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Polaris Articles & Reviews

AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT Linux Performance   Graphics Cards   2022-01-31
How The Radeon RX 5700 XT Navi Linux Performance Has Evolved Since Launch   Display Drivers   2019-12-30
RadeonSI NIR Benchmarks Show Great Progress With Mesa 20.0   Display Drivers   2019-12-06
RADV's ACO Back-End Is Helping Radeon Navi Linux Gaming Performance   Display Drivers   2019-11-22
Linux 5.2 + Mesa 19.2 Performance With Polaris/Vega/Vega20 vs. NVIDIA On Ubuntu 19.04   Display Drivers   2019-06-26
The Latest Linux 5.2 + Mesa 19.2 Radeon Performance Against NVIDIA With Mid-Range GPUs   Display Drivers   2019-06-21
The RadeonSI/RADV Performance With Mesa 19.1   Display Drivers   2019-05-25
Mesa 18.2 vs. 18.3 vs. 19.0 January Benchmarks For RadeonSI/RADV   Display Drivers   2019-01-21
Taking Radeon ROCm 2.0 OpenCL For A Benchmarking Test Drive   Display Drivers   2018-12-28
AMD Radeon RX 590 Linux Benchmarks, 18-Way NVIDIA/AMD Gaming Comparison   Graphics Cards   2018-12-07
Radeon Vulkan Driver Benchmarks: AMDVLK 2018.4.2 vs. AMDGPU-PRO 18.40 vs. Mesa 18.2/19.0   Display Drivers   2018-11-25
The Polaris/Vega Performance At The End Of Mesa 18.3 Feature Development   Linux Gaming   2018-11-09
Trying Out AMDGPU DRM-Next Ahead Of Linux 4.20~5.0   Display Drivers   2018-10-02
A Fresh Look At The NVIDIA vs. Radeon Linux Performance & Perf-Per-Watt For August 2018   Linux Gaming   2018-08-20
KDE vs. GNOME, X.Org vs. Wayland Radeon Linux Gaming Performance With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS   Linux Gaming   2018-05-12
RADV vs. AMDGPU-PRO vs. AMDVLK Vulkan Linux Driver Performance   Display Drivers   2018-05-08
Radeon+Ryzen CPUFreq CPU Scaling Governor Benchmarks On Linux 4.15   Linux Gaming   2018-01-07
Passively Cooling A Radeon RX 480 Polaris GPU   Peripherals   2017-12-02
Ethereum & OpenCL: ROCm vs. AMDGPU-PRO 17.40   Graphics Cards   2017-10-28
Mesa 17.3 With RADV Vulkan Running Great With Polaris, Starts To Outperform AMDGPU-PRO   Display Drivers   2017-10-24
AMDGPU-PRO 17.20 Benchmarking vs. RadeonSI/RADV   Display Drivers   2017-06-29
Test Driving AMDGPU's Performance With DRM-Next For Linux 4.13   Display Drivers   2017-06-27
P-State/CPUFreq Governor Tests With Linux 4.12 For OpenGL/Vulkan Games   Linux Gaming   2017-06-26
Polaris Open-Source Radeon Performance Has Evolved Much Over The Past Year   Display Drivers   2017-06-05
Radeon RX 560 Linux OpenGL/Vulkan Benchmarks   Graphics Cards   2017-05-22
AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 vs. Linux 4.12 + Mesa 17.2-dev Git   Display Drivers   2017-05-20
Radeon RX 550: AMDGPU-PRO vs. DRM-Next + Mesa 17.2-dev   Display Drivers   2017-05-07
Radeon RX 550 Linux Benchmarks: $89 Polaris GPU On Open-Source   Graphics Cards   2017-05-05
Radeon RX 580: AMDGPU-PRO vs. DRM-Next + Mesa 17.2-dev   Display Drivers   2017-04-26
Overclocking The Radeon RX 580 Under Linux   Graphics Cards   2017-04-20
