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A ZSTD-Compressed Linux Kernel Could Be Up Next

The Facebook-developed Zstd compression algorithm was added to the Linux 4.14 kernel and hooked up for Btrfs/Squashfs file-system compression. Support is now being worked on so Zstandard can be used for compressing/decompressing the Linux kernel image.

11 October 2017 - ZSTD - 45 Comments
Linux To Get "Extended LTS" Releases, Kernel Support For Six Years

Linux right now offers a "Long Term Support" release where support for the kernel branch is maintained for two years, which is nice compared to kernel releases usually dropping maintenance around N+1.1 after the release. But moving forward, Linux LTS releases will now be maintained for six years.

29 September 2017 - Linux Extended LTS - 27 Comments
Linux 4.14 Is Up To Around 23.2 Million Lines Of Code

While I usually look at the Linux kernel code size following each merge window, I am a few days late this time around due to busy Xeon/EPYC benchmarking and XDC2017. Anyhow, Linux 4.14 is showing some weight gains but nothing too bad.

24 September 2017 - Linux 4.14 Code Size - 5 Comments
A Set Of BFQ Improvements Ready For Testing

Recently I wrote about a BFQ regression fix that should take care of a problem spotted in our recent I/O scheduler Linux 4.13 benchmarks while now that work has yielded a set of four patches working to improve this recently-merged scheduler.

22 September 2017 - BFQ - 1 Comment
Linux 4.14-rc1 Released A Day Early

Linus Torvalds has tagged the first release candidate of Linux 4.14 one day early and thereby marking the end of the new feature merge window for this kernel series.

16 September 2017 - Linux 4.14-rc1 - 2 Comments
The DRM Changes For The Linux 4.14 Kernel

With the Linux 4.14 merge window period combined with the fact of the DRM pull request having been submitted early this cycle, I didn't have a chance to provide a recap of the Direct Rendering Manager changes for 4.14. Here's that overview for those not in tune with the many individual articles that had been written about the different Linux 4.14 graphics driver changes.

16 September 2017 - Linux 4.14 DRM - 2 Comments
FBDEV Is Still Seeing Improvements With Linux 4.14

It has been five years since a call was made to deprecate Linux FBDEV back during LPC 2012. Five years later while there are now more DRM and V4L2 drivers, FBDEV is still alive and kicking within the mainline later.

15 September 2017 - FBDEV - 4 Comments
A Quick EXT4 Run With Linux 4.14 Git

After the Linux 4.14 merge window is over, I'll begin with a lot of fresh Linux kernel benchmarks from this in-development release. But I/O and EXT4 changes already have me running some preliminary tests.

12 September 2017 - EXT4 - 1 Comment

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