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Linux 4.18 Kernel Officially Released

Following the one week setback, the Linux 4.18 kernel is now officially available just a little more than two months since the cycle officially began.

12 August 2018 - Linux 4.18 Released - 23 Comments
Linux Live Kernel Patching Is On The Way For 64-bit ARM

It's been a while since having any advancements to report on the live kernel patching front for being able to deploy primarily Linux kernel security fixes without having to reboot the system. There is some new progress on that front to report on now and that is the 64-bit ARM (ARM64/AArch64) support getting squared away.

10 August 2018 - ARM64 / AArch64 - 1 Comment
Linux 4.19 Certainly Is Going To Be A Big Kernel

At the end of July I outlined some of the changes queued for Linux 4.19 while since then several more notable additions have become aligned for this next kernel cycle following the one week delay of Linux 4.18.

10 August 2018 - Linux 4.19 Changes - 3 Comments
The Best Features Of The Linux 4.18 Kernel

Following a one week delay, the Linux 4.18 kernel is set to be released this coming weekend. In case you forgot about the new features and improvements since the Linux 4.18 cycle kicked off back in June, here's a look back at some of the most prominent additions for this latest kernel version.

7 August 2018 - Linux 4.18 Features - 11 Comments
Speck Crypto Code Called For Removal From The Linux Kernel

Now that Google will not be using the Speck crypto code for disk encryption on low-end Android devices but instead developing "HPolyC" as outlined in the aforelinked article, a plea has already been submitted to remove the current Speck code from the mainline Linux kernel.

7 August 2018 - Nuke Speck - 8 Comments
Google Decides Not To Use Speck For Disk Encryption, Instead Developing HPolyC

While the controversial Speck crypto support was added to Linux 4.17 and with Linux 4.18 it's being exposed via fscrypt for a disk encryption option, which Google intended to be used on low-end "Android Go" devices that don't have CPUs with capable native encryption extensions, instead Google is backtracking.

6 August 2018 - HPolyC Disk Encryption - 8 Comments
Linux 4.18-rc8 Kernel Released, Final Pushed Back To Next Weekend

Last Sunday Linus Torvalds released 4.18-rc7 and expected that to be the last release candidate followed by the stable debut one week later, which would have been today. But by Tuesday this past week he had already decided he would need to delay the release over recent notable regressions and an uptick in merge activity. As a result, out today is Linux 4.18-rc8.

5 August 2018 - Linux 4.18-rc8 - 7 Comments
100+ Benchmarks Of Various High-End Intel / AMD Desktop CPUs On Linux 4.18

With development wrapping up soon on the Linux 4.18 kernel (although it looks like the official release will likely be delayed one week), I've been carrying out some fresh benchmarks of this near-final kernel in the latest Linux Git state on various Intel and AMD desktop CPUs -- mostly the higher-end desktop systems. Here are those 100+ benchmark results across six different systems.

3 August 2018 - 100+ LInux Benchmarks - 9 Comments

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