KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5) is the next-generation version of the KDE libraries that are a major refactoring. Some of the former kdelibs have also migrated upstream into the Qt 5 tool-kit that KDE Frameworks 5 depends upon. KDE Frameworks 5 will be officially released in mid-2014 while now is available in development form.

Additional Information: community.kde.org/Frameworks

KDE Frameworks 5 Articles & Reviews

Linux Gaming Benchmarks With Plasma-Next, KDE Frameworks 5   Software   2014-06-25

KDE Frameworks 5 Linux & Open-Source News

Alpine Linux 3.19 Released - Now Powered By Linux 6.6 LTS   Operating Systems   2023-12-07
OpenMandriva Lx 5.0 Released: Powered By Linux 6.6 LTS, Their Last Release On Plasma 5   Operating Systems   2023-11-25
OpenMandriva ROME 23.03 Released With Linux 6.2 + KDE Plasma 5.27 Desktop   Operating Systems   2023-03-26
More Feature Work Begins On KDE Plasma 6.0 As Plasma 5.27 Nears Release   KDE   2023-02-04
More Improvements Come To KDE Plasma Wayland, KF6 Development Enters Next Phase   KDE   2023-01-21
OpenMandriva ROME 23.01 Rolling Release Arrives   Operating Systems   2023-01-07
KDE Frameworks 5.101 Released - Development Now Focuses On KDE Frameworks 6   KDE   2022-12-10
KDE Plasma 5.27 Planning To Be The Last Plasma 5 Feature Release   KDE   2022-10-08
KDE Plasma 5.26 Will Start Faster, Many Other KDE Improvements Abound   KDE   2022-07-23
KDE Has Many Plasma Wayland Fixes In Its Easter Basket   KDE   2022-04-15
KDE Had An Exciting Week With Plasma Available On The Steam Deck, Many Fixes   KDE   2022-02-26
KDE Kicks Off February With More Bug Fixes, 30-bit Color Support For Plasma On X11   KDE   2022-02-05
Gentoo Linux Packages Up AMD ROCm, Makes Progress On RISC-V, LTO+PGO Python   Operating Systems   2022-01-08
KDE Ends 2021 With More Plasma Wayland Fixes, Root File Operations For Dolphin   KDE   2022-01-01
KDE Prepares More Crash Fixes Ahead Of The Holidays   KDE   2021-12-11
KDE Starts December With Numerous Fixes, Other Desktop Refinements   KDE   2021-12-04
KDE Moves To GitLab-Based CI, Lands More Plasma Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-10-09
KDE Plasma 5.23 Will Be Another Exciting Release With Many Improvements Abound   KDE   2021-08-28
KDE's HiDPI Scaling Support For X11 Is Getting Into Better Shape   KDE   2021-07-31
KDE's KWin Reworks Its DRM Code, Many Other Improvements   KDE   2021-07-17
KDE Gets Expandable Tooltips, Larger Clipboard, More Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-06-19
OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 RC Released With LLVM 12 Toolchain, Linux 5.12 Kernel   Operating Systems   2021-05-24
openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Offering GNOME 40   SUSE   2021-04-16
KDE Starts April By Landing KHamburgerMenu   KDE   2021-04-03
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed's Very Busy Week With An Entire Rebuild, Latest KDE Packages   SUSE   2021-03-21
KDE Rolling Out New CLI Tools, Many Crash Fixes   KDE   2021-02-27
KDE Sees More Crash Fixes Following Plasma 5.21 Release   KDE   2021-02-20
Debian 11 "Bullseye" KDE Stack Settling On Plasma 5.20   Debian   2020-12-22
KDE Sees New Features, Bug Fixes Ahead Of Christmas   KDE   2020-12-19
Schei├če! KDE Plasma 5.21 To Add Palette For Easier Input Of Accented Characters   KDE   2020-12-05