AMD Radeon RX 580 Linux OpenGL/Vulkan Benchmarks   Graphics Cards   2017-04-19
RadeonSI Polaris: Mesa 12.0 vs. 13.0 vs. 17.0 vs. 17.1 Git   Display Drivers   2017-04-16
Ubuntu 17.04 Gaming Performance: Budgie vs. GNOME vs. KDE Plasma vs. MATE vs. Unity vs. Xfce   Operating Systems   2017-04-14
Unigine Superposition Is A Beautiful Way To Stress Your GPU In 2017, 17-Way Graphics Card Comparison   Graphics Cards   2017-04-11
The Perf-Per-Watt Of NVIDIA Fermi To Pascal, AMD R700 To Polaris With Newest Linux Drivers   Graphics Cards   2016-12-24
AMDGPU-PRO 16.40 vs. Linux 4.8 + Mesa 13.1-dev Driver Comparison   Display Drivers   2016-10-31
AMDGPU-PRO vs. Open-Source Gallium3D OpenGL Performance On Polaris Is A Very Tight Race   Display Drivers   2016-08-20
16-Way OpenCL Compute Comparison Of The Latest Polaris & Pascal GPUs   Graphics Cards   2016-08-19
18-Way GPU Linux Benchmarks, Including The Radeon RX 460 & RX 470 On Open-Source   Graphics Cards   2016-08-10
AMD Radeon RX 480 On Linux   Graphics Cards   2016-06-29

Polaris Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa 24.0 Improving Radeon VCE/UVD Video Encoding Quality   Radeon   2023-11-04
AMDVLK Dropped Vega While Mesa's RADV Is Continuing To Make Vega Faster In 2023   Radeon   2023-11-02
AMDVLK 2023.Q4.1: Polaris & Vega Support Dropped, Counter-Strike 2 Tuning   Radeon   2023-10-25
Radeon ProRender SDK 3.1 Released - Finishes Transition From OpenCL To HIP   Radeon   2023-03-10
Steam Survey Results Start 2023 With Linux Marketshare Flat   Valve   2023-02-01
Radeon Vulkan Driver RADV Lands 3D Sparse Image Support   Mesa   2022-09-07
GNOME Mutter & Shell 43 Beta Bring Several Very Exciting Changes   GNOME   2022-08-11
Steam On Linux Marketshare Ticks Up To 1.18% For June   Valve   2022-07-01
Open-Source R600g Driver For Old AMD GPUs Is Seeing New Activity To Improve GPU Compute   Radeon   2022-04-27
R600 Gallium3D Driver For Old Radeon GPUs To See Rewritten NIR Backend   Radeon   2022-04-15
Some Older AMD GPUs + Intel Alder Lake Is Causing ASPM Problems For Linux Users   Radeon   2022-04-09
Radeon ROCm 5.0 Released With Some RDNA2 GPU Support   Radeon   2022-02-10
Valve Is Sponsoring More CI Testing For The Open-Source Radeon Linux Graphics Driver   Valve   2022-01-22
Better AMD Radeon VCE Video Encode Performance Coming To Linux   Radeon   2021-12-30
RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver Adds Sparse Texture Support For GFX9/Vega & Newer   Mesa   2021-12-30
The Most Exciting AMD Linux / Open-Source News Of 2021   AMD   2021-12-29
Radeon Linux Driver Has A Huge Optimization Two Decades Later For ATI R300~R500 GPUs   Mesa   2021-12-09
Vulkan Video Support Progressing For Open-Source Intel, AMD Radeon Hardware   Vulkan   2021-11-15
Radeon ROCm 4.5 Released With HIP Runtime Compilation, Unified Memory Support   Radeon   2021-11-01
Mesa 21.3 RADV Vulkan Driver Lands Ray-Tracing Support For Older AMD Radeon GPUs   Radeon   2021-10-04
