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Virgl Linux News

3D OpenGL Acceleration For Windows Guests On QEMU...   Virtualization   27 Aug 2017
QEMU Is Interested In Vulkan Guest Support...   Virtualization   20 Mar 2017
Virt-Manager 1.4 Exposes The New OpenGL Options   Virtualization   19 Jun 2016
Android-x86 6.0-RC1 Released With OpenGL ES Via Mesa,...   Google   09 Jun 2016
Early Virgil 3D Results Show This Virtual GPU For QEMU...   Virtualization   19 May 2016
QEMU 2.6 Is Due In Just Over One Week With Many New...   Virtualization   23 Apr 2016
QEMU 2.6 Is Coming With Many Improvements   Virtualization   30 Mar 2016
Mesa 11.2-RC3 Now Available, Mesa 11.2 Hopefully...   Mesa   07 Mar 2016
The VirGL Virtual OpenGL Renderer Is Growing Up   Virtualization   15 Feb 2016
Open-Source / Linux Enthusiasts Have A Lot To Be...   Free Software   30 Dec 2015
The Mesmerizing Mesa Milestones Of 2015   Mesa   27 Dec 2015
QEMU 2.5 Is Near With 3D GPU Support & More   Virtualization   07 Dec 2015
Features To Find With Mesa 11.1   Mesa   27 Nov 2015
QEMU 2.5-RC0 Released, Supports VirtIO-GPU 3D Mode   Virtualization   14 Nov 2015
Features Published So Far In The Linux 4.4 Kernel   Linux Kernel   09 Nov 2015
Linux 4.4 DRM Pull Has Raspberry Pi Driver, AMDGPU...   Hardware   08 Nov 2015
KVM Changes Announced For Linux 4.4 Kernel   Virtualization   05 Nov 2015
Looking Forward To The Linux 4.4 Merge Window Next...   Linux Kernel   28 Oct 2015
The Latest Fun In Mesa 3D This Weekend   Mesa   25 Oct 2015
VirGL VirtIO 3D GPU Driver Added To Gallium3D   Mesa   23 Oct 2015
Virgil3D Is Still Happening, New 3D Test Harness...   Virtualization   16 Mar 2015