Ubuntu 16.04 codenamed the Xenial Xerus is the Ubuntu Long Term Support release from April 2016 and supported until 2021.

Ubuntu 16.04 Articles & Reviews

AMD EPYC Performance Over The Past Six Years Of Ubuntu Linux LTS Releases   Operating Systems   2022-04-29
Benchmarking Ubuntu 18.04 On Windows Subsystem for Linux: WSL Leading Bare Linux In More Tests   Operating Systems   2018-05-18
Ubuntu 16.04 vs. 18.04 Performance On Six Systems   Operating Systems   2018-05-02
DragonFlyBSD 5.2, TrueOS 18.03, FreeBSD 11.1, Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 & Clear Linux Tests   Operating Systems   2018-04-21
Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux With Radeon / GeForce GPUs On The Latest 2018 Drivers   Operating Systems   2018-03-21
Intel Coffee Lake OpenGL Performance On Windows 10 vs. Linux   Operating Systems   2018-02-21
Amazon, Clear, Debian, Gentoo, Red Hat, SUSE & Ubuntu Performance On The EC2 Cloud   Operating Systems   2017-11-28
macOS 10.13 High Sierra vs. Ubuntu Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2017-09-27
16-Way GPU OpenCL Showdown With Radeon ROCm, NVIDIA 384 On Linux   Display Drivers   2017-08-10
Windows 10 WSL vs. VirtualBox Ubuntu Performance On An Intel Core i9 7900X   Operating Systems   2017-07-05
Ubuntu vs. Fedora vs. openSUSE vs. Manjaro vs. Clear Linux On Intel's Core i9 7900X   Operating Systems   2017-06-30
AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 vs. Mesa 17.1 RADV/RadeonSI Performance   Display Drivers   2017-04-12
Kicking Off April With An Eight-Way BSD/Linux Comparison   Operating Systems   2017-04-03
Server/Workstation Tests: Antergos vs. Clear Linux vs. Fedora vs. Scientific Linux vs. Ubuntu vs. openSUSE   Operating Systems   2017-02-10
Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD Benchmarks On Linux   Storage   2016-12-15
Fresh OpenCL + CUDA 8.0 Benchmarks On Kepler/Maxwell/Pascal With NVIDIA 375.10 On Ubuntu Linux   Display Drivers   2016-11-07
Clear Linux Continues To Maintain Slight Graphics Lead Over Ubuntu 16.10   Operating Systems   2016-10-11
FreeBSD 11.0 Comes Up Short In Ubuntu 16.04 vs. macOS Sierra Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2016-09-29
DDR4 Memory Speed Tests With The Core i7 6800K On Ubuntu Linux   Memory   2016-09-29
macOS 10.12 Sierra vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Linux Benchmarking   Operating Systems   2016-09-28
Intel Core i7 6800K Benchmarks On Ubuntu + Linux 4.8   Processors   2016-09-26
TrueOS vs. DragonFlyBSD vs. GhostBSD vs. FreeBSD vs. PacBSD Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2016-09-10
RadeonSI OpenGL Performance Has Evolved A Lot Since Early 2015   Display Drivers   2016-08-26
16-Way OpenCL Compute Comparison Of The Latest Polaris & Pascal GPUs   Graphics Cards   2016-08-19
Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu + Linux 4.7 + Mesa 12.1 Intel OpenGL Tests   Operating Systems   2016-08-08
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 vs. 760 vs. 960 vs. 1060 Linux Performance   Graphics Cards   2016-07-20
Intel Skylake Graphics: Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 16.04 + Latest Open-Source Driver Code   Operating Systems   2016-06-24
Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Graphics Performance With Radeon Software, AMDGPU-PRO, AMDGPU+RadeonSI   Linux Gaming   2016-06-18
Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 16.04 Gaming With NVIDIA's GTX 1070 & GTX 1080   Linux Gaming   2016-06-17
Intel Graphics Performance: Clear Linux vs. Xubuntu 16.04 LTS vs. Fedora 23 Xfce   Operating Systems   2016-05-04
Fresh Mesa 11.3-devel RadeonSI Tests On Ubuntu 16.04 vs. NVIDIA's 364.19 Driver   Display Drivers   2016-04-28
Taking ZFS For A Test Drive On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   Software   2016-04-23
Windows 10 Radeon Software vs. AMDGPU On Ubuntu Linux   Operating Systems   2016-04-18
