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GCC 10 Articles & Reviews

GCC 10 vs. GCC 11 Compiler Performance On The Threadripper 3990X   Software   2021-03-12
GCC 10 vs. GCC 11 Compiler Performance On AMD Zen 3   Software   2021-02-24
AMD AOCC 2.3 Squeezing Out Extra Performance For EPYC Over GCC 10, Clang 11   Software   2020-12-17
AMD AOCC 2.2 Helping Squeeze Extra Performance Out Of AMD EPYC 7002 "Rome" CPUs   Software   2020-08-28
GCC 10 vs. Clang 10 Compiler Performance On AMD Zen 2 + Intel Cascade Lake   Software   2020-05-19
GCC 10 Link-Time Optimization Benchmarks On AMD Threadripper   Software   2020-01-07
GCC 5 Through GCC 10 Compiler Benchmarks - Five Years Worth Of C/C++ Compiler Performance   Software   2019-12-20
AMD Zen 2 Performance Looking Even Better With GCC 10   Software   2019-08-02
GCC vs. Clang Compiler Benchmarks On POWER9 With Raptor's Blackbird   Software   2019-07-23
Intel Xeon Cascade Lake Compiler Performance - GCC 9/10 vs. LLVM Clang 8/9   Software   2019-06-27

GCC 10 Linux & Open-Source News

Eclipse OpenJ9 0.43 Released With New Options, Updated Compilers For Release Binaries   Programming   2024-02-06
GCC 10.5 Compiler Released To Close-Out The Series   GNU   2023-07-07
xf86-video-ati 22.0 Released For Older ATI/AMD GPUs   X.Org   2023-04-26
Eclipse OpenJ9 0.37 Released - But It Shouldn't Be Used In Production   Programming   2023-04-18
OpenIndiana Hipster 2022.10 Released With Updates For This OpenSolaris-Derived OS   Operating Systems   2022-12-05
OpenJ9 v0.33 Released For Eclipse's High Performance JVM   Programming   2022-08-06
KDE Plasma 5.26 Eyes Using C++20 Features   KDE   2022-07-09
GCC 10.4 Released With 200+ Bug Fixes   GNU   2022-06-28
GCC 9.5 Released As A Last Hoorah For The GCC9 Compiler   GNU   2022-05-27
GCC 12's Static Analyzer Adds Taint Mode, Begins Assembly Support   GNU   2022-04-13
Ubuntu 21.10 Released With GNOME 40 Desktop, Many Underlying Improvements   Ubuntu   2021-10-14
OmniOS Adds VirtFS File Sharing For Bhyve, Better System Console Performance   Operating Systems   2021-09-28
Arm Posts New GCC Compiler Patches Due To New Vulnerability Affecting ARMv8-M TrustZone   Arm   2021-08-24
Debian 11 Is Releasing This Weekend With Many Improvements   Debian   2021-08-14
GCC 12's Static Analyzer Gaining Initial Assembly Support   GNU   2021-08-05
xf86-video-amdgpu 21.0.0 Released For Radeon Linux Users Still On X.Org   Radeon   2021-07-30
AMD's Linux Strides In H1'21 From FreeSync HDMI To PyTorch ROCm   AMD   2021-07-04
GRUB 2.06 Released With BootHole Fixes, LUKS2 Encrypted Volume Support   GNU   2021-06-08
CentOS Linux 8 2105 Released As RHEL 8.4 Equivalent   Red Hat   2021-06-03
Genode OS 21.05 Released With Webcam Support, Encrypted File Vault   Operating Systems   2021-05-31
Intel Tiger Lake Performance On Ubuntu 21.04 Benchmarks   Intel   2021-05-23
RHEL 8.4 Released With Tiger Lake Graphics, Expanded eBPF Support   Red Hat   2021-05-21
GNU Guix 1.3 Released With Better User Experience, Initial POWER9 Support   GNU   2021-05-12
T2 SDE 21.4 Released With This Linux Distribution Supporting 15 CPU Architectures   Operating Systems   2021-04-23
Slackware 15 Beta Process Begins   Operating Systems   2021-04-13
Intel Rocket Lake Target Added To GCC 11   Intel   2021-04-12
GCC 10.3 Compiler Released With AMD Zen 3 Tuning Backported, Nearly 200 Bug Fixes   GNU   2021-04-08
GCC 11 Lands A Last Minute Optimization For Intel Skylake   Intel   2021-04-06
