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Linux 4.12 Articles & Reviews

Windows 10 Radeon Software vs. Ubuntu 17.04 + Linux 4.12 + Mesa 17.2-dev   Linux Gaming   2017-07-07
Linux 4.12 I/O Scheduler Tests With A HDD & SSD   Storage   2017-07-02
P-State/CPUFreq Governor Tests With Linux 4.12 For OpenGL/Vulkan Games   Linux Gaming   2017-06-26
Linux 4.12 Ubuntu Benchmarks With AMD Ryzen, Intel Kabylake - 12 Systems   Processors   2017-06-23
AMDGPU-PRO 17.10-429170 vs. Linux 4.12 + Mesa 17.2-dev: Open-Source Continues Strong   Display Drivers   2017-06-19
Btrfs RAID 0/1/5/6/10 Benchmarks On Linux 4.12   Storage   2017-05-23
AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 vs. Linux 4.12 + Mesa 17.2-dev Git   Display Drivers   2017-05-20
Btrfs / EXT4 / F2FS / XFS Benchmarks On The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Storage   2017-05-20
OpenGL vs. Vulkan With Intel Kabylake On Linux 4.12 + Mesa 17.2-dev   Linux Gaming   2017-05-19
Core i7 7700K vs. Ryzen 7 1800X With Ubuntu 17.04 + Linux 4.12   Processors   2017-05-18
Linux 4.12 + Mesa 17.2-dev Yields Noticeable Advantages For Radeon Gamers On Ubuntu 17.04   Display Drivers   2017-05-17
The Many New Features Of The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Software   2017-05-14
Linux 4.12 I/O Scheduler Benchmarks: BFQ, Kyber, Etc   Storage   2017-05-08
Nouveau Re-Clocked With DRM-Next Linux 4.12 + Mesa 17.2-dev vs. NVIDIA 381 Driver   Display Drivers   2017-04-27
Radeon RX 580: AMDGPU-PRO vs. DRM-Next + Mesa 17.2-dev   Display Drivers   2017-04-26
Trying Out Nouveau's Accelerated Pascal Support With DRM-Next, Mesa 17.2-dev   Display Drivers   2017-04-25
AMDGPU vs. Radeon DRM With GCN 1.0/1.1 GPUs On Linux 4.11, Mesa 17.1-dev   Display Drivers   2017-04-06

Linux 4.12 Linux & Open-Source News

DragonFlyBSD Updates Its Intel + Radeon Linux-Ported Graphics Driver Code   BSD   2020-07-27
openSUSE Leap 15.2 Hits RC Phase With GNOME 3.34 + KDE Plasma 5.18, Sway   SUSE   2020-05-29
OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 Released - Based Off SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP1   SUSE   2019-05-22
Kernel Developers Discuss Defaulting To BFQ For Some Storage Devices   Linux Storage   2018-10-03
Kyber Seeing Some Improvements In The Linux 4.20~5.0 Kernel   Linux Storage   2018-09-29
The Most Popular Articles On Phoronix In 2017   Phoronix   2017-12-31
Nouveau Persevered In 2017 For Open-Source NVIDIA But 2018 Could Be Much Better   Nouveau   2017-12-31
Intel's Linux & Open-Source Advancements In 2017   Intel   2017-12-27
The Most Exciting Linux Kernel Stories Of 2017   Linux Kernel   2017-12-07
Linux 4.10 To Linux 4.15 Kernel Benchmarks   Hardware   2017-11-22
USB Type-C Port Manager Promoted Out Of Staging For Linux 4.15   Linux Kernel   2017-11-13
SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Reaches Beta: Using GNOME & Wayland, Linux 4.12   SUSE   2017-10-28
Knoppix 8.1 Now Available For A Retro Linux Experience In 2017   Operating Systems   2017-09-27
Linux 4.14 Kernel Benchmarks With The Intel Core i9 7980XE   Intel   2017-09-27
Valve Is Collaborating On GPUVis For Tuning Radeon Linux VR Performance   X.Org   2017-09-21
Ryzen & RX Vega Totally Dominated This Summer For Linux Users   Hardware   2017-09-17
Oracle Now Supports Btrfs RAID5/6 On Their Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel   Oracle   2017-09-17
Ubuntu 17.10 Shifts To Linux 4.12, Linux 4.13 Still In Testing   Linux Kernel   2017-08-23
Solus 3 Linux Distribution Released For Enthusiasts   Operating Systems   2017-08-15
Reiser4 Updated For Linux 4.12, Experimental Data Striping Support   Linux Storage   2017-08-14
