Michael Larabel

Michael Larabel is the founder and principal author of Phoronix, having founded the site on 5 June 2004. Michael is also the lead developer of the Phoronix Test Suite, Phoromatic, and OpenBenchmarking.org. Michael has authored thousands of articles on open-source software, the state of Linux hardware and other topics.

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Some of The Recent Popular Articles By Michael Larabel:

The Leading Linux Desktop Platform Issues Of 2018

Linux developer Simon Peter who has spent years working on application standards like AppImage and Klik recently presented on what he believes are the 2018 Desktop Linux Platform Issues and the unfortunate continually moving target of "the year of the Linux desktop" that never materializes.

6 October - Linux Desktop Issues - 131 Comments
There's A New Libre GPU Effort Building On RISC-V, Rust, LLVM & Vulkan

Over the past decade and a half of covering the Linux graphics scene, there have been many attempts at providing a fully open-source GPU (or even just display adapter) down to the hardware level, but none of them have really panned out from Project VGA to other FPGA designs. There's a new very ambitious project trying to create a "libre 3D GPU" built atop RISC-V, leveraging Rust and LLVM on the software side, and would also support Vulkan.

28 September - Very Ambitious Libre GPU - 42 Comments
Fedora 29 Succeeds At Flicker-Free Boot Experience On Intel Hardware

After optimizing the Linux laptop battery life last cycle, Hans de Goede of Red Hat has been working on Fedora 29 to provide a "flicker-free" boot experience. A Linux desktop flicker-free boot has been talked about for a decade or longer but with Fedora 29 and using Intel graphics that is finally becoming a reality.

1 October - Fedora 29 Flicker-Free - 44 Comments
Microsoft Launches Open-Source MS-DOS On GitHub

Four years ago Microsoft made public the source-code to MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0 to the Computer History Museum. Today though they're making it much more accessible and friendly to modern developers by pushing it onto GitHub.

28 September - MS-DOS 1.25 / 2.00 - 45 Comments
Purism Announces The "Librem Key"

Remember back in May when Purism partnered up with Nitrokey as they wanted to work on a USB-based PGP SmartCard? They have now announced the Librem Key as a result of that work.

20 September - Purism Librem Key - 16 Comments
Why Facebook Loves Open-Source Firmware

With the Open-Source Firmware Conference 2018 videos having been uploaded this week, another one of the interesting videos to watch from this conference was about Facebook's preference for open-source firmware.

6 October - Facebook Loves Open-Source Firmware - 11 Comments
Some AMD GPUs Affected By A Nasty Power Regression That Snuck Into Linux 4.18 Stable

A Phoronix reader emailed in that since the recent Linux 4.18.10 stable kernel the power usage on his system has increased by around 50 Watts while idling... Not the overall AC system power draw being 50 Watts, but an increase of roughly that amount on the latest 4.18 stable point releases up to this point. I've now been able to reproduce as well as bisect the cause.

4 October - AMDGPU Regression - 77 Comments