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New /dev/random Implementation Hits 35th Revision

Going on for more than four years now has been creating a new /dev/random implementation and this Friday marks the 35th revision to this big set of patches that aim for better performance and security.

18 September 2020 - LRNG /dev/random - 16 Comments
Linux 5.9-rc4 Kernel Released

Linus Torvalds took some time out of his US Labor Day weekend to issue the fourth weekly release candidate of the Linux 5.9 kernel.

6 September 2020 - Linux 5.9 - 1 Comment
Linux Developers Continue Evaluating The Path To Adding Rust Code To The Kernel

As mentioned back in July, upstream Linux developers have been working to figure out a path for adding Rust code to the Linux kernel. That topic is now being further explored at this week's virtual Linux Plumbers Conference and it's still looking like it will happen, it's just a matter of when the initial infrastructure will be in place and how slowly the rollout will be.

27 August 2020 - Linux Kernel With Rust - 60 Comments
Real-Time / PREEMPT_RT Support Should Finally Be Mainlined Soon In The Linux Kernel

In 2019 there were kernel developers talking at conferences that the remaining "PREEMPT_RT" patches for a real-time kernel should be mainlined in early 2020. That didn't happen for the long ongoing work around the "RT" patches while at this week's Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC 2020) is that the work should finally be close to merging to mainline.

26 August 2020 - PREEMPT_RT - 17 Comments
Linux 5.9-rc2 Released With EXT4 Updates, More POWER10 Bits

It's been one week already since feature work ended on Linux 5.9 and that means it's time for the 5.9-rc2 kernel. Like clockwork, Linux Torvalds has shipped Linux 5.9-rc2 with the initial batch of bug/regression fixes as well as some late changes for the cycle.

23 August 2020 - Linux 5.9-rc2 - 7 Comments
Linux 5.10 To Bring SLDT/STR Emulation To Help Some Windows Games On Wine

Last year Wine itself added emulation for some CPU instructions now blocked by UMIP, the User-Mode Instruction Prevention functionality found in the latest Intel and AMD processors. Now slated for Linux 5.10 is the emulation/spoofing of two of those instructions by the kernel as another attempt to help a small number of Windows programs relying on those instructions.

22 August 2020 - UMIP-Enabled Systems - 4 Comments
MuQSS/CK's Con Kolivas Becoming Concerned Over The Increasing Size Of The Linux Kernel

Longtime independent Linux kernel developer Con Kolivas known for his work previously on the BFS scheduler and now the MuQSS scheduler as well as his out-of-tree "-ck" patch set is becoming increasingly concerned over the growing size of the kernel code-base and that ultimately could put an end to his work with a focus on greater desktop interactivity/performance.

20 August 2020 - Bigger Kernel - 63 Comments
Several Drivers Promoted Out Of Staging With Linux 5.9

The "staging" area of the kernel, where new drivers and other code live that has yet to prove itself or live up to kernel code quality standards, saw a few drivers graduate into Linux mainline proper for the current 5.9 cycle.

9 August 2020 - Linux 5.9 - 1 Comment
Char/Misc Is Still Quite Busy With Linux 5.9 Still Lacking An "Accelerator" Subsystem

The "char/misc" area of the kernel continues to be quite busy for Linux 5.9 included as a sort of "catch-all" for the Linux kernel drivers not properly jiving within other areas. While there previously was talk of formally making a hardware accelerator subsystem for the Linux kernel for fitting some of the drivers currently living under char/misc, as of Linux 5.9 that still has not materialized.

8 August 2020 - Char/Misc For Linux 5.9 - Add A Comment

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