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Kdenlive Linux & Open-Source News

Kdenlive 23.04 Open-Source Video Editor Released With Nested Timelines   KDE   2023-04-24
KDE Gear 23.04 Released With Many UI Improvements, New Features   KDE   2023-04-20
A Lot Of Bug Fixing - Including For Wayland - Heading Into KDE Plasma 5.26   KDE   2022-09-24
Kdenlive 22.08 Video Editor Brings UI Improvements, Experimental Parallel Processing   KDE   2022-08-22
Gentoo Linux Back To Spinning A Weekly LiveGUI DVD/USB ISO   Operating Systems   2022-04-04
Avidemux 2.8 Released For This Simple, Open-Source Video Editor   Multimedia   2021-12-28
Kdenlive 21.08 Released For KDE's Video Editor   KDE   2021-08-16
KDE Saw Its Wayland Support Stabilize Nicely In 2020, Much Polishing Throughout   KDE   2020-12-30
Kdenlive 20.08 Released For Improving This Leading Open-Source Video Editor   Multimedia   2020-08-17
There Are Many Interesting Google Summer of Code 2020 Open-Source Projects   Google   2020-05-07
KDE Releases Its April 2020 Applications Bundle   KDE   2020-04-23
Kdenlive 20.04 Beta Released With Continuing To Improve The Open-Source Video Editor   KDE   2020-03-28
Netrunner 20.01 Released For Offering Latest Debian 10 + KDE Plasma Experience   Operating Systems   2020-02-23
KDE Plasma 5 + KDE Applications Matured Rather Well   KDE   2019-12-26
KDE Applications 19.12 Released With Big Improvements To Kdenlive + Other KDE Programs   KDE   2019-12-12
KDE Applications 19.08 Released With Dolphin Improvements, Better Konsole Tiling   KDE   2019-08-15
KDE Applications 19.04 Released With Many Dolphin Improvements, Better KMail & Konsole   KDE   2019-04-18
OpenShot 2.4.4 Released With Better SVG Rendering, Preview Performance   Free Software   2019-03-21
Flowblade 2.0 GTK3-Based Linux Video Editor Now Available   Multimedia   2019-02-05
KDE Had A Darn Exciting Year With Better Wayland Support, Improved Kdenlive, Krita 4.0   KDE   2018-12-30
KDE Applications 18.12 Released With File Manager Improvements, Konsole Emoji   KDE   2018-12-13
KDE Applications 18.12 Release Candidate Available For Testing   KDE   2018-11-30
Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source   Proprietary Software   2018-10-17
Fresh GPU Benchmarks, Fedora Features & More Spectre Were Popular In July   Phoronix   2018-07-31
Kdenlive's Significantly Refactored Video Editor Is Now Ready For Testing   KDE   2018-07-04
Some Of The Grandest Open-Source / Linux Letdowns Over The Years   Free Software   2018-04-01
KDE Applications 17.12 Brings HiDPI Improvements, Rest Of KDE Games Ported To KF5   KDE   2017-12-14
KDE Applications 17.08 Released, More Apps Ported To KF5   KDE   2017-08-17
KDE Applications 17.04 Unveiled   KDE   2017-04-20
Kdenlive's Status Ahead Of 17.04   KDE   2017-03-31
Avidemux Open-Source Video Editor Updated To End Out 2016   Multimedia   2016-12-31
GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 2016   Desktop   2016-12-28
Google Summer of Code 2016 Projects Announced   Google   2016-04-23
KDE's Kdenlive Video Editor Is Getting Ready To Ship With New Features   KDE   2016-03-22
KDE Made Much Progress In 2015 Thanks To Student Developers With GSoC   KDE   2016-01-18
Other Letdowns For Linux / Open-Source Users From 2015   Free Software   2016-01-09
The Most Popular GNOME & KDE Happenings Of 2015   Desktop   2015-12-30
KDE Applications 15.12 Released, Spectacle Replaces KSnapshot   KDE   2015-12-16
Kdenlive 15.12 Brings Basic Copy / Paste Feature   KDE   2015-12-10
KDE Applications 15.08 Released With Kdenlive, Dolphin & More   KDE   2015-08-19
Kdenlive 15.08 Adding Long-Awaited Features   KDE   2015-08-18
Kdenlive 15.08 Being Cleaned Up For Next KDE Apps Release   KDE   2015-07-20
KDE Applications 15.04 Adds Kdenlive & KDE Telepathy   KDE   2015-04-15
KDE Telepathy Being Added To KDE Applications 15.04   KDE   2015-03-07
Kdenlive Ported To Qt5/KF5, Coming To KDE Applications 15.04   KDE   2015-03-01
Kdenlive KDE Video Editor Is Still Progressing   KDE   2015-02-16
Kdenlive 0.9.8 Released   KDE   2014-05-14
Movit Is Bringing Open, GPU-Based Video Filters   Free Software   2014-02-05
OpenShot 2.0 Is Behind Schedule But Making Progress   Free Software   2014-01-13
Kdenlive's Video Editing Future Has Been Revived   KDE   2013-12-21
KDE's Kdenlive Video Editor Has Gone Dark   KDE   2013-11-24
Lightworks Is Not As Open As Some Would Like   Free Software   2012-11-11
Many FSF Priority Projects Still Not Progressing   GNU   2012-04-22
The Sad State Of FSF's High Priority Projects   GNU   2011-10-15
Cinelerra 4.2 Video Editor Released   Free Software   2010-10-16