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Linux 4.17 Stable Has Been Settling Well, Coming Soon To Fedora

Since the release of Linux 4.17 almost two weeks ago, I haven't heard of any horror stories, Linux 4.17 continues running excellent on all of my test systems, the 4.17.1 point release was quite small, and more distributions are gearing up to ship this latest kernel release.

14 June 2018 - Linux 4.17 Adoption - 24 Comments
Linux 4.17.1 Kernel Released

For those that prefer waiting until the first point release of a new kernel series before upgrading, Linux 4.17.1 is out today.

12 June 2018 - Linux 4.17.1 - 4 Comments
Intel Begins Queuing Graphics Driver Improvements For Linux 4.19

While the Linux 4.18 kernel merge window isn't even over until the end of the week followed by about eight weeks worth of testing before that kernel version will debut as stable, Intel open-source developers have already sent in their first pull request to DRM-Next of material they would like to begin staging for Linux 4.19.

12 June 2018 - DRM-Next 4.19 - 2 Comments
GNU Linux-libre 4.17-gnu Kernel Released

Based on yesterday's upstream Linux 4.17 kernel release, the FSF-approved GNU Linux-libre 4.17-gnu kernel is now available for a fully free software kernel on capable hardware configurations.

4 June 2018 - GNU Linux-libre 4.17-gnu - Add A Comment
The Best Features Of The Linux 4.17 Kernel: Power Savings, AMDGPU DC, ACPI TAD

If all goes well, the Linux 4.17 kernel will debut as stable today. Linus Torvalds last week indicated that this next kernel stable release could be coming for this weekend, but there has been a lot of changes merged in recent days, so we'll see if Linus is still leaning towards releasing today or instead opts for Linux 4.17-rc8. Whatever he ends up deciding, there are a lot of great changes with Linux 4.17.

3 June 2018 - Linux 4.17 Recap - 14 Comments

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