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Heterogeneous Memory System (HMS) Prototype Published For The Linux Kernel

The past several years Red Hat developer Jerome Glisse has been working on Heterogeneous Memory Management (HMM) for the Linux kernel to handle the mirroring of process address spaces, system memory that can be transparently used by any device process, and similar functionality around today's GPU computing needs and other devices. Jerome today published the next step as part of his low-level memory device management work and that is the Heterogeneous Memory System for exposing complex memory topologies of today's systems.

3 December 2018 - Heterogeneous Memory System - 9 Comments
Linux Stable Updates Are Dropping The Performance-Pounding STIBP

The Linux stable trees that recently received STIBP "Single Thread Indirect Branch Predictors" after back-porting from Linux 4.20 are seeing the code reverted. This is the change that recently caused major slowdowns in Linux performance for workloads like Python, PHP, Java, code compilation, and other workloads like some games.

22 November 2018 - Reverts STIBP - 18 Comments
Building The Linux Kernel With Clang Is Becoming Popular Again

Years ago there was much interest in the ability to build the mainline Linux kernel with the LLVM Clang compiler as an alternative to using the GCC compiler in order to ensure better code portability, shaking out GCC'isms, possible build speed improvements, and other benefits. But in recent years it seems to have waned in interest but now things are heating up again.

21 November 2018 - Clang-ing The Kernel - 24 Comments
Linus Torvalds Comments On STIBP & He's Not Happy - STIBP Default Will End Up Changing

It turns out that Linus Torvalds himself was even taken by surprise with the performance hit we've outlined on Linux 4.20 as a result of STIBP "Single Thread Indirect Branch Predictors" introduction as well as back-porting already to stable series for cross-hyperthread Spectre V2 protection. He doesn't want this enabled in full by default.

19 November 2018 - Single Thread Indirect Branch Predictors - 73 Comments
The State Of Heterogeneous Memory Management At The End Of 2018

Heterogeneous Memory Management is the effort going on for more than four years that was finally merged to the mainline Linux kernel last year but is still working on adding additional features and improvements. HMM is what allows for allowing the mirroring of process address spaces, system memory to be transparently used by any device process, and other functionality for GPU computing as well as other device/driver purposes.

19 November 2018 - HMM Linux Memory - 5 Comments
Linux 4.20-rc3 Kernel Released

Linus Torvalds just announced the release of Linux 4.20-rc3 as his weekly test release update to the in-development Linux 4.20.

18 November 2018 - Linux 4.20-rc3 - 12 Comments

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