Nearly Two Decades Later, ATI Radeon R300 Linux Driver Sees Occasional Improvement   Radeon   2021-10-01
Mesa Merge Pending For Vulkan Ray-Tracing On Older AMD GPUs   Mesa   2021-09-22
The Big Batch Of New AMD RDNA2 PCI IDs Is Heading To Linux 5.15   Radeon   2021-09-02
Radeon Software for Linux 21.30 Brings Support For Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, RX 6600 XT   AMD   2021-08-10
Radeon ROCm 4.3 Released With HMM Allocations, Many Other Improvements   Radeon   2021-08-03
Radeon Software for Linux 21.20 Released   Radeon   2021-06-29
AMDVLK 2021.Q2.6 Vulkan Driver Released - Removes Pre-Polaris / Pre-Raven Support   Radeon   2021-06-25
AMD Drops Pre-Polaris GPU Support From Their Mainline Radeon Software Driver   Radeon   2021-06-22
Experimental RADV Code Allows Vulkan Ray-Tracing On Older AMD GPUs   Radeon   2021-05-31
AMDGPU Appears Ready To Flip On ASPM For More GPUs To Help With Power Savings   Radeon   2021-05-11
AMDGPU Driver Gets Initial Fixes For Linux 5.13 - Polaris 12 32-bit, Suspend/Resume Fix   Linux Kernel   2021-05-06
AMD Sends In ASPM Support, FreeSync Fixes For Linux 5.13 Cycle   Linux Kernel   2021-04-24
Radeon ROCm 4.1 Released - Still Without RDNA GPU Support   Radeon   2021-03-23
Radeon ROCm Updates Documentation Reinforcing Focus On Headless, Non-GUI Workloads   Radeon   2021-03-01
The Vulkan API Is Now Five Years Old And Enjoying Phenomenal Success   Vulkan   2021-02-16
Steam Linux Use Ticks Back Just Under 1% For Starting 2021   Valve   2021-02-01
Radeon "RADV" Vulkan Driver Adds Sparse Memory Support - Will Help Some D3D12 Games   Radeon   2021-01-11
AMD GPU Driver In Linux 5.12 Gets RX 6000 Series OverDrive, FP16 For More Hardware   Radeon   2021-01-08
Proposed Patches Would Enable FP16 Pixel Format Support For Older AMD GPUs   Radeon   2020-12-29
Radeon ROCm 4.0 Released With CDNA GPU Support (Instinct MI100)   Radeon   2020-12-18
Radeon SDMA Support Is Deemed Too Buggy That It's Dropped From Open-Source Driver   Radeon   2020-12-09
Godot Game Engine Has Been Backing "Betsy" As A GPU-Based Texture Compressor   Linux Gaming   2020-11-26
AMD Sends In Green Sardine Support For Linux 5.10, Hawaii BACO Reset   Linux Kernel   2020-11-04
AMDVLK 2020.Q4.1 Released With Various Game Fixes   Radeon   2020-10-20
AMD Delivers Many Fixes For Polaris GPUs On Linux - Finally Enables ZeroRPM Fan Mode   Radeon   2020-10-16
Steam On Linux Ticks Closer To 1.0%, AMD CPUs Now Power A Third Of Linux Gaming Systems   Valve   2020-10-02
Older Radeon GPUs With RADV Vulkan Driver Now Have Trap Handler For Helping Catch Issues   Radeon   2020-08-24
RadeonSI Resorts To Disabling SDMA For GFX9/Vega Due To APU Issues   Radeon   2020-08-05
Valve's Steam July 2020 Numbers Point To A Small Dip For Linux   Valve   2020-08-01
Radeon ROCm 3.5 Released With New Features But Still No Navi Support   Radeon   2020-06-03
Running The Linux 5.6 Kernel With AMD Radeon Graphics   Radeon   2020-02-25
Mesa 19.3.2 Released With All The Intel + AMD Driver Fixes From Over The Holidays   Mesa   2020-01-09