An Ubuntu Kernel Built With The Latest AMDGPU DC Support   AMD   2017-08-09
With AMDGPU DC Not Aligning For Linux 4.14, 120 More Display Code Patches   AMD   2017-08-09
Ryzen, Windows 10 & Laptop Survey Piqued Linux Users In July   Phoronix   2017-08-01
Linux Driver Expectations For The Radeon RX Vega   Radeon   2017-07-30
ZFS On Linux 0.7 Released With New Features   Linux Storage   2017-07-26
Haswell-Tuned Binaries Are Still Sometimes Faster On AMD Ryzen Than Znver1 Tuning   Programming   2017-07-21
Fedora 25/26 Will Soon Receive The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-07-20
Linux 4.13-rc1 Tests Of AMDGPU Paired With RADV/RadeonSI Mesa 17.2-dev   Radeon   2017-07-18
Some Extra Game Tests Showing AMDGPU+RadeonSI Improvements Since Ubuntu 17.04   Ubuntu   2017-07-08
Trying Out A $37 DREVO SSD On Linux   Hardware   2017-07-08
Btrfs RAID 5/6 Support Is "Mostly OK" With Linux 4.12   Linux Storage   2017-07-08
Many Networking Updates For Linux 4.13   Hardware   2017-07-05
GNU Linux-libre 4.12 Kernel Released, More Driver Deblobbing   Linux Kernel   2017-07-03
Ryzen, NVIDIA & Unity 8 Abandonment Topped H1'2017   Phoronix   2017-07-03
Mux Subsystem, Thunderbolt Updates Coming For Linux 4.13   Linux Kernel   2017-07-03
Linux 4.12 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2017-07-02
Some Of What You Can Look Forward To With Linux 4.13   Linux Kernel   2017-07-01
Ryzen, Linux Laptops, Ethereum, & Graphics Drivers Marked Phoronix's 13th Birthday   Phoronix   2017-07-01
What Excites Me The Most About The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-06-30
Unreal Tournament Gives Another Excuse To RadeonSI Developers To "Game"   Mesa   2017-06-28
AMD's SME/SEV Security Support For EPYC Not Yet Ready On Linux   AMD   2017-06-28
Trying Intel Kabylake Graphics With DRM-Next For Linux 4.13   Intel   2017-06-28
Intel Kabylake OpenGL/Vulkan Performance With Serious Sam 3 BFE 2017 Update   Linux Gaming   2017-06-26
Linux 4.12-rc7 Released: Final Might Come In One Week   Linux Kernel   2017-06-25
Vulkan vs. OpenGL With The Radeon RX 470 On An Intel Xeon   Vulkan   2017-06-23
Some Fresh Tests With Mesa's Continuing KHR_no_error Work   Mesa   2017-06-23
Marek Takes To RadeonSI Tweaking For Unigine Superposition   Radeon   2017-06-22
Ubuntu 17.10 Continues Aiming For The Linux 4.13 Kernel   Ubuntu   2017-06-20
Linux 4.12-rc6 Released A Day Late, Final Possibly In Two Weeks   Linux Kernel   2017-06-19
With Linux 4.12, Clouds/VMs Backed By NVMe Storage Should Be Much Faster   Virtualization   2017-06-17
Oculus Rift CV1 Should Be Less Quirky On Linux 4.12   Hardware   2017-06-12
Linux 4.12-rc5 Released: The Biggest RC This Cycle   Linux Kernel   2017-06-11
Trying Intel Kabylake Graphics With Dawn of War III Vulkan   Intel   2017-06-08
Linux 4.12-rc4 Released, A "Fairly Normal" Test Release   Linux Kernel   2017-06-04
My Three Hopes For AMD's Open-Source Stack The Rest Of 2017   Radeon   2017-06-04
Ryzen, Linux 4.12 & Polaris Evolved Were Exciting This Month   Phoronix   2017-05-31
Mesa 17.2-dev + Linux 4.12 Intel Skylake HD Graphics 530 Benchmarks   Intel   2017-05-31
Radeon RX Vega Launch Postponed To SIGGRAPH   Radeon   2017-05-31
Linux 4.12-rc3 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2017-05-28
Heterogeneous Memory Management Steps Up To Version 22   Linux Kernel   2017-05-23
Linux 4.12-rc2 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2017-05-22
Running Intel Kabylake Graphics On Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-05-21
GeForce GT 1030 Will Work With NVIDIA 381 Linux Driver, Good Luck With Nouveau   Hardware   2017-05-19
