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MoltenVK Articles & Reviews

Dota 2 Vulkan Performance Across MacOS, Windows 10 & Linux   Linux Gaming   2018-06-05
Vulkan Is Now Available On macOS/iOS By MoltenVK Being Open-Sourced, Vulkan SDK for Mac   Operating Systems   2018-02-26

MoltenVK Linux & Open-Source News

MPV 0.38 Media Player Released With New Options & Fixes   Multimedia   2024-04-17
SDL3 Introduces A Vulkan Renderer   Vulkan   2024-02-23
CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver 24 Built Atop Wine 9.0   WINE   2024-02-22
Vulkan 1.3.278 Released With Two New Extensions - One Will Help Wine / Steam Play   Vulkan   2024-02-16
2024 Vulkan Developer Conference Slides Posted   Vulkan   2024-02-09
CodeWeavers Releases CrossOver 23.5 With A Focus On Boosting macOS Gaming   WINE   2023-09-27
Vulkan 1.3.264 Released With Microsoft Layered Driver Extension   Vulkan   2023-09-08
CrossOver 23 Enables EA App On Linux, Many Fixes   Linux Gaming   2023-08-16
Microsoft Preparing For Their First Vulkan Extension   Microsoft   2023-05-20
MoltenVK 1.2.3 Released For Continuing To Enhance Vulkan Atop iOS/macOS   Vulkan   2023-03-23
X-Plane Now Shipping Zink To Avoid Vendor OpenGL Drivers   Linux Gaming   2023-02-24
MoltenVK v1.2.2 Released For Improving Vulkan API Support On macOS/iOS   Vulkan   2023-01-24
Blender 3.5 Boasts Working Apple Metal Backend, Vulkan Still In Early Stages   Free Software   2023-01-09
More Development Activity Ticking Up Around Vulkan For Blender   Vulkan   2022-11-07
MoltenVK Updated For Vulkan 1.2 Support On Apple macOS/iOS   Vulkan   2022-10-18
Vulkan 1.3.217 Adds Extension To Interact With Apple Metal Objects   Vulkan   2022-06-09
macOS 13 Adding Ability To Use Rosetta In ARM Linux VMs For Speedy x86_64 Linux Binaries   Apple   2022-06-06
Mesa 22.0 Zink Lands macOS Build Fix For OpenGL On Vulkan Via MoltenVK On Metal   Mesa   2021-12-29
CodeWeavers Planning For A Busy 2022 With VKD3D D3D12 For CrossOver   WINE   2021-12-22
LWJGL 3.3 Released For This Popular Java Library - OpenCL 3.0 Added, New Bindings   Programming   2021-11-15
Vulkanised Fall 2021 Material Available - Autodesk Has Begun Using MoltenVK   Vulkan   2021-10-23
Two Decade Old RTS Game Rolls Out v4.0 Update With Vulkan Renderer   Linux Gaming   2021-04-05
GTK 4 Toolkit's New OpenGL Renderer Is Maturing Well   GNOME   2021-02-26
The Vulkan API Is Now Five Years Old And Enjoying Phenomenal Success   Vulkan   2021-02-16
GTK4 Toolkit Seeing More Improvements To Its OpenGL Renderer   GNOME   2021-01-24
Vulkan SDK Now Formally Available For Apple Platforms - Including Apple Silicon Support   Vulkan   2021-01-13
GTK4 To Bring Better & Faster macOS Support   GNOME   2020-12-15
Vulkan Comes To Apple Silicon GPUs / M1 By Means Of MoltenVK 1.1.1   Vulkan   2020-12-10
Zink Seeing macOS Support For OpenGL Over Vulkan Then MoltenVK On Top Of Metal   Vulkan   2020-11-02
MoltenVK 1.1 Update Brings Big Improvements For Vulkan On macOS   Vulkan   2020-09-29
Vulkan Portability Extension 1.0 Now Shipping For Expanding Vulkan's Reach   Vulkan   2020-09-21
MoltenVK Update Brings Vulkan To Apple's tvOS   Vulkan   2020-07-31
Vulkan 1.2 Comes To macOS / iOS Via Updated MoltenVK   Vulkan   2020-01-23
Think Silicon's GLOVE OpenGL-Over-Vulkan Library Now Works On Wayland, Windows + macOS   Vulkan   2020-01-20
MoltenVK Updated For Providing Vulkan 1.1.130 SDK Support On Apple macOS/iOS   Vulkan   2019-12-17
MoltenVK Picks Up Metal 3.0 Capabilities, More Vulkan Features On macOS   Vulkan   2019-10-30
The Matrix Of Software Projects Mapping Khronos APIs From DXVK To Zink & CLVK   Standards   2019-10-04
MoltenVK Continues Improving The Vulkan Experience On macOS/iOS   Vulkan   2019-09-11
MoltenVK Now Supports More Vulkan Extensions, Begins Targeting Metal 3.0   Vulkan   2019-07-30
MoltenVK 1.0.36 Released With Many Fixes & Improvements For Vulkan On MacOS   Vulkan   2019-07-24