Ubuntu 16.04 Intel Graphics: Unity, Xfce, KDE, LXDE, GNOME, MATE, Openbox   Software   2016-04-17
Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu 16.04 NVIDIA OpenGL Performance   Operating Systems   2016-04-12
Fedora 23/24 vs. Debian vs. Ubuntu 16.04 vs. CentOS 7 vs. Clear Linux Tests   Operating Systems   2016-04-06
AMD vs. NVIDIA Vulkan & OpenGL Linux Performance With The New Drivers   Display Drivers   2016-03-22
AMD GPU-PRO Hybrid Linux OpenGL Performance vs. RadeonSI Gallium3D   Display Drivers   2016-03-21
NVIDIA GeForce vs. Radeon/AMDGPU OpenGL Performance On Ubuntu 16.04   Display Drivers   2016-03-18
Tonga AMDGPU Performance On Ubuntu 16.04 Has 80~90%+ Performance Of Catalyst   Display Drivers   2016-03-17
How Ubuntu 16.04 Is Performing With AMDGPU/Radeon Graphics Compared To Ubuntu 14.04 With FGLRX   Operating Systems   2016-03-15
GCC vs. Clang Benchmark Comparison At Varying Optimization Levels   Software   2016-03-03
LLVM Clang vs. GCC Compiler Comparison On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   Software   2016-02-26
How Ubuntu 16.04 Is Performing Compared To Five Other Linux Distributions   Operating Systems   2016-02-24
Open vs. Closed Driver Benchmarks Of AMD's A10-7850K Kaveri On Ubuntu 16.04   Display Drivers   2016-02-23
Ubuntu 6.06 To Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Performance Benchmarks: 10 Years Of Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2016-02-05
Ubuntu 14.10 Linux 32-bit vs. 64-bit Performance   Operating Systems   2014-10-22

Ubuntu 16.04 Linux & Open-Source News

Ubuntu Touch OTA-2 Focal Expands Support For Additional Smartphones   Ubuntu   2023-08-01
Ubuntu Touch OTA-1 Focal Released For Ubuntu 20.04 LTS On Smartphones   Ubuntu   2023-03-27
Canonical Promotes Ubuntu Pro To General Availability   Ubuntu   2023-01-26
UBports' Ubuntu Touch 20.04-Based Build Offered In New Beta/RC Channel   Ubuntu   2022-12-26
Ubuntu Touch OTA-24 Released - Still Powered By Ubuntu 16.04   Ubuntu   2022-11-25
Ubuntu Touch OTA-23 Released - Still Based On Ubuntu 16.04, Adds Support For FM Radios   Ubuntu   2022-06-29
Ubuntu's Zsys For OpenZFS Linux Installs Sees First Update In A Year   Ubuntu   2022-04-12
Ubuntu Touch OTA-19 Released - Still Based On Ubuntu 16.04   Ubuntu   2021-09-22
Canonical Extending Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 LTS Support To Ten Years   Ubuntu   2021-09-21
Ubuntu Touch Planning Path For VoLTE/4G Support   Ubuntu   2021-07-23
Ubuntu Touch OTA-18 Released - Still Using Ubuntu 16.04, 20.04 Migration Ongoing   Ubuntu   2021-07-14
Ubuntu Touch OTA-17 Released - Still Working Toward Ubuntu 20.04 Transition   Ubuntu   2021-05-13
Ubuntu Touch OTA-16 Released As The Second Largest Release Ever   Ubuntu   2021-03-16
The Vulkan API Is Now Five Years Old And Enjoying Phenomenal Success   Vulkan   2021-02-16
UBports Aiming For An Exciting 2021 With Ubuntu Touch   Ubuntu   2021-01-25
Pyston 2.1 Released With Striving For High Performance Python   Programming   2021-01-23
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 Released With New Device Support   Ubuntu   2020-12-16
AMD AOMP 11.12 Released For OpenMP Offloading To Radeon GPUs   Radeon   2020-12-12
AOMP 11.9 Released For OpenMP Offloading To Radeon GPUs   Radeon   2020-09-12
Ubuntu 18.04.5 + Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS Released   Ubuntu   2020-08-13
AMD's ROCm AOMP Compiler 11.7-1 Brings OMPD Support, ROCgdb   Radeon   2020-07-30
Clear Linux Defined Linux Performance These Past Few Years   Clear Linux   2019-12-29
The Biggest Open-Source / Linux Radeon News Of The 2010s   Radeon   2019-12-18
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 Released   Ubuntu   2019-10-23
UBports Is Working On Ubuntu Touch OTA-10   Ubuntu   2019-07-31
Unity Tech Formally Announces Their New Unity Editor For Linux   Linux Gaming   2019-05-30
Ampere Computing + Packet Roll Out eMAG To The Public Cloud - 32 Cores For $1 Per Hour   Hardware   2019-03-29
Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS Released   Ubuntu   2019-03-07
Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS Released With APT Vulnerability Fix, Other Security Updates Included   Ubuntu   2019-02-28
Unexpected Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS Coming Due To APT Security Issue   Ubuntu   2019-02-23
Initial Hands-On & Benchmarking With The Dell XPS 9380 Pre-Loaded With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS   Hardware   2019-02-02
Dell XPS 13 9380 Developer Edition Now Available, Shipping With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS   Hardware   2019-01-23
That's A Wrap For 2018 With 3,693 News Articles, 314 Linux Hardware Reviews/Benchmarks   Phoronix   2018-12-31
NVIDIA's 2018 Linux Highlights Included Some Open-Source Milestones, But Not Many   NVIDIA   2018-12-30
The Most Popular AMD/Radeon Linux News Of 2018   AMD   2018-12-26
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Now Available On Select Dell Precision Laptops   Ubuntu   2018-12-18
AMDVLK 2018.Q4.4 Driver Update Brings Performance Improvements, New Vulkan Bits   Radeon   2018-12-12
SteamOS/Linux Requirements For Valve's Artifact Is Just A Vulkan Intel/AMD/NVIDIA GPU   Valve   2018-11-11
Ubuntu Linux On Samsung Galaxy Devices Finally Reaches Beta (Samsung DeX)   Ubuntu   2018-11-08
Radeon Software 18.40 Released For Linux Systems   Radeon   2018-10-24
Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 Is Being Prepped With New Browser, Qt Auto Scaling   Ubuntu   2018-10-12
Mir Is Back To Running On Phones, Thanks To UBports   Ubuntu   2018-09-08
Ubuntu Now Shipping On The Dell Precision 5530 Developer Edition   Ubuntu   2018-08-31
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Released With Ubuntu 16.04 Base   Ubuntu   2018-08-26
Freespire 4.0 Released, The Linux Distribution That Originated As "Lindows"   Operating Systems   2018-08-21
AMDGPU-PRO 18.30 Released With Ubuntu 18.04.1 Support & WattMan-Like Functionality   Radeon   2018-08-17
AMD Radeon Pro 18.Q3 Linux Driver Released   Radeon   2018-08-08
KDE Neon Powered By Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Now Available For Testing   KDE   2018-08-08
Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS Released For Those Not Yet Upgrading To Ubuntu 18.04   Ubuntu   2018-08-02
UBports' Ubuntu Touch Unlikely To Move To Ubuntu 18.04 Anytime Soon   Ubuntu   2018-08-02
Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Now Available With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2018-07-27
ROCm 1.8.2 Released For The Open-Source Radeon Linux Compute Stack   Radeon   2018-07-19
Radeon ROCm 1.8.2 Compute Stack In Beta, Might Work Under Ubuntu 18.04 LTS   Radeon   2018-07-10
Minimal Ubuntu Can Boot Faster, But Still Not The Fastest Booting On Amazon EC2 Cloud   Ubuntu   2018-07-09
Dell Precision 7530/7730 Now Shipping With Ubuntu Linux Option   Ubuntu   2018-07-03
Steam Linux Use For June 2018 Comes In At 0.52%   Linux Gaming   2018-07-01
LLVM Quitter, Ryzen & Git Were Most Popular Linux News So Far This Year   Free Software   2018-06-30
Linux Mint 19 Officially Released With Cinnamon, MATE & Xfce Editions   Operating Systems   2018-06-29
Radeon Software 18.20 Stable Released With Official Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Support   Radeon   2018-06-20
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 RC Released, Upgrades To Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2018-06-19
Mesa 18.0.5 Being Prepped For Ubuntu 18.04 While 18.1.1 Going Into X-Updates   Ubuntu   2018-06-13
Linux Distro Tests, New Ryzen, & LLVM Topped Our 333 Articles This Month   Phoronix   2018-05-31
LG Has A Ryzen-Powered 38-Inch Thin Client Monitor With Ubuntu Linux Support   Hardware   2018-05-29
Dell Rolls Out New Precision Developer Laptops With Ubuntu Linux   Hardware   2018-05-26
