Requires Meson   X.Org   2017-10-19
Libinput 1.9 Is Around The Corner With New Features   Wayland   2017-09-27
Inputfd Still Being Worked On For Direct Input Access Under Wayland   Wayland   2017-08-23
Libinput 1.8 Released   Wayland   2017-07-03
Libinput 1.8 Switches To Meson As Its Primary Build System   Wayland   2017-06-18
XWayland Picks Up Tablet Pad Support   X.Org   2017-04-28
More Details On The Proposed Inputfd Protocol For Wayland   Wayland   2017-04-02
Inputfd: Better Supporting Gaming Devices On Wayland   Wayland   2017-03-31
Libinput 1.7 Released With Support For Lid Switches, Scroll Wheel Improvements   Wayland   2017-03-22
Libinput Updates For Early March   Wayland   2017-03-09
Libinput 1.7 Is Carrying A Number Of Big Features   Wayland   2017-02-23
The X.Org Foundation Is Preparing For Their 2017 Elections   X.Org   2017-02-18
Libinput X.Org Driver Updated With New Capabilities   X.Org   2017-02-09
Libinput 1.6 Released With New Touchpad Acceleration   Wayland   2017-01-19
Libinput 1.6 Is Coming Soon With Its New Touchpad Acceleration   Wayland   2017-01-10
Reworked Touchpad Acceleration For Libinput: No Longer Terrible   X.Org   2016-12-19
Fedora 26 Planning To Drop The Synaptics X.Org Driver   Fedora   2016-10-20
Libinput X.Org Driver Updated For X.Org Server 1.19   X.Org   2016-09-30
A Detailed Look At The Evdev Protocol   Hardware   2016-09-19
Wayland 1.12 RC2 Released, Libinput 1.5.0 Is Out   Wayland   2016-09-14
The Threaded Input Support In X.Org Server 1.19   X.Org   2016-09-09
Libinput 1.4 Marks The Project Being "Done" For Its Original Goals   Wayland   2016-07-19
Libinput 1.4 Officially Released With Graphics Tablet Modes & More   Wayland   2016-07-18
Libinput 1.4 Release Candidate   Hardware   2016-07-12
Mode Switching Coming For Graphics Tablets In Libinput 1.4   Hardware   2016-07-11
Libinput 1.3 Steps Closer To Being Released   Wayland   2016-04-21
Libinput Adds A Touchpad Software Middle Button   Wayland   2016-04-06
There's Still Time To Nominate Someone To The X.Org Board (2016)   X.Org   2016-03-13
Tablet Support Added To Wayland-Protocols 1.3   Wayland   2016-03-10
The State Of Graphics Tablet Support For Libinput   Wayland   2016-03-01
Libinput 1.2 Officially Released   Wayland   2016-02-23
Libinput 1.2 Steps Closer To Reality   Wayland   2016-02-15
Libinput 1.1.5 Released, Still Dealing With Multi-Touch Woes   Hardware   2016-01-25
Hutterer: Is Wayland Ready Yet?   Wayland   2016-01-22
Are You Sure You Want X.Org To Die?   X.Org   2016-01-18
X.Org Might Lose Its Domain Name   X.Org   2016-01-08
Libinput Patches Add Three-Finger Pinch   Wayland   2016-01-08
Tablet Protocol & Weston Support Is Back To Being Baked   Wayland   2015-11-06
X.Org Server Commit Process Opens Up To More Developers   X.Org   2015-10-27
Libinput 1.1.0 Released, Brings Pointer Acceleration Profiles   Wayland   2015-10-25
Libinput 1.0.2 Brings Fixes   Free Software   2015-10-21
What's New With The X.Org Foundation? Not Too Much   X.Org   2015-09-21
The X.Org Foundation Has A New Secretary   X.Org   2015-09-18
More Details On The State Of Libinput & Libratbag For Linux Input   X.Org   2015-09-16
Libratbag: A New Library For Configurable Mice On Linux   Hardware   2015-09-15
Libinput 1.0 Officially Released   Wayland   2015-08-25
Libinput 1.0 Nears Release With Its First RC Now Out The Door   Wayland   2015-08-20
Pointer Acceleration Code Being Cleaned Up For Libinput   Hardware   2015-08-05
Libinput 0.20 Brings Touchpad Gestures   Wayland   2015-07-16
Libinput 0.19 Brings Improved Pointer Acceleration   Wayland   2015-07-06
Libinput 0.18 Has Improved Touchpad Handling   Wayland   2015-06-22
Libinput 0.17 Fixes Issues   Wayland   2015-06-03
