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GNU Linux-libre Linux & Open-Source News

GNU Linux-libre 6.7 Cleans Up Graphics Driver Blobs, Addresses New Drivers   Linux Kernel   2024-01-08
GNU Linux-libre 6.6-gnu Released For Those Wanting A Stripped Down Kernel   GNU   2023-10-30
Linux 6.6 Unconditionally Enables x86 CPU Microcode Loading Support   Linux Kernel   2023-09-03
GNU Linux-libre 6.5-gnu Released With More Kernel Deblobbing   Linux Kernel   2023-08-28
GNU Linux-libre 6.4 Released For Stripping Out Possible Binary Blob Dependencies   GNU   2023-06-26
Dragora 3.0 Beta 2 OS Released: 10+ Years In Development, FSF Backed & Using SysV Init   GNU   2023-04-26
GNU Linux-libre 6.3-gnu Cleans Up New ath12k WiFi Driver, Other New Additions   Linux Kernel   2023-04-23
GNU Linux-libre 6.2 Continues The De-Blobbing Battle   GNU   2023-02-20
GNU Linux-libre's Freed-ora Effort To "Free Fedora" Has Been Sunset   Fedora   2022-12-18
GNU Linux-libre 6.1-gnu Deblobs More Network & GPU Drivers   GNU   2022-12-12
GNU Linux-libre 6.0 Released After More Blob Cleaning   Linux Kernel   2022-10-03
GNU Linux-libre 5.19-gnu Released - Continues The Uphill Battle Against Firmware Blobs   Linux Kernel   2022-08-01
GNU Linux-Libre 5.18-gnu Continues Its Battle Against Binary Blobs   GNU   2022-05-23
GNU Linux-Libre 5.17 Released For Free Software Purists   GNU   2022-03-22
FSF-Tailored Trisquel 10.0 Released - Adds 32-bit Arm, Defaults To GNU Linux-Libre 5.4   GNU   2022-02-02
GNU Linux-libre 5.16 Brings More Firmware Cleansing, Deblobbing   GNU   2022-01-10
GNU Linux-libre 5.15 Released - More Deblobbing, Fixing "-Werror" Breakage   Linux Kernel   2021-11-01
GNU Linux-libre Was Mistakenly Including Non-Free Code, So Releases Now Re-Spun + 5.14   GNU   2021-08-31
GNU Linux-libre 5.13-gnu Released For The Latest Kernel Deblobbing   Linux Kernel   2021-06-28
GNU Linux-Libre 5.12 Released After More Driver Deblobbing, Dedicated To A Cat   GNU   2021-04-26
GNU Linux-libre 5.11 Released With Many Peripheral Drivers Needing To Be De-Blobbed   GNU   2021-02-15
GNU Had A Busy 2020 With The GCC Toolchain Still Rocking, Finally Converted To Git   GNU   2020-12-31
GNU Linux-libre 5.10-gnu After A Busy Time Deblobbing   Linux Kernel   2020-12-14
GNU Linux-libre 5.9-gnu Released After The Usual Deblobbing   GNU   2020-10-12
GNU Linux-libre 5.8 Required A Lot Of Deblobbing   Linux Kernel   2020-08-03
Linux 5.8-rc4 Released Following A Calm Week   Linux Kernel   2020-07-05
Intel Graphics Driver Fixes Include Assembly Sources To Satisfy GNU Linux-Libre Folks   Intel   2020-07-01
GNU Linux-Libre 5.7 Released - Drops Intel iGPU Security Fix Over Arrays Of Numbers   Linux Kernel   2020-06-04
GNU Guix 1.1 Released With PulseAudio & Other Services, 3k+ New Packages   GNU   2020-04-15
GNU Guix Wants To Replace The Linux-Libre Kernel With The Hurd Micro-Kernel   GNU   2020-04-01
GNU Linux-libre 5.6-gnu Released After Deblobbing AMD Trusted Execution, Ath11k WiFi   GNU   2020-03-30
Linux 5.5 Required More Deblobbing Than Usual For GNU Linux-libre 5.5   Linux Kernel   2020-01-27
FSF-Approved Trisquel 9.0 Reaches Development Milestone Before Ringing In The New Year   GNU   2019-12-31