GCC 10.3 Release Candidate Arrives For Testing   GNU   2021-04-02
Ubuntu 21.04 Beta Released For This Linux 5.11 Powered Update With Wayland By Default   Ubuntu   2021-04-01
AMD Zen 3 Tuning Backported To The GCC 10 Compiler   AMD   2021-04-01
Linux 5.12 Corruption, GNOME 40, AMD Milan, Rust In Linux-Next Made For An Exciting March   Phoronix   2021-04-01
Ubuntu 21.04 Moves Ahead With Enabling LTO Optimizations For Greater Performance   Ubuntu   2021-03-20
helloSystem, System76 Keyboard + Linux 5.11/5.12 Captivated Users In February   Phoronix   2021-03-01
Early Ubuntu 21.04 Benchmarks Point To Some Slides In Performances But Overall Flat   Ubuntu   2021-02-23
LLVM Lands Support For OpenMP Offloading To AMD Radeon GPUs   Radeon   2021-02-06
GCC 11 Beefs Up Its Static Analyzer Capabilities   GNU   2021-01-30
GNU Parted 3.4 Released With Support For F2FS File-System   GNU   2021-01-28
Fedora Had A Super Year From Lenovo Preloads To Btrfs To Many Other New Features   Fedora   2020-12-31
GNU Had A Busy 2020 With The GCC Toolchain Still Rocking, Finally Converted To Git   GNU   2020-12-31
Mageia 8 Beta 2 Released With A Platter Of Updated Packages   Operating Systems   2020-12-13
Mageia 8 Linux OS Is Inching Closer To Release   Operating Systems   2020-11-13
OpenSolaris-Derived OmniOS CE Updated With A Ton Of Changes   Operating Systems   2020-11-04
OpenIndiana 2020.10 Released For Continuing Where OpenSolaris Left Off   Operating Systems   2020-11-01
Ubuntu 21.04 Is The "Hirsute Hippo", Releasing On 22 April   Ubuntu   2020-10-28
Ubuntu 20.10 Released With GNOME 3.38, Active Directory Installer Integration   Ubuntu   2020-10-22
ZFSOnLinux 0.8.5 Released With Support For Newer Kernels, Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2020-10-06
Ubuntu 20.10 Beta Released For Testing   Ubuntu   2020-10-01
NVIDIA CUDA 11.1 Released With RTX 30 Series Support, Better Compatibility Across Versions   NVIDIA   2020-09-23
C++20 Draft Approved As Major Update To C++ Programming Language   Programming   2020-09-06
Linux From Scratch 10.0 Released For Rolling Your Own Linux Installation From Source   Operating Systems   2020-09-01
Intel mOS, Cachy, Mozilla Layoffs Were The Open-Source Buzz Of August   Phoronix   2020-09-01
AMD Radeon GPU Offloading For GCC Still Maturing In 2020   Radeon   2020-08-27
openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Shipping Linux 5.8   SUSE   2020-08-14
Mageia 8 Beta 1 Released With Many Improvements   Operating Systems   2020-08-07
GNU C Library 2.32 Released   GNU   2020-08-06
GCC's New Ranger Infrastructure Aims To Be In Good Shape For GCC 11   GNU   2020-07-26
GCC 10.2 Compiler Released With Nearly 100 Bug Fixes   GNU   2020-07-23
Arm Backporting SLS Vulnerability Mitigation To Existing GCC Releases   Arm   2020-07-21
GCC 10.2 Gearing Up For Release Next Week - RC Available For Testing   GNU   2020-07-15
Gentoo On Android 64-Bit Sees New Release After 2+ Years   Operating Systems   2020-07-07
Mesa 20.0.8 Released To End Out The Series   Mesa   2020-06-12
Kernel Advancements, Microsoft Linux News Kept Open-Source Fans Entertained In May   Phoronix   2020-06-02
LLVM 11 Merges AMD Radeon GCN Offloading For OpenMP   Radeon   2020-05-27
A Quick Look At GCC 10.1 PGO Optimization Benchmarks   Programming   2020-05-26
GCC 10.1 Compiler Optimization Benchmarks   GNU   2020-05-23
GCC 11 Adds CPU Detection For Newer Intel Families   Intel   2020-05-18
GCC 11 Proposal Would Default To C++17 Level Features   GNU   2020-05-17