The Features You Won't Find In The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-05-15
Git Statistics Showing The Rate Of Change For Linux 4.12 Development   Linux Kernel   2017-05-14
Linux 4.12-rc1 Kernel Released One Day Early   Linux Kernel   2017-05-13
Razer Sabertooth & Mad Catz Brawlstick Support In Linux 4.12   Hardware   2017-05-13
Linux 4.12 Gained A Lot Of Weight: More Than One Million New Lines   Linux Kernel   2017-05-13
More DRM Fixes Make It In Time For Linux 4.12-rc1, Lots Of Vega Work   Linux Kernel   2017-05-13
Broadcom BCM2835 Thermal Driver For Linux 4.12   Hardware   2017-05-12
Kbuild Updates For Linux 4.12 Brings Some LLVM/Clang Improvements   Linux Kernel   2017-05-11
Two More Device IDs Added For Radeon Vega 10   Radeon   2017-05-10
TEE Proposed For Merging In Linux 4.12: "Trusted" Execution Environment   Linux Kernel   2017-05-10
More Power Management Updates Head To The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Hardware   2017-05-10
Btrfs Gets RAID 5/6 Fixes With Linux 4.12   Linux Storage   2017-05-10
NVIDIA Tegra186/Parker/TX2 Support For Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-05-09
CodeAurora Continues Contributions To Freedreno's MSM DRM Driver   Hardware   2017-05-09
IOMMU Updates, Optimizations For Linux 4.12   Hardware   2017-05-09
F2FS Is Ready With Various Enhancements For Linux 4.12   Linux Storage   2017-05-08
A Variety Of KVM Changes For Linux 4.12, Supports MIPS Hardware Virtualization   Virtualization   2017-05-08
EXT4 For Linux 4.12 Gets GETFSMAP Support, Performance Improvements   Linux Kernel   2017-05-07
The New Features So Far For The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-05-07
XFS In Linux 4.12 Adds GETFSMAP Support   Linux Storage   2017-05-07
Staging Tree For Linux 4.12 Adds 350k Lines Of New Code   Linux Kernel   2017-05-06
PowerPC 64-bit To Support Up To 512TB Virtual Address Space On Linux 4.12   Hardware   2017-05-06
ARM64 Updates For The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-05-06
Intel RealSense SR300 Camera Support Added To Linux 4.12   Hardware   2017-05-05
DRM/FreeDesktop Code of Conduct Submitted To Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-05-05
USB Type-C Port Manager Heads Into Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-05-05
Radeon RX 550 Stumbles On Open-Source, Working Fine With AMDGPU-PRO   AMD   2017-05-04
Early Patches For Kernel Lockdown Mode Set For Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-05-04
Xen In Linux 4.12 Picks Up 9pfs Front-End Driver   Virtualization   2017-05-04
Intel Laptop Driver Improvements Slated For Linux 4.12: Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu, Etc   Hardware   2017-05-03
5-Level Paging Work Heads Into Linux 4.12   Intel   2017-05-03
Intel Edison Gets Mainline Bluetooth Support With Linux 4.12 Kernel   Intel   2017-05-03
The Huge DRM Driver Update Submitted For Linux 4.12: Vega, Atomic & Co   Linux Kernel   2017-05-03
Many Intel Sound Driver Fixes Slated For Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-05-03
Livepatching With Linux 4.12 Will Be Faster For Some Modules   Linux Kernel   2017-05-02
MD RAID Optimizations For Linux 4.12   Hardware   2017-05-02
Intel P-State, Schedutil Get Updated For Linux 4.12 Kernel   Hardware   2017-05-02
Intel Memory Bandwidth Allocation Coming To Linux 4.12   Intel   2017-05-02
BFQ I/O Scheduler Lands Along With New Kyber Scheduler   Linux Storage   2017-05-01
Linux 4.12 To Enable KASLR By Default   Linux Kernel   2017-05-01
AVR32 Architecture Called For Removal From Mainline Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-05-01
