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A Look Back At The Desktop & X.Org/Wayland/Mir Milestones Of Ubuntu   Operating Systems   2017-04-05
Running Wayland On Ubuntu 11.10   Software   2011-08-25
Testing Out Ubuntu's Unity Desktop   Software   2010-05-10
Will Ubuntu 9.04 Be Jauntily Fast?   Operating Systems   2009-02-16
Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" Released   Operating Systems   2008-10-30
OSCON 2008 - Evening Extravaganza   Events   2008-07-23
Intel IDF Fall 2007: Day 2   Events   2007-09-19
Open-Source Developers Talk About AMD   Display Drivers   2007-09-15
Shuttleworth On ATI's New Drivers   Display Drivers   2007-09-06
Ubuntu Live 2007 Day 1   Events   2007-07-22
Mark Shuttleworth Talks   Software   2007-05-30
Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft Knot 1   Operating Systems   2006-07-27
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Dapper Drake   Operating Systems   2006-05-26
Ubuntu v6.06 Dapper Drake Flight 7   Operating Systems   2006-05-09
Xubuntu v6.06 Dapper Drake Beta 2   Operating Systems   2006-04-29
Ubuntu v6.06 Dapper Drake Beta 1   Operating Systems   2006-04-24
Ubuntu v6.06 Dapper Drake Flight 6   Operating Systems   2006-04-02
Ubuntu v6.04 Dapper Drake Flight 5   Operating Systems   2006-03-12
Dapper Drake + Xgl Compiz   Display Drivers   2006-02-20
Kubuntu v6.04 Flight 1   Operating Systems   2005-11-20
Ubuntu v5.10 (Breezy Badger)   Operating Systems   2005-10-13

Shuttleworth Linux & Open-Source News

Canonical Promotes Ubuntu's Real-Time "RT" Kernel To General Availability   Ubuntu   2023-02-14
Ubuntu's New Installer Taking Shape Nicely For Ubuntu 23.04   Ubuntu   2023-01-02
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Now Available For Download   Ubuntu   2022-04-21
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Planning To Stick With Linux 5.15 By Default   Ubuntu   2022-01-14
Red Hat / Fedora Anaconda Installer Shifting To A Web Based UI   Red Hat   2022-01-11
Canonical Aiming For A New Desktop Installer With Ubuntu 21.10   Ubuntu   2021-02-01
Linux 5.9 Regression, NVIDIA RTX 30, GNOME 40 & Microsoft Made For A Fun September   Phoronix   2020-10-01
Mark Shuttleworth Now Plans To Restore Ubuntu's Community Council   Ubuntu   2020-09-13
Mark Shuttleworth Comments Following Ubuntu Community Friction, Uncertainty   Ubuntu   2020-09-11
Ubuntu 20.10 Might Be The "Groovy Gorilla"   Ubuntu   2020-04-24
ZFS/Zsys Code Seeing Important Performance Fix Ahead Of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2020-04-13
Wayland's Wild Decade From v1.0 Release To Usable GNOME/KDE Desktop Support   Wayland   2019-12-29
KDE Plasma 5 + KDE Applications Matured Rather Well   KDE   2019-12-26
Systemd In Ten Years Has Redefined The Linux Landscape   systemd   2019-12-20
Ten Years Past GNOME's 10x10 Goal, The Linux Desktop Is Still Far From Having A 10% Marketshare   GNOME   2019-12-14
Ubuntu 19.10 To Be The Eoan ________   Ubuntu   2019-04-18
Ubuntu's Work On New Desktop Installer Continues, Evaluating ZFS Desktop Support   Ubuntu   2019-02-05
GNOME Shell In Ubuntu 19.04 Should Be Faster, Ubuntu Devs Still Working On New Installer   Ubuntu   2018-12-05
Ubuntu 19.04 Is The "Disco Dingo"   Ubuntu   2018-10-30
Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS Introducing Revised Server Installer, Adds Missing Features   Ubuntu   2018-07-18
