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Written by Michael Larabel in Intel on 4 November 2021 at 04:00 PM EDT. 19 Comments
With the embargo lifted following this morning's Intel Core i5 12600K + Core i9 12900K Linux review, I've begun uploading more public test data to and making my earlier test results public. With that and initial data flowing in from others in the community, here is some more data to poke through if interested in Alder Lake on Linux.

This page shows all of the amassed data on for both the Core i5 12600K and Core i9 12900K. From there you can add in more processors for comparison from the available public data as well as input your own local pricing for seeing custom performance-per-dollar metrics. (As mentioned in today's Alder Lake Linux review, currently CPUFreq reports bogus clock frequencies of 6.3GHz for the i5-12600K and 6.5GHz for i9-12900K... That's carried over into this auto-collected information on as well, which is why you see those numbers albeit are at stock frequencies.) There's much more data than could be potentially conveyed in one article.

As always with those composite rankings on, only the data points are shown in the rankings when there is enough statistically significant public data available. Among those requirements are having at least three independent runs/results (and with most test profiles defaulting to a three run minimum, effectively 9 results at least for most tests shown) for a given processor and a given test profile, matching all test options / versions, low standard deviation, etc. And then as you add more CPUs to display, only the tests having a perfect intersection across all selected components will be displayed. So this ranking is a higher level overview from all of the testing I've done over the past week as well as that of several other reviewers that use the Phoronix Test Suite to varying capacities.

You can have a lot of fun with the data such as how Alder Lake compares to a Core i7 2700K Sandy Bridge, i9 10900K vs. i9 11900K vs. i9 12900K, AMD Ryzen 9 5950X vs. Core i9 12900K, and hundreds of other processors to compare to at this high level.

There are also percentile rankings for different workloads from these areas for the Core i5 12600K and Core i9 12900K. From those links you can also see the /proc/cpuinfo and lscpu data if interested on these processors.

Meanwhile if navigating to individual test profile pages like timed Linux kernel compilation, dav1d, SVT-AV1, Stargate digital audio workstation, RawTherapee, and the dozens of other test profiles having sufficient exposure so far to these Alder Lake processors.

Of course, if installing the Phoronix Test Suite you can run your own fully-automated, side-by-side benchmarks against the various Alder Lake benchmarks for better understanding what makes sense for you as a possible performance upgrade.

I'm currently working on many other exciting Intel Alder Lake Linux benchmarks, stay tuned to Phoronix. If enjoying the daily Linux hardware reviews and news as well as all the work I do for open-source benchmarking with the development of the Phoronix Test Suite and, consider showing your support by joining Phoronix Premium.
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