GNU Linux-libre 5.4-gnu Released As The New Deblobbed Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-11-25
GNU Linux-libre 5.3 Continues Deblobbing & Dealing With Firmware Trickery   GNU   2019-09-16
GNU Linux-libre 5.2-gnu Blesses Sound Open Firmware, Cleans Other Drivers   GNU   2019-07-08
GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu Released As The Kernel Continues To Be Deblobbed   Linux Kernel   2019-05-06
GNU Linux-libre 5.0-gnu Released As A Kernel Without Any Binary Blobs/Firmware   Linux Kernel   2019-03-04
GNU Highlights Of 2018 From Hurd To GCC   GNU   2018-12-27
GNU Linux-libre 4.20-gnu Released With A Fresh Round Of Driver De-Blobbing   GNU   2018-12-24
GNU Guix/GuixSD 0.16 Released With Nearly 5K Commits   GNU   2018-12-06
GNU Linux-libre 4.19-gnu Released, Continues Deblobbing The Kernel   GNU   2018-10-24
GNU Linux-libre 4.18-gnu Released As The Latest Deblobbed Kernel   GNU   2018-08-13
GNU Guix/GuixSD 0.15 Released, Closing In On v1.0   GNU   2018-07-06
GNU Linux-libre 4.17-gnu Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2018-06-04
GNU Linux-Libre 4.16 Released, Won't Warn You About Spectre/Meltdown Microcode Updates   GNU   2018-04-02
GNU Linux-libre 4.15-gnu Deblobs Two New Drivers, Drops More Upstream References   Linux Kernel   2018-01-29
FSF Adds Purism's PureOS To Their Approved List Of Operating Systems   Operating Systems   2017-12-21
RMS Comments, GRUB, Libreboot & GCC Dominated GNU Talk In 2017   GNU   2017-12-09
GNU Guix / Guix SD 0.14 Released: ARM Port Coming, New Services   GNU   2017-12-07
GNU Linux-libre 4.14-gnu Released, Still A Battle Deblobbing Driver Firmware   Linux Kernel   2017-11-13
GNU Linux-libre 4.13-gnu Deblobs More Drivers   GNU   2017-09-04
GNU Linux-libre 4.12 Kernel Released, More Driver Deblobbing   Linux Kernel   2017-07-03
GNU Guix & Guix SD 0.13 Released   GNU   2017-05-22
GNU Linux-Libre 4.11 Kernel Released   Linux Kernel   2017-05-01
Geminilake Will Require Intel Audio Firmware Blobs   Intel   2017-03-04
GNU Linux-Libre 4.10: GPU Drivers Remain The Most Frequent Offenders   GNU   2017-02-26
GNU Linux-libre 4.8-gnu Released, Deblobs More Drivers   GNU   2016-10-03
GNU Linux-libre 4.7-gnu Deblobs More Drivers   Linux Kernel   2016-07-25
GNU Linux-libre 4.5-gnu Deblobs More Drivers   GNU   2016-03-15
DragonFlyBSD Intel Graphics Driver Gets BXT Support, Aims For A Blob-Free Skylake   BSD   2016-02-23
Blob-Free GNU Linux-libre 4.4 Kernel Released   GNU   2016-01-11
Intel's Skylake Audio Firmware Lands   Intel   2015-11-04
GNU Linux-libre 4.3 Warns Of Intel Skylake Sound, New AMDGPU Blobs   GNU   2015-11-02
Microcode Blobs Added To Linux-Firmware For Latest AMD Hardware   AMD   2015-09-04
GNU Linux-Libre 4.2 Takes Aim At AMDGPU & Intel's DRM Drivers   Linux Kernel   2015-08-30
GNU Linux Libre 4.1 Now Available For Free Software Purists   Linux Kernel   2015-06-22
GNU Linux-libre 4.0 Kernel Updates Nouveau Deblobbing   Linux Kernel   2015-04-13
GNU Linux-libre 3.19 Kernel Deblobs More Drivers   GNU   2015-02-09
The GNU Linux Libre 3.16 Kernel Is Christened By Freedo   GNU   2014-08-08
The GNU Linux-libre 3.14-gnu Ultra-Free Kernel Released   GNU   2014-03-31
gNewSense 3.0 Switches From Ubuntu To Debian   Debian   2013-08-07