RadeonSI Disables SDMA For Polaris To Fix Corruption Bugs   Radeon   2020-01-08
The Biggest Open-Source / Linux Radeon News Of The 2010s   Radeon   2019-12-18
The Most Popular Linux Hardware Reviews / Benchmarks Of The Past Decade   Phoronix   2019-12-12
The GCC 10 Compiler Lands OpenMP / OpenACC Offloading To AMD Radeon GPUs   GNU   2019-11-17
AMD OverDrive Overclocking To Finally Work For Radeon Navi GPUs With Linux 5.5 Kernel   Radeon   2019-11-16
GPU Passthrough For FreeBSD's Bhyve Can Work But Is Fairly Rudimentary   BSD   2019-11-06
RADV Vulkan Driver's ACO Compiler Back-End Has Navi/GFX10 Nearly Squared Away   Mesa   2019-10-26
RADV Lands More Fixes + Performance Improvements Into Mesa 19.3   Radeon   2019-10-23
Open-Source C.A.S. Vulkan Layer - Similar to Radeon Image Sharpening But For Any GPU   Vulkan   2019-10-20
AMD Announces Navi 14 Based Radeon RX 5500 Series   AMD   2019-10-07
The ACO Radeon Compiler Alternative To AMDGPU LLVM Looks Good But Work Isn't Done Yet   Radeon   2019-10-04
Radeon ROCm 2.8 Released But Still Without Navi Support   Radeon   2019-09-28
AMD Linux Driver's LRU Bulk Moves Can Be A Big Help For Demanding Linux Games   Radeon   2019-09-18
Another Navi 14 Workstation GPU Patch Turns Up For "Pro-XLM"   Radeon   2019-09-10
Navi 14 Will Work Its Way Into A Workstation Graphics Card   Radeon   2019-09-09
AMD To Land Support For Navi 14 Into The Upcoming Mesa 19.2 Driver Stack   Radeon   2019-08-27
AMD Sends Out Initial Linux Driver Support For "Renoir" APUs   AMD   2019-08-09
AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200 Announced As A Small Form Factor $199 USD Workstation Card   Radeon   2019-07-02
AMD "GFX8" Hardware Now Has Expanded DCC Support With RADV Vulkan Driver   Radeon   2019-07-02
Ubuntu Drama, Clear Linux Speed & WSL2 Sparked Lots Of Interest In June   Phoronix   2019-07-01
DXVK Developer Working On New "AGS" Experiment For Possible Performance Benefit   Linux Gaming   2019-05-06
AMD's FreeSync Linux Code Continues To Be Improved Upon For Low Frame-Rate Scenarios   Radeon   2019-04-26
The Current RADV/RadeonSI Performance With Mesa 19.1 + Linux 5.1   Mesa   2019-04-13
Updated Vega 20 Firmware Binaries & Other AMDGPU Files Land In Linux-Firmware.Git   Radeon   2019-03-12
RadeonSI Primitive Culling Yields Mixed Benchmark Results   Radeon   2019-02-14
EGL_MESA_query_driver Merged Into Mesa 19.0, ADriConf Looking For Improvement Ideas   Mesa   2019-01-26
AMDGPU Kernel Driver Is Working Out Well On Linux 5.0   Radeon   2019-01-22
Lczero Neural Network Chess Benchmarks With OpenCL Radeon vs. NVIDIA   Hardware   2019-01-15
New Radeon Vega IDs & Fixes Land Ahead Of Linux 4.21-rc1   Radeon   2019-01-06
Linux 4.20, Debian, Intel, x32, Microsft's Actions & STIBP Topics Rounded Out 2018   Phoronix   2019-01-01
NVIDIA's 2018 Linux Highlights Included Some Open-Source Milestones, But Not Many   NVIDIA   2018-12-30
A Lot Of AMDGPU DC Fixes, New VegaM PCI ID Line Up For Linux 4.21   Radeon   2018-12-29