Libinput 0.16 Now Supports Devices Like The Chromebook Pixel   Wayland   2015-06-01
Libinput 0.15 Adds New Debug Events Utility   Wayland   2015-05-05
Libinput X.Org Driver Updated (v0.9)   X.Org   2015-04-23
X.Org Foundation + SPI Merger Fails   X.Org   2015-04-09
Libinput 0.13 Changes The Tap Motion Threshold   Hardware   2015-03-24
Libinput 0.12 Released, Stabilizes The Input Library's API/ABI   X.Org   2015-03-09
Plans Brewing For Libinput 1.0   Wayland   2015-02-23
Candidates For The 2015 X.Org Board Elections   X.Org   2015-02-17
Why The X.Org Foundation Wants To Join The SPI   X.Org   2015-02-11
Libinput Updated With Device Groups   Wayland   2015-02-06
Libinput 0.9 Adds Support For Hovering Fingers On Touchpads   Wayland   2015-01-30
2015 X.Org Elections Get Underway For Board Members, SPI Merger   X.Org   2015-01-26
Switching From Evdev/Synaptics Drivers To Libinput On X.Org   Fedora   2015-01-19
Libinput 0.8 Improves Touchpad Support, Adds Axis Sources & Scroll Event Types   X.Org   2015-01-15
Wayland & Weston Saw Fewer Commits In 2014   Wayland   2015-01-04
X.Org Server Saw More Code In 2014 Than 2013, But Its Heydays Are Over   X.Org   2015-01-03
SPI Will Decide Next Week About Associating With The X.Org Foundation   X.Org   2014-12-06
Libinput Is Great For X.Org & Wayland, Maybe Mir Too   X.Org   2014-10-11
The State Of The X.Org Foundation In Late 2014   X.Org   2014-10-11
XDC 2014 Kicked Off This Morning In Bordeaux   X.Org   2014-10-08
Libinput Is Great & Improves Linux Input Handling   Wayland   2014-09-24
The Developers Leading Wayland This Year   Wayland   2014-09-10
X.Org Is Looking For Some Female Help   X.Org   2014-09-04
X.Org Server 1.15.2 Released   X.Org   2014-06-27
Wayland's libinput 0.4.0 Released   Wayland   2014-06-25
Synaptics 1.8.0 X.Org Driver Released   X.Org   2014-05-12
New X.Org Synaptics Driver Improves Touchpad Support   X.Org   2014-04-30
X.Org's Evdev Driver Shows Off Improvements   X.Org   2014-04-29
GNOME 3.12 Puts The X.Org Log In The Systemd Journal   X.Org   2014-03-27
X.Org's Synaptics Driver Gets Big Changes, New Laptop Support   X.Org   2014-03-17
X.Org 2014 Elections: 4 Candidates For 4 Seats   X.Org   2014-02-18
Wayland's Libinput Gets New Multi-Touch Touchpad   Wayland   2014-02-17
Weston-Forked Libinput Is Moving Forward With Input   Wayland   2014-01-28
Wayland's Weston Was Rapidly On The Rise This Year   Wayland   2013-12-27
The Re-Opened X.Org Server 1.15 Pushes Ahead   X.Org   2013-10-05
Wayland, Weston 1.2 Development Statistics   Wayland   2013-07-24
X.Org Foundation BoD Summaries   X.Org   2013-05-30
X.Org Servers Updated To Fix Security Flaw   Linux Security   2013-04-17
2013 X.Org Board of Director Election Results   X.Org   2013-04-09
The X.Org Server Development Process Might Change   X.Org   2013-03-02
X Input 2.3: Pointer Barrier Events, Barrier Releases   X.Org   2012-12-10
X Input 2.3 Patches Bring Pointer Barrier Events   X.Org   2012-12-07
Plans For Better Testing Of The X.Org Server   X.Org   2012-09-21
X.Org Integration Test Suite For Spotting Regressions   X.Org   2012-08-28
NVIDIA To Meet With X.Org Developers Next Month   NVIDIA   2012-08-10
X.Org Server 1.13 RC1 Packs In Many Changes   X.Org   2012-07-10
To No Surprise, X.Org Server Progress Is Slowing   X.Org   2012-07-04
X.Org: "A Wasteland of Unreviewedness"   X.Org   2012-05-17
The Top Contributors To Wayland   Wayland   2012-04-19
New evdev Handles Multi-Touch, Smooth Scrolling   X.Org   2012-03-08
X Input 2.2 Is Ready To Be Touched   X.Org   2012-03-02
X Input 2.2 Multi-Touch Is Feeling Good   X.Org   2012-02-08
Plans For X.Org, Wayland At FOSDEM 2012 Are Drawn   Free Software   2012-01-22
X Multi-Touch: Pointer Emulation, Getting Events   X.Org   2011-12-22