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Linux 5.17 Making It Easier To Build A Kernel With All The Shiny Debug Features

Over the years the Linux kernel has picked up many different sanitizers, memory leak detectors, and other features for helping to diagnose and address deficiencies in the kernel. However, all of these debugging-optimized features aren't centrally located that can make it difficult for system administrators and developers to spot these numerous features when configuring a kernel build manually. Now with Linux 5.17 that is changing.

20 January 2022 - Linux 5.17 debug.config - 6 Comments
Folio Improvements For Linux 5.17, Large Folio Patches Posted

Back in November memory folios were merged into Linux 5.16 as a fundamental change to the memory management code. Now for Linux 5.17 there are improvements for folios merged and then out likely for Linux 5.18 is introducing the notion of large folios.

18 January 2022 - Memory Folios - 1 Comment
New AMD P-State Driver Headlines The Power Management Updates For Linux 5.17

The power management subsystem updates were sent out yesterday and already mainlined for the in-development Linux 5.17 kernel. Most notable with the power management changes for this new version of the Linux kernel is the introduction of the AMD P-State driver developed in cooperation with Valve for the Steam Deck but stands to help CPU/SoC power efficiency across Zen 2 and newer hardware.

11 January 2022 - amd_pstate - 23 Comments
MGLRU Is A Very Enticing Enhancement For Linux In 2022

Going back a number of months Google engineers have been working to address the issue of the Linux kernel's page reclaim code being too expensive for which they devised the multi-generational LRU framework "MGLRU" and it continues being worked on with mainline ambitions.

9 January 2022 - Multi-Gen LRU - 14 Comments
Fast Kernel Headers v2 Posted - Speeds Up Clang-Built Linux Kernel Build By ~88%

What may end up being one of the greatest Linux kernel features of 2022 is the recently published "Fast Kernel Headers" effort for cleaning up the kernel headers and dramatically speeding up Linux kernel builds both for absolute/clean and incremental builds. Fast Kernel Headers can cut the Linux kernel build time in half or greater and out this weekend are the v2 patches.

8 January 2022 - Fast Kernel Headers - 50 Comments
Alibaba Proposes A Group Balancer For The Linux Kernel Scheduler

With more organizations such as Alibaba configuring their servers to share CPU cores/resources among applications these days rather than exclusively assigning CPU cores to individual applications/tasks, the Chinese company is proposing a new "group balancer" for the Linux kernel scheduler.

4 January 2022 - Group Balancer - 7 Comments
Massive ~2.3k Patch Series Would Improve Linux Build Times 50~80% & Fix "Dependency Hell"

Longtime Linux kernel developer Ingo Molnar posted a massive set of patches today: 2,297 patches that have been in the works since late 2020 and completely rework the Linux kernel's header file hierarchy. The goal of this "fast kernel headers" effort is to speed up kernel build times and also clean-up a lot of things in the process to address the "dependency hell".

2 January 2022 - Massive Patch Series - 55 Comments
Linux 5.16-rc8 Is A Tiny Holiday Release

Linux 5.16-rc8 is out today as a tiny holiday test candidate. If it weren't for the holidays, Linus Torvalds would have released the Linux 5.16 kernel today as stable but instead opted for an extra week of post-holiday testing.

2 January 2022 - Linux 5.16-rc8 - 2 Comments
Hantro Media Driver Adds VP9 Acceleration With Linux 5.17

While the Linux 5.16 kernel release and in turn the Linux 5.17 merge window isn't happening for another week, the media subsystem pull request for v5.17 has already been mailed out with its various feature changes for this next cycle.

2 January 2022 - Rockchip + i.MX - 4 Comments
Hypocrite Commits, Rust RFC & FUTEX2 Were Among Popular Kernel Topics In 2021

There were a ton of exciting kernel improvements merged in 2021 as well as introducing new hardware support and more. But for as exciting as the year was, it actually ticked lower than usual on both a commit and line count basis. Here is a look at some of the popular kernel topics in 2021 as well as a look at the yearly Git development statistics.

1 January 2022 - Linux Kernel Highlights - Add A Comment

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