Ubuntu's New Server Installer Will Soon Support RAID & LAN Bonding   Ubuntu   2018-06-05
Ubuntu 18.10 Aims To Lower Power Use, Default To New Desktop Theme   Ubuntu   2018-05-18
Ubuntu 18.10 Planning For GCC 8.1, OpenJDK 11, Python 3.7   Ubuntu   2018-05-09
Ubuntu 18.10 Is Codenamed The "Cosmic Cuttlefish", Will Focus On Security   Ubuntu   2018-05-08
Mark Shuttleworth Talks Of New Ubuntu Installer Ideas With HTML5/Electron & Snaps   Ubuntu   2018-05-08
Ubuntu 18.10 Is Cosmic   Ubuntu   2018-05-01
The Most Popular Articles On Phoronix In 2017   Phoronix   2017-12-31
Ubuntu's Reformulated Desktop Was The Talk Of 2017   Ubuntu   2017-12-30
Canonical's FY2017 Performance: $126 Million, Nearly 600 Employees   Ubuntu   2017-12-21
Mir Had A Wild Year From Nearly Being Killed Alongside Unity 8 To Growing With Wayland   Ubuntu   2017-12-17
KDE Wayland Began Taking Shape, More Music Players & Other KDE Happenings In 2017   KDE   2017-12-12
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Is The "Bionic Beaver"   Ubuntu   2017-10-24
Ryzen, NVIDIA & Unity 8 Abandonment Topped H1'2017   Phoronix   2017-07-03
Neil French Replaces Jane Silber As Director At Canonical   Ubuntu   2017-06-08
Unity 8 Abandonment, Windows 10 vs. Linux Tests Dominated April   Phoronix   2017-04-30
Ubuntu 17.10 Is Artful   Ubuntu   2017-04-20
Mir Developers See The Door, No Commits In A Week   Ubuntu   2017-04-20
Ubuntu Server Team Begins Planning For 17.10   Ubuntu   2017-04-20
Mark Shuttleworth Is Indeed Taking Back Over As Canonical CEO   Ubuntu   2017-04-12
Mir Developer: Anyone Interested In Native Wayland Clients In Mir?   Ubuntu   2017-04-11
Should Ubuntu Have Gone With KDE Instead Of GNOME?   KDE   2017-04-10
UBports' Fork Of Unity 8 Plans To Eventually Get On Wayland   Desktop   2017-04-09
Mark Shuttleworth Makes More Comments On Ubuntu GNOME, Mir, Convergence   Ubuntu   2017-04-08
Mark Shuttleworth Reportedly Returning To Role As Canonical CEO   Ubuntu   2017-04-07
Canonical Reportedly Slashing Jobs, Seeking Outside Investment   Ubuntu   2017-04-06
Some In The Ubuntu Community Want To Fork, Maintain Unity 8   Ubuntu   2017-04-06
Ubuntu To Abandon Unity 8, Switch Back To GNOME   Ubuntu   2017-04-05
Canonical Takes Stand Against Unofficial Ubuntu Images, Reportedly Risky & Insecure   Ubuntu   2016-12-02
A Very Basic Ubuntu Online Developer Summit Is Happening Now   Ubuntu   2016-11-15
Ubuntu 17.04 ZZ Codename Announced   Ubuntu   2016-10-17
Ubuntu 16.10 Developer Summit Videos To Watch This Weekend   Ubuntu   2016-05-06
Unity 8, Mir, Snappy & Other Focuses For Next Week's Ubuntu UOS-1605   Ubuntu   2016-04-29
Ubuntu 16.10's YY Codename Revealed   Ubuntu   2016-04-21
All The Places You Can Find Ubuntu   Ubuntu   2016-04-07
Microsoft Launches SQL Server For Linux   Microsoft   2016-03-07
Vulkan, BUS1, SuperTux, Raspberry Pi Zero & Other Popular December Topics   Free Software   2016-01-01
Windows 10 Reportedly On 200+ Million Devices   Proprietary Software   2015-12-30
Kirkland: Over One Billion Ubuntu Users   Ubuntu   2015-12-23
It Doesn't Look Like Ubuntu Reached Its Goal Of 200 Million Users This Year   Ubuntu   2015-12-20
It Was Five Years Ago Since Ubuntu Thought They Would Switch To Wayland   Wayland   2015-11-06