GCC 11 Enables Co-Routines Support In C++20 Mode   GNU   2020-05-16
Upstream Linux Developers Against "-O3" Optimizing The Kernel   Linux Kernel   2020-05-13
GCC 10 Compiler Released With Radeon OpenMP/OpenACC Offload, Intel Tigerlake/Cooperlake   GNU   2020-05-07
GCC 10 Has Been Branched, GCC 10.1 Stable Looking To Release In Early May   GNU   2020-04-30
Fedora 32 Officially Released With EarlyOOM, SSD TRIM Finally Flipped On, GNOME 3.36   Fedora   2020-04-28
Ubuntu 20.10 "Groovy Gorilla" Open For Development   Ubuntu   2020-04-27
Fedora 32 Cleared For Release Next Week   Fedora   2020-04-23
Fedora 32 Delayed From Releasing Next Week Due To Bugs   Fedora   2020-04-17
GCC's libstdc++ Continues Landing C++20 Changes Around The Spaceship Operator   GNU   2020-04-16
GNOME 3.36.1 Released With First Batch Of Fixes   GNOME   2020-04-02
GCC 10 Release Candidate Likely Hitting In The Next Few Weeks   GNU   2020-04-02
GCC 11 Will Likely Support Using LLVM's libc++   GNU   2020-04-01
Intel GCC Patches + PRM Update Adds SERIALIZE Instruction, Confirm Atom+Core Hybrid CPUs   Intel   2020-04-01
GCC's New Static Analysis Capabilities Are Getting Into Shape For GCC 10   GNU   2020-03-27
LLVM/Clang 10.0 Now Available With Better C++20 Support, New CPU Coverage   LLVM   2020-03-24
Fedora 33 Plans To Ship With Latest MinGW For Best Experience In Compiling Software For Windows   Fedora   2020-03-18
Fedora 32 Beta Released With EarlyOOM By Default, GNOME 3.36 Desktop   Fedora   2020-03-17
Fedora 32 Beta To Be Released Next Week   Fedora   2020-03-14
GCC 9.3 Compiler Released With Over 150 Bug Fixes   GNU   2020-03-12
The New Compiler Features Of LLVM 10.0 / Clang 10.0   LLVM   2020-03-08
GCC 8.4 Released With A Year Worth Of Bug Fixes   GNU   2020-03-04
GCC 8.4 RC Compiler Released For Testing   GNU   2020-02-27
LLVM 10.0's Release Is Very Close With RC2 Available   LLVM   2020-02-18
GCC 8.4 + GCC 9.3 Compilers Coming Soon   GNU   2020-02-17
GCC 10 Adds Late Support For -std=c++20 To Target C++20   GNU   2020-02-16
OpenBLAS 0.3.8 Brings More AVX2/AVX512 Kernels, Other Optimizations   Programming   2020-02-10
Experimental Support For C++20 Coroutines Has Landed In GCC 10   GNU   2020-01-18
GCC 10 Introduces A Static Analyzer - Static Analysis On C Code With "-fanalyzer" Option   GNU   2020-01-14
LLVM/Clang 10.0 Adds AMD Zen 2 Scheduler Model For Optimized Code Generation   AMD   2020-01-14
GCC 10 Enters Its Fourth Stage Of Development, 20 Bugs Of Highest Priority   GNU   2020-01-13
Benchmarks Of LLVM Clang 6.0 Through Clang 10.0 Compilers   LLVM   2020-01-12
Fedora 32 Goes Through Its Formalities To Land GCC 10 + Golang 1.14   Fedora   2020-01-03
GCC 10 Adds ARMv8.6-A Targeting, BFloat16 + i8MM Options   Arm   2020-01-03
GCC 10 PGO Benchmarks On AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X + Ubuntu 19.10   AMD   2019-12-24
LLVM Clang Achieves ~96% The Performance Of GCC On Intel Ice Lake   Intel   2019-12-23
GNU C Library 2.31 Should Be Out In February - To Ship With Fedora 32   GNU   2019-12-16
Fedora 32 Will Feature Bleeding-Edge Compilers Again With LLVM 10 + GCC 10   Fedora   2019-12-13
GCC 10's C++20 "Spaceship Operator" Support Appears To Be In Good Shape   GNU   2019-12-06
Motorola m68k Support Improved Upon In GCC - Saved From Being Removed In GCC 11   GNU   2019-11-26
GCC 10 Feature Development Is Over - Now The Focus Turns To Bug Fixing   GNU   2019-11-18
Initial Patches Wire In C++20 Coroutines For The GCC Compiler   GNU   2019-11-18
