KDE Had A Darn Exciting Year With Better Wayland Support, Improved Kdenlive, Krita 4.0

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This year was filled with accomplishments from the KDE camp ranging from the KWin/Plasma Wayland support maturing a lot, Krita 4.0 being released, the refactored Kdenlive video editor being in much better shape, a ton of polishing and bug fixing going into all of the different KDE components, continued work on Kirigami and Plasma Mobile, and also NVIDIA starting work on an EGLStreams back-end for KWin.

Yesterday I shared a look at the top GNOME stories of 2018 on Phoronix while this morning the tables have turned and looking at the most popular KDE news on Phoronix for the year. And as a quick reminder, tomorrow is the last day for participating in our holiday deal for ensuring a successful 2019.

Kdenlive's Significantly Refactored Video Editor Is Now Ready For Testing
Developers working hard on the Kdenlive open-source video editor are preparing to unveil their significantly refactored code-base in the upcoming KDE Applications 18.08 release. But for helping weed out the bugs, you can now test an AppImage for this big release that is nearly two years in the making.

KDE Plasma 5.13 Getting GTK Global Menu Support
For those relying upon GTK applications like LibreOffice, GIMP, and GNOME programs from the KDE desktop, the integration is taking a step forward with Plasma 5.13.

KDE Plasma 5.13 Should Be Starting Up Even Faster
One of the nice elements of KDE Plasma 5.12 is that it starts up faster, particularly when running on Wayland, but with Plasma 5.13 it's looking like it will be an even faster experience getting to the Plasma desktop.

KDE Amarok Music Player Receives Revived Port To Qt5 / KF5
While Amarok was once KDE's dominant music player, it hasn't seen a new release now in about five years and has yet to see a release based on Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5. But there's hope that might still happen.

KDE Plasma 5.13 Beta Released With A Compelling Number Of Improvements
KDE Plasma 5.13 is out in beta form today ahead of its planned release in June. Plasma 5.13 has ended up being a very compelling and huge upgrade for the KDE Plasma 5 desktop.

KWin Developer's Response To The GNOME CSD Initiative
KDE KWin window manager / compositor maintainer Martin Flöser has penned a brief response to the recent GNOME developer's CSD Initiative in trying to get all applications to pursue client-side decorations and abandon title bars in favor of header bars.

Krita 4.0 Now Available For Open-Source Digital Painting
Krita 4.0 is now available as the latest major release for this KDE-aligned, open-source digital painting program.

Firefox On KDE Now Supports Native Open/Save Dialogs
While the holiday season is upon us, the KDE development pace hasn't slowed down with this past week seeing a number of exciting improvements to the Plasma desktop and KDE applications.

NVIDIA Working On An EGLStreams Back-End For KDE On Wayland
With no recent activity on the NVIDIA-led Unix device memory allocation work that all developer communities could get behind to supersede GBM and EGLStreams for use by Wayland compositors, NVIDIA is working on an EGLStreams back-end for KDE's KWin compositor.

KDE Plasma Had A Silly But Serious Security Bug
If you are a KDE user and haven't yet upgraded to Plasma 5.12, you may want to do so soon, or one of the recent point releases -- especially if your system is potentially accessible by others to insert rogue flash/memory devices.

KDE Applications 18.12 Released With File Manager Improvements, Konsole Emoji
The KDE community is out with an early holiday presents for its users: KDE Applications 18.12 is shipping today.

KDE Plasma 5.14 Beta Brings Many Improvements, Especially Wayland Polishing
The KDE community has released the beta of the upcoming Plasma 5.14 desktop update.

KDE Plasma 5.15 Will Startup Faster, Konsole Fully Supports Emojis
It's been another busy week in the KDE space with a plethora of improvements from the KDE Plasma desktop to the expansive collection of desktop applications.

KDE Applications 18.04 Release Candidate Arrives
With plans to officially ship KDE Applications 18.04 later this month, the release candidate is out today for this collection of K* applications.

KDE Plasma 5.14 Released With A Plethora Of Improvements
KDE has announced the immediate availability of Plasma 5.14 as the latest quarterly feature update to this popular desktop.

KDE Picks Up New Screen Layout Switcher Plasmoid, Other Enhancements
KDE developers remain on their spree of various usability enhancements and polishing. KDE contributor Nate Graham also continues doing a great job summarizing these enhancements on a weekly basis.

KDE Plasma 5.13 Ships As The Best Plasma 5 Release Yet
The much anticipated Plasma 5.13 is now available as the latest installment of the maturing KDE Plasma 5 desktop.

Trinity Desktop R14.0.5 Preparing For Release As Maintained KDE3 Fork
It's been a while since last hearing anything about the Trinity Desktop Environment, which is a fork of the KDE 3.5 desktop, but a new release is on the way.

KDE Plasma 5.13 Getting Friendlier Monitor Hot-Plug Handling
KDE's KScreen screen configuration tool is getting some nice improvements as part of the Plasma 5.13 development cycle.

KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS Released With Much Better Wayland Support, Other Improvements
KDE Plasma 5.12.0 is now available that also serves as the second long-term support release for the Plasma 5 desktop.
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