Various Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Decisions From This Week's Summit   Ubuntu   2015-11-05
Mark Shuttleworth Kicks Off Ubuntu 16.04 Development Discussions   Ubuntu   2015-11-04
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Is Codenamed The Xenial Xerus   Ubuntu   2015-10-21
Ubuntu Is Planning To Make The ZFS File-System A "Standard" Offering   Ubuntu   2015-10-06
It Looks Like The Converged Ubuntu Phone Device Is Delayed To Next Year   Ubuntu   2015-09-29
Dell Reportedly Shipping Ubuntu-Based Linux On 40%+ Of PCs In China   Ubuntu   2015-09-14
Ubuntu's Deb-Based Software Center Fails As An App Store   Ubuntu   2015-08-07
Windows 10 Reportedly On 67+ Million PCs Already   Proprietary Software   2015-07-31
Ubuntu Family Does Their 15.10 Alpha 1 Releases   Ubuntu   2015-06-25
Canonical Introduces "Fan" For Container-To-Container Networking   Ubuntu   2015-06-22
Friction Building Around An Ubuntu Community Council Decision   Ubuntu   2015-05-26
Canonical Is Reportedly Considering An IPO   Ubuntu   2015-05-22
Will Ubuntu Linux Hit 200 Million Users This Year?   Ubuntu   2015-05-20
The Exciting Ubuntu 15.10 Linux News Of The Past Week   Ubuntu   2015-05-10
The Unity 8 Items Being Worked On For The Ubuntu Desktop   Ubuntu   2015-05-06
An Ubuntu Phone Will Ship This Year With The Converged Unity Experience   Ubuntu   2015-05-04
Ubuntu 15.10 Is Codenamed The Wily Werewolf   Ubuntu   2015-05-04
Ubuntu 15.10's "W" Codename Being Revealed Soon   Ubuntu   2015-05-04
The Most Controversial Systemd Stories This Year   systemd   2014-12-26
The Most Popular Ubuntu News Of 2014   Phoronix   2014-12-26
Snappy Ubuntu Core Announced   Ubuntu   2014-12-09
Ubuntu 15.04 Is Codenamed After A Monkey: Vivid Vervet   Ubuntu   2014-10-20
A Look Back: When Everyone Had Problems With ATI/AMD On Linux   AMD   2014-10-08
Canonical BootStack Will Build & Manage Your OpenStack Cloud   Ubuntu   2014-09-03
Ubuntu Online Development Summit 14.06 Has Concluded   Ubuntu   2014-06-13
Q&A About Unity 8, Mir Display Server   Ubuntu   2014-06-11
Mark Reiterates Mir Will Have First-Class Driver Support   Ubuntu   2014-06-10
Ubuntu 14.10 Is Now Open For Development   Ubuntu   2014-04-26
Ubuntu 14.10 Is Codenamed The Utopic Unicorn   Ubuntu   2014-04-23
The Most Popular Linux Stories So Far In 2014   Phoronix   2014-03-30
Mark Shuttleworth Calls For An End To ACPI   Ubuntu   2014-03-17
Shuttleworth On Google Go, Unity 8, Ubuntu Phone, Etc   Ubuntu   2014-03-13
Ubuntu Systemd Plans: Will Be Default By Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2014-03-13
Mark Shuttleworth: Mir By Default In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2014-03-12
Mark Shuttleworth Talks Up The Phone's Bottom Edge On Ubuntu   Ubuntu   2014-03-08
Intel's NUC, NVIDIA, Debian Drew In Lots Of Linux Interest   Phoronix   2014-02-28
Ubuntu Has Two Phone Partners, Launching In 2014   Ubuntu   2014-02-19
Ubuntu Aims For Top 50 iOS/Android Apps   Ubuntu   2014-02-19
Ubuntu To Abandon Upstart, Switch To Systemd   systemd   2014-02-14
Ubuntu Likely Won't Appear On Phones Until 2015   Ubuntu   2014-01-15
Canonical Is Still Operating At A Significant Loss   Ubuntu   2014-01-14
It Looks Like Ubuntu's First Phone Might Be For China   Ubuntu   2014-01-05
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Won't Be Powered By Mir   Ubuntu   2013-11-19