GCC Might Finally Have A Static Analysis Framework Thanks To Red Hat   GNU   2019-11-17
The GCC 10 Compiler Lands OpenMP / OpenACC Offloading To AMD Radeon GPUs   GNU   2019-11-17
GCC 7.5 Released With 215+ Bug Fixes As The Last Update To GCC7   GNU   2019-11-14
AMD GCN OpenMP/OpenACC Offloading Patches For The GCC 10 Compiler   GNU   2019-11-13
GCC 7.5 Gearing Up For Release As The Last Compiler Update Of The Series   GNU   2019-11-06
GNU Toolchain Moves Ahead In Obsoleting Solaris 10 Support   GNU   2019-11-04
GCC 11 Aims To Default To C++17 Standard   GNU   2019-11-02
GCC 11 Compiler Could End Up Removing Support For The Motorola m68k, Other Old CPUs   GNU   2019-10-30
GCC 10 Switches Arm's Scheduling-Pressure Algorithm For Better Performance   Arm   2019-10-21
GCC 10 Has C++20 Concepts Support In Order   GNU   2019-10-21
GNU Binutils 2.33.1 Released With Support For Newer Arm Cortex CPUs, SVE2/TME/MVE   GNU   2019-10-12
Fedora 32 Planning To Ship With GNU Binutils 2.33   Fedora   2019-10-04
AMD Dominated Q3 In Wooing Over Linux / Open-Source Fans   Phoronix   2019-10-03
GCC Is Potentially Months From Seeing Radeon OpenMP 4.5 / OpenACC 2.6 GPU Offloading   Radeon   2019-10-02
Linux 5.4 Dropping Support For The Itanium IA64-Powered SGI Altix   Hardware   2019-09-17
GCC 10 Lands The eBPF Port For Targeting The Linux In-Kernel VM   GNU   2019-09-09
GCC 10 Compiler Drops IBM Cell Broadband Engine SPU Support   GNU   2019-09-04
AMD EPYC 7002 & Ryzen 3000 Series Dominated Linux Interest During August   Phoronix   2019-09-01
GCC 10 Lands Support For -march=tigerlake & -march=cooperlake   GNU   2019-08-20
Oracle Continues Working On eBPF Support For GCC 10   Oracle   2019-08-17
Intel Tiger Lake Support Added To The LLVM Clang 10 Compiler   Intel   2019-08-12
GCC 9.2 Released With Bug Fixes & AMD Zen 2 Improvements   GNU   2019-08-12
GCC 9.2 Available For Testing With Tuned AMD Zen 2 Support Back-Ported   GNU   2019-08-05
GCC 10's LTO Will Make Use Of Available CPU Cores By Default   GNU   2019-08-04
AMD Radeon GCN Offloading Support For OpenMP/OpenACC On The Way For GCC 10   GNU   2019-08-03
AMD Zen 2 "Znver2" Compiler Optimizations Back-Ported For GCC 9.2 Compiler   GNU   2019-07-30
GCC 10 Likely To See "-flto=auto" Option   SUSE   2019-07-24
GCC 10 Compiler Picks Up New Scheduler Model & Cost Tables For AMD Zen 2 Processors   AMD   2019-07-23
GCC 10 Lands OpenRISC Support For Floating Point Instructions   GNU   2019-07-22
GCC 10 Lands The Zstd LTO Bytecode Compression Support   GNU   2019-07-06
GCC 10 Lands Support For Intel Tiger Lake's AVX-512 VP2INTERSECT   GNU   2019-06-26
GCC Is Looking At Zstd For Compressing Its LTO Data   GNU   2019-06-21
GCC 10 Lands Support For Targeting TI's 32-bit PRU Processor   GNU   2019-06-16
Intel Itanium IA-64 Support To Be Deprecated By GCC 10, Planned Removal In GCC 11   Intel   2019-06-13
AMD Zen 2 CPUs Come With A Few New Instructions - At Least WBNOINVD, CLWB, RDPID   AMD   2019-06-12
AMD GCN Back-End In GCC Compiler Adds "-march=gfx906" Option For Vega 20   Radeon   2019-06-08
LLVM/Clang 9.0 Merges Support For Intel "Cooperlake" CPU Target   LLVM   2019-06-07
Golang Gets Cheaper Context Switching   Programming   2019-06-01
Open-Source Compiler Support Starts Riding Down For Intel's Sapphire Rapids   Intel   2019-05-30
Oracle Is Aiming To Contribute An eBPF Backend To The GCC 10 Compiler   Oracle   2019-05-30
New "Ranger" Infrastructure On Tap For The GCC 10 Compiler   GNU   2019-05-28