Fedora 22 is the first planned six-month update to Fedora Linux in 2015 and due for release around May. DNF is expected to be the default package manager along with many other changes planned.

Fedora 22 Articles & Reviews

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Fedora 22 Linux & Open-Source News

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Doing Fedora Snapshots/Rollbacks With Btrfs & Snapper   Fedora   2015-07-20
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It's Been Five Months Since I Left Ubuntu For Fedora On My Main Workstation   Fedora   2015-07-05
Linux 4, GCC v. Clang & Vulkan Were Among The Hot Stories So Far This Year   Free Software   2015-07-02
Fedora For MIPS Is Now Out In Testing, Supports The Creator CI20   Fedora   2015-06-30
Btrfs By Default Will Likely Not Be Pursued For Fedora 23   Fedora   2015-06-23
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Switching Over To GCC 5.1.1   GNU   2015-06-16
Fedora 23 Moving Ahead With Its Python 3 Plans   Fedora   2015-06-11
Fedora 23 Will Get System Firmware Updates & Default Local DNS Resolver   Fedora   2015-06-10
Fedy Fedora Utils 4.0.1 Released As Full GTK3 App To Configure Fedora   Fedora   2015-06-08
Fedora 22 Is Now Ready For POWER & IBM Z Systems   Fedora   2015-06-02
Linux 4.0, Systemd & AMD's Tiger Team Were The Major Linux Stories This Month   Hardware   2015-05-31
Phoronix Turns 11 Years Old Next Week: How Should We Celebrate?   Phoronix   2015-05-29
Fedora 22 Is Now Available   Fedora   2015-05-26
Fedora Server 22 Benchmarks With XFS & The Linux 4.0 Kernel   Fedora   2015-05-23
Fedora 22 Is Being Released Next Tuesday   Fedora   2015-05-22
Fedora 22 Risks Being Delayed Beyond Next Week   Fedora   2015-05-21
Fedora 22 Marches Closer To Release   Fedora   2015-05-21
The Current Open-Source OpenCL Experience On Fedora   Fedora   2015-05-15
GNOME 3.16 On Fedora 22: Wayland vs. X.Org   Fedora   2015-05-14
Fedora 21 vs. Fedora 22 Benchmarks   Fedora   2015-05-14
The One Problem I Have So Far With Fedora's DNF Package Manager   Fedora   2015-05-13
Fedora 22 Is Now Under Its Final Freeze   Fedora   2015-05-12
DNF 1.0 Released, Declared Stable Package Manager For Fedora   Fedora   2015-05-11
RPM Fusion Starts Rolling Out For Fedora 22   Fedora   2015-05-09
The Issues People Face With Fedora Workstation   Fedora   2015-05-08
Ubuntu Plans For Python 3 By Default For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2015-05-08
Fedora 22 Beta Now Available For AArch64 & POWER   Fedora   2015-05-01
The First Of The Features Being Proposed For Fedora 23   Fedora   2015-04-28
Libinput X.Org Driver Updated (v0.9)   X.Org   2015-04-23
Fedora 22 Beta Released   Fedora   2015-04-21
Fedora 22 Beta To Be Released Next Week   Fedora   2015-04-16
DNF Package Manager: "Getting More & More Stable"   Fedora   2015-04-10
Fedora 22 Beta To Be Delayed By One Week   Fedora   2015-04-09
Fedora Server 22 Is Using The XFS File-System By Default   Fedora   2015-04-07
Details Of DNF Succeeding Yum In Fedora 22 Still Being Discussed   Fedora   2015-04-07
Fedora 22 Alpha Now Available For AArch64 & PowerPC64   Fedora   2015-03-30
GNOME 3.16 Released: It's Their Best Release Yet   GNOME   2015-03-25
Radeon R9 390X Could Cost $700+ USD   Radeon   2015-03-16
Fedora 22 Alpha Officially Released   Fedora   2015-03-10
Fedora 22 Alpha Will Be Released Next Tuesday   Fedora   2015-03-06
Xfce 4.12 Might Make It For Fedora 22   Fedora   2015-03-04
The Tremendous Features Of Fedora 22   Fedora   2015-02-26
Firefox 36 Brings Full HTTP/2 Support   Mozilla   2015-02-24
F22 Switch From Evdev & Synaptics To Libinput   Fedora   2015-02-23
KDE Touchpad Configuration Now Supports Libinput   KDE   2015-02-22
GNOME's Log-In Screen Will Still Work Without Wayland   GNOME   2015-02-22
GNOME 3.16 Beta Brings Wayland-Based Log-in Screen   GNOME   2015-02-21
Exciting GNOME Changes For Fedora 22 Workstation Pushed This Week   Fedora   2015-02-21
Libinput Patches Add Touchpad Gestures & Wacom Tools   Hardware   2015-02-18
Fedora 22 Is Running Fairly Well So Far   Fedora   2015-02-12
Mesa 10.5 Is Branched, Still Lacks OpenGL 4.0+ Support   Mesa   2015-02-09
Libinput Looks To Dominate On Both X11 & Wayland   X.Org   2015-02-04
