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Rocket Lake Articles & Reviews

AMD Ryzen 7 7700X vs. Core i9 11900K AVX-512 Performance Analysis   Processors   2022-11-02
Intel UHD Graphics 770 / Alder Lake GT1 Linux Graphics Performance   Graphics Cards   2021-11-05
Intel Core i9 11900K: Five Linux Distros Show Sizable Lead Over Windows 11   Operating Systems   2021-10-26
Arch Linux, Clear Linux & Ubuntu Against Windows 10/11 On Intel Rocket Lake   Operating Systems   2021-08-09
LLVM Clang 12 Compiler Is Performing Very Well For AMD Ryzen 9 5950X / Zen 3   Software   2021-05-20
GCC 11 vs. LLVM Clang 12 Performance On The Intel Core i9 11900K Is A Heated Race   Software   2021-05-18
Windows 10 Build 21370 vs. Ubuntu 21.04 Linux On AMD Ryzen 5900X   Operating Systems   2021-05-07
Linux's P-State Performance Governor Shows Unexpectedly Big Boosts For The Intel Core i9-11900K   Processors   2021-04-22
Windows 10 Rockets Ahead Of Ubuntu Linux On The Core i9 11900K For Some Workloads   Operating Systems   2021-04-14
AVX / AVX2 / AVX-512 Performance + Power On Intel Rocket Lake   Software   2021-04-07
Spectre Mitigation Performance Impact For Intel's Rocket Lake   Software   2021-04-02
Intel Core i5 11600K + Core i9 11900K Linux Performance Across ~400 Benchmarks   Processors   2021-03-30
Intel Details Rocket Lake S Processors, Linux Benchmarks To Come   Processors   2021-03-16
Intel Rolls Out 10nm Pentium/Celeron CPUs, Previews Rocket Lake   Processors   2021-01-11

Rocket Lake Linux & Open-Source News

Linux 6.8 Perf Tools Add Support For AMD Zen 4 Memory Controller Events   AMD   2024-01-10
Arch Linux ALHP Adds x86-64-v4 Repository For Packages Built With AVX-512   Arch Linux   2023-12-14
Intel Publishes "20231114" CPU Microcode For New Security Advisory & Functional Issues   Intel   2023-11-14
GCC Compiler Adds Software Workaround To Avoid Intel Downfall Performance Hit   Intel   2023-08-16
Intel Graphics With Linux 6.6 Adds Tuning Knobs That Can Yield 10~15% Better Performance   Intel   2023-08-04
AMD Continued Its Great Linux Embrace In 2022 With Better Launch-Day Support + Optimizations   AMD   2022-12-31
Linux 6.0.11, 5.15.81 & 5.10.157 Released With Intel Gen12 Graphics Security Fix   Linux Kernel   2022-12-02
AMD EPYC Genoa, Linux 6.1 & Rust Efforts Excited Linux Users In November   Phoronix   2022-12-01
Intel Linux Kernel Graphics Driver Patched For New Security Sensitive Bug   Intel   2022-11-30
Linux Update Acknowledges Your Old Intel CPUs Might Be Vulnerable To MMIO Stale Data   Intel   2022-08-18
Stable Updates Back To Linux 4.9 Released For Intel MMIO Stale Data Vulnerabilities   Linux Kernel   2022-06-16
Linux Patched For New Intel "MMIO Stale Data" Vulnerabilities   Intel   2022-06-14
Intel Releases New CPU Microcode For Latest Security Advisory (CVE-2022-21151)   Intel   2022-05-10
OpenBSD 7.1 Released With Apple Silicon Support "Ready", AMD RDNA2 Graphics   BSD   2022-04-21
Intel Software Defined Silicon Planned For Integration In Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-02-09
Microsoft's CBL-Mariner Linux Distribution Adds Intel SGX Support, Updated Packages   Microsoft   2022-01-27
Happy New Year & A Wrap On 2021   Phoronix   2021-12-31
Intel CM Compiler Updated For New Platforms, Including Ponte Vecchio "XT"   Intel   2021-12-15
Alder Lake, Kernel Optimizations & Steam Deck Happenings That Excited Linux Fans   Phoronix   2021-11-30
Linux I/O Optimizations, AMD Improvements, NVIDIA GBM Excited Linux Users Last Month   Phoronix   2021-11-01
