Michael Larabel

Michael Larabel is the founder and principal author of Phoronix, having founded the site on 5 June 2004. Michael is also the lead developer of the Phoronix Test Suite, Phoromatic, and OpenBenchmarking.org. Michael has authored thousands of articles on open-source software, the state of Linux hardware and other topics.

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Some of The Recent Popular Articles By Michael Larabel:

OBS Studio Now Ready With Wayland Capture Support

Well known GNOME developer Georges Stavracas has been working to make OBS Studio fully-working under Wayland and today that reality has been achieved with native Wayland support and the ability to capture monitors and windows on Wayland compositors.

31 March - OBS Studio + Wayland - 35 Comments
Initial Support For The Rust Language Lands In Linux-Next

For a long while now Linux kernel developers have discusses the prospects of optionally allowing the Rust language to be used for new device drivers within the Linux kernel areas and other areas within the kernel for this language that prides itself on safety and performance. As the first baby step towards that dream, initial Rust support appeared this week in the Linux-Next tree.

19 March - Rust + Linux-Next - 62 Comments
Arch Linux Developers Discuss Idea Of Providing An x86-64-v3 Port

While recently Arch Linux developers and stakeholders were discussing the possibility of raising the x86-64 base requirements for this Linux distribution to the "x86-64-v2" micro-architecture feature level that roughly correlates to Intel Nehalem and newer, now the discussion has shifted to keeping the same x86-64 base level while potentially offering a "x86-64-v3" port for those with newer Intel/AMD CPUs.

16 March - x86-64-v3 - 83 Comments
Mesa Considers Raising CPU Support Baseline

Mesa developers are currently discussing the raising of the default compiler baseline for Mesa drivers moving forward, which would raise the base CPU requirements for these open-source Mesa drivers unless overriding the compiler flags. However, only the very oldest systems would be negatively impacted.

28 March - SSE2 Or Better? - 99 Comments
Canonical Continues To Talk Up Google's Flutter UI Toolkit

Recently Ubuntu maker Canonical committed to using Google's Flutter user-interface toolkit as its "default choice" for their mobile and desktop applications moving forward. There is now an Ubuntu Blog post further detailing their interests in Flutter.

19 March - Canonical Loves Flutter - 91 Comments