DXVK 1.3.1 Brings Logging Improvements, GPU Load Monitoring In The HUD   Vulkan   2019-07-20
MoltenVK 1.0.35 Brings Many Additions & Improvements For Vulkan On macOS   Vulkan   2019-06-14
LWJGL 3.2.2 Updates Against Vulkan 1.1, Other New Packages   Programming   2019-05-11
D9VK Sees Inaugural Release For Running Direct3D 9 Games On Vulkan   Linux Gaming   2019-05-08
EA Joins The Khronos Group, Will Collaborate On Vulkan   Standards   2019-04-30
GLFW 3.3 Adds Vulkan macOS Support Via MoltenVK, Better HiDPI & Scaling   Free Software   2019-04-16
MoltenVK Now Supports Vulkan Tessellation On macOS, Other Features   Vulkan   2019-04-13
Wine Lands Initial Vulkan Adapter Support For Direct3D   WINE   2019-04-01
The Rust Vulkan "Gfx-rs" Portability Layer Can Now Run vkQuake3   Vulkan   2019-03-27
Vulkan Working To Expose Video Encode/Decode, Machine Learning   Standards   2019-03-24
The Rust Vulkan Gfx-rs Portability Initiative Reaches New Milestone   Vulkan   2019-02-10
Vulkan's Portability Extension Coming Along, MoltenVK Now Boasts EXTX_portability_subset   Vulkan   2019-01-28
More Details On The WineD3D Vulkan Plans & Why DXVK Isn't Being Used   WINE   2019-01-25
Khronos Gears Up For A Busy GDC 2019 With Vulkan, OpenXR   Standards   2019-01-24
MoltenVK Sees Big Update To Jump-Start Vulkan On macOS In 2019   Vulkan   2019-01-18
VKD3D 1.1 Being Prepped For Release With MoltenVK Support, Geometry Shaders   WINE   2018-10-05
Q3 Was Exciting For Linux Enthusiasts With Threadripper, Mesa, Steam Play & Kernel Drama   Phoronix   2018-09-28
MoltenVK Updated Against Vulkan 1.1.85, New Features   Vulkan   2018-09-27
Ubuntu 18.10's SDL2 Build Will Ship With Vulkan Support Enabled   Ubuntu   2018-09-20
MoltenVK 1.0.20 Released To Continue Advancing Vulkan On macOS   Vulkan   2018-09-04
Wine's VKD3D Merges Support For macOS Gamers To Enjoy Direct3D 12 Over Vulkan Over Metal   Vulkan   2018-08-21
CodeWeavers Joins The Khronos Group Along With IKEA   WINE   2018-08-15
Rust's Low-Level Graphics Abstraction Layer Is Showing A Lot Of Potential   Vulkan   2018-08-10
VKD3D Gets Patches For Offering Direct3D 12 On macOS Via MoltenVK   WINE   2018-08-04
GLOVE: OpenGL ES Over Vulkan As Open-Source   Vulkan   2018-08-01
Fresh GPU Benchmarks, Fedora Features & More Spectre Were Popular In July   Phoronix   2018-07-31
Apple Accepts Updated MoltenVK-Using App/Game For Vulkan API On iOS   Vulkan   2018-07-29
Wine 3.13 Released With The MoltenVK macOS Support, Performance Data In The Registry   WINE   2018-07-20
Wine Lands Support For Vulkan On macOS Via MoltenVK   WINE   2018-07-13
MoltenVK Gets Patches To Workaround iOS API Issue, App Store Rejection   Vulkan   2018-07-09
Apple Rejects iOS App For Using MoltenVK Vulkan, Alleged Non-Public API   Apple   2018-07-08
Apple Deprecates OpenGL & OpenCL   Apple   2018-06-04
Initial Vulkan Performance On macOS With Dota 2 Is Looking Very Good   Valve   2018-06-01
Vulkan-Powered Dota 2 For macOS Released, Linux Comparison Tests Incoming   Valve   2018-05-31
Qt 5.12 To Support Vulkan On macOS Via MoltenVK   Qt   2018-05-30
Wine's VKD3D 1.0 Released For Running Direct3D 12 Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2018-05-23
AMD's Vulkan Memory Allocator Nears Version 2.0   AMD   2018-03-08
Godot To Focus On Vulkan Over OpenGL ES 3.0 Now That There's Mac Support   Linux Gaming   2018-02-26
Open-Source Project Trying To Map Vulkan Onto Direct3D 12 & Metal   Vulkan   2018-01-28
Qualcomm Mentions "Vulkan2" & What I Would Suspect Of "Vulkan 2.0"   Vulkan   2017-12-12
SDL 2.0.6 Released With Vulkan Helpers, DRM/KMS Driver   Linux Gaming   2017-09-23
PasVulkan: Now You Can Make Use Of Vulkan In Object Pascal   Vulkan   2017-05-17
Khronos' 3D Portability Initiative Could Be Quite Interesting, Boon For Linux Gaming   Standards   2017-02-27
The OpenGL / Vulkan Slides From Khronos @ SIGGRAPH 2016   Standards   2016-07-28