KDE Closing Out November With More Plasma Wayland Fixes   KDE   2020-11-28
KDE Kicks Off November With More Fixes, Including More Plasma Wayland Work   KDE   2020-11-08
KDE Plasma 5.20 Should Be Crashing A Lot Less Under Wayland   KDE   2020-09-26
KDE Frameworks 5.74 Released With Faster KTextEditor, Many Improvements   KDE   2020-09-12
KDE Launches Developer Platform Website, Other Progress During Akademy   KDE   2020-09-12
KDE Apps Now Remember Their Window Positions When Closed & Re-Launched   KDE   2020-08-22
KDE Ending Out June With Many Bug Fixes, Finally Supporting Btrfs Copy-On-Write   KDE   2020-06-27
KDE Plasma 5.19 Sees Many Regression Fixes, Other Work For Plasma 5.20   KDE   2020-06-20
KDE KWin Finally Sees An Important Fix For Addressing Visual Glitches   KDE   2020-05-09
KDE Continuing To See More Wayland Improvements, Fixes To Dolphin   KDE   2020-04-18
KDE Developers Wrap Up March By Working On Back-End Improvements   KDE   2020-03-29
KDE Frameworks 5.68 Release Brought Many Fixes   KDE   2020-03-15
KDE Picked Up A Few Improvements During Christmas Week   KDE   2019-12-29
KDE Frameworks 5.65 Released With KQuickCharts For Accelerated Charts   KDE   2019-12-14
KDE Frameworks 5.64 Released   KDE   2019-11-11
OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 Alpha Released With Toolchain Upgrade, Clang-ed Kernel Option   Operating Systems   2019-11-10
KDE Frameworks 6 Ideas To Be Floated At A Developer Sprint This Month   KDE   2019-11-01
KDE Continues Seeing A Lot Of Bug Fixes, Continued Tweaks Around System Settings   KDE   2019-10-20
KDE Plasma Mobile Is Beginning To Look Surprisingly Good   KDE   2019-10-11
KDE Developers Begin Pushing Improvements For Plasma 5.18   KDE   2019-09-29
KDE Frameworks 5.62 Released With KWayland Additions & Other Improvements   KDE   2019-09-14
Netrunner 19.08 Released For Delivering A Clean KDE Experience Atop Debian 10   Operating Systems   2019-08-21
KDE Frameworks 5.61 Fixes The Directory/Desktop File Security Vulnerability   KDE   2019-08-11
KDE Frameworks 5.60 Released With Many Changes & Fixes   KDE   2019-07-13
KaOS 2019.07 Released For Delivering The Latest KDE Desktop Linux Experience   KDE   2019-07-01
KDE Ends Out June With More Bug Fixes & UI Refinements   KDE   2019-06-30
KDE Frameworks 5.60 Bringing More Baloo Optimizations   KDE   2019-06-16
KDE Frameworks 5.59 Brings More Fixes   KDE   2019-06-08
KDE Frameworks 5.58 Released With Many Fixes, Improvements   KDE   2019-05-13
KDE's KWin Now Correctly Shows Emojis In Titlebars, Wayland Fixes   KDE   2019-05-05
Netrunner Rolling 2019.04 Released With Updated KDE Desktop Bits   Operating Systems   2019-04-21
Dolphin & Other KDE Utilities To Begin Displaying File Creation Times On Linux   KDE   2019-04-14
KDE Plasma 5.16 & KDE Frameworks 5.57 Development Remains Quite Busy   KDE   2019-04-07
KDE Picking Up Thumbnail Previews For Blender Files, Continued UI Improvements   KDE   2019-03-24
KDE Frameworks 5.56 Brings Another Month Worth Of Improvements   KDE   2019-03-09
KDE Frameworks 5.55 Released With Android Notifications, KWayland Fixes   KDE   2019-02-11
OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Beta Brings Installer Improvements, Dnfdragora GUI Package Manager   Operating Systems   2019-02-09
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Now Rolling With Linux 4.20, KDE Updates   Operating Systems   2019-01-25