Firefox 92 vs. Chrome 94 Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux   Desktop   2021-09-26
Ubuntu 21.10 Delivering Some Performance Gains On The Intel Core i9 11900K   Ubuntu   2021-09-08
The Big Batch Of New AMD RDNA2 PCI IDs Is Heading To Linux 5.15   Radeon   2021-09-02
Debian 11, Valve Happenings, Linux 5.14 & More Excitement From August   Phoronix   2021-09-01
The Most Popular Intel Linux/Open-Source News From H1'2021   Intel   2021-07-08
AMD's Linux Strides In H1'21 From FreeSync HDMI To PyTorch ROCm   AMD   2021-07-04
Intel Media Driver 2021Q2 Focuses On Gen12 Enhancements   Intel   2021-06-30
Intel's Latest CPU Microcode Update Isn't All That Scary   Intel   2021-06-22
Noctua Launches NH-P1 As High-End Passive CPU Cooler   Hardware   2021-06-15
Linux 5.14 To Begin Enabling The Intel Graphics TTM Memory Management Bits for dGPUs   Intel   2021-06-13
Intel Publishes A Bunch Of Code Samples For Helping To Optimize For Their Latest CPUs   Intel   2021-06-10
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement   Free Software   2021-06-01
Intel Protected Xe Path Code Updated, Now Defaults PXP Code To Disabled   Intel   2021-05-25
Intel Open-Source Stack Enables oneAPI Level Zero For Rocket Lake, Alder Lake S   Intel   2021-05-24
Intel Alder Lake P, XeLPD Display Enablement Sent In Ahead Of Linux 5.14   Intel   2021-05-20
Looking At An Early Performance Regression In Linux 5.13 - Scheduler Related   Linux Kernel   2021-05-11
Hypocrite Commits, Rocket Lake Benchmarks, Arch's New Installer Rallied April   Phoronix   2021-05-01
Char/Misc Brings Binder Freeze, PVPANIC, Habana Labs Improvements To Linux 5.13   Linux Kernel   2021-04-27
Linux 5.13 Bringing Code For Intel SGX Within KVM Guests   Virtualization   2021-04-26
GCC 11 Releasing Next Week With Intel AMX, New CPU Support, More C++20/C++23   GNU   2021-04-25
Intel Rocket Lake Target Added To GCC 11   Intel   2021-04-12
Linux 5.12 Corruption, GNOME 40, AMD Milan, Rust In Linux-Next Made For An Exciting March   Phoronix   2021-04-01
More Intel Core i5 11600K, Core i9 11900K Benchmarks   Intel   2021-03-31
OpenBLAS 0.3.14 Released With Performance Improvements For AMD Ryzen, POWER10   Programming   2021-03-18
Intel Alder Lake S Enablement Code Sent In To DRM-Next For Linux 5.13   Intel   2021-03-17
Intel Alder Lake P Media Driver Support Published   Intel   2021-03-14
Intel Sends Out New Linux Driver Patches For "XE_LPD" v13 Display Hardware   Intel   2021-03-11
Intel Already Started Working On Linux Driver Code For Lunar Lake   Intel   2021-03-08
VRR For Intel Xe Graphics, Radeon RX 6000 Series Overclocking With Linux 5.12   Linux Kernel   2021-02-19
Many Exciting New & Updated Benchmarks For January 2021   Phoronix Test Suite   2021-02-02
Intel's Open-Source Compute Stack Continues Work Towards Multi-GPU Support   Intel   2021-01-29
Intel Publishes Initial Linux Driver Patches For New "Display13"   Intel   2021-01-28
Linux 5.12 Bringing VRR / Adaptive-Sync For Intel TIger Lake / Xe Graphics   Intel   2021-01-27
Intel Alder Lake S Graphics Support Nearing The Mainline Linux Kernel   Intel   2021-01-25
Alder Lake S Support Added To Intel's Open-Source Media Driver   Intel   2021-01-25
Intel "Compute Walker" Support Lands For Xe HP In Linux Drivers   Intel   2021-01-14
Intel Sends In Another Batch Of Graphics Work For Linux 5.12 - More Display Fixes   Intel   2021-01-13
Intel Media VA-API Driver Update Adds EU Fused Dispatch For 8K Video Processing   Intel   2020-12-31
Intel Media SDK 20.5.1 Released   Intel   2020-12-30
New Intel Linux Features, Timely Hardware Support & More From Intel In 2020   Intel   2020-12-30
