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Linux READFILE System Call Revived Now That It Might Have A User

Earlier this year we mentioned Greg Kroah-Hartman working on a new READFILE system call. The goal of this new syscall is for reading small and medium files more efficiently by having one call to read a file straight into a buffer without having to use the separate open/read/close system calls. It's looking like that system call is back on the table and could be mainlined now that there's a possible user.

24 November 2020 - READFILE - 46 Comments
TTM Multihop Code Revised For Improving Linux GPU Buffer Management

Among the many open-source graphics driver improvements being worked on recently by Red Hat's David Airlie from Lavapipe to OpenCL 3.0 Clover work, another recent effort has been around TTM "multihop" as an improvement for this memory management infrastructure used by the likes of the AMDGPU kernel driver.

9 November 2020 - TTM Multihop - Add A Comment
Real-Time Patches Updated For Linux 5.9/5.10 With The Code Not Yet Mainlined

There was talk earlier this year of mainlining the real-time Linux kernel patches after similar discussions last year didn't result in it happening. Merging the RT code didn't happen for the recent Linux 5.10 merge window but at least the out-of-tree patches were quickly re-based for Linux 5.9 stable and 5.10-rc1.

28 October 2020 - Linux Real-Time - 5 Comments
Linux 5.10 Is The Next LTS Kernel

While there had been much speculation that Linux 5.9 would be the kernel's next long-term support release based on past timing, Linux 5.10 is going to be the LTS release.

26 October 2020 - Linux 5.10 LTS - 10 Comments
Linux 5.10 Continues Bringing Up Support For Intel's Rocket Lake

Building off Linux 5.9 that featured initial support for Gen12 graphics on next year's Rocket Lake desktop platform along with other early enablement for Rocket Lake like RAPL support and other PCI ID additions, that work has continued for the Linux 5.10 cycle.

19 October 2020 - Linux 5.10 + Rocket Lake - 4 Comments

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