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The Notable Changes So Far With The Linux 5.1 Kernel

We are over half-way through the Linux 5.1 kernel merge window. While we've had many articles detailing the individual changes thus far of the new kernel, if you are unfortunately behind on your Phoronix reading, here's a quick look at some of what has been queued this far for this next major kernel update.

12 March 2019 - Linux 5.1 Kernel Changes - 2 Comments
A DRM-Based Linux Oops Viewer Is Being Proposed Again - Similar To Blue Screen of Death

Back when kernel mode-setting (KMS) was originally talked about a decade ago one of the talked about possibilities of implementing a Linux "Blue Screen of Death" / better error handling when a dramatic system problem occurs. Such an implementation never really materialized but now in 2019 there is a developer pursuing new work in this area with a DRM-based kernel oops viewer.

10 March 2019 - Kernel Oops Viewer - 31 Comments
Linux 5.1 Will Play Nicer With The LLVM Linker (LD.LLD)

The Kbuild updates for the in-development Linux 5.1 kernel have a few worthwhile improvements including the ability to pass optional flags to dpkg-buildpackage when spinning up a Debian kernel package, some minor optimizations, and preparations around LD.LLD support in using the LLVM linker to link the Linux kernel.

9 March 2019 - Linux 5.1 Kbuild - 4 Comments
Linux 5.1 Landing Feature For Reducing Scope Of Spectre V4 Speculation Protection

The x86/pti updates for Linux 5.1 is bringing a new PR_SPEC_DISABLE_NOEXEC option where speculation protection for SSBD doesn't end up being passed to new processes started by exec in such use-cases where it's safe to do so. Utilizing this option will thus eliminate the overhead associated with this Spectre Variant 4 "Speculative Store Bypass" behavior.

5 March 2019 - PR_SPEC_DISABLE_NOEXEC - Add A Comment
Linux 5.0-ad1 Patch Lets You Build The Kernel With "-march=native"

While the upstream Linux kernel developers may not be interested in adding all of the CPU compiler tuning optimizations carried by Gentoo for their kernel builds, if you are after just "-march=native" compiler tuning to optimize your kernel build for the CPU being used, an updated patch is now available.

5 March 2019 - CPU Native Optimizations - 21 Comments
GNU Linux-libre 5.0-gnu Released As A Kernel Without Any Binary Blobs/Firmware

As usual, following yesterday's release of Linux 5.0 the GNU/FSF folks have put out their re-base of their version of the Linux kernel that strips out support for drivers depending upon binary-only firmware, the ability to load non-free (closed-source) kernel modules, and other functionality removed that isn't in strict compliance with open-source standards.

4 March 2019 - Linux-libre 5.0 - 23 Comments
Linux 5.0 Kernel Released With Long-Awaited FreeSync Support, Many New/Improved Features

Linus Torvalds has gone ahead and just issued the Linux 5.0 stable kernel for what originally began as the Linux 4.21 kernel cycle. The Linux 5.0 kernel cycle delivers on the mainline AMD Radeon FreeSync support, continued work on bringing up Intel Icelake and other new CPU features, Logitech high-resolution scrolling capabilities, network improvements, and much more.

3 March 2019 - Linux 5.0 - 19 Comments
Linux Lock-Down Kernel Patches Get Revived, Seeking Mainline Inclusion

An effort ongoing for a few years now has been the CONFIG_LOCK_DOWN_KERNEL patches to prevent user-space from being able to modify the kernel image with blocking the ability to load unsigned kernel modules, no writing to /dev/mem, restricting PCI BAR and MSR access, ACPI restrictions, and more. Some Linux distributions are already carrying this work in some form and enabling it with UEFI SecureBoot, but it hasn't been mainlined although could soon change.

1 March 2019 - CONFIG_LOCK_DOWN_KERNEL - 2 Comments
Looking At Why Linux 5.0 Is Running Slower For Apache & PostgreSQL On Some Systems

Last week I reported on some slowdowns when running on the Linux 5.0 development kernel for both Intel and AMD systems. As a few days passed and the regression didn't seem to be figured out and addressed by upstream, and several inquiries from Phoronix readers, I spent some time looking at some of the slowdowns encountered when running on this bleeding-edge code.

27 February 2019 - Linux 5.0 Bisect - 13 Comments

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