KDE Frameworks 5.54 Released With KWayland Improvements, KIO Supports TLS 1.3   KDE   2019-01-12
Android Notifications Coming To KDE Frameworks 5   KDE   2019-01-12
KDE Developers Kick Off 2019 With More Fixes & Polishing   KDE   2019-01-06
KDE Had A Darn Exciting Year With Better Wayland Support, Improved Kdenlive, Krita 4.0   KDE   2018-12-30
OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Alpha 1 Ships With RPM4, DNF, AMD Zen Optimizations   Operating Systems   2018-12-24
KDE Gets Konsole Improvements & Other Polishing For Christmas   KDE   2018-12-23
KDE Frameworks 5.53 Released With Important KIO Performance Fix, KWayland Updates   KDE   2018-12-09
KDE Frameworks 5.53 Will Have An Important KIO Performance Fix   KDE   2018-11-25
KDE Plasma, Dolphin & Discover Pick Up More Features Ahead Of The Holidays   KDE   2018-11-18
KDE Plasma Now Supports WireGuard, Alt-Tab Switching Improvements   KDE   2018-11-11
KDE Frameworks 5.52 Released With KWayland Virtual Desktop Protocol, Spins Down Drives   KDE   2018-11-10
KDE Will Now Set Scale Factor For GTK Apps, Plasma Gets Other Scaling & UI Polishing Too   KDE   2018-10-21
KDE Frameworks 5.51 Released   KDE   2018-10-15
KDE Will Now Safely Spin Down External Hard Drives When Unmounting   KDE   2018-10-14
KDE Frameworks 5.50 Brings Big Updates For KTextEditor, Improvements To KWayland   KDE   2018-09-09
KDE Plasma 5.14 Offers A Hibernate Option From The Logout, HiDPI Dolphin Improvements   KDE   2018-09-09
Akademy 2018 Videos Posted For KDE's Annual Developer Conference   Linux Events   2018-09-07
KDE Seeing Samba Integration Fixes & Improvements   KDE   2018-09-02
KaOS 2018.08 Released As One Of The Great KDE Linux Distributions   Operating Systems   2018-09-01
Kate/KTextEditor Picks Up Many Improvements To Enhance KDE Text Editing   KDE   2018-08-19
KDE Frameworks 5.49 Released With Many Changes   KDE   2018-08-11
Solus Linux & Its Budgie Desktop Seeing Summer 2018 Improvements   Operating Systems   2018-08-10
Netrunner 2018.08 KDE-Aligned Linux Distribution Released With Seamless GTK Apps   KDE   2018-08-05
KDE Frameworks 5.48 Brings KWayland Fixes & Many Other Improvements   KDE   2018-07-14
OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Is Approaching With DNF/RPM4, KDE Plasma 5.13, Linux 4.17~4.18   Operating Systems   2018-07-06
KDE Frameworks 5.47 Released With Various Improvements   KDE   2018-06-09
KDE Frameworks 5.46 As The Latest Add-Ons Update   KDE   2018-05-12
KDE's Discover, Okular, Gwenview & K3B See Improvements   KDE   2018-05-06
A Big Batch Of Mageia 6 Updates Are Coming   Operating Systems   2018-05-05
KDE Plasma 5 Stack Should Now Be In Good Shape For FreeBSD Ports   BSD   2018-05-03
Mesa 18.0.1, GLVND 1.0 & KF5 5.45 / GNOME 3.28.1 Land In OpenSUSE Tumbleweed   SUSE   2018-04-26
KDE Plasma 5.13 Is Getting Further Polished Ahead Of Its June Release   KDE   2018-04-15
KDE Frameworks 5.45 Released With Remote Access Interface For KWayland   KDE   2018-04-14
KDE Applications 18.04 Release Candidate Arrives   KDE   2018-04-06
KDE-Focused Netrunner 18.03 Linux Distribution Released   Operating Systems   2018-03-11
Amarok 2.9 Released As The Last Step Before Qt5/KF5   KDE   2018-03-09
Plasma Volume Widget Can Now Transfer Audio Streams Between Devices   KDE   2018-03-04
KDiff3 Project Revived For Showing File/Folder Differences, Now Part Of KDE   KDE   2018-03-01
