GCC 4.8 was released in 2013 and uses C++ as its implementation language of the GNU Compiler Collection. GCC 4.8 offers expanded support for C11 and C++11, libstdc++ standard library improvements, AArch64 ARM 64-bit architecture support, support for new ARM Cortex options, new Intel x86 instruction support, and AMD Steamroller and Jaguar CPU support.

GCC 4.8 Articles & Reviews

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GCC 4.8 Linux & Open-Source News

Linux Kernel Raising Compiler Build Requirement To GCC 4.9   Linux Kernel   2020-07-08
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NixOS 14.04 Released   Operating Systems   2014-04-30
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C++ Doesn't Change The Speed Of GCC   GNU   2013-03-22
Compilation Times, Binary Sizes For GCC 4.2 To GCC 4.8   GNU   2013-03-17
GCC 4.8.0 Release Candidate Now Available   GNU   2013-03-16
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Windows, Wine, Intel, Compilers Top February   Phoronix   2013-02-28
GCC 4.8 To Bump Up Speed On NVIDIA's Tegra 3   GNU   2013-02-27
GCC Prepares Compiler Support For Intel Broadwell   GNU   2013-02-26
GCC 4.8 Compiler Performance On ARM Cortex-A15   GNU   2013-02-25
LLVM's Clang Compiler Nearly C++11 Feature Complete   LLVM   2013-02-22
Initial Benchmarks Of The LLVM/Clang 3.3 Compiler   LLVM   2013-02-19
GCC 4.8 Has Support For AMD Steamroller, Jaguar   GNU   2013-02-16
Link-Time Optimizations With GCC 4.8   GNU   2013-02-09
The Last Round Of Fedora 19 Feature Proposals   Fedora   2013-01-29
Fedora 19 Feature Talk: Cloud, Java 8, Yum, Syslinux   Fedora   2013-01-24
Fedora Looks To Replace MySQL With MariaDB   Fedora   2013-01-21
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More Fedora 19 Feature Talk: BIND10, GCC 4.8, E17, Etc   Fedora   2013-01-16
Intel's Cilk Plus Still Waiting To Get Into GCC   Intel   2012-12-26
OpenACC Still Not Loved By Open Compilers   Programming   2012-12-04
Using AddressSanitizer & ThreadSanitizer In GCC 4.8   Programming   2012-11-30
More Open-Source Projects Eyeing Up C++11   KDE   2012-11-26
LLVM 3.2 Improves PowerPC Compiler Support   LLVM   2012-11-25
Tiny C Compiler Is Still Around, But Not Quickly Moving   Programming   2012-11-15
GCC 4.8 Has More Optimizations   GNU   2012-11-14
GCC 4.8 Compiler Development Is Over   GNU   2012-11-06
GCC 5.0 Compiler Might Be On The Way   GNU   2012-11-05
Ubuntu 13.04 Aims For 64-bit ARM Support (AArch64)   Ubuntu   2012-10-31
GCC 4.8 Nearing End Of Stage One Development   GNU   2012-10-29
AArch64 Called For Merging To GCC Trunk   GNU   2012-10-23
Local Register Allocator Merged Into GCC (LRA)   GNU   2012-10-22
New Features Coming Up For The GCC 4.8 Compiler   GNU   2012-10-18
GCC 4.8 To Handle More C++11, Initial C++1y Support   GNU   2012-10-17
GNU Unified Parallel C Still Aiming For GCC 4.8   GNU   2012-10-15
AMD Drops Steamroller "bdver3" Compiler Support   AMD   2012-10-11
GCC 4.5 Through 4.8 For AMD's Bulldozer   LLVM   2012-09-28
An "-Og" Optimization Level For GCC   GNU   2012-09-03
Intel Is Ready For Merging Cilk Plus Into GCC   Intel   2012-08-30
More Of What's Landing For The GCC 4.8 Compiler   GNU   2012-08-25
Unified Parallel C (UPC) Proposed For GCC 4.8   GNU   2012-08-23
GCC Moves Forward With Conversion To C++   GNU   2012-08-12
Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For August 2012   Free Software   2012-08-01
AMD Prepares "Bobcat 2" Compiler Support   AMD   2012-07-20
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