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Linux 5.13-rc7 Released Following A Very Calm Week

Linus Torvalds is celebrating Father's Day by releasing Linux 5.13-rc7. Kernel maintainers and testers managed to keep him happy the father of Linux happy this week by keeping to a small change set for this late-stage release candidate.

20 June 2021 - Linux 5.13-rc7 - 1 Comment
Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) Likely Coming To Linux 5.14 For Clang

Recently the mainline Linux kernel has seen a lot of improvements to its feature set when compiling it under LLVM's Clang rather than GCC as traditionally the only supported compiler. The most recent feature being brought to the Linux kernel when using Clang is finally allowing the use of compiler profile guided optimizations (PGO) for squeezing even greater performance out of the system by letting the compiler leverage the real-world profiles/metrics collected to make more informed code generation / optimization decisions.

12 June 2021 - Faster Kernel Performanc - 23 Comments
Real-Time Support "PREEMPT_RT" For Linux Held Up Due To Lack Of Funding

While there was kernel talk of merging the PREEMPT_RT code in 2020 for this real-time functionality for the Linux kernel, among other times in the past that has yet to happen. These "RT" patches have long been maintained out-of-tree but it turns out that while in the past it was seemingly close for merging, that effort has stalled for lack of funding.

11 June 2021 - PREEMPT_RT - 27 Comments
Amazon Working On New Proactive Memory Reclamation For The Linux Kernel

For over a year Amazon engineers have been working on DAMON as a new means of monitoring data accesses under Linux. That patch series has yet to be mainlined but continues being worked on with the intention of getting it upstreamed when ready. More recently the engineers involved have been working on a DAMON-based page reclamation implementation for the Linux kernel in dealing proactively dealing with systems having high memory load.

10 June 2021 - DAMON-Based Page Reclamation - 9 Comments
It Turns Out Windows Unconditionally Reserves The First 1MB Of RAM, Linux Was Just Late To Do So

Sent in last weekend to the Linux 5.13 kernel was the change so Linux x86/x86_64 will always reserve the first 1MB of RAM in order to avoid corruption issues with some BIOS and frame-buffers sometimes fiddling with that lowest portion of system memory. While the thought was reserving that first 1MB unconditionally was a bit onerous and that perhaps Windows has some way of determining how much low memory area to reserve, it turns out Windows has been employing this same behavior for years.

9 June 2021 - The First 1MB Of RAM - 49 Comments
Linux x86/x86_64 Will Now Always Reserve The First 1MB Of RAM

The Linux x86/x86_64 kernel code already had logic in place for reserving portions of the first 1MB of RAM to avoid the BIOS or kernel potentially clobbering that space among other reasons while now Linux 5.13 is doing away with that "wankery" and will just unconditionally always reserve the first 1MB of RAM.

6 June 2021 - Stop Clobbering - 49 Comments
Linux 5.13 Reverts + Fixes The Problematic University of Minnesota Patches

One month ago the University of Minnesota was banned from contributing to the Linux kernel when it was revealed the university researchers were trying to intentionally submit bugs into the kernel via new patches as "hypocrite commits" as part of a questionable research paper. Linux kernel developers have finally finished reviewing all patches to address problematic merges to the kernel and also cleaning up / fixing their questionable patches.

21 May 2021 - Linux 5.13 Fixes - 20 Comments
The Growing Number Of AI Accelerator Drivers Reignites Linux Kernel Driver Debate

While we are sure to see only more AI accelerator drivers introduced to the Linux kernel over the coming years, the open-source driver situation for the Linux kernel is increasingly becoming a fragmented mess already and disagreements among kernel developers continue to be reignited over the mainlining process and the handling of these drivers.

17 May 2021 - Fragmentation Mess - 29 Comments
Linux 5.10 LTS Will Be Maintained Through End Of Year 2026

Linux 5.10 as the latest Long Term Support release when announced was only going to be maintained until the end of 2022 but following enough companies stepping up to help with testing, Linux 5.10 LTS will now be maintained until the end of year 2026.

9 May 2021 - +4 Years - 4 Comments
A Fresh Take On Speculative Page Faulting Aims For The Mainline Kernel

Over the years there have been a number of rounds of patches published for speculative page faulting. The goal has been to support user-space page-faults without holding the memory management semaphores and to ultimately allow for better performance especially with threaded workloads. A fresh take on the speculative page faulting (SPF) functionality was recently volleyed on the kernel mailing list.

4 May 2021 - Speculative Page Faulting - 2 Comments

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