Mark Shuttleworth Sends Out Apologies   Ubuntu   2013-11-10
KDE Developers Continue To Be Frustrated With Canonical   KDE   2013-11-01
Linux 3.12, Ubuntu Spooked Users This Month   Phoronix   2013-10-31
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Begins With Key Package Upgrades   Ubuntu   2013-10-21
Ubuntu Celebrates Its Ninth Birthday Amid Controversy   Ubuntu   2013-10-20
Shuttleworth Challenged Over Mir Comments   Ubuntu   2013-10-19
Ubuntu 14.04 Codename Revealed, Mir Haters Attacked   Ubuntu   2013-10-18
Ubuntu Edge Campaign Set To Close At $12M USD   Ubuntu   2013-08-21
Ubuntu Edge Is Up To $9 Million USD In Funding   Ubuntu   2013-08-09
Canonical Lowers Ubuntu Edge Pricing   Hardware   2013-07-24
Ubuntu Edge Crosses $3.1M In Its First Day   Hardware   2013-07-23
Mark Shuttleworth Declares Mir A Performance Win   Ubuntu   2013-07-09
Shuttleworth Closes Bug #1, Microsoft's Market Share   Microsoft   2013-05-30
Ubuntu 13.10 Is Codenamed "Saucy Salamander"   Ubuntu   2013-04-25
Smart Scopes Get Removed From Ubuntu 13.04   Ubuntu   2013-03-29
Shuttleworth Comments On Future Ubuntu Releases   Ubuntu   2013-03-11
Ubuntu Unity Existed Before The GNOME Shell?   Operating Systems   2013-03-11
More Mir Talking Points Come Out Of Canonical   Ubuntu   2013-03-11
KWin On Mir: A Solution To Non-Existent Problem   KDE   2013-03-08
Shuttleworth On Mir: "A Fantastic Piece of Engineering"   Ubuntu   2013-03-07
Mark Shuttleworth Goes Blogging On Ubuntu Defense   Ubuntu   2013-03-07
Canonical's Mir Project Retracts Wayland Criticism   Ubuntu   2013-03-05
Ubuntu To Start Shipping On Smartphones In October   Ubuntu   2013-02-06
Ubuntu Linux For Mobile Phones Announced   Hardware   2013-01-02
Ubuntu In 2013: Mobile, Unity, Deep In The Cloud   Ubuntu   2012-12-26
Two Years Later, Ubuntu Isn't Running On Wayland   Ubuntu   2012-11-09
Ubuntu Ported To Google Nexus 7   Ubuntu   2012-10-20
Canonical To Develop Some Ubuntu Features In Private   Ubuntu   2012-10-19
Ubuntu 13.04 Is Codenamed The "Raring Ringtail"   Ubuntu   2012-10-18
Shuttleworth Tosses $1M Behind Open-Source Project   Free Software   2012-09-11
Five Years With The Modern AMD Catalyst Linux Driver   AMD   2012-09-05
The Biggest Quality Problem At Ubuntu 12.10 UDS   Ubuntu   2012-05-10
Canonical: Ubuntu To Soon Ship On 5% Of PCs   Ubuntu   2012-05-07
Fedora 18 To Get User Mode Migration, Xfce 4.10   Fedora   2012-05-07
Shuttleworth Talks About Ubuntu 12.10   Ubuntu   2012-05-07
Calxeda Shows Off 192-Core ARM Ubuntu Server   Ubuntu   2012-05-07
Ubuntu 12.10 Codenamed The "Quantal Quetzal"   Ubuntu   2012-04-23
What Ubuntu 12.10 Won't Be Codenamed   Ubuntu   2012-04-20
An Experimental GNOME Shell Running On Wayland   Wayland   2012-04-05
Canonical's New Spin: Ubuntu Business Remix   Ubuntu   2012-02-10
Ubuntu Announces A Heads-Up Display For 12.04   Ubuntu   2012-01-24
Checking Out The Ubuntu TV Prototype   Ubuntu   2012-01-10
Linux At The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)   Hardware   2012-01-04
Ubuntu On TVs Gets Discussed   Ubuntu   2011-11-28
Plans For Ubuntu On Phones Are Laid   Ubuntu   2011-11-02
Ubuntu On Stuff, KVM On ARM A15, GLPROXY   Ubuntu   2011-10-31
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop To Be Supported Longer   Ubuntu   2011-10-21