Unity 8 Abandonment, Windows 10 vs. Linux Tests Dominated April   Phoronix   2017-04-30
Linux 4.11 Set To Be Released Today   Linux Kernel   2017-04-30
USB Type-C Port Manager Coming To Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-04-30
Linux 4.12 To Begin Supporting TrustZone CryptoCell   Hardware   2017-04-29
New ARM Support Going Into The Linux 4.12 Kernel   Arm   2017-04-29
AMDGPU Gets More Fixes For Linux 4.12   AMD   2017-04-29
61 New Patches Allow OpenGL 4.5 For Radeon RX Vega   Mesa   2017-04-24
Linux 4.11 Pushed Back: 4.11-rc8 Released   Linux Kernel   2017-04-23
Compute Shader Patches For Nouveau Pascal   Nouveau   2017-04-23
Btrfs Getting RAID 5/6 Fixes In Linux 4.12 Kernel   Linux Storage   2017-04-23
Nouveau 1.0.15 X.Org Driver Released With Pascal Support   Nouveau   2017-04-22
Heterogeneous Memory Management v20 Published   Hardware   2017-04-22
Linux 4.12 Should Be Another Exciting, Featureful Cycle   Linux Kernel   2017-04-21
BFQ I/O Scheduler Queued For Linux 4.12   Linux Storage   2017-04-20
AMD's Kernel Graphics Code Is Approaching One Million Lines   Linux Kernel   2017-04-13
Clear Linux Switches From ACPI CPUFreq To P-State   Clear Linux   2017-04-12
DRM Changes To Look Forward To With Linux 4.12: Vega, Atomic Intel, Accelerated Pascal   Linux Kernel   2017-04-12
AMD Developers Discuss Better Switching Of Radeon/AMDGPU CIK Support   Radeon   2017-04-11
Mediatek MT2701 Display Support Coming For Linux 4.12   Hardware   2017-04-10
Freedreno's MSM DRM Driver On Linux 4.12 Gets 4K Support For Newer Hardware   Linux Kernel   2017-04-09
Intel Has A Last Feature Pile Of Work For Linux 4.12 DRM   Linux Kernel   2017-04-09
GP10B & GP107 NVIDIA Support Land For Nouveau Linux 4.12   Nouveau   2017-04-08
AMDGPU Has More Code Prepped For Linux 4.12   AMD   2017-04-07
Heterogeneous Memory Management v19 Published, Will It Be In Linux 4.12?   Linux Kernel   2017-04-06
NVIDIA Tegra X2 GPU Firmware Published   NVIDIA   2017-04-05
RadeonSI ARB_sparse_buffer Lands For Mesa 17.1   Mesa   2017-04-05
Etnaviv DRM Updates For Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-04-05
DRM Maintainers Are Running Out Of Time To Ship New Features For Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-04-03
Radeon TONGA Sees Some Gains With AMDGPU DRM-Next 4.12   Radeon   2017-04-03
AMD's Radeon R9 Fury Showing Some Gains With AMDGPU's DRM-Next 4.12   Radeon   2017-04-02
Intel GVT-g Updates Slated For Linux 4.12   Intel   2017-04-02
Early Tests Of AMDGPU's DRM-Next Performance For Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-03-31
Vega 10 & Other AMDGPU Updates Land In DRM-Next, 398k+ L.O.C.   Linux Kernel   2017-03-31
Vega Support Called For Pulling Into Linux 4.12, Without DC Support   Radeon   2017-03-30
Radeon RX Vega Support Lands In Mesa 17.1 Git   Mesa   2017-03-30
Pascal Is Now Supported By The Nouveau X.Org Driver   Nouveau   2017-03-30
NVIDIA Rolls Out Tegra X2 GPU Support In Nouveau   Nouveau   2017-03-29
Atomic Mode-Setting Support For VMware's VMWGFX DRM Driver   Linux Kernel   2017-03-28
Intel P-State Gets More Cleanups & Optimizations   Intel   2017-03-28
Radeon RX Vega Patches Begin Landing, First Hitting Libdrm   Radeon   2017-03-27
Intel's 5-Level Paging Support Being Prepped For Linux 4.12   Intel   2017-03-27
Mux Controller Subsystem Proposed For Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   2017-03-27
Intel Has More P-State Changes Coming For Linux 4.12   Intel   2017-03-23
17 Fresh AMDGPU DC Patches Posted Today   AMD   2017-03-22
Radeon Vega Changes For Libdrm, Plans For Merging Prior To Kernel Support   Radeon   2017-03-21
More Radeon Vega Work Lands For LLVM 5.0   Radeon   2017-03-21