Mesa 18.2.8 Released With Driver Fixes To End Out The Series   Mesa   2018-12-27
The Most Popular AMD/Radeon Linux News Of 2018   AMD   2018-12-26
FreeSync Support Lands In Linux 4.21 With Other DRM Updates In Christmas Day Merge   Linux Kernel   2018-12-26
Linux 4.21 Is Going To Be A Big Release To Jump-Start The New Year   Linux Kernel   2018-12-22
Radeon Linux Driver Picks Up Support For Another Vega M GPU   Radeon   2018-12-20
RADV Driver Patches Revive shaderStorageImageMultisample - Useful For DXVK   Mesa   2018-12-20
Vega 12 Firmware Lands Along With RX 590 Polaris Bits, Updated Zen CPU Microcode   AMD   2018-12-15
AMD Squeezes In Some Final AMDGPU Changes To DRM-Next For Linux 4.21   Radeon   2018-12-13
AMDGPU DC Gets Polaris Corruption Fix, Some Code Refactoring   Radeon   2018-12-13
AMDGPU For Linux 4.20 Gets The Final Radeon RX 590 Fix, Adds The New Vega PCI IDs   Radeon   2018-12-12
Linux 4.20-rc6 Kernel Released - "Looks Fairly Normal"   Linux Kernel   2018-12-09
More Radeon RX 590 Ubuntu Benchmarks - See How Your Linux GPU Performance Compares   Radeon   2018-12-09
AMDGPU Driver Gets Final Batch Of Features For Linux 4.21   Radeon   2018-12-08
AMD Adding New Vega 10 & Vega 20 IDs To Their Linux Driver   Radeon   2018-12-07
The Radeon RX 590 Is Finally Running Strong On Linux   Radeon   2018-12-06
A Few Kernel Patches & New Firmware Have The Radeon RX 590 Working On Linux   Radeon   2018-12-03
Linux 4.21 Is Sure To Be Another Exciting Kernel Upgrade: FreeSync, Adiantum & More   Linux Kernel   2018-12-02
AMDGPU Linux 4.21 Changes Queued With FreeSync, DC ABM, KFD Compute For Vega12/Polaris12   Radeon   2018-12-01
A Radeon RX 590 Workaround For Linux But With Abysmal Performance   Radeon   2018-11-29
The Latest Efforts On Getting The Radeon RX 590 To Work With Linux   Radeon   2018-11-28
A Look At The AMDGPU+RADV Gaming Performance Boost With Linux 4.20   Radeon   2018-11-26
An Update On The Radeon RX 590 For Linux   Radeon   2018-11-20
The Open-Source AMD Linux Driver Stack Hitting Problems With The Radeon RX 590   Radeon   2018-11-16
AMD Radeon RX 590 Launches, Linux Support Presumably Okay   Radeon   2018-11-15
Polaris 12 & Vega 12 Support Heading To The AMDKFD Compute Kernel Code   Radeon   2018-11-06
System76 Unveils Thelio "Open" Desktops With Intel/AMD CPU Options, NVIDIA/Radeon GPUs   Hardware   2018-11-01
AMDGPU Reset Recovery To Be Flipped On By Default For Newer Radeon GPUs   Radeon   2018-10-28
AMDGPU Firmware Files Updated, Raven Ridge DMCU Firmware Added   Radeon   2018-10-27
Coreboot's Flashrom Moves On To Flashing AMD GPUs Up Through Polaris   Coreboot   2018-10-22
Proton 3.7 Updated, More RADV Fixes To Help Steam Play Gaming   Linux Gaming   2018-10-11
AMD Rumored To Be Soon Launching A 12nm Polaris Refresh   Radeon   2018-10-08
RadeonSI Fast Color Clears Should Now Be Even Faster   Mesa   2018-10-07
Mesa 18.2.2 Released With RADV GTA V Fix, Vulkan Additions & D3D9 Patches   Mesa   2018-10-05