UBports To Work On Unity 8 / Mir / Wayland After OTA-4   Ubuntu   2018-05-24
Linspire Server 2018 Released, Based On Ubuntu 16.04 With Xfce Desktop   Operating Systems   2018-05-16
Radeon ROCm 1.8 Compute Stack Released   Radeon   2018-05-10
Radeon Pro Software 18.Q2 Released For Linux   Radeon   2018-05-10
ROCm 1.8 Beta Packages Available For Radeon GPU Compute/OpenCL Testing   Radeon   2018-05-09
Radeon Software 18.20 Preview Offers Early Support For Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & RHEL 7.5   Radeon   2018-05-04
AzCopy Is The Latest Software Microsoft Has Brought To Linux   Microsoft   2018-04-30
Radeon Software for Linux 18.10 Brings Vulkan 1.1, Ubuntu 16.04.4 / SLE 12 SP3 Support   Radeon   2018-04-30
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS "Bionic Beaver" Official Images Now Available   Ubuntu   2018-04-26
UBPorts Ubuntu Touch To Be Supported By The Purism Librem 5   Ubuntu   2018-04-24
Intel KVMGT 2018-Q1 Release Offers Mediated GPU Pass-Through Improvements   Intel   2018-04-20
Meltdown/PTI Mitigation Impact On BSDs vs. Linux   BSD   2018-04-18
Trisquel 8.0 Arrives Of The 100% Libre Linux OS, Using MATE & Powered By Linux 4.4   GNU   2018-04-18
Linux 4.16, Ubuntu 18.04 & Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Have Been Definitely Exciting   Phoronix   2018-03-31
Spectre/Meltdown Benchmarks & Evolving Linux GPU Drivers Dominated Q1-2018   Free Software   2018-03-25
LuxMark OpenCL Performance On Windows vs. Linux With Radeon/NVIDIA   Microsoft   2018-03-23
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Now Available For Linux   Linux Gaming   2018-03-22
Radeon Pro 18.Q1.1 Enterprise Edition Released For Linux Workstations   Radeon   2018-03-20
UBports Continues Work On Moving From Ubuntu 15.04 Base To 16.04   Ubuntu   2018-03-18
Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS Released, Makes Use Of Ubuntu 17.10's Kernel/Mesa Stack   Ubuntu   2018-03-01
The Community Has Brought The Unity 8 Desktop To Ubuntu 18.04   Ubuntu   2018-02-22
AMD's Raven Ridge Botchy Linux Support Appears Worse With Some Motherboards/BIOS   AMD   2018-02-19
AMD May Have Accidentally Outed Vulkan 1.1   Radeon   2018-02-15
Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS Planned For Release 1 March   Ubuntu   2018-02-14
Raven Ridge Desktop APUs Come Out Tomorrow, The Likely Linux Requirements   AMD   2018-02-11
Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal Spin Down To ~30MB Compressed / ~81MB On Disk   Ubuntu   2018-02-02
Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS Delayed Due To Spectre & Meltdown   Ubuntu   2018-01-27
Ubuntu Preparing Kernel Updates With IBRS/IBPB For Spectre Mitigation   Linux Security   2018-01-18
Dell Rolls Out New XPS 13 Laptop For 2018   Hardware   2018-01-04
The Most Popular Articles On Phoronix In 2017   Phoronix   2017-12-31
Ubuntu's Reformulated Desktop Was The Talk Of 2017   Ubuntu   2017-12-30
Intel's Linux & Open-Source Advancements In 2017   Intel   2017-12-27
The Most-Viewed AMD/Radeon Linux Stories Of 2017   AMD   2017-12-26
Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS Dropping 32-Bit/i386 Support   Ubuntu   2017-12-20
Mir Had A Wild Year From Nearly Being Killed Alongside Unity 8 To Growing With Wayland   Ubuntu   2017-12-17
Dell Rolling Out More Developer-Focused Systems Preloaded With Ubuntu   Hardware   2017-11-14
AMDGPU-PRO 17.40 Linux Hybrid Driver Promoted To Stable   AMD   2017-10-30
AMD EPYC, Linux 4.14, Librem 5, RX Vega & The Other Linux Highlights Of September   Phoronix   2017-10-01
Ryzen & RX Vega Totally Dominated This Summer For Linux Users   Hardware   2017-09-17
Keeping The Ryzen Threadripper Busy With An Array Of Compiler Benchmarks   AMD   2017-08-28
The Passive Cooling Paradigm: Atlast Solutions Ultimate Fanless Core i7 7700T   Hardware   2017-08-21
AMDGPU-PRO 17.30 Released With Vega Support, Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS Compatibility   Radeon   2017-08-14
