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OpenSIL Linux & Open-Source News

Lisa Su Says The "Team Is On It" After Tweet About Open-Source AMD GPU Firmware   AMD   2024-03-06
The 2024 State Of Open-Source AMD Firmware   AMD   2024-02-06
AMD CPU Use By Linux Gamers At ~70%, AMD openSIL, & AMD Laptops Topped 2023   AMD   2024-01-01
Coreboot 4.22 Released: Initial AMD OpenSIL Code Added, 17 New Motherboards   Coreboot   2023-11-28
Open-Source AMD OpenSIL Continues Making Progress To Eventually Replace AGESA   AMD   2023-11-07
More AMD EPYC Zen 4 "Genoa" Code Heads Into Coreboot   AMD   2023-10-15
AMD OpenSIL Will Be Talked About Later This Month At The 2023 OCP Global Summit   AMD   2023-10-06
Initial AMD EPYC Genoa Support Added To Coreboot, New Onyx Motherboard Target   Coreboot   2023-09-03
AMD Publishes SEV Firmware As Open-Source   AMD   2023-08-30
Coreboot's amdfwtool Updated For EPYC Genoa   Coreboot   2023-08-21
AMD CPU Use Among Linux Gamers Approaching 70% Marketshare   AMD   2023-07-02
What's Excited Open-Source Enthusiasts & Linux Users The Most So Far In 2023   Phoronix   2023-06-30
AMD Publishes Initial openSIL Open-Source CPU Silicon Initialization Code   AMD   2023-06-14
AMD openSIL Will Eventually Replace AGESA, Supporting Both Client & Server CPUs   AMD   2023-05-05
Watch: AMD openSIL For How AMD Is Working On Open-Source Firmware   AMD   2023-05-03
Silly Open-Source Moves, AMD openSIL & Rust Happenings Made For An Interesting Month   Phoronix   2023-04-30
9elements Security Talks Up AMD openSIL Open-Source Firmware With 4th Gen EPYC   AMD   2023-04-18
AMD openSIL Detailed For Advancing Open-Source System Firmware   AMD   2023-04-14
AMD Phoenix Support Progressing For Coreboot, New Google Chromebook Added   Coreboot   2023-04-11
Intel Linux Improvements, AMD openSIL, Zen 4 3D V-Cache & Other March Highlights   Phoronix   2023-04-02
TikTok Owner Bytedance Goes Big On Open-Source Firmware   Coreboot   2023-03-09
AMD Preparing "openSIL" For Open-Source Silicon Initialization With Coreboot   AMD   2023-03-03