RADV In Mesa 18.2.2 Gets Steam Play + GTA V Fixes, SteamVR Hang Fix   Mesa   2018-10-03
AMD Arcturus Might Be The Codename Succeeding Navi   Radeon   2018-09-26
In-Progress AMDGPU Updates For Linux 4.20~5.0 Have DC Update, New Polaris ID   Radeon   2018-09-22
AMD Adds A Seemingly New Polaris ID To Their Linux Driver   Radeon   2018-09-20
RADV's Iffy 16-bit Integer Support Merged Into Mesa   Mesa   2018-09-18
Code Sourcery Posts New AMD Radeon GCN Port, Hoping To Mainline For GCC 9 Compiler   Radeon   2018-09-05
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Series Expectations On Linux   NVIDIA   2018-09-03
A Number Of AMDGPU DRM Fixes Prepped Ahead Of Linux 4.19   Radeon   2018-08-02
AMDGPU Firmware Updated From 18.20, Vega M Blobs Added   Radeon   2018-07-17
Apple, Ryzen, Valve & The Evolving Linux Kernel Dominated Conversations In Q2   Free Software   2018-07-04
LLVM Quitter, Ryzen & Git Were Most Popular Linux News So Far This Year   Free Software   2018-06-30
AMDGPU Performance Tests With New WattMan-Like Settings, Power Capping   Radeon   2018-06-16
More Vega M Performance Numbers Surfacing, Linux State Looking Good   Intel   2018-06-14
A Closer Look At The GeForce GTX 1060 vs. Radeon RX 580 In Thrones of Britannia   Linux Gaming   2018-06-09
The Best Features Of The Linux 4.17 Kernel: Power Savings, AMDGPU DC, ACPI TAD   Linux Kernel   2018-06-03
Linux Distro Tests, New Ryzen, & LLVM Topped Our 333 Articles This Month   Phoronix   2018-05-31
Vega M Graphics On Intel Kabylake G CPUs Are Beginning To Work Under Linux   Intel   2018-05-27
RADV Gets Support For 32-bit GPU Pointers For User SGPRs, Benefiting Performance   Mesa   2018-05-19
AMD Rolls Out New Firmware For A Number Of GPUs   Radeon   2018-05-19
AMDGPU Feature Updates Submitted For Linux 4.18, Bringing Vega M & More   Radeon   2018-05-15
Linux 4.17, Ryzen, Valve & Apple Looking For Kernel Devs Topped April   Phoronix   2018-05-01
Vega 12/20 Added To AMDGPU LLVM, Confirms New GCN Deep Learning Instructions For Vega 20   Radeon   2018-04-30
AMDGPU Linux Kernel Driver Gets Patches For Vega M Support - Intel Kabylake G   Radeon   2018-04-26
This Chart Shows How The Radeon RX 580 vs. GeForce GTX 1060 Now Compete Under Linux   Linux Gaming   2018-04-20
RADV Vulkan Driver Adds Vega M Support   Radeon   2018-04-20
Don't Bother Trying AMDVLK Vulkan With Rise of the Tomb Raider Right Now   Linux Gaming   2018-04-20
AMD Spins The Radeon RX 500X Series For Laptops/Desktops   Radeon   2018-04-11
AMD Posts KFD Support For GFX9/Vega   AMD   2018-04-10
Seven Reasons To Already Get Excited For Linux 4.17, Especially For AMD/Radeon Users   Linux Kernel   2018-03-30
The Big DRM Pull Request For Linux 4.17: 144,461 Insertions, 38,059 Deletions   Linux Kernel   2018-03-29
AMDKFD Updates For Linux 4.17 Round Out dGPU Support   Radeon   2018-03-27
RadeonTop 1.1 Brings GTT Reporting, Updated PCI IDs   Radeon   2018-03-26
Vega 12 Support Now Queued In DRM-Next For Linux 4.17   Radeon   2018-03-26