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dav1d Linux News

SVT-AV1 Already Seeing Nice Performance Improvements...   Intel   15 Feb 2019
Intel Publishes Open-Source AV1 Video Encoder...   Intel   03 Feb 2019
Firefox 65.0 Released With WebP Support, Better...   Mozilla   29 Jan 2019
Recently Added Benchmarks From DAV1D To Microsoft Ethr...   Phoronix Test Suite   11 Jan 2019
DAV1D v0.1 AV1 Video Decoder Released   Multimedia   11 Dec 2018
The DAV1D AV1 Video Decoder Has Become Very Fast   Multimedia   21 Nov 2018
FFmpeg 4.1 Brings AV1 Parser & Support For AV1 In...   Multimedia   06 Nov 2018
DAV1D: A New AV1 Video Decoder From The VideoLAN...   Multimedia   01 Oct 2018