KDE Amarok Music Player Receives Revived Port To Qt5 / KF5   KDE   2018-02-15
KDE Frameworks 5.43 Released With KHolidays Module, glTF/Coillada Highlighting   KDE   2018-02-12
KMyMoney 5.0 Released, Ported To KDE Frameworks 5   KDE   2018-02-07
KDE's Elisa Music Player Reaches Its Second Alpha   KDE   2018-02-03
KDE's Calligra 3.1 Officially Released, Gemini Ported To KDE Frameworks 5   KDE   2018-02-01
KDE-Focused Netrunner Rolling 2018.01 Released   Operating Systems   2018-01-27
LibreOffice Gets "KDE 5" Integration That's A GTK3/KDE5 Hybrid   LibreOffice   2018-01-23
KDE Frameworks 5.42 Brings Wayland Improvements, Plasma & KIO Activity   KDE   2018-01-13
KDE Applications 17.12 Brings HiDPI Improvements, Rest Of KDE Games Ported To KF5   KDE   2017-12-14
KDE Frameworks 5.41 Released Ahead Of KDE Applications 17.12   KDE   2017-12-10
KDE Applications 17.12 Sees Some New KF5 Ports, Other Apps Dropped   KDE   2017-11-17
KTechLab Microcontroller/Electronics IDE Ported To KDE4/Qt4   KDE   2017-11-14
KDE Frameworks 5.40 Brings Kirigami Improvements, Wayland Foreign Protocol   KDE   2017-11-12
LibreOffice Lands An Initial Qt5 Interface Plugin   LibreOffice   2017-11-06
KDE Frameworks 5.39 Brings KWayland, Kirigami Updates   KDE   2017-10-16
KDE's Amarok Music Player Seeing A Possible KF5/Qt5 Port   KDE   2017-10-04
KGraphViewer Brought To KDE Frameworks 5, Qt 5   KDE   2017-09-12
Sticklyst Shows How KDE Frameworks Can Be Used On The Web   KDE   2017-08-26
KDE Applications 17.08 Released, More Apps Ported To KF5   KDE   2017-08-17
KDE Frameworks 5.37 Released   KDE   2017-08-13
The KDE Components Not Yet Ported To KDE Frameworks 5   KDE   2017-07-14
OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 Released   Operating Systems   2017-06-20
KDE KTechLab Is Being Revived After Nearly A Decade Hiatus   KDE   2017-06-20
KDE Frameworks 5.35 Released   KDE   2017-06-10
KDE Frameworks 5.34 Released   KDE   2017-05-14
KDE Frameworks 5.33 Released   KDE   2017-04-10
A New KDE Music Player: Elisa   KDE   2017-04-04
Kdenlive's Status Ahead Of 17.04   KDE   2017-03-31
KDE "Simon" Speech Recognition Being Revived   KDE   2017-03-13
KDE Applications Begin Appearing In The Ubuntu Snap Store   KDE   2017-01-30
There's Now A KDE-Branded Laptop Running Neon With Plasma 5   KDE   2017-01-26
Calligra 3.0 Officially Announced, Drops Some Apps, Ports To KF5/Qt5   KDE   2017-01-15
KDE Frameworks / Plasma Progressing On FreeBSD, Wayland Is W.I.P.   KDE   2016-12-29
GNOME vs. KDE: The Top Linux Desktop News Of 2016   Desktop   2016-12-28
KDE Applications 16.12 Released: KWave Added, Konqueror Ported To KF5   KDE   2016-12-15
December Has Been A Very Exciting Month So Far For Linux/OSS Enthusiasts   Hardware   2016-12-15
KDE Frameworks 5.29 Adds Barcode/QR Generation, Faster Baloo   KDE   2016-12-13
Calligra 3.0 Is Ready As A Qt5 / KDE Frameworks 5 Office Suite   KDE   2016-12-05
KDE Applications 16.12 Now In Beta   KDE   2016-11-18
KDE Frameworks 5.28 Brings Many KWayland Improvements, Relative Pointer Protocol   KDE   2016-11-15
A Number Of KDE Apps Will Be Dropped If They Don't Get Ported To KF5   KDE   2016-11-11
After 18 Years, KWave Sound Editor Is Working Its Way Into KDE Multimedia   KDE   2016-11-10
KDE Frameworks 5.27 Released   KDE   2016-10-08
openSUSE Leap 42.2 Beta 2 Switches To KDE Plasma 5.8 Beta   SUSE   2016-09-22