I Switched (Back) Over To Fedora As My Main OS & It's Going Great!   Fedora   2015-02-01
DNF Plugins Extend The Functionality Of Fedora's Yum Successor   Fedora   2015-01-29
The Last Batch Of Feature Proposals For Fedora 22   Fedora   2015-01-23
GCC 5 Will End Up Coming To Fedora 22   Fedora   2015-01-22
More Changes Are In The Works For Fedora 22   Fedora   2015-01-20
Fedora 22 Will Aim To Use Plasma 5 For Its KDE Desktop Experience   KDE   2015-01-20
Python 3 Is Close To Becoming The Default In Fedora 22   Fedora   2015-01-20
Fedora 23 Likely To Pursue Wayland By Default   Wayland   2015-01-19
Fedora Workstation 22 To Have Better Wayland Support, Better Battery Life   Fedora   2015-01-19
Switching From Evdev/Synaptics Drivers To Libinput On X.Org   Fedora   2015-01-19
Libinput 0.8 Improves Touchpad Support, Adds Axis Sources & Scroll Event Types   X.Org   2015-01-15
Fedora 22 To Use Libinput On X.Org, Change Console Font & Have Local DNS Resolver   Fedora   2015-01-15
Fedora's FESCo Makes A Bold Move To Try To Release Fedora 22 On Time   Fedora   2015-01-14
Unless Fedora 22 Is To Be Delayed, GCC 5 Might Not Make It   Fedora   2015-01-14
Fedora 22 To Have Direct3D 9 Mesa State Tracker, Add Wine Support   Fedora   2015-01-14
Fedora 22 Looks To Have RPM-OSTree For Atomic Upgrades   Fedora   2015-01-13
Fedora 22 Looks To Have A Default Local DNS Resolver   Fedora   2015-01-13
Features To Look Out For With GNOME 3.16   GNOME   2015-01-12
Fedora 22 Might Disable Root Remote Logins By Default   Fedora   2015-01-08
Fedora 22 Planned For Release In May   Fedora   2015-01-08
More Fedora 22 Changes Include A New Default Console Font   Fedora   2015-01-07
Fedora 19 Reaches End Of Life State   Fedora   2015-01-06
The Most Exciting Fedora News Of 2014   Fedora   2014-12-27
F2FS Might Get Enabled In Fedora   Free Software   2014-12-23
Elasticsearch & wxPython 3 Proposed For Fedora 22   Fedora   2014-12-17
Fedora 22 Will Not Be Released Before 19 May 2015   Fedora   2014-12-15
New Features Proposed For Fedora 22   Fedora   2014-12-14
Fedora 22's X.Org Input Stack Might Use Libinput   X.Org   2014-12-13
Fedora 21 Is Coming In Just Two Days With Big Improvements   Fedora   2014-12-07
Fedora 22 Will Likely Make Apps In The Software Center Have AppData   Fedora   2014-11-07
The Limitations Of Wayland On Fedora 21   Wayland   2014-10-09
Fedora Might End Up Disabling Delta RPMs By Default   Fedora   2014-10-06
Btrfs Won't Likely Replace EXT4 As The Default Until Fedora 23   Fedora   2014-10-05
Dash As The Default Shell For Fedora?   Fedora   2014-10-01
Fedora Might Try A New Scheduling Strategy For Its Releases   Fedora   2014-09-30
DNF Seems To Be Working Well As Yum's Future Replacement   Fedora   2014-09-24
The Features Coming For Fedora 21   Fedora   2014-09-23
DNF Makes It A Step Closer To Replacing Yum On Fedora   Fedora   2014-08-28
Yum's Successor, DNF 0.6, Brings Sought After Features   Fedora   2014-08-12
The State Of Wayland For Fedora 21   Wayland   2014-08-06
Wayland Is Moving Along Well For Fedora 21   Fedora   2014-07-03
The Latest Fedora Debate: DNF Can Remove Systemd, RPM   Fedora   2014-06-23
Approved: Fedora 22 Will Replace Yum With DNF   Fedora   2014-06-19
Fedora 22 Moves Ahead With Plan To Replace Yum With DNF   Fedora   2014-06-12
DNF 0.5.1 Improves Its CLI Output   Fedora   2014-05-02
Fedora 21 Picks Up More Features, KDE Plasma To Be A Product In F22   Fedora   2014-03-26
DNF 0.4.18 Boasts Distro-Syncing, Objectified Groups   Fedora   2014-03-17
A Number Of Fedora 21 Features Were Just Approved   Fedora   2014-03-12
DNF Continues Evolving For Fedora's Yum Replacement   Fedora   2014-02-24
DNF 0.4.13 Has New Package Management Features   Fedora   2014-02-07
Fedora 22 To Push For Requiring Packages To Have AppData   Fedora   2014-01-23
Fedora Users Still Have Mixed Feelings Over DNF   Fedora   2014-01-06
Fedora's Yum Replacement Ready For User Testing   Fedora   2014-01-02
GNOME 3.12 Makes Further Wayland Inroads   GNOME   2013-11-14
Video Showing Off Hawaii Desktop Running On Wayland   Wayland   2013-11-11
Fedora Still Working Towards Python 3 By Default   Fedora   2013-10-23
Wayland-Based Hawaii Desktop Planned For Fedora 22   Fedora   2013-10-09