Some More Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Linux ROCm OpenCL Benchmarks   Radeon   2017-08-11
Ethereum Ethminer Performance With Radeon & GeForce OpenCL - August 2017   Hardware   2017-08-09
Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS Released, Updates The Hardware Enablement Stack   Ubuntu   2017-08-03
Ryzen, Windows 10 & Laptop Survey Piqued Linux Users In July   Phoronix   2017-08-01
Ubuntu Still Working On Unity 7 Low Graphics Mode Improvements   Ubuntu   2017-07-25
Benchmarking The Potato & Firefly: New ARM Linux Boards   Arm   2017-07-13
Summer 2017 Linux Hardware Statistics From OpenBenchmarking.org   Hardware   2017-07-10
A Few OpenCL Benchmarks With Radeon Vega Frontier Edition On Linux   Radeon   2017-07-02
AMDGPU-PRO 17.20 Emerges With Vega, ROCm Compute Support   AMD   2017-06-27
Linux Mint 18.2 Beta KDE & Xfce Spins Now Available   Operating Systems   2017-06-12
Feral Announces Requirements For Dawn of War III On Linux With OpenGL & Vulkan   Linux Gaming   2017-06-07
Benchmarks: PostgreSQL 10 Performance Is Looking Good   Free Software   2017-05-19
Mesa 17.1 Now Available On Ubuntu 16.04/17.04 Via X-Updates   Mesa   2017-05-17
GPUOpen's CodeXL 2.3 Brings Ryzen Support, AMDGPU-PRO Compatibility   AMD   2017-05-10
Cockpit Comes To Ubuntu, Easier Linux Server Administration   Ubuntu   2017-05-09
April's Steam Survey Shows Their Linux Users At 0.76%, macOS Drops Below 3%   Valve   2017-05-02
Unity 8 Abandonment, Windows 10 vs. Linux Tests Dominated April   Phoronix   2017-04-30
AMDGPU-PRO Updated With Radeon RX 500 Series Support   AMD   2017-04-19
Trying AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 On Ubuntu 17.04   Ubuntu   2017-04-16
AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 Released With Ubuntu 16.04.2 Support   AMD   2017-04-07
X.Org Server 1.19 Lands In Ubuntu 17.04   Ubuntu   2017-04-05
Steam's Survey Shows A Tiny Increase In Linux Gamers For March   Linux Gaming   2017-04-02
There's Been A Bit Of Progress On Vulkan Support In Ubuntu's Mir   Vulkan   2017-03-13
AMD's Ryzen Will Really Like A Newer Linux Kernel   AMD   2017-02-26
Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Released; Ubuntu 17.04 In Feature Freeze   Ubuntu   2017-02-16
How An Old PowerMac G5 Compares To Modern Intel CPUs   Hardware   2017-02-14
Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Struck By A Last-Minute Delay   Ubuntu   2017-02-09
Clear Linux's Latest Performance-Optimizing Effort: Greater PHP Performance   Clear Linux   2017-02-03
Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Delayed A Second Time   Ubuntu   2017-01-31
KDE Applications Begin Appearing In The Ubuntu Snap Store   KDE   2017-01-30
AMDGPU-PRO 16.60 Released   AMD   2017-01-26
300+ OpenCL ArrayFire Benchmarks On 13 NVIDIA GPUs   NVIDIA   2017-01-23
Radeon R9 290 Testing Update With Linux 4.10, AMDGPU-PRO 16.50   Radeon   2017-01-02
Skylake Iris Pro Graphics: Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Antergos, Clear Linux Benchmarks   Clear Linux   2016-12-31
The Top NVIDIA vs. AMD/Radeon Linux News Of 2016   Hardware   2016-12-29
The Top GNU News Of 2016: Hurd, Libreboot, GCC, GRUB   GNU   2016-12-29
Mesa Hit OpenGL 4.5, Received Vulkan Drivers, Improved Performance & More In 2016   Mesa   2016-12-27
Darktable 2.2 NVIDIA OpenCL Benchmarks   Free Software   2016-12-26
The Most Popular Vulkan News From 2016   Vulkan   2016-12-26
The Most Viewed Ubuntu & Mir News Of 2016   Ubuntu   2016-12-26
The Firefly-RK3399 Looks Like An Interesting 6-Core ARM 64-Bit Developer Board   Arm   2016-12-23
Ubuntu To Stop Building 32-Bit PowerPC For Future Releases   Ubuntu   2016-12-22
Linux Mint 18.1 Released, MATE & Cinnamon Flavors   Operating Systems   2016-12-16
Fresh AMDGPU+RadeonSI Benchmarks Of Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, Warhammer   Linux Gaming   2016-12-12