Linux 5.11 Has Many x86 Platform Driver Changes For From Dell BIOS Controls To Telemetry   Hardware   2020-12-16
Linux 5.10 LTS Released As One Of The Biggest Kernel Releases In A While   Linux Kernel   2020-12-13
The 10 Most Interesting Features Of Linux 5.10   Linux Kernel   2020-12-08
Intel Begins Preparing Linux Graphics Driver Support For Xe HP As "Gen12.5"   Intel   2020-12-01
Intel Compute-Runtime 20.43.18277 Brings Alder Lake Support   Intel   2020-10-30
Intel Reveals Few More Details Regarding 11th Gen "Rocket Lake" Processors   Intel   2020-10-29
Mesa 20.3 Supports Intel Alder Lake Gen12 Graphics   Mesa   2020-10-28
Alder Lake Support Published For The Open-Source Intel Compute Stack   Intel   2020-10-25
Intel Begins Adding Alder Lake Graphics Support To Their Linux Driver   Intel   2020-10-21
Intel Lands A Hefty Tiger Lake Graphics Optimization   Intel   2020-10-19
Linux 5.10 Continues Bringing Up Support For Intel's Rocket Lake   Linux Kernel   2020-10-19
Linux 5.10 Graphics Driver Changes From AMDGPU DC For GCN 1.0 To Continuing RDNA 2 Push   Linux Kernel   2020-10-15
Linux 5.9 Released With Initial AMD RDNA 2 GPU Enablement, Other New Hardware Support   Linux Kernel   2020-10-11
Intel Media SDK 20.3 Released With AV1 Decode, Rocket Lake + DG1/SG1 Support   Intel   2020-10-10
Easier CPU/GPU Comparisons On, Other New Features   Phoronix Test Suite   2020-10-04
The Most Prominent Linux 5.9 Kernel Features From AMD RDNA 2 To Battling Nefarious Shims   Linux Kernel   2020-10-04
Intel Media Driver 2020.3 Released With Gen12 AV1 Decode, Other Improvements   Intel   2020-09-30
Mesa 20.2 Released With RADV ACO By Default, Initial RDNA2 Graphics Support   Mesa   2020-09-29
Intel Compute Runtime 20.37.17906 Brings Rocket Lake Support   Intel   2020-09-19
Intel's Early Linux 5.10 Graphics Driver Changes Include Tiger Lake HOBL   Intel   2020-08-27
Mesa 20.2-RC2 Released With Many Fixes For RadeonSI + RADV Drivers   Mesa   2020-08-12
Mesa 20.2 Development Ends After Many New Features Land   Mesa   2020-08-06
Open-Source GPU Driver Updates Sent In For Linux 5.9 From Sienna Cichlid To Rocket Lake   Linux Kernel   2020-08-06
Changes Expected For The Linux 5.9 Kernel From Intel DG1 To AMD Navi 2 To New CPU Capabilities   Linux Kernel   2020-08-02
GCC 11 Compiler Lands Intel Sapphire Rapids + Alder Lake Support   Intel   2020-07-10
Intel Media Driver Q2-2020 Ships With Better Tiger Lake Support   Intel   2020-07-10
Intel Gen12/Xe Graphics Have AV1 Accelerated Decode - Linux Support Lands   Intel   2020-07-09
Intel Rocket Lake Graphics Support Ready For Liftoff With Linux 5.9   Intel   2020-07-02
Intel DG1 Graphics Card Support Lands In Mesa 20.2 For OpenGL / Vulkan   Intel   2020-06-23
Intel Volleys Latest Patches For Lighting Up Their DG1 Graphics Card On Linux   Intel   2020-06-18
Eight Features Not In Linux 5.8 From The DirectX Kernel Driver To FSGSBASE & DAMON   Linux Kernel   2020-06-16
Linux 5.8 Feature Queue Has Multiple Performance Optimizations, Intel Rocket Lake, Other Hardware   Linux Kernel   2020-05-26
Intel Sends Out Patches Bringing Up The "DG1" Graphics Card Under Linux   Intel   2020-05-20
Intel Submits Last Batch Of Graphics Feature Code For Linux 5.8 - SAGV For Tiger Lake   Intel   2020-05-16
Mesa 20.1-RC3 Released With Another Week Worth Of Fixes Plus Intel Rocket Lake Support   Mesa   2020-05-14
Intel Rocket Lake Platform Support Added To Mesa 20.2   Intel   2020-05-09
Intel Sends Out Rocket Lake Linux Graphics Driver Patches - Confirms Gen12 Platform   Intel   2020-05-01