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Pingora 0.3 Released With Support For HTTP Modules
Pingora 0.3 Released With Support For HTTP Modules
4 Hours Ago - Programming - Pingora 0.3 - Add A Comment

Pingora started out as an in-house replacement to Cloudflare's Nginx usage that was written in Rust and eventually open-sourced earlier this year. Pingora has evolved into a Rust framework for building fast and reliable networked systems. Ending out the week is the release of Pingora 0.3 as the latest step forward for this Rust code that is widely used within the confines of Cloudflare.

12 July

GNOME Foundation Executive Director Departing After Less Than One Year
GNOME Foundation Executive Director Departing After Less Than One Year
12 July 12:54 PM EDT - GNOME - Executive Director Leaves - 47 Comments

It was just announced at the end of last year that Holly Million was named as the GNOME Foundation Executive Director. After a little more than a half-year, this previous outsider to GNOME announced she will be stepping down from her post. A new interim executive director will be starting while the search begins for a permanent replacement.

AWS Graviton4 Benchmarks Prove To Deliver The Best ARM Cloud Server Performance
AWS Graviton4 Benchmarks Prove To Deliver The Best ARM Cloud Server Performance
12 July 12:30 PM EDT - Processors - 7 Comments

This week AWS announced that Graviton4 went into GA with the new R8G instances after Amazon originally announced their Graviton4 ARM64 server processors last year as built atop Arm Neoverse-V2 cores. I eagerly fired up some benchmarks myself and I was surprised by the generational uplift compared to Graviton3. At the same vCPU counts, the new Graviton4 cores are roughly matching Intel Sapphire Rapids performance while being able to tango with the AMD EPYC "Genoa" and consistently showing terrific generational uplift.

Ubuntu Makes It Easier To Launch VMs On Windows, Authd PPA Up For Testing
Ubuntu Makes It Easier To Launch VMs On Windows, Authd PPA Up For Testing
12 July 12:20 PM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu 24.10 In July - 11 Comments

Oliver Smith with Canonical has been communicating a lot in recent months around the great improvements planned for Ubuntu 24.10. Canonical engineers and the Ubuntu community have been working on many significant improvements for the desktop in Ubuntu 24.10. Today is a new blog post by Oliver to highlight some of the recent changes.

ARM64 Updates Submitted For The Linux 6.11 Kernel
ARM64 Updates Submitted For The Linux 6.11 Kernel
12 July 06:30 AM EDT - Arm - Linux 6.11 ARM64 Changes - Add A Comment

Due to the ARM64 maintainer for the Linux kernel going on holiday, the ARM64 port updates have been submitted ahead of the opening of the Linux 6.11 merge window that will likely be on Monday or otherwise the following week depending upon if a 6.10-rc8 is warranted.

11 July

XWayland 24.1.1 Brings Many Fixes
XWayland 24.1.1 Brings Many Fixes
11 July 10:50 AM EDT - Wayland - XWayland 24.1.1 - 8 Comments

Building off last month's release of XWayland 24.1 that brought explicit sync support, improved rootful, and other changes, the first point release has now been issued.

10 July

9 July

AMD vs. NVIDIA Vulkan Ray-Tracing Performance On Linux With Breaking Limit
9 July 11:00 AM EDT - Display Drivers - 149 Comments

Basemark last week released GPUScore: Breaking Limit as a "groundbreaking cross-platform ray-tracing benchmark" that is scalable from mobile to desktops. They self-describe Breaking Limit as "the world's first true cross-platform benchmark for ray tracing." Given that and the benchmark meeting my benchmarking criteria, I've been trying it out on various AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards under Linux.

Loongson 3 CPUFreq Linux Driver Being Worked On For Better Power/Performance
9 July 12:00 AM EDT - Hardware - Loongson CPUFreq Driver - 3 Comments

While Loongson's LoongArch processors have been supported under Linux from the start, there remain some missing/late elements still being pursued by Loongson engineers for better upstream support. One of the areas being worked on recently is a proper CPUFreq driver for Loongson 3 series processors for CPU frequency scaling for better performance and power management.

8 July

Ubuntu 24.10 To Enable Frame Pointers For More Packages
8 July 03:52 PM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu 24.10 Frame Pointers - 1 Comment

With Ubuntu 24.04 LTS was a fundamental change made by Canonical to enable frame pointers by default for their packages in the name of improving the debugging and profiling experience. This has been as part of a broader push by Canonical to focus more on Ubuntu Linux performance and ensuring the needs of developers are met. With Ubuntu 24.10, more of the packages will have frame pointer support enabled.

Intel Continues Readying Linux For Lunar Lake's New Adaptive Sharpening Filter
8 July 06:33 AM EDT - Intel - Adaptive Sharpening DRM Property - 12 Comments

Back in February I wrote about Intel's open-source graphics driver engineers working on a new adaptive sharpening filter capability to be found with upcoming Xe2 graphics starting with Lunar Lake. This new adaptive sharpening filter has minimal power and performance impact and at least according to the driver engineers is working out rather well. Besides the Intel Xe kernel driver support around enabling this adaptive sharpening filter, Intel has also been readying the rest of the Linux desktop stack for exposing this capability.

GCC & LLVM/Clang Compilers Updated For Intel Branch Hint
8 July 06:06 AM EDT - Intel - x86 Branch Hint - Add A Comment

Both the GCC and LLVM/Clang compilers today saw support for Intel's Branch Hint extension merged today for this feature of Redwood Cove P cores as found with current generation Meteor Lake processors as well as upcoming